How can you save money on lawn care?

Written by Gene Caballero on June 23, 2015

GreenPal Save Money on Lawn Care

Save Money on Lawn Care

Whether you are cutting grass in Clarksville, TN or mowing lawns in Rowell, Georgia, summer is right around the corner and many people are turning a critical eye toward their yards. Of course they are, especially when warmer weather means family barbeques, backyard games and fun in the sun. The question is how to get the lawn ready without spending a small fortune and a lot of time on the grass. Fortunately, the answer is easy and far less time consuming than you might think. In fact, all you need to do is follow these five simple steps and, before you know it, you’ll have the perfect yard just waiting for you to kick back, relax and enjoy your little corner of Heaven.

Grass Seeding

The idea of seeding your lawn might seem pointless and a bit ridiculous, especially when “perfectly fine grass” is already growing. That is true, but there are a few reasons to reseed your yard. Think about how long ago you or a previous resident planted the grass. If you are thinking decades have past, there is a possibility the species of grass is weak to disease and more dependent on water. Not to mention, reseeding can put an end to those unsightly brown spots and bald areas.

Watering and Fertilizing

Deciding on the prime time to water your yard is more important than you may realize. For example, water during the day and most of the water simply evaporates while watering at night can lead to fungus, disease and a sick lawn. Interestingly enough, the best time to water is dawn or between the hours of four and eight in the morning. Just as important is when to fertilize your grass. Generally speaking, feeding your lawn a slow-release fertilizer about every five or six weeks is optimal.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating an lawn sounds intimidating and difficult, but the truth is aeration is actually fairly easy and extremely beneficial to grass. Simply rent a aerator, preferably commercial-grade, follow the instructions and watch your grass grow greener and healthier. The process helps water reach the roots, ensuring you waste less water while your yard receives the nutrients it needs. An added benefit is aeration battles compaction, allowing your grass to breathe and grow. The end result is a beautiful lawn and a little piece of paradise. Lawns in the southeast will need aerating (a necessary part of a lawn care plan in Nashville or Atlanta)

Ideal Length

Most people cut their grass short, believing they will have to mow less often and have a healthier lawn with fewer weeds. The truth, unfortunately, is the shorter you cut your yard the more problems you have. In fact, taller grass needs less water and tends to grow in thicker, effectively choking out weeds. The reason is taller grass shields the roots, allowing for a longer root system and ensuring water soaks deeper into the ground. Ironically, cutting your grass shorter doesn’t mean you will mow your lawn less often. Grass grows at the same pace no matter the length.

GreenPal Save Money on Lawn Mowing

Landscaping Alternatives

No doubt one of the most beautiful sights is a manicured lawn full of thick, green and healthy grass. Sadly, that isn’t always possible, especially in regions prone to dry climates, poor soil or both. Xeriscaping or designing a more water-conserving landscape is a good idea, one that means you’ll still have a beautiful yard, spend less time mowing and use a lot less water. The key is choosing the right plants, the ideal location for flower beds and charting the sun. That and the same loving dedication will result in a beautiful yard – with less grass. 

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