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lawn-maintenance-services-in-oldsmar-FL greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-oldsmar-FL-yard-cutting-service-in-oldsmar-Florida

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Oldsmar, FL as of Jul, 2024


813 Lawn Care in Oldsmar, FL

Hired 337 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.339 Reviews)

My lawn care service offers lawn cutting and yard maintenance, to the northern St. Petersburg area , Palm Harbor area and now the Oldsmar Florida area. We recently extended our lawn mowing service over to the Oldsmar area because we started picking up regular yard service clients there on the GreenPal lawn maintenance system. If you are looking for an affordable lawn cutting service in Oldsmar, FL and we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you on maintaining your grass and landscaping. Our company does a lot more than just grass cutting, we offer meticulous manicuring and pruning of your shrubbery, maintaining your landscaping beds by pulling the weeds or spraying herbicide on them to control them from growing and becoming unsightly in your beds, seeding and aerating of your grass and turf areas in the fall , Also we offer cleaning up the leaves that fall during the months of November and December in your yard. Most the time leaf removal for yards in the Oldsmar Florida area is pretty lightweight, but we offer the yard service in case you have some big oak trees that tend to grow in the area.

So I really do appreciate you considering our company for your lawn maintenance and your yard service needs. If you live nearby Forest Lakes Elementary School, or over by Veterans Memorial Park we have dozens of satisfied lawn maintenance customers near you in Oldsmar already in those areas. When you sign up for quotes on your GreenPal lawn care service mobile app make sure you read over the lawn care service reviews the other residents in Oldsmar Florida area have said about their lawn care service quality and skills. My lawn maintenance company prides in keeping a five star rating on the GreenPal lawnmowing service mobile app. That's not it easy to do because after every single lawn cutting that I perform on the GreenPal community, my customers have the opportunity to submit a lawn care services review about their experience and how I do it on their lawn care service. This ensures that you get to hire a trusted, affordable, and reliable lawnmowing company when you hire me to cut your grass in Oldsmar, Fl. Thank you so much for your consideration I look forward to meeting with you at your yard. I am in Oldsmar area cutting grass on Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week in the Kingsmill and Hunter's Trail neighborhoods in Oldsmar. So thank you for hiring me when I submit my cost to you for maintaining your yard for you.

Also , if you need local lawn care services in Wesley Chapel FL near me GreenPal services that part of the greater Tampa Bay area and also has local lawn maintenance services in Palm Harbor FL.


Villalon Lawn Care in Oldsmar, FL

Hired 191 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.184 Reviews)

I have been cutting grass in Oldsmar Florida area for seven years now and a build up a nice clientele of lawn maintenance customers and yard maintenance clients throughout Oldsmar in eastern Pinellas County. I think what sets me apart from other lawn cutting services through out the Oldsmar area is my impeccable lawn maintenance equipment. Now I know you might be wondering why does that even matter? Well I've seen many cheap lawn care services near me in Oldsmar running around with push mowers and a riding lawn mower that they bought from Walmart and they call themselves professional landscape maintenance companies in Oldsmar. But the reality is is that they cannot do a professional job on cutting your grass with cheap lawn mowing equipment. This is because it'll take them three times as long for to cut them your grass, the look of the lawnmowing will not be as manicured, and a lot of times because it takes them so much longer to cut your grass with cheap lawnmowing equipment they will end up having to charge you more money then it would for professional lawn care service like mine to mow your grass right in the first place. The other thing that is different about my lawn maintenance company is that we sharpen our lawnmower blades routinely, at least one time per week.

Why does it even matter if your lawn cutting service sharpeners lawn cutting blades at least once a week quest ? Because if they cut your lawn and mow your yard with dull lawn mower blades, that will leave a frayed edge on the tips of your grass. This in turn invite diseases, and insects to further damage your turf grass. After all of that happens that it requires a customized pesticide and lawn treatment program to repair the damage is caused by cutting with dull grass cutting with the lawn mower blades. So this is just one of the many details that goes into hiring a reliable lawn care service near me in the Oldsmar FL area. You need to make sure that they have professional lawn maintenance equipment and they maintain their lawn equipment properly. We service about a dozen customers nearby Canal Park in Oldsmar, and you've probably seen our lawn mower trucks and trailers riding up and down McMullen Booth Rd. This gives you peace of mind that we are always in the area cutting grass and our lawn care service would be happy to pick up your yard maintenance as well. Our lawn cutting prices start out at $27 per lawnmowing and usually go up to about $45 per lawn cutting for most yard sizes in the Oldsmar area. Included in the price is your lawnmowing, mulching up any grass clippings, edging your sidewalk, driveways patios any other concrete lines that you have, and blowing off all of the paved area is free of debris and leaving them nice and clean after we are done mowing. You could also add on additional yardwork to your yard maintenance with us on the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app such as landscaping bed renovation and weed removal services and also shrub pruning should you need that. Don't worry I provide yard maintenance pricing for all of that stuff after I'm done cutting your grass for the first time. Thank you so much for your consideration when you receive my lawn cutting price for how much is going to cost to maintain your yard after you get it feel free to hire me and we can discuss the details after that. Have a great day.
Also , if you need affordable lawn cutting services in Wesley Chapel FL we service north Tampa Bay and also proudly offer lawn maintenance services near me in Riverview FL as well.


Robert Miley Lawn Care Services in Oldsmar, FL

Hired 448 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.425 Reviews)

High-quality lawn maintenance, reliability, and affordability don't have to be a trade off. Many of my colleagues in the lawn care and landscaping business in Oldsmar Florida tend to believe that in order to offer affordable prices they have to do a rush job on their lawn mowing clients yards. Well, I just don't believe that philosophy is true. I think so long as a lawn maintenance a company operates with efficiency and a tight landscape maintenance operation they can deliver reliability and affordable Lawn Care prices to their customers. One way I do this is to make sure that I maintain my lawn mowers every week so I don't have to suffer costly breakdowns and repair costs to keep them going and to keep them in top lawn cutting shape to manicure your yard with. Preventative maintenance on my lawnmowers such as oil changes, changing out the filters and everything keeps them running in reliable sound condition so they'll be ready to cut your grass each and every week that you signed up for lawnmowing with my lawn maintenance service for.

We are in the Oldsmar area cutting grass every Wednesday and Thursday's. We have a bunch of customers by Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve and several lawn maintenance clients near Sheffield Park. We can get to your yard cut usually within 24 to 48 hours notice so long as we haven't had a bunch of rain that week. So that's the good news. If you sign up for your lawnmowing quotes on your GreenPal lawn care service mobile app before noon and hire us by 2 o'clock we can usually get to your yard mowing the very next day. Right now because we are picking up so many lawn maintenance customers in the Oldsmar, Fl area we are not able to accommodate one time lawnmowing. If you're looking for a cheap lawn cutting service near me in Oldsmar that will mow your yard only one time, I would recommend There are many lawn mowing businesses on the Oldsmar craigslist website that will do one time grass cuttings. For us, it's our goal to build a long-term lawn maintenance relationship made for your yard and improving its appearance over the course of several lawnmowing seasons. Sure we will cut your grass just one time but that's kind of a audition to show you how solid are lawnmowing company is, how affordable our lawn cutting prices are, and how excellent on the quality of job we do with respect to maintaining your yard and boosting the appearance of your grass. So if you live off of State Rd in Oldsmar and are tired of cutting your own grass, just click my link to hire me below my biography and I will submit to you a cost for maintaining your yard on a weekly or every two week basis. Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to maintaining your yard, gardens, and grass for the rest of the time you own your home. We also do affordable residential lawn mowing services in Dunedin FL and provide local lawn care services in Palm Harbor FL as well.


Choice Cuts Lawn Services in Oldsmar, FL

Hired 88 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.89 Reviews)

My lawn care service has been cutting grass throughout the Oldsmar Florida area for over five years. We are actively taking on new weekly and every two week lawnmowing customers for this year, so if you were needing to get your grass cut, want to get your weekends back, or are just looking for a professional lawn maintenance service to take over your yard maintenance and give you a little more free time, well... then look no further we are the best fit lawn maintenance company that you could hire an old Oldsmar, FL area. We specialize in lawnmowing, yard maintenance, grass cutting, and basic weekly lawn cuttings. We are not horticulturalists or private gardeners so if you're looking for a gardening type yard maintenance guy I have some recommendations for a better fit for you however if you were looking for a basic affordable local lawn care service to cut your grass for you then we are a good fit.

What separates us from other lawn maintenance companies in Oldsmar Florida area is our reliability. I think of so many yard mowing customers in Oldsmar, FL that tell me that their last lawn care guy just up and disappeared and did not leave them with any explanation. This puts residents in the Oldsmar area in a tight spot because they don't know if their yard maintenance budget is going to have to increase because they lost their lawn maintenance rate, and also it could be difficult to interview and prescreen lawn care services in Oldsmar because no two are alike. That is tje kind of cool about the GreenPal lawn maintenance mobile app, they do a pretty good job of only letting the best lawn care services in Oldsmar operate their lawnmowing business on top of their technology. Ever since I started cutting grass on GreenPal, my business has grown 25%, and I guess you could say I give my greenpal lawnmowing customers kind of a preferential treatment. Why is this the case you might ask, because I like to build a good solid lawn care services and ratings on the GreenPal lawnmowing app. This helps me earn new lawn maintenance customers and grow my local lawnmowing business even more. We focus on a couple neighborhoods in Oldsmar starting with grass cutting near Bicentennial Park, and we also have a cluster of lawn mowing clients near Forest Lakes Elementary School. We are able to offer our most affordable lawn care services in those parts of town because we already have established lawnmowing customer base in those areas and we save time on driving around from coming 1 yard to going to another customer of mine and cutting their grass. So if you're looking for cheap lawn mowing service near me in Oldsmar, we probably won't be the cheapest but we were best definitely be the most affordable and value packed local lawn maintenance company you can hire in Oldsmar Fl area. Thank you for your consideration my lawn maintenance business is looking forward to improving your home and yard’s overall appearance. Our lawn care service also mows yards in Clearwater FL and also offers yard maintenance services in Dunedin FL as well.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
James Gamboa Lawn Mowing Service in Oldsmar FL
“Have you ever had the case of the disappearing lawn guy? That happened to me and my roommate recently. We are renting a home in Cypress Lakes Preserve in Oldsmar Florida and we had to start push mowing our own yard again because the lawn care service that we were using just up and disappeared on us. We left him several voicemails, text messages, emails and he just disappeared off the face of the earth It seemed like. I didn't feel like waiting on him anymore so I did some searching on Facebook and found in the Oldsmar Florida Facebook group a recommendation for the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app. I signed up for lawn cutting quotes and received three offers to cut my yard within five minutes. After that I chose the cheapest lawn care service in Oldsmar that they sent to me he came out the next day to mow the yard and ended up doing a good job of cutting our grass. Problem solved.”
Juan Smalley Lawn Cut in Oldsmar FL
“I have a vacation home in Oldsmar FL, and I live out of state and the thing I like the most about GreenPal is that I can manage my lawn maintenance and yard care service remotely without having to be at the house to meet the lawn maintenance company. I receive pictures of the completed mowing every week when the lawn cutting service comes out to cut the grass. That way I know that I'm not getting billed for any lawn cuttings that I did not receive, and did not order. That was not a problem with previous lawn cutting services in Oldsmar, FL that I have used to maintain the property for me. I am looking to buy another home and I will be using GreenPal to maintain that yards maintenance as well. GreenPal makes everything smooth and easy and I appreciate their lawn maintenance service.”
William Tanaka Yard Cutting in Oldsmar FL
“I live in near East Lake Woodlands Country Club and usually mow my own yard, however due to a recent back injury I can no longer push mow my grass anymore. I'm tight with my home maintenance budget ,so I was wanting to get out for $50 a month or less on the lawn maintenance, but every other lawn care service I called in Oldsmar wanted $100-$150 per month for 12 months out of the year. GreenPal set me up for every two week lawn cuttings for $25 per mowing which in the warm months $50 a month from March through November and then I have them a one time per month during the winter time. GreenPal offered offer just the right amount of lawn care service I needed, at the right price, without having to call around and wait on lawn maintenance quotes and argue and haggle with different lawn cutting services near me in Oldsmar Florida.”
Karen Martin Lawn Cutting in Oldsmar FL
“I found a great local lawn care service on GreenPal last lawnmowing season and they mowed the yard five times for me before the cool weather came and my grass only needed the lawn cut one time per month. After the most recent leaf cleanup the lawn maintenance company did for me I felt like GreenPal and the lawn care service I'm using which is called 813 lawn care deserved a good rating for the lawn maintenance they are doing for my home in Hunter's Trail. They have to use a push mower in the backyard because my fence gate is only 20 inches wide. Every other lawn care service that I had hired in Oldsmar Fl didn't want to mess with that, but the lawn care service that GreenPal introduced me to has no problem with accommodating my yard maintenance needs.”

lawn-maintenance-in-oldsmar-Fl-lawn-service-in-Cool-ValleyHello there welcome to GreenPal’s online ordering page for yard maintenance services and lawn care services in Oldsmar Florida. If you live in the Cypress Lakes Preserve, Hunter's Trail, Kingsmill neighborhoods or over by R E Olds Park in Oldsmar and are needing lawn care services, then you are the right place. GreenPal has done the hard work of finding the top 10 best lawn care services in Oldsmar with the most reliable lawn cutting rates, and the most affordable and reliable track record for maintaining yards and cutting grass all over Oldsmar. You might be wondering how do we know these lawn mowing companies are any good at cutting grass. Well we vet each and every lawn mowing business and each lawn care business has to pass a rigorous series of quality checks. We look over their lawnmowers to make sure that they have commercial quality lawn cutting equipment and not residential based lawnmowers. We talk to their past lawn cutting customers and asked them to grade their lawn care service that they received from them, and their lawn care professionalism. We have them do an audition yard cutting for another GreenPal client in Oldsmar Fl, area and we took over the quality of their lawn mowing skills. We look for things like do the edge the grass, blowing off the grass clippings after they are done mowing the yard, do they pull weeds if the customer wants it etc. Basically all the lawn care services like that that most people want when maintaining the yard.

After they pass this rigorous series of quality checks, we set their lawn care company in Oldsmar up to run their business on the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app. Why does this matter? Because I'm sure you've tried calling around several lawn care services near me in Oldsmar to try to get a cost or price quote on how much it was going to cost you to mow your yard. I imagine you've probably left a dozen or so voicemails and haven't even gotten a phone call back to get a lawn cutting price quote? Am I correct? Well now with GreenPal you can or lawn mowing online or from the on-demand lawn care service mobile app without even having to make a phone call. That's right you're in control. You will get four or five free lawn cutting estimates email right to your inbox, then you can read lawn care service reviews the other residents in Oldsmar Florida area have said about the quality of their lawn care service. And then you can make an informed hiring decision and rest asured that you will not pay until you are satisfied with the lawn cutting that you received. Ransom E. Olds stood for quality, and so does GreenPal with how it recruits lawn care services in Oldsmar to join the lawn care community. So whether you live by Tampa Bay Downs, Mobbly Bayou or by Canal Park, GreePal has dozens of qualified lawn care services ready and waiting to cut your grass. Just click on the button at the top of your screen to get started. Also if you need local lawn mowing services in Dunedin FL or wanting to hire a local lawn maintenance affordable lawn cutting service in Palm Harbor FL nearby me GreenPal also has some very reliable lawn care services in those parts of St Pete and Tampa Bay as well.

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About Oldsmar Florida

Oldsmar is a city of 13,591, as of the 2010 census, in Pinellas County, Florida.

Oldsmar is a city of 13,591, as of the 2010 census, in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. The Oldsmar name dates to April 12, 1916 when automobile pioneer Ransom E. Olds purchased 37,541 acres of land by the northern part of Tampa Bay to establish "R. E. Olds-on-the-Bay". The name was later changed to Oldsmar, then to "Tampa Shores" in 1927, and finally back to Oldsmar in 1937. Ransom Olds named some of the original streets himself, such as Gim Gong Road for Lue Gim Gong.

Oldsmar includes several parks along Tampa Bay, historic bungalows, a downtown, and a commercial area along West Hillsborough Avenue. The historical society operates a museum in Oldsmar, and the city erected a new library in 2013.

There were only a handful of settlers in the area in 1916 when Ransom Eli Olds decided to purchase 37,541 acres on the northern tip of Tampa Bay from Richard Peters. At the age of 52, the inventor of the Oldsmobile and REO cars embarked on a grand undertaking, desiring to turn this untamed land into a bustling community.

The early settlers sourced their drinking water from cisterns and individual wells. Cheesecloth was used to sieve out the mosquito larvae. The city built a tower in the 1920s, into which water was pumped every morning; sulfur water flowed from the taps. A faucet with St. Petersburg water was installed by the railroad tracks, becoming a popular source for drinking water. The nearest stores were in Tarpon Springs and Dunedin. Source: Wikipedia Oldsmar, Fl

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