Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Oakland Park, FL as of Jul, 2024

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Platinum Lawn Services in Oakland Park, FL

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If you are looking for quality lawn care, the kind that makes you feel like you have your own dedicated team of landscapers, then you have found that in me. If you are looking for anything less, something like mediocre lawn mowing, then continue back to your old hires. If my guess is correct, you are on GreenPal because you have had some pretty bad experiences in the past, I hope it’s just a few rip offs. I know the story, most of the people that have hired me so far on GreenPal have some sort of story or another. If it’s not lawn mowers who don’t show up, or do show up and do a horrible job, or someone who tries to sneak in some fees after the fact, the truth is that lawn care services in Oakland Park are a hit or miss. Luckily, I pride myself in my company to provide for you quality, honest landscaping at a good price.

We have been in the business for about ten years now, and we have handled yards from all over Oakland Park and Broward County. We began our business in the small little neighborhood of South Corals, but we branch out all over the place when the situation arises. We specialize in great lawn mowing first, but we also provide all the other basic standard lawn care services. A lot of our clients besides the lawn mowing ask us to trim their trees and hedge their bushes, which is pretty common anywhere you go. But we have the tools necessary in order to give you the best of the best of the best. Just the fact that we are on GreenPal should tell you that we are reliable.

The new season is fast approaching, and to tell you the truth we fill up pretty fast as far as long term clients go. So if you are even thinking about hiring a local lawn mowing service in Oakland like us for the season, send us a message so we can keep you in the loop. Other than that, if you just want a quick one-time lawn mowing, let us know any time and we can tell you when we are free! Enjoy your day!

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Ppp Lawn Services in Oakland Park, FL

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Hello! We are your reliable landscaping maintenance company in Oakland Park, Fl, ready to serve you and make your home as beautiful it can be! Don’t be ashamed if you have a dead lawn (or no lawn at all!) because we have the expertise to make that all change. We are more than your run of the mill lawn mowing company, we are landscaping experts trained to treat grass like the delicate organism it is.

If your current lawn mowing service isn’t just quite making you happy, then let us show you how we work. Not only will we provide you with amazing service, but we will also teach you about your lawn and what it needs to survive. A lot of times, grass cutting services will just show up, cut the grass, rake the clippings, and jet out of there in a hurry, but we believe in something different. We believe we have as much responsibility to teach you about your lawn as we do cutting it. That means every bit of information we learn about your grass is shared with you. A lot of companies thinks that takes away business, but in our experience we learn people trust us way more.

For instance, in Florida with all the trees, there will be areas of your lawn that just do not get enough sunlight. This causes the grass in that area to be weaker, flimsier. If we treat that same patch of grass like the rest of the lawn, we could ruin that portion and kill it within three mowings. Next thing you know, you will have great grass everywhere except in the palm tree shaped shadows. That is the real difference between a rookie and a pro like us!

Our pricing on GreenPal is for your average sized yard, a category most homes in Oakland Park are in. But if you have a smaller or bigger yard, we will adjust the price accordingly. But, no worries if you have a bigger yard, our price will never fluctuate no more than $20, and that’s a big estimate. Especially if you live around the Lloyd Estates Elementary School area, your price is exactly what we have on our profile, most of those houses have the same square footage, so you will be all set. Thank you for checking out our profile and we can’t wait to meet you!

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Ace Lawn Services in Oakland Park, FL

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Are you tired of lawn mowing companies in Oakland Park cutting corners on your yard? What about lawn care services that actually cut corners and leave chunks of your lawn untouched? Unfortunately that happens all too often these days, but we are the lawn mowing service that will treat you right!

For starters, any cheap way out of mowing a lawn like that would spell disaster for our reputation. Especially because GreenPal allows customers to review companies they hire, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will do our best to make you happy. Not that we never did before, in fact our clients we had before we jumped on GreenPal were more than happy to do business through the website only because we have done such a great job before. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty, I can assure you that!

We are an al inclusive yard maintenance company, and we provide much more than lawn mowing. We have the best tools required for the toughest jobs on your lawn, including tree removal. I don’t know what it is with Floridians and palm trees, but we remove so many of them throughout the year we had to start devising a whole new training for new recruits!

That is another thing we do that most landscaping maintenance companies in Oakland Park, Fl. It doesn’t matter if our new hires have experience in other areas of landscaping, we make sure they are on the same page with our company’s policies by providing them with training on our equipment, customer service, and procedure. It takes a little bit of extra money, but it makes it all worth it when we get great feedback from our clients!

We don’t plan this, but most of our repeating customers tend to fall in the same area, right around Stevens Field Park. That doesn’t mean we won’t come out to your home though, if you are anywhere in Oakland Park we will come out to give you the best in lawn care service.

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Fuentes Lawn Services in Oakland Park, FL

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We are very grateful that you have stopped to check out our GreenPal profile. Just the fact that you are interested in our services means a lot to us! We have been in the lawn maintenance industry for years and years, but me personally I have been mowing lawns since before I could work!

Our specialty is weekly lawn mowing, a service that lets you forget about making time to mow the lawn. We offer seasonal bookings, a service that provides you the best opportunity for you to have great, lush grass. A lot of companies forget to tell you this, but scheduling us for the season is the best way to turn your lawn from an okay patch of grass to a dynamic green carpet. That is a weird way to describe grass, sure, but you get the picture.

The only question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you want the best landscaping company in Oakland Park! If you live anywhere in the city, especially Wimberly Fields Park, we can sign you right up! We offer a first, one-off lawn mowing so you can see how we work. After that, and by that I mean after you are impressed with our work, you can have the option to schedule us for a few more sessions after that or for the rest of the season. It’s all up to you! Thanks again for checking out our profile, we are very excited to be a part of GreenPal and excited to be able to spread our great services to greater parts of the Oakland Park area. God bless!

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Grady Bernardini grass cut in Oakland Park FL
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Totally worth the saved money I have been spending paying other people to find grass cutting services in Oakland Park, Florida. I own a few business parks in Florida, and it is so tough to find local yard maintenance services around River’s Edge. I don’t live in Florida anymore, so I used to have friends go out and contract landscapers to come out and hedge the bushes and all that, but we have gone through lawn mowers like cheap T-shirts. Really, one guy we hired seemed promising but he just disappeared after one job done. We haven’t had that problem since we joined GreenPal, and it is way easier to schedule something through the website. In my opinion, more service industries should go online and be able to coordinate like GreenPal, it’s a shame that not many people are great at communicating these days, but when a website requires you to confirm, pick a date, and send pictures of the job they do, it takes all the guesswork out. I don’t know how many people would need it for their businesses, but I’m guessing there are a ton of homeowners that could benefit from this website.

Virginia Brown lawn mow in Oakland Park FL
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We use GreenPal pretty often for our yard actually. Since my husband is in and out of the house and I take the kids to their activities throughout the week, we hired a reliable lawn mower in Oakland Park to come out to our house every week or so to trim the grass and our bushes. I was expecting to pay way more than we do, but it just so happened that the lawn maintenance company we hired lived right by us near Easterlin Park. So he was able to keep his costs down and could come out to our house as often as we liked. We also used the website to hire a gardener to help me with my flowers. I have nowhere close to a green thumb, but I set aside a little bit of the yard for flowers, and I’ve killed about three crops of them in the past few years. So we decided to have someone help us out and at least get us started! And he did! Showed me how to prune and all that, and once he got them planted we were all set. I am all about learning new things, so it has been nice to find people who are experts at lawn care to teach me. Now, our house is looking cozier than ever and it’s all thanks to you guys!

James Snow yard cutting in Oakland Park FL
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I use GreenPal for my housing complexes all over the Florida area. I didn’t think I would need to tend to the landscaping that often, but to be quite honest, after I saw how consistently clean a lot of Oakland Park’s apartments were kept, especially the Forest Park Apartments, I knew I had to make some changes. Everything in Florida grows so fast, and I had no idea how much of a difference it would make to keep a weekly landscaping maintenance company in Oakland Park on my properties. But it definitely has, and my tenants have taken notice too. A lot of what would deter us was the fact that it would take me forever to find companies around the city, and it would take me just as long to contract them for a season or the year. I’m not sure if it was just the companies I did find, but they all seemed super hesitant to take on a contract longer than a month. Who knows, but GreenPal has really changed the game. When one company wants out of our agreement, I just move on to the next and they take on our properties like new. That’s worth it right there in my opinion, and the fact that the whole service is free to use is just an extra bonus. No weird fees or nothing, just straight peer-to-peer networking. I’m glad you guys are doing well, because it sure has helped my business!

John Burke lawn care in Oakland Park FL
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Thank God someone has thought to address the issue with lawn care services in Oakland Park. Fl. I cannot tell you how many times I have been screwed over by a lawn mower who advertises cheap lawn mowing in Oakland Park, only to tack on fees after the job is done. I had one fellow actually try and charge me an extra fifty bucks because I told him our yard was by Unitarian Universalist Church (which it is) but to him it wasn’t close at all. I have argued with more lawn maintenance companies in Oakland Park, Fl than I’d like to admit, but a huge part of it is their non-communication. I would totally understand if we agreed on extra fees beforehand, but these ones would come out of thin air the day of or even after they cut my lawn. I switched over to GreenPal because it seemed like their companies were very straightforward and honest about their extra fees. I have yet to have a problem with any local lawn mowing service in Oakland Park that I got from GreenPal because they keep it pretty open-book. That’s the only reason why you are getting this review. Thanks for your help!