More about GreenPal

Chapter 1:

Getting started
Setting up your lawn business on GreenPal, winning lawns, and getting paid

Here's the deal, We recommend getting started by checking out the available lawns in your area. What's more you'll get a text message letting you know there is a new lawn up for grabs in your area. When you see that, just click the link on the text and submit your bid price and it's texted and emailed to your potential client.

Next, you will need to Set up Your Stripe Account and connect it to your GreenPal account so you can get paid for the work you perform through GreenPal. This is also required to submit pricing on the current available lawns near you.

Its simple... Just click "Connect Bank" and follow the steps. We recommend completed this crucial Stripe account setup using a laptop or desktop computer.

Stripe processes all transactions on GreenPal and deposits your funds into your bank account, so you'll need to get that account setup now to start winning new clients through your GreenPal account.

What does this mean for you?

You see... GreenPal does not handle your sensitive banking info. Best of all it is setup with GreenPal's payments processor to ensure you get paid within days and not weeks on the work you do.

But that's just part of the story… Your first few transactions on GreenPal will take Stripe 5 business days for funds to deposit into your bank account. But it gets better... After you build up trust in the system that comes down to 48 hours. Pretty cool huh.

This is crazy... It's totally free to bid, so bid often and bid fast as they usually pick the first price they like.

If they pick your price, you'll get a text letting you know. You will not receive a notification if they hire someone else, and there is no way to revise a bid, so we recommend sending your best price first.

By the way... You will not be getting a 1099 from GreenPal, as GreenPal never touches your money. The charge from the customer splits, GreenPal receives a small 5% fee to run the platform, and the balance is sent to your bank. Also Stripe's processing fee is 2.9% so you'll need to add that onto your quotes you provide with your GreenPal account.

So for example if you win a new customer at $50 per mowing...

Bottom line… GreenPal is THE platform built to help grow your lawn care business, getting you more customers, and enabling you to make more money with less headache.

People that succeed with GreenPal… do 3 things very well:

  • 1

    First they bid fast & tight

  • 2

    Second they show up the day and do a great job of mowing the lawn

  • 3

    They Follow Up with their client to see how things wend ask for more appointments

What's more, the customers belong to your lawn care service, not GreenPal, so treat them like gold with personalized service. GreenPal is built to help homeowners find, hire, and pay you easier, while enabling you to bid lawn care work easier, get new customers with minimal effort, and get paid faster.

Simply stated, GreenPal is the easiest way to grow and manage your lawn care service.

You might be wondering...Whats included in my initial bid price?

Each bid opportunity is for 1 single lawn mowing for grass under 10" tall. Think of it as an "audition" after you complete that first cut, you will need to upload a photo of the completed mowing to get payment sent right to your bank.

What's the bottom line...Your price to your potential customer on GreenPal must include...

  • Basic mowing for grass under 10" tall

  • Edging of all curbs and beds

  • Blowing off of clippings from all paved surfaces

Here's an example of what your completed work needs to look like to use the GreenPal platform

Now... the best part... Your GreenPal account will then email your new customer several times over a 30 day period to schedule more visits with YOU. GreenPal's goal is to help you earn as many ongoing lawn maintenance clients as possible.

Ultimately, they are still YOUR customers, Your GreenPal account just helps new customers connect with you, and helps you get paid faster with less headache.

Each bid opportunity is for 1 single lawn mowing for grass under 10" tall. Think of it as an "audition" after you complete that first cut, you will need to upload a photo of the completed mowing to get payment sent right to your bank.

GreenPal is excited to drive you new business! Getting you more lawns and getting you paid is what GreenPal is built to do.

Next up… Strategies on how to win more bids with less work... Secrets the top earning business on GreenPal don't want you to know.