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Chapter 7:

How to make more money and win more business with a professional profile page

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Want to know how the highest earning lawn care pros win more bids on GreenPal?

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Their secret is a professional looking profile with a bio about their business and profile picture of their face.

Why does this matter?

Think about it... Homeowners are leery about hiring people who they have never met to work at their home off of the internet.

On the other hand... Below... is an example of a good bio and profile that reassures your potential customers that they are dealing with a legit, professional local lawn business.

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As it turns out people have a lot of anxiety hiring someone they have never met to work at their house.

Check it out...

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Now the best part... Check out his bio... This guy makes over 2 grand a week on GreenPal...

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Bio img 5227fe93d4f32d59751d701fa0ac3e626984c1e0643d0d3f279067fb47d1474e

But that's just part of the story… If you have not uploaded your best pics and created a bio about your business, here is what your profile looks like:

To make a point... Would you hire this person to come work at your home?

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What's the bottom line? Take 15 mins and tell your potential customers about your lawn business to reassure them that they are hiring a professional.

These are just a few questions you can answer and talk about to create a killer bio about your lawn company...

  • Why did you get in the lawn business?

  • What neighborhoods do you service?

  • What kind of equipment do you have?

  • What different yard services do you offer?

  • What do you do differently than your competition?

Then... upload that bio to your profile... Here's how... Also while you are at it, make sure you have your best pictures uploaded.

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Simply stated if your pictures look like crap... It's costing you money!

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Bottom line... Because this is what your potential customers will see along with your bid... You need to own this real estate and make it look as good as possible.

In summary here is how a professional profile can make you more money:

  • 1

    Make sure you have a profile picture of your smiling face. Why does this matter? Because it reassures your potential clients they are dealing with a real person when comparing your bid with others.

  • 2

    Add your best pictures of past jobs, and what's more using the filter settings on your phone to make them look even better is a good idea.

  • 3

    Invest 15 mins and write a solid bio about your company and what sets yourself apart from your competition.

  • 4

    Keep an eye on your ratings and do your best to improve them, as this is one of the most decision making factors when homeowners are comparing bids.

The good news is... Improving your GreenPal profile is the easiest way to help you win more lawns, get more reviews and grow your lawn care business using your GreenPal account.