Your ​Season By Season Lawn Care Game Plan

Your ​Season By Season Lawn Care Game Plan

Your ​Season By Season Lawn Care Game Plan

From spring to winter, and back again, here is everything you need to know about seasonal lawn care. 

Get this, by following a few simple lawn care tips now, you can create a better lawn season after season. 

In other words by following this handy seasonal lawn care guide, you are going to reap the benefits, year after year. 

Here is what you need to know...

Spring Lawn Care

It's no secret, spring is when your lawn starts to grow after a long winter break.

And, there is a lot to proper lawn care in the spring. Spring is perhaps the most important season to tend to your lawn. 

Three things to keep in mind this spring:

One, aerate the lawn. Investing in an aeration machine is a great idea! The purpose is to poke holes in the soil, which allows tracks to the grassroots for air, water and fertilizers. This is best done several hours after a good rain.

Two, your lawn will benefit from a good fertilizer application in the spring. 

Three, mow your lawn regularly, at least every two weeks

Pro Tip! Remember not to mow when the lawn is wet, or you may risk spreading disease later in the year.

Early Summer Lawn Care

As spring rolls into summer, you will want to begin mowing weekly, or more if necessary. 

It's true, mowing the lawn every week is a lot of work! That is why we strongly recommend hiring a lawn care service

Three things to keep in mind in the early summer:

One, look for and destroy any grubs you see as they will ruin a lawn!

Two, NEVER remove more than half of the height of the grass in one pass of the mower. 

Three, watch for weeds such as dandelions and remove them by hand if necessary. Dig straight into the earth and remove the whole root.

Summer Lawn Care

All of your hard work in spring and early summer will lead to a healthy green lawn come summertime!

Now all you have to do is continue mowing your lawn regularly, and water when necessary

Four things to keep in mind this summer:

One, never cut your grass more than three inches from the earth. 

Two, NEVER water a lawn more than three inches a week.

Three, be sure to clean the bottom of your lawn mower deck with a garden hose after mowing. This keeps the blades clean and sharp.

Four, rake up large standing grass clippings, or use a bagger or mulching kit.

Early Fall Lawn Care

In the early fall, it's time for a good de-thatching! Rake the lawn well, removing any dead grass

Fall is also a great time top dress your lawn with a healthy dose of compost, and over-seed with some quality grass seed meant for sun and shade. 

Finalize, your over-seeding with a good once over with a hard-toothed rake to work the grass seed deeper into the lawn.

Finally, if you have bare spots, use your grass clippings to cover these bare spots after you seed them, and water the area well. 

Remember! Keep the patch moist until you see new grass appearing.

Fall Lawn Care

Here's the deal, as the leaves begin to fall, be sure to rake up regularly, and keep your lawn free from leaves. Either by raking or using a mulching mower. This will prevent harmful fungi and disease from forming in your lawn as winter rolls through.

More importantly, fall is a good time to add fertilizer to the lawn, as this fertilizer collects in the root system of the grass and helps to nourish the grass during cold winter months. 

Finally, winterize your irrigation system!

A note on your Landscaping: Be sure to clean up flower beds by cutting dead flowers down to the ground and transplanting what you need for spring. It is a good idea to mulch your beds in late fall, especially in colder climates.

Winter Lawn Care

Good news! In the winter there isn't much to do! 

Kick your feet up and enjoy the break from caring for the lawn!

But, if you have a spare time...

Here is a list of tasks you can get started on to get a jump on the coming spring:
•Sharpen up blades on all tools such as the lawn mower and trimmers
•Purchase a back up mower blade
•Add new parts to your mower such as, filters and spark plugs
•Add fresh gas to your mower
•Remove lawn residue such as leaves, twigs, papers

And the cycle begins again...

Quick note: Avoid walking on your lawn when it is covered in snow!

Bottom Line on Seasonal Lawn Care

By using this simple guide to seasonal lawn care you can ensure that you will have a healthy green lawn, year after year!

If you need help maintain your lawn, contact one of the lawn care pros at GreenPal. We have the best of the best when it comes to lawn care professionals.

Until next time!

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