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Chapter 4:

The Good Stuff, Getting Paid, Stripe,
and your Reviews

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So now the good stuff, how and when to funds get deposited into your bank account for work your customers pay you for.

Here's how it works...

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After you upload a photo of the work you completed for your customer, that picture is then emailed to your client for approval and the pic is also put on your profile's work history, so make sure you take the best looking picture to showcase your yard work that you can.

After that... take a look at the Completed tab on your appointments list to make sure its there. That will give you confirmation that you successfully completed your customers appointment.

The appointment will stay in the Completed section until your customer's card is billed 48 hours later and then after they pay you it moves out of the completed section and will appear on your customer's details page in the Paid section.

Take a look

Lookup screen c9e27bc9e3c426b3d2e497957629f7c5f8329f366df060d7a4dc6af8f308cdf7

Meanwhile… Your customer will get an email letting them know they have 48 hours to check over your work and best of all if they like they can login and pay you right then, or if they do nothing (most GreenPal users), the system will charge your client's card on file automatically 48 hours later for you.. What's more you'll also get an email each time one of your customer's pays you.

Bookkeeping img 9190fb4d8d0d49c1e213de8b94bb62b65811dc4e758a8e953ac40c3b9a14d253

As you can see this is powerful because gone are the days of managing accounts receivable for your customers and waiting weeks or months to get paid.

So long as your client is happy with your work, and their credit card on file is not declining, your clients will be billed and pay you like clockwork.

File img 7c2b04b1f97e3747e790ea1165dac956d9da396d20465f6e41c25fb2fb30c130 File img mobile 2e4e2c8e9f463eced1b79cf6c2e832ce455866c937379c202f7980137ac85d90

This means you spend less time on nightly booking keeping mailing out invoices, and even worse waiting of checks in the mail for your lawn care business.

It gets better... your customer's card is charged you can then check on the ACH transfer into your bank via your Stripe account.

If you have not yet logged into your Stripe account, go ahead and do that now using a desktop or laptop computer to familiarize yourself with how it works.

Check out this GreenPal users Stripe dashboard and you can see how powerful the GreenPal platform is.

Reschedule pointer fa9c67773b243e2575ae34d0c256cde7765e93189b71528c0f9a65e0a7dbc593 Recent screen a05e4504bb6358ef904c0bbc9f1d84b6268d37c339a4534b9440994cfdc95330 Recent screen a05e4504bb6358ef904c0bbc9f1d84b6268d37c339a4534b9440994cfdc95330

This is where you will check on your funds in route from billing your customer being sent to your bank account, and also where you will also issue refunds to your customers if needed for whatever reason.

As it turns out... We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to manage your Stripe account, however there is also a mobile app (with limited features) you can downlaod

Check it out:

Payment screen e65b135fb51f8dafefc4d5dafcd483089c40df1f8b8d7fe946aa8425f6226eae Garyl payment img 2275176ee5c4c7642da34e9f3317d796d69dcf00693ce343f4f410737dcf3127

Here's the deal

When you're new to Stripe and GreenPal... Stripe requires 5 businesses days after your customer's card is billed for Stripe to deposit funds into your bank.

Want to know the best part? As you complete more transactions through the payment system, you will build up trust as a merchant and the payments will flow quicker down to 2 business days.

So to make a point

Let's say you complete a job on Monday for you customer and upload the photo.

Here is when you'll see funds in your account when you're new and when you've established trust with the system:

Schedule img 2590ecd0020d4f1967678d60295343028188eb9a831897fc655adb78dea2a22c Schedule img ipad 8c500a48960338d36a922daa3186ffeae0354a36c232fab45e1ea5779532b471 Schedule img mobile b8b295875f8e42cea191c6a8c991a9a13dcaa7f5ee06d3f7b3b9586f07d2e6ed

So the good news is...

As you can see when you build up trust with Stripe and GreenPal your cash flow moves much quicker, and the best part, you can speed it up even faster.

In the example above, simply reach out to your client after you complete the work and ask them if they are pleased with your lawn work and if they would log in and approve payment for your work, and leave you a nice review.

Here's the kicker... If you do not personally follow up after you complete the service for your client most likely you'll have to wait until their card is billed automatically 48 hours later.

This little bit of follow up can shave 2 days off your payment processing time and even better is a great opportunity to ask them if they want ongoing service which you can set them up for from the customer details page.

Simply stated.. Following up is the one thing that the most successful lawn care services that use GreenPal all do.

Why… because they get more reviews, and more ongoing clients be following up to make sure their clients are happy with their grass cutting service.

But that's just part of the story…

Should you ever need to to check over one of your customer's paid appointment history or even see their upcoming appointments history that easy to do.

Just click on their name and then scroll down to see Upcoming and Paid appointments. After your client's card is successfully billed it will appear in this list.

Upcoming appointment screen 0f99ab3297b7505c60b6708d6b2528674a14e148b860fff4f587e24c01f28ed0 Upcoming appointment screen 0f99ab3297b7505c60b6708d6b2528674a14e148b860fff4f587e24c01f28ed0 Upcoming appointment screen mobile c8846a1e6c39dbfd967f710107c5373fa199e3cad2edeced8910c9e22555439d

So if you're ever confused or wondering if you successfully completed an appointment for your client or even if you got paid…

  • 1

    Check the Complete tab on your main apportionments list

  • 2

    If your clients appointment is not there, then it will be in the paid list indicating your client has paid you

  • 3

    One more thing... You'll also need reconcile this list with your Stripe ACH bank deposits

But wait there's more... After you complete a transaction, send an nice email to your customer and ASK THEM FOR A REVIEW. This is very important because the more reviews you get on your GreenPal profile the easier it will be for you to win more lawns in the future.

Check it out...

Review screen 824c4f8adeffb8476ed38640f3c47ec58bdc7c4de5438c31970bd2f2c5d8bbc2

My experience is that building your landscape maintenance company on GreenPal works like a snow ball...

  • 1

    Hitting your customer's dates

  • 2

    Uploading a good looking photo

  • 3

    Gets you a higher reliability rating

  • 4

    The better your rating makes it easier to win new customers

  • 5

    Then new customers get you more reviews

  • 6

    Which get you more customers and so on

That's all there is to it. If you made it this far give yourself a pat on the back. You're one step closer to growing your landscape maintenance business with less headache on the GreenPal platform.