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Chapter 6:

How to double your revenue by selling
additional add on lawn maintenance services

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Good news... many of your customers are going to want other yard work like Shrub Pruning, Tree Trimming, Mulch, Cleanups, Re-seeding, Leaf Removal... you name it.

It gets better... GreenPal is built to help you sell that add-on work!

That's really where you can make your money, right? Here's the cool part.

After you mow your customer's yard on the second visit, your GreenPal app will ask you to quote those additional yard maintenance add on services.

So even if you forget, the good news is your account will still prompt you to upsell that additional yard work...

Check it out...

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Then your custom landscaping maintenance quotes are emailed to your customer for approval.

Take a peek at the quote sheet that is emailed to your client when you fill out their custom pricing.

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If your clients likes any of the quotes they can add on the additional services that they want, or if they verbally give you the go ahead for any additional work you can add that onto any mowing visit.

Check it out

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Bottom line... GreenPal is built to help you make more money with less headache.

So let's review

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Here is how to substantially increase your landscape maintenance revenue through upselling additional yard work to your existing clientele.

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    After the second mowing fill in all the pricing for each yard maintenance service you offer as well as any additional yard work you can do that is not listed such as gutter cleaning for example and that pricing is emailed to your client.

  • 2

    Next... Your client can then approve and schedule any additional yard work from their app and it will be added to your dashboard.

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    What's more... if they give you verbal approval and do not add it in their account… no problem... then simply add on the additional cost to a mowing visit.

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    Lastly… You can always edit the pricing on your customer's details page and you can also go back and re-quote your add-on work there. Then your client will get an email letting them know about your updated pricing on their profile.