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Your ​Season By Season Lawn Care Game Plan


Your ​Season By Season Lawn Care Game Plan

GreenPal Lawn Maintenance Plan for St Petersburg Florida

Lawn care cycles from early spring to early fall and until the winter season gets into full gear. By following a few simple lawn care tips, you are actually being kind to yourself come the next year. In other words you are going to reap benefits the following year for a gorgeous lawn depending upon how you took care of your lawn the previous year. Season to season lawn care tips are easy to follow and you will greatly appreciate your efforts come the next summer.

The early spring season is the time to sharpen up the lawn care tools and make those necessary purchases to work on the lawn. Lawn care goes smoother, when you have the right tools that work for you. You will appreciate the less back breaking effort of not having the right lawn tools or having tools that you did not maintain well. The course of action in early spring is the following tips.

• Rakes including a hard tooth rake
• Shovels
• Hand tools
• Lawn Mower
• Aerator
• Lawn Thermometer
• Hose
• Sprinkles
• Grass Seed
• Fertilizers
• Herbicides
• Rain Gage

The following is an important to do list, getting ready for the warmer season.

• Sharpen up blades on all tools such as the lawn mower and trimmers
• Purchase a back up mower blade
• Add new parts to your mower such as, filters and spark plugs
• Add fresh gas to your mower
• Remover lawn residue such as leaves, twigs, papers


It is in the spring when your lawn starts to grow. If you are about to mow lawns in Gallatin, Tennessee and you are cutting them for first time, don't mow when it is wet. Your lawn benefits from fertilizing areas in the spring and in the fall. If you reside in the northern parts of the United States, be sure to fertilize in the fall.

One method of assuring a nice lawn is to aerate the lawn. Investing in an aeration machine is a great buy as this purpose is to poke holes in the soil, allowing tracks to the grassroots for air, water and fertilizers. This is best done several hours after a good rain.

Early Summer

Look for and destroy any grubs you see as they ruin a lawn. If you cut grass in Brandon, Florida and in areas that are prone to a lot of rain, you are going to have to mow more frequently, and never remove more than one half of the height of the grass. Watch the weeds an remove them by hand if necessary, such as dandelions. Dig straight into the earth and remove the whole root.


This is the time of the year to maintain a healthy green lawn. Never cut your grass more than three inches from the earth. Never water a lawn more than three inches a week. Be sure to clean the bottom of your lawn mower with a garden hose after mowing. This keeps the blades clean and sharp. Small amounts of grass clippings help to nourish the lawn. Rake up large standing grass clippings.

Early Fall

In the early fall, rake lawn well, removing any dead grass. This is the time to work some compost into the earth. This is also the time to add some quality grass seed meant for sun and shade. This is the time to get your hard tooth rake out and give the lawn a good work-over, allowing the seed to settle into the earth about a half inch. If you have bare spots, use your grass clippings to sprinkle over these bare spots after you seed them, and water the area well, keeping the patch moist until you see new grass appearing.


Keep your lawn free from leaves, by raking or using a mulching mower. This type of mower helps to add organic materials to the soil and this is good nourishment for the lawn. Fall is a good time to add fertilizer to the lawn as this fertilizer collects in the root system of the grass and helps to nourish the grass during cold winter months. Be sure to clean up flower beds, by cutting dead flowers down to the grown and transplanting what you need for spring. 

Check out the following illustration laying it all out. 

GreenPal Lawn Maintenance Plan for St Petersburg Florida

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