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Chapter 3:

Want to know how to keep high ratings on
GreenPal that will give you an edge over your
competition? Well keeping reading...

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One of the most important ways you can grow your business and get more customers is to hit your customer's service the exact date they request.

Why does Rescheduling matter?

There are 2 reasons for that:

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First reason

It doubles your chances your customer schedules weekly service after your first audition mowing. Think about it... if their first mowing is delayed... they probably won't be back to schedule more with you, and probably won't leave a good review for you.

Second reason

Hitting your customer's appointment dates on their originally requested dates boosts your reliability rating.

This is a simple calculation that tells your potential customers how often you mow your customers lawns on the days they schedule, you can see it here:

Garyl reliable img f287beebc81379c74d61426dbf94293240b2fd12f0630f16eb3e5c828cd4fe97 Garyl reliabletablet img 319d3c2e70b053cb97b77df40da413865f81a72d8119e66e0a47258617527dca Reliable rate screen 32ae8faa98b24097d9c9c52b8c52552f14e3e621915c783889a98025852b9306 Reliable rate screen mobile 5dadf467bc68e63710400b7e6177450ee7e16434821ee6c9fbb8c99a9ecb098e

If you are unable to hit the day they want, there is a 1 day flexibility, so that gives you a 3 day window to hit your customer's date.

So you if absolutely need to, you can reschedule your customer's day 1 day and only 1 time. Keep in mind this lowers your reliability rating each time you do it.

By the way... You will still need to update your customer's appointment date by pushing the blue reschedule button. Here's why... this will send a nice email to your customer letting them know that you have to delay their service so they are not wondering when you are coming to get them serviced.

Reschedule pointer fa9c67773b243e2575ae34d0c256cde7765e93189b71528c0f9a65e0a7dbc593 Reschedule screen eaf030a50c4fbc1f5e46ecfd7df41b459771606f39b8ae324a977ee86179d1c4 Reschedule screen eaf030a50c4fbc1f5e46ecfd7df41b459771606f39b8ae324a977ee86179d1c4 Reschedule screen mobile 21314165e25f41b17af9b1683d0e8a8bc924eace3785382acecaf7405c1fe779

See what I mean is this illustration, put another way, you can reschedule a day before or day after without your customer's approval and it will change on your dashboard.

Approval calender img 43e2377efee6ecfc68993a6cd87014bcdee2b7aab825265060dd49a4add9625c Approval calendertablet img 2f5c3c72eeed3625e03d8139b39625a72e837e7b9419198d3aa15ad61127f911 Approval calender img mobile 3bc29f41e2aff35e934da1fab557a3be93408dee897c21f591f3bfd76efb4826

You might be wondering… If you change the day outside of that date range, your customer gets an email asking them to log in and approve it.

It's been my experience that you will also need to nag them to actually log in and approve. So send them a text and email also asking them to approve your date change, otherwise it will not change on your account, and you may get locked out due to a late appointment. Account lockout is covered in a following chapter.

As it turns out… it's usually just easier to simply mow your customer on the day they want, a day earlier or within their 3 day date rage. So we recommend only rescheduling unless it's absolutely necessary so you can keep a high reliability rating.

What does this mean for you?

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If you have rescheduled a customer and it has not changed on your dashboard yet… Then that is because you are attempting to move the appointment outside of their 1 day flexibility and your client has not logged in and approved it yet.

Bottom line... Most people are cool with moving the date 1 day, however if you push your customers date 2 or 3 days, most of the time they cancel and find someone else on GreenPal. So don't bid on them if you cannot hit their requested mowing date.

The good news is... When you hit their date is scores you positively boosting your reliability rating and in most cases your client will book ongoing mowings with you so you can build up more reviews which makes it easier to get more customers using GreenPal.

My experience building your lawn care service with GreenPal works like a snow ball...

Hitting your customer's dates gets you a higher reliability rating... which makes it easier to win new customers, and then new customers get you more reviews... which get you more customers and so on.

But wait there's more.

What if your customer agrees to a totally different schedule than what they booked, or if tons of rain has their schedule all messed up.

Well there is a solution for that.

All you need to do is first get their approval over the phone or text message for the new schedule and then cancel the appointment. After that... set them up for a fresh schedule and it will override anything that they previously booked.

So for example… let's say you have a client booked for tomorrow and it's setup for Tuesdays however you can't get to them because you're only in their area on Fridays.

First reach out to your customer and explain the situation.

Then after they are in agreement, next cancel the appointment for tomorrow.

After that... Click the blue button "Setup Recurring Service" and select the new start and stop date and it will override everything they previously had scheduled.

Recurring screen 0c4307d4ec787c9bfda922b6f305abbeb57389c25dfdd52c3d8f57c092d0219a Recurring screen mobile f8a6f8cf4bdd3095aff3ad23b41b4df27f908b44980d0cad2586bbd6779c65c2

The good news is... no matter the situation, if you are proactive about managing your schedule you can always stay out in front of any scheduling issues.