More about GreenPal

Chapter 9:

How to grow your lawn care business
like the pros do... for FREE

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Did you know you have your own mini-website on top GreenPal where homeowners can schedule service with JUST YOU.

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For example… When a potential client signs up from your GreenPal page… They will not go out to bid to the GreenPal community, they will only get a price from you.

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We call this an exclusive auction.

Want to know the best part?

The top earning pros earning 6 figures on GreenPal share their page on Facebook once or twice a week to get new clients for free...

Here's how to do that... It's as simple as clicking the share button to the far right of the main menu, then click "Share on Facebook"...

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Best of all... here is how it looks:

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Even better... many GreenPal pros will text the link to their page to people that call them for service.

Why does this matter? Here's why... when they signup through your GreenPal page you don't have to worry about collecting payment. What's more... It's also a great way to keep all of your customers in one place with all of your other clients...

Check it out

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By the way... You can find the link to your store at the bottom of every email the GreenPal sends you and you can copy it from the Share Page seen above. Just click the green button Copy.

It gets better... You can copy / paste this and share or text it to clients so they can order service from you directly.

In my experience... this is one way that they top pros on GreenPal making over a $100 grand a year and build up their client portfolio for free.

But here's the kicker it won't work unless you share your link to your page via text, and on Facebook.

So to make a point here is how to grow your business for free with GreenPal:

  • 1

    Share your page on Facebook once or twice a week so people can order directly from you.

  • 2

    Share your page via email and text message when someone calls you out of the blue so you don't have to worry about collecting payment etc.

  • 3

    People who sign up from your page will only get a price from you and no one else, so this is a great way to build up your clientele, ratings, stats , and reviews all for free.