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How do I edge my landscape the right way?

One of the biggest reasons your neighbor's lawn looks better than yours may be that you have not edged properly. But how do you make a good edge? That is what this infographic covers. Edging your lawn can be done the easy way or the right way. And the right way to edge takes a bit more than using your weed eater sideways to cut the grass back from the sidewalk edge.

Step #1: To Edge Your Walkways. 

The first step to edge your walkway is to use a flat spade to make the initial cut along your walkways. This initial cutting will begin to make the defined edge you are looking for. But here's the deal, you aren't done yet!

Step #2: Push the Soil Back

Step 2 to getting that perfect edge is to use the same flat spade to press the dirt backward, away from the grass edge. This will deepen the edge divide and help your new grass border be even more defined. 

Step #3: Trim the Edge

Now that you have made the initial edge, it's time to prune the grass back. This can be done with edging shears, or a weed eater if you are impatient. This will add that 3rd level of definition that creates a perfectly straight edge, but now you will want to preserve that edge with step #4.

Step #4: Add Poly Edging Barrier

The final step is to add a poly edging barrier that will retain the edge you worked so hard to create. This poly edge will keep the edge sharp for years to come, and all you will need to do is trim the grass regularly. 

But can’t I just use a weedeater? Sure you can… but it will never get you that extra level of definition that edging your lawn with these 4 steps will. By establishing a good edge, and retaining it with the proper material, you can make your lawn shine for years to come.

If you learned something about edging your landscape in this infographic, be sure to share it with your friends and family. Everyone but your neighbor. That way you can keep an 'edge' up on his lawn. This infographic was made by AMLEO.

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