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Chapter 2:

Bidding & Review Strategy to grow your
business and completing work to get paid.

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So you may have bid your first lawn by now, or perhaps you're still waiting for bid opportunity, here is how bidding works and how you can win new lawns with less work

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    You'll get a text message & email each time there is a new lawn in your service area.

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    Next… Click the link in the message and Bid Fast, and Bid as competitive as you can.

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    Make sure you pay close attention to homeowners notes, details, and GreenPal's platform date to best prepare your bid.

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    You'll then get a text message letting you know if they picked you. What's more, they up until their service date to pick someone.

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    After they hire you, you'll need to reach out to them personally to introduce yourself and firm up any service related details. This is YOUR CUSTOMER , so all service related matters need to be confirmed with your client personally before you begin work.

Here's a tip.. We notice that GreenPal homeowners tend to pick the first bid they get if it's in their price range. So submit a bid as soon as you get the text message. Its free, so why not.

Something else we have noticed… as it turns out when you "add a note" with your bid, it drastically increases your odds of getting picked.

For instance when you bid on a lawn, you might say ...

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I have one in the same neighborhood next to you


I really really appreciate the opportunity to earn your business
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Check it out..

This is what I'm talking about

This is crazy.. It's amazing how a small note like this increases their chances of picking you.

Check it out..

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This is what I'm talking about. This is crazy... It's amazing how a small note like this increases their chances of picking you.

The homeowners have up until their service date to pick someone, when you win a lawn, you will get a text message and it will appear in your service calendar.

But that's just part of the story..

When you're first starting out… You do not have any reviews yet... And you're competing with other established players… So how do you get over the cold start problem?

Well keep reading…

  • First to best way to break into your local market is speed speed and speed. Bid quickly, as soon as you get the text. Like I mentioned earlier the homeowner will usually pick the first bid they get if it's in their price range.

  • Next… take a look at the zip code's Average Winning Bid Price along with each bid opportunity. Now.. bid $5 to $10 under that price just temporarily . Here's why… When you are new and do not have any stats or reviews built up, you're competing with more established GreenPal lawn services that do. So you see… temporarily tightening up your pricing to break the ice and build up some reviews is a sure what to get some momentum going. Just make sure you treat those early customers like gold and ask for reviews. Fair enough?

  • Always add a personal note with your bids.

  • Make sure you have your best pictures of past work added to your profile and that your profile picture is of your smiling face.

Next after you win a bid, make sure you service them on the day they requested to keep a high reliability rating (if you must reschedule how to do that is covered in the next chapter)

After you have completed the service in entirety for your customer's front and back lawn, click on the appointment and click complete work to upload the photo of the front yard after you have mowed it. By the way... Make sure the service is completed fully because this will charge your customers card.

Sadly... Any users that fraudulently bill for unfinished or incomplete work will have their account shut off immediately.

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That's not all...

When you complete a lawn, upload your best looking photo of your finished work.

Why does this matter?

Think about it … every job you complete on GreenPal, your photo of your completed work is on your work gallery on your GreenPal profile and this is what your potential customers see when they are considering you your bid… So take your best picture so show your prospective clients what you're capable of, make sense?

Next… send your customer a quick email or text message asking them to leave you a good review... All they have to do is login to their account and the system will prompt them to review how you did.

Why does this matter?

Well... here's the kicker... you can be the best lawn pro in town... but the problem is none of your potential customers know it....

So when you build up reviews and a solid reputation on GreenPal, it helps you project your reliability to new customers when they are checking out your bid...

Here's what I mean.. Wouldn't you feel comfortable hiring him with 1280 reviews!

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What's the bottom line? It pays to exceed your client's expectations and what's more.. ask them to review you after each service.

In my experience, the more ratings you rack up on GreenPal the more likely new clients are to pick you. No wonder... this is how the top performing pros on GreenPal are earning over $100K a year on the platform..

Next up… How to keep a high reliability rating and rescheduling appointments.