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marietta-scene-best-lawn-care-service-in-marietta-georgia greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-marietta-GA-yard-cutting-service-in-marietta-Georgia

Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Marietta, GA as of Jul, 2024


Stams Lawn Works in Marietta, GA

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My husband and I came to Atlanta three years ago to start our landscaping business. Originally we are from Bulgaria, and came to the United States because we are entrepreneurs and really enjoy being in business for ourselves. I really love the differences the south in has to offer from my homeland, especially the green landscapes and the light winters. My background is in landscape architecture, as I have my masters in degree in landscape architecture. I like to create my landscape designs in photoshop and autocad. I really enjoy taking one of our lawn clients ideas and making them into reality. Our business is mainly lawn and landscape maintenance throughout the growing season here in Atlanta, Ga. Of course when customers get spring fever around March and April when it gets warmer in Georgia, we will do a lot of landscape installation work. We also do a lot of sod installation work, flower display design and installation, shrub replacements, mulch and pinestraw, really almost everything that has to do with your yard, we will do it..

We do some fertilizing for our existing lawn mowing customers, however, we do not focus on lawn fertilization services. One thing that separates us from the other lawn care companies in the Atlanta, Ga or the other lawn mowing services in Marietta or lawn care services in Roswell GA area is our personal oversight of every job. Either my husband or I personally make sure each lawn mowing customer is taken care of, as we personally oversee all of our lawn work. Other lawn maintenance services in northern Atlanta, might send out a crew of guys to mow your lawn, but they don't ever personally check if their workers did a good job, with us, we know because we personally follow up on all the landscape work we do. Personally my husband and I make sure everything gets done correctly. We believe in building our lawn business through quality work, as we may not be the cheapest price, but we return peoples phone calls, we answer the phone, and we give our lawn care customers the TLC they deserve. I also will personally do landscape designs for customers all over the Atlanta area. For our lawn maintenance customers our landscape design work is free. For folks that only want consulting and design work for ideas that have for their lawn, I can do the landscape design work only for a fee, and then if they hire us for the project is deducted from the landscape project’s installation price. We like to serve our customers in the northern Atlanta area. Primarily most of our lawn maintenance customers are located in Dallas, Marietta, Kennesaw, Oak Park, and Marietta Georgia. So far we have grown our lawn maintenance service to 50 weekly customers. Currently my husband and I run the lawn business, along with a helper. Our lawn service has grown so nicely that we are looking to hire another lawn care worker to keep up with the new lawn care clients we feel fortunate to get each week.


NE Lawn Care in Marietta, GA

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Brother-in-laws, Chris Nance and Gabe Espinoza, had very different backgrounds. Chris, the native Georgian, had always worked in the landscaping industry and was a crew chief for a large company for over 5 years. Gabe was from California, an Army vet, and served 3 tours in Iraq. With Chris' knowledge of the lawn care business and Gabe's militaristic work ethic, N&E Scapes was born. This duo has only been in business for one year but have amassed over 100 customers in the Cobb County Area.

Chris not only runs the day-to-day operations of the company, but he is also in school at Chattahoochee Technical College to get his degree in horticulture with a minor in landscape design.

Having lived most of his life in Sandy Springs, Chris moved to Marietta a few years back with his wife, Ashley.

The N&E Scapes crew services all of Cobb County and Fulton County including yards in Marietta, Kennesaw, Dahlonega, Braselton, Gainesville, Roswell, Duluth, Marietta, and even mow lawns in Johns Creek. Some of the neighborhoods they service include Chateau Elan and Harbour Point which is on the shores of Lake Lanier. Comedian, Kat Williams, calls Harbour Point home.

Chris and Gabe's attention to detail are what they attribute to their success. "We love talking to our customers and helping them improve the appearance of their property," Nance says. "Both of us are meticulous about every lawn we cut." He goes on to add, "All of our business comes from word of mouth so we have to make sure that each and every one of our customers is blown away by our service."

Not only will Chris and his crew take care of your regular lawn maintenance, they can also handle your mulching, aerating, sodding, hardscaping, pruning, overseeing, pine straw, low level tree trimming, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, planting, and cleanups. Also they cut grass and lawns in Marietta Georgia and also provide affordable lawn mowing services in Roswell GA

Nance's love for being outside makes this more of a passion than a job. "I tried the office job before and it didn’t pan out," Chris laughs. "Being outside all day gives me time to think and enjoy my surroundings. I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do."

When he is not studying or running his lawn empire, Chris is either playing golf or playing guitar. He enjoys playing at any course in the north Georgia mountains and loves writing music. "Playing golf and music are so relaxing to me," Chris replies. "There is nothing like hitting the perfect golf shot or playing a cool riff."

Chris and Ashley love eating at the Longhorn Steakhouse on Dallas Highway when they have time.

So if your lawn is in need of regular lawn care or full on landscaping re-design, let the professionals at N&E Scapes handle all of your lawn care needs.


Bossland Lawn Care Services in Marietta, GA

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(overall rating 5/5.73 Reviews)

I got my start start in landscaping business by learning from my father. When I was younger my family and I worked together in the landscaping industry. Growing up in Florida, my father taught my three brothers and I to take real pride in the appearance of our personal lawn. We always had the best looking lawn on the block and that is how the family business got started. Over time we began doing the lawn maintenance for neighbors and friends and our family landscaping business grew from there. I settled in the Atlanta area after serving five years in the United States Navy. After tours in Desert Storm and Desert Shield, I felt I had what it took start my own business after graduating college with a degree in industrial maintenance. So in 2000, I took the plunge , got my Atlanta small business licence and formed my lawn maintenance company serving north Atlanta, Bossland Grinders.. I love the lawn care business here in Atlanta Georgia. Of course the summertime is busy for lawn mowing, but the seasonality of the business is also nice because in the winters I could use a break. Overall the healthy local economy in Atlanta and growing property values of peoples homes makes for a nice business environment to run a landscaping company. I know the Atlanta area like the back of my hand. I learned the ins and outs of Atlanta while performing commercial apartment maintenance. I have done work in Buckhead, College Park , Lithia Springs and all in between. Ocasionally I will cut grass in Marietta Georgia or offer lawn maintenance services in Roswell GA. I have found that this intimate knowledge of the Atlanta area has given me an advantage in my landscaping business. As I learned the traffic patterns in Atlanta, I began to use that knowledge to better serve my customers. Even though a homeowner's property may 15 miles away it may still take an hour to get there. You really need to know that to manage a customer’s expectations so they are not sitting around waiting on you to mow their lawn. My service area for weekly lawn mowing is concentrated in the northern part of Atlanta above I-20. I really enjoy working in the neighborhoods of Roswell, Marietta Sandy Springs and Kennesaw Georgia.

There is a real pride of ownership in those areas reminiscent of how my family took pride in the appearance of our home growing up. We also offer lawn mowing in Decatur and Dekalb county, as there are many pockets that are up and coming.. To date I have been able to grow my business to 50 customers per week It makes me proud to to able to provide work to my family members who need to pick up some hours to make extra money to support their families.. My team and I work together based on our workload what customers we have to service that day. We will work 7 days a week. When the grass is growing in the summer in Atlanta we need to be out there. Alot of our clients actually want us to come on the weekend. They like to see us , they like to talk about what we are doing. , some folks really like the interaction, and that's what sets us apart from our competition. Out side of basic lawn mowing, we will do small tree removals, debris removal, we will haul off trash and junk to the dump for a customer if they need us to. We will also do pine straw installation as thats the more popular option here in Atlanta. I find this business is all about people. For instance, recently I had a customer compliment me on my customer service. She was appreciative that we did what we said we would do. Its amazing to me this one simple thing can earn a customer for life. If you just show up on time and do a good job , then everything else takes care of itself. Outside of lawn mowing I coach youth football in the city of College Park. I find it's really fulfilling to be a mentor to the youth in Atlanta. Its amazing to see their development and have a positive impact in their life. They make me proud so much. I like to not only help them not only with football, but with school, family life etc. I coach them as Welcome All Park, and we are called the “Welcome All Park Partners.” Its funny how the coaching and business go hand and hand because I find it's important to set a good example of how to be a good businessman with how I run my landscaping company


Hammond Lawn Care Services in Marietta, GA

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Steve Hammond has been around entrepreneurs all his life. His family has owned towing companies, junk removal companies, storage units, rental properties, and gas stations. So in 2002, he decided he wanted to venture on his own and started Hammond Lawn Care. He hasn’t regretted that decision one bit.

This Georgia native is originally from Hiram, Ga but now calls Adairsville home. “We love servicing our local customers and they are all family to us,” Hammond says. “We look forward to making as many of the lawns in our area as beautiful as they can get.”

Steve and his 3 crews service the greater Atlanta area, mow lawns in Marietta, and Paulding County including Hiram, Dallas, and Douglasville. We also just added lawn care in Johns Creek. Specifically in Paulding County, the neighborhoods of Bentwater, Seven Hills, and Brookstone. “Since we are on Interstate 75 and in between Allatoona and Chattanooga, we will even service Chattanooga, Tennessee,” Steve replies.

Doing what they say and trying to show up early is what Steve attributes to growing his customer base to over 200 customers. “No homeowner will ever have to hunt us down,” Hammond laughs. “We are always in direct communication with the them and let them know exactly when we will be there and will not leave until they are happy.” He is also expanding by offering grass cutting in Marietta Georgia and extending his lawn care coverage area by offering lawn mowing in Johns Creek Georgia

Other than your regular lawn mowing needs, Hammond Lawn Care will also do bush hogging, junk removal, mulching, sodding, brush and shrub trimming/removal, cleanups, over seeding, aeration, leaf removal, and low level tree trimming. “We are growing so fast, we are looking for another truck and crew to add to our fleet,” he says. “We want to be the areas go-to for any and all lawn and landscaping needs.”

Steve is a perfectionist and feels that is why he was drawn to lawn care. “I love being outside and especially love seeing a completed lawn and a happy homeowner,” Steve says. “It’s my passion and it’s less stressful than working with any of the other family businesses.”

In his spare time, Steve loves to spend time with his two girls and his wife. His wife also helps him run the day-to-day operations of the business. They love go fishing at Lake Allatoona and camp at the Red Top Mountain State Park. Steve and his wife also love eating at Longhorns Restaurant in Cartersville, Georgia.

So if you are looking for great customer service and a great looking lawn, let Steve and his crew at Hammond Lawn Care get you squared away.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Ted Hopkins Lawn Cut in Marietta GA
“OK so I admit it , I let my lawn get a little tall because my push mower broke down and I was resorted to hiring a professional lawn care service to come bail me out in Smyrna. I was facing a fine from the city of Smyrna because my lawn had gotten too tall so after trying several times to get the 2 feet tall grass cut back down with my little Murray push mower just laughing at it I decided to start calling around to get quotes for lawn care. I was amazed how easy GreenPal made it and the lawn care service I ended up hiring in Smyrna Georgia on GreenPal did not charge me an arm or a leg to get me out of my jam with my yard cutting.”
Julia Gardner Lawn Cut in Marietta GA
“I used Greenpal to order lawn care for my mother as she is gotten too old to cut her own grass so I insisted on hiring a decent lawn care service business for her. I was delighted as to how easy the GreenPal app. It was so smooth to find a reliable lawn mowing service in Marietta I highly recommend the GreenPal app mainly because you don't have to meet the yard mowing company ever to pay them with a check or cash because it all is handled smoothly on the website.”
Jean Fowler Yard Mowing in Marietta GA
“GreenPal eliminated the headache of managing lawn care services for my personal home in Marietta as well as several rental homes that I have in Cobb county. I actually use three different lawn care services for my different rental homes in Smyrna, Kennesaw, and Marietta, Georgia but I only have to deal with one place to schedule the lawn cuttings and pay for each lawnmowing it's very nice because I don't have to reconcile each lawn mowing and wonder if I'm getting what I'm paying for because they send a picture after each grass cut, it super simple I highly recommend it.”
Andre Walters Lawn Cutting in Marietta GA
“GreenPal eliminated the headache of managing lawn care services for my personal home in Marietta as well as several rental homes that I have in Cobb county. I actually use three different lawn care services for my different rental homes in Smyrna, Kennesaw, and Marietta, Georgia but I only have to deal with one place to schedule the lawn cuttings and pay for each lawnmowing it's very nice because I don't have to reconcile each lawn mowing and wonder if I'm getting what I'm paying for because they send a picture after each grass cut, it super simple I highly recommend it.”

lawn-maintenance-in-marietta-GA-lawn-service-in-Marietta Hello there my name is Gary and let me start off by saying thank you for visiting our online ordering page for lawn care in Marietta, Smyrna and all of Cobb County. If you were needing lawn mowing service in the Marietta Georgia area then you're at the right place. I'm guessing that your grass is gotten to be 24 inches tall and you are looking for someone to mow the lawn so you can get back in your house right? Ha ha I am just kidding maybe your lawn is not that bad and you're just needing a regular yard spruce up and in either event GreenPal lawn care l is here to help you with your lawn and landscape maintenance needs for your home in Marietta.

How does it work? You see we have taking the time of interviewing all of the best lawn mowing service companies in Cobb county and yard mowing businesses in Marietta, Smyrna, and Kennesaw Georgia and enable you to hire them easily online. When we interview them we look at their lawn mower equipment, we talk to their previous lawn mowing customers and also make them do a lawn cutting audition for a house in Marietta to make sure they are legit after they pass our lawn quality assurance standards we then set them up on the GreenPal lawn care service system so you can order lawn cutting from them easily online. In most cases they can cut your lawn today or tomorrow. Most lawns in Marietta typically are anywhere from a quarter acre to 2 acres in size and usually run between $40 and $60 per lawn cut however you can easily list your yard for mowing quotes right now and get free lawn cutting prices from the best lawnmowing services in Marietta. After you list your lawn you will get 3 to 6 free yard mowing quotes and then you can read the lawn cutting reviews from other lawns they have cut in the Marietta area take a look at their past lawn mowing work and then hire the best lawn service in Decatur or Smyrna Georgia and let them do the hard yard work for you. If you're needing lawn care in Johns Creek go here, or if you are needing yard cutting in Marietta GreenPal has great lawn care services there as well.

As you know the local economy in Marietta Georgia is booming with a population of over 60,000 in the city of Marietta and over 200,000 in Cobb County itself businesses are thriving and as a result lawn care companies in Marietta are getting booked up fast. The best thing about the GreenPal system is you don't have to call around to every lawn care service in Marietta and Smyrna, Georgia with the old way leaving voicemails and asking for lawn care estimates because now you are in control and you just sign up and the lawn businesses that want your business will compete for your lawn cutting, after you like the 1st yard mowing that you get from the lawn care service in Marietta that you hire on GreenPal you can then set it up for landscape maintenance and yard mowing is for the rest of the year, it's just that simple.

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About Marietta Georgia

Marietta is a city northwest of Atlanta, in Georgia. Near leafy Marietta Square.

The origin of the name is uncertain. It is believed that the city was named for Mary Cobb, the wife of U.S. Senator and Superior Court judge Thomas Willis Cobb. Judge Cobb is the namesake of the county.

Homes were built by early settlers near the Cherokee town of Big Shanty (now Kennesaw) prior to 1824. The first plat was laid out in 1833. Like most towns, Marietta had a square in the center with a courthouse. The Georgia General Assembly legally recognized the community on December 19, 1834.

Built in 1838, Oakton House is the oldest continuously occupied residence in Marietta. The original barn, milk house, smokehouse, and wellhouse remain on the property. The spectacular gardens contain the boxwood parterre from the 1870s. Oakton served as Major General Loring's headquarters during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in 1864.

Marietta was initially selected as the hub for the new Western and Atlantic Railroad, and business boomed. By 1838, roadbed and trestles had been built north of the city. However, in 1840, political wrangling stopped construction for a time. Source: Wikipedia Marietta, GA

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