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brookhaven-scene-best-lawn-care-service-in-brookhaven-georgia greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-brookhaven-GA-yard-cutting-service-in-brookhaven-Georgia

Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Brookhaven, GA as of Apr, 2024


Stanley Lawn Care in Brookhaven, GA

Hired 277 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.299 Reviews)

Hi there thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn a little bit more about my landscape maintenance company. We have been servicing the greater Atlanta area for 10 lawn mowing seasons and I've grown my local lawn care service to over 65 weekly lawn maintenance customers. The bulk of our clientele or in the Brookhaven area western DeKalb County, Georgia. We have found residence in this part of ATL take pride in ownership of their home. Our job is to make your yard nice and neat on a year-round basis, and give you a little extra free time on the weekends to spend with your family by taking the yard work off of your hands. And if you live in the 30319 or 30324 ZIP Codes you are right in our regular service route it we can get to your lawn cutting for you six days a week.

So if you're looking for a reliable and affordable lawn maintenance company look no further you have found it. We offer more yard services than just lawn cutting, we manicure shrubs, re-mulch flowerbeds, do turf renovation and reseeding, and also offer fall leaf removal. While we offer lawn care service for the greater Atlanta area, our home base of operations for lawn care services is Brookhaven Georgia. So if you're looking for a lawn care service near me, then we are it. If you live over by Murphey Candler Park or by Silver Lake we have a cluster of weekly lawn care service customers nearby you already and we can pick you up with that ongoing lawnmowing service route. Adding another yard or two on our lawn cutting route is no problem and it serves as a great way to keep lawn cutting costs down low. Most of our lawn mowing prices and the Brookhaven, Ga area start out at $40 per lawn cutting and go up with from there. If you want to add weed removal service to your weekly lawn mowing that is usually around $10 extra per cut. We offer weekly or every two weeks lawnmowing packages so we can also work with your yard maintenance budget should want to hire a service to come every seven days to cut your grass. So with all that being said we look forward to earning your lawn business and yard maintenance business with this first audition lawn cutting that you order from us on the GreenPal lawn care services mobile app. Just click the button right below my biography and you'll get a free lawn cutting price for me to come out and mow your grass the first time. After the first lawn mowing goes great I will contact you about setting up ongoing lawn cutting services for your home in Brookhaven Georgia.

Also , if you want lawn care services in Brookhaven GA we mow lawns there and do lawn mowing services in East Point GA as well.


Hammon Lawns Lawn Care in Brookhaven, GA

Hired 917 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.949 Reviews)

My lawn care service and yard maintenance company has proudly providing yard maintenance to the greater Atlanta area for over 10 years. What separates our lawn care business from other lawn cutting services in the Atlanta area and neighborhood of Brookhaven Georgia is that we take our time with how we cut your grass. I see these other lawn care services in Brookhaven, Ga and it's almost like they are in a race against time to cut their clients yard as fast as they can. We take our time to make sure your yard is manicured and looks as good as it can because we know that if your yard looks good, our lawn care service also looks good. We have dozens of lawn mowing customers in 30341 and 30329 so if you live in these ZIP Codes we can get to your lawn mowing on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays. We service the greater ATL area however we are in Brookhaven latter in the week as our lawn care customers n Brookhaven Georgia enjoy having their yard freshly cut before the weekend. That is just a little something we do to accommodate our lawn mowing customers, while taking yardwork off of their hands and so they can enjoy their weekend.

Once you get your lawn cutting quotes from the different GreenPal lawn care services that service the Brookhaven area make sure you read over the lawn care reviews for each individual yard maintenance company that you get a price quote from. We take pride in maintaining a five star rating with dozens and dozens of satisfied lawn mowing customers on the GreenPal lawn care service network. It took us a while to build up that solid reputation on the GreenPal lawn care service app and we are proud of it. Rest assured we are not going to jeopardize our lawn maintenance rating and lawn care services reviews profile if we have a disagreement with a customer. We will always work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with our yard maintenance and how we can can improve the appearance of their curb appeal and how we manicure their grass. Included in our lawn cutting quote is a general mowing of your turf areas, weed eating around any obstacles, edging your sidewalks and driveway, and blowing off the grass clippings after we are done mowing the yard. We can also do additional yard work for you and will offer a quote for additional yard services after we are done cutting your lawn for the first time. So be on the lookout for an email from us quoting various lawn care services that we recommend for your yard as we inspect it while we are cutting your yard for the first time. Thank you so much for considering our lawn mowing service in Brookhaven Ga we look forward to serving you and improving the appearance of your yard and making it the best on the block. Also , if you are needing service in other parts of ATL we offer lawn care services in Cumming Ga we also offer cheap lawn mowing services in Smyrna Ga as well.


Johnson Lawn Care Services in Brookhaven, GA

Hired 379 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.370 Reviews)

We are a full-service landscape maintenance and lawn care service company that serves the greater Atl area. A good chunk of our customers live in Brookhaven and to be honest we prefer working in the town of Brookhaven because of the higher end clientele that lives in the area. I grew up in western DeKalb County, Georgia so I guess you could say that my lawn care service is a hometown lawn mowing business. We offer a whole lot more than just basic lawn cutting although lawnmowing business is primarily how I make my living. If you're needing any other services around your yard in addition to your grass cutting we offer a full scope of your maintenance services. The cool thing about the GreenPal lawn care mobile app is after I get done mowing your grass the first time the app will make me submit to you a lawn care service price list for various services in your yard. After the first mowing, you can expect from me a price for trimming of your shrubs, renovating your turf, re-mulching your flowerbeds or adding pine straw to your landscaping beds depends on which one you have, and cleaning up the leaves out of your yard in Autumn.

If you get our lawn mowing and lawn care services pricing list go ahead and review all of those yard services and you can just simply push the button for whichever of those yard maintenance services you would like to add on along with our lawn cutting that we are doing for you. If you live in 30324 or 30329 than I've got 47 lawnmowing customers already in your ZIP Code so I would love to add your yard to my group of satisfied lawn cutting customers and I have nearby you at Brookhaven, Ga already. When you are comparing all of your prices for lawn cutting from the various lawn mowing services in the greater Atlanta area that GreenPal is going to introduce you to go ahead and read over each lawn care review thoroughly for each lawn care service that submits a lawn cutting quote to you for cutting your grass. My yard maintenance reviews are top notch, and I work hard to keep them that way. Sometimes we will have to comp a lawn cutting here or there just to keep lawn care services customers happy but in the end it works out because we have such a stellar lawn care rating on GreenPal that we have doubled our lawn mowing business since we started mowing grass on the GreenPal lawn care service network. So let me just say I am appreciative that you took the time to learn more about my lawn care service serving the Brookhaven Georgia area. I look forward to manicuring your grass for you and making your yard shine.nPal lawn care services mobile app is that you can order all of the services al la carte. In another part of ATL? We also do lawn mowing services in Cumming Ga and do lawn care services in Marietta Ga as well.


Nichols Lawn Care Services in Brookhaven, GA

Hired 47 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.43 Reviews)

Having been mow yards in the greater Atlanta area for three lawn mowing seasons now this lawn care season we decided to expand our business into Brookhaven Georgia. We have grown our lawn care service to over five weekly lawn mowing customers in the Brookhaven area and they have been loyal to us to enable us to have a foothold in western Fulton county. Our yard maintenance business offers basic lawn cutting at affordable prices. That is what we specialize in. If you're looking for a private gardener or horticulturalist I have some recommendations for other lawn care specialist in the Atlanta area however our focus is just basic lawn cutting for basic yards. Most of my lawn care services customers have us come to cut the grass every two weeks, and we put their yard on the every two week rotation from April through October and then once a month during the winter. Most other lawn care services in the ATL and Brookhaven area and especially local lawn mowing companies that service near the Brookhaven part of Atlanta will only do a weekly mowing contract with you. That is what sets our lawn maintenance company apart from other grass cutters in Brookhaven Georgia. Our lawn care rates are more affordable and we are willing to work with you on the lawn mowing service frequency.

Now some lawn mowing customers of mine ask if we can move their yard cutting to once a month during the yard growing season and unfortunately that is a little too long to wait between lawn cuttings. Once your grass gets over about 10 inches tall it's too tall for any lawnmower to mow it decently. The yard ends up being a disaster, there are grass clippings everywhere, and you won't be happy with the finish lawn mowing and how your grass looks. So we are comfortable offering every two week lawnmowing for for an affordable lawn cutting price. Typically our lawn mowing prices start at $40 per lawn cutting in the Brookhaven Ga area near me, and go up to $65 per lawn cutting depending on the size of your yard. Most yards in the Brookhaven area around 10 to 20,000 ft.² in size and so that will dictate how much your lawn care service rate is. After you get my lawn mowing price to come out and cut your grass take a look at my lawn care service reviews that customers in the Brookhaven GA area have said about my lawn mowing and yard maintenance services. That will give you a good sense that you are hiring a good honest local lawn care business to give you a little bit of extra time by taking the yard maintenance off of your hands. I appreciate you taking my reviews into account when you compare your lawn care service price list for lawnmowers nearby you. Thank you so much, I look forward to meeting you and providing your lawn maintenance for you this year Our lawn care service also services yard maintenance in Lawrenceburg Ga and also does lawn maintenance services in Smyrna Ga as well.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Austin Mitchell Lawn Care Service in Brookhaven GA
“I have always cut my own grass before moving to the Atlanta area, however last summer was so brutal that I just couldn't take it anymore. I am from up north and the summers in ATL are atrocious. Unfortunately . when I was looking for a lawn care service I found that most of the lawn maintenance companies in the Atlanta and Brookhaven area want to sell me on a full scope landscape maintenance package. Being on a budget I just wanted to basic lawn cutting every two weeks. I began searching around on Facebook and found on the Brookhaven Ga Facebook group people talking about a mobile app called GreenPal. I decided why not and gave it a shot. I got three competitive lawn mowing quotes for my yard in Brookhaven from local lawn care services and even got the grass mowed the same day. Then I set up for every two week lawn cuttings from there. The whole process was super smooth and easy”
Darcy Peters Lawn Mowing Service in Brookhaven GA
“Last fall, GreenPal connected me with a lawn care service near me for my home in Brookhaven Georgia and they have mowed it three times this lawn mowing season already and I felt like they deserved a good lawn care review. The thing I like about the GreenPal lawn care services app is that I get a picture of the mowed yard every time after they cut the grass. This prevents a headache for me because my last lawn cutting service we're always billing me for lawn cuttings they never did in any given month. It was almost like my lawn mowing guy developed amnesia or something. Anyways GreenPal only bills you by the yard cut can you get a picture of proof that the grass was mowed every time so there is no argument or discussion about when mowings occurred. This is been a big time and money saver for me.”
Charles Jeffries Yard Mowing in Brookhaven GA
“I am renting a home in Brookhaven Georgia and was not look looking for anything special for yard maintenance, I just want the basic local lawn cutting service near me to come every 14 days for our yard. My girlfriend and I are not big yard people we just wanted to keep the city of Brookhaven from fining us due to having tall grass. When I signed up for lawn cutting quotes on GreenPal I received affordable lawn care prices from lawn mowing services near me and that's what I liked best about it. Their lawn care services mobile app really does a good job of connecting you with lawn mowing business nearby that are local and want your lawn maintenance business. I ordered the cheapest lawn care price from a lawn guy right here in Brookhaven, Ga.”
Sheila Lance Grass Cut in Brookhaven GA
“The last three lawn mowing companies I had taking care of my yard in Brookhaven flaked out on me. I have a steep hill in the backyard and it just seemed like nobody wanted to mow a yard in Brookhaven that was anything outside of flat terrain. Granted the hill takes a little extra time because you have to be careful, but with a standard push mower it was no problem. GreenPal introduced me to a lawn care service that did that same thing cutting the lawn for me. Sure they charged me and $10 extra per lawn cutting but that was a small price to pay for me not having to push mow that hill anymore. The other thing was the lawn care service was more affordable than the previous lawn care services that were mowing for me. So in the end it all worked out.”

lawn-maintenance-in-brookhaven-GA-lawn-service-in-Brookhaven Hey there welcome to the online ordering page for lawn care services and yard cutting businesses in the Brookhaven Georgia area. My name is Gary and it's my job to assist you and introduce you to the best fit lawn care service and yard mowing business that you can hire in the Brookhaven area. GreenPal has done the hard work for you in finding the best and most affordable lawn care services available in Brookhaven . How do we know these are the top 10 best lawn mowing businesses in Brookhaven? Because we have done the legwork for you. We talk to them, interview them, talk to their past lawn care customers, look at other yard work that they have performed and check out their lawnmower equipment to make sure it's a professional lawn cutting quality. We do all of this in an effort to make your life easier so you can hire a reliable and affordable lawn mowing service in Brookhaven, Ga without having to even make a phone call for lawn cutting prices. I imagine your yard and grass have gotten to be a little tal; and you are in search of a reliable local lawn mowing company nearby? Perhaps you even called a few other lawn mowing services throughout the Brookhaven and Atl area and left a few voicemails and haven't even gotten a returned phone call for a lawn mowing price, am I correct? Well no worries, that is why the GreenPal lawn care services app is built to solve your yard maintenance problems for you.

After we prescreen dozens and dozens of lawn care services throughout the Brookhaven area, we set them up on the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app to enable you to find, hire, schedule, and pay them for your lawn cutting with a breeze. Whether you live near Cross Keys High School or over nearby the Peachtree Golf Club, GreenPal has at least 10 reliable lawn and yard maintenance companies that you can hire right now with a breeze. After you click the get my free quotes button, you will get a lawn care service price list from local lawn mowing businesses in the near me in the Brookhaven area. You can then read over their lawn care service reviews that other residents of the Brookhaven and ATL area have said about their lawn cutting quality. Rest assured these are all real lawn care service reviews as it impossible for them to be faked. Every review for a lawn care service on the GreenPal lawn care service network is tied to an actual lawn cutting that occurred on the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app. So this means you can hire a affordable and reliable yard cutting service online with confidence and not worry if they're going to show up on time or if they are going to do a good job of cutting your grass. So after you sign up, you'll get 3 to 5 free lawn mowing prices on how much it's going to cost to maintain your yard and cut your grass. If you need any help in selecting a lawn mowing company or lawn care service company to maintain your yard do not hesitate to reach out and I can give you some pointers. Have a great day. We appreciate you placing your trust in our system to hire your yard maintenance needs Also if you need lawn mowing services in East Point GA or looking for lawn maintenance services in Smyrna GA nearby me GreenPal also has reliable lawn care service companies in those areas of ATL as well.

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About Brookhaven Georgia

Brookhaven is a city in the northeastern suburbs of Atlanta and is located in western DeKalb County.

Brookhaven's first permanent European settler was John Evins, who started a plantation around 1810. Harris and Solomon Goodwin, who moved to Georgia from South Carolina, became owners of the land in the 1830s. The Goodwin home and the family graveyard have been preserved at the 3900 block of Peachtree Road, near Dresden Drive. A train station known as Goodwin's was constructed along the Atlanta and Richmond (later Atlanta and Charlotte) railway in 1873.

The settlement of Cross Keys, with a population of 250 in 1876, was located one mile north along the rail line from Goodwin's. In 1879 Cross Keys was described: Nancy's Creek furnished power for operating a mill. The place has two churches—Methodist and Baptist—one common school, and steam cotton gins. Cotton and wood form the chief exports. About 140 bales of cotton shipped per annum, most of which is carried to Atlanta by wagon. Population within a radius of 2 miles, near 400. Mail daily… Depot and station one and one-quarter miles distant this place.

Historic Brookhaven is the historic residential neighborhood from which the area derives its name. It has homes surrounding the Capital City Country Club, many designed by a number of well-known Atlanta architects of the pre-war period. The neighborhood boundaries are well defined, and it stretches from Peachtree Dunwoody Road on the west, Windsor Parkway to the north, Mabry Drive to the east, and Peachtree Road to the south. A majority of the neighborhood technically lies within the extreme northeastern section of the city of Atlanta.

Brookhaven Village: Brookhaven Village is the name given to the urban town center that has emerged on Dresden Drive, just east of the Brookhaven MARTA station, anchored by the Village Place and Village Park Place mixed-use developments. The village is bordered by the residential neighborhoods of Ashford Park to the north and Drew Valley to the south, both offering single family homes within walking distance of the village. The village is home to commercial establishments, residences, and offices Source: Wikipedia Brookhaven, GA

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