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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Durham, NC as of Jun, 2018

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Richard's Lawn Services in Durham, NC

Hired 126 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.208 Reviews)

Whatever you need in terms of lawn care, we got your back! As one of the most experienced lawn mowing services in Durham to date, we guarantee quick and efficient yard mowing services. With all the options for our lawn care, there is no excuse to have a lawn that is out of shape.

Don’t let a few bad bushes change your mood. I know it sounds crazy, but did you know having a well kept lawn is good for your health? It’s true, think about it. How do you feel when you either get done mowing the lawn or putting in a good day’s work? Pretty good right? Well, imagine getting that feeling every week without actually doing the work? That’s where we step in!

If you are running short on time over the week, call us to take a few things off your hands. We will be in and out of your yard before you know it, and when you do you will find a lawn that looks like it was photoshopped.

We offer all sorts of seasonal services, depending on the time we also offer discounts, so ask us what you qualify for! This upcoming summer, you might want want to consider some serious lawn mowing and a strategy. The heat in North Carolina is no joke, and even the local lawn mowers from the Durham Bulls’ baseball park are going to have their work cut out for them. So imagine, if they are going to have a tough job, do you think you can handle it yourself?

If you can’t, that is totally okay, we will take it from there. We can raise the quality of your lawn with our proven strategies for soil treatment and grass cutting methods.

If you are looking for a seasonal contract as well, we offer discounted prices per lawn mowing when you increase your contract length. That is how we like to do it, because then we can really get to know what your grass is possible of!

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Nc Lawn Services in Durham, NC

Hired 81 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.131 Reviews)

If you ever have had a bad experience with a lawn mowing service in Durham, NC, you know that it is easy to disappear from responsibility. I have heard some pretty bad stories, some I couldn’t believe happened, so if you have experienced that, let me say sorry. It’s annoying to have to work in an industry where a few choice cheap lawn mowers in Durham, NC ruin the reputation of everyone.

However, I am happy that something like GreenPal came along. Before, it was hard convincing people of my expertise, but now that my clients can review me, i don’t need to. Plus, I can throw all my old brochures away. Apparently people don’t read brochures.

I have been servicing Durham for every eight years now. There are not many neighborhoods that I haven’t visited, but it is my goal by the end of the year to be able to say that I have mowed every neighborhoods in Durham, starting right at my home in Morehead Hill.

If you would like to help me with that dream, all you have to do is want a lawn mowing. I can cover a medium sized lawn in about two hours, cleaning it clean of grass and everything. I don’t know how some local yard maintenance services in Durham, NC think that blowing the cut grass away is somehow an extra service, but they are out there.

When you hire my crew of professional landscapers in Durham, NC, you will get nothing but satisfaction from our straight lines and grass growing techniques. Whenever you have the chance, check out our profile for all of our most recent work.

For those of you who have been our clients for so long already, thank you. We appreciate every one of your homes for trusting us with your business, we look forward to many more years working with you and giving you the best lawn care in Durham!

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local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Durham-North Carolina

Back 2 Life Lawn Services in Durham, NC

Hired 65 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.149 Reviews)

We have been a successful lawn care industry since 2005. Although a part of our company was cutting lawns before that, some of them even as kids on their own lawns. Long story short is that we are a team of professionals. There isn’t a job we can’t handle, and by the time you have exited your browser from GreenPal, we will already hard at work to determine a good price for you.

What do you want done to your yard? Is there something that is just not sitting right with you? We can provide the services to take your worries away, whether its an overhanging tree threatening your roof or a bad irrigation system underground.

North Carolina can grow some pretty wild things out here, even in the suburbs. Just a few months of letting the lawn go can give you some pretty wild growth. It goes unnoticed for a while, but the day you have a jungle on your hands is almost too late for cheap lawn mowing, even from me.

I can provide you with cheap lawn mowing in Durham as long as you keep up the lawn maintenance. If the grass is under eight inches, it is manageable in an afternoon, but overgrown lawns need a little more loving. The stalks are so long that when we mow them if we are not careful they will pull the roots and kill the grass. So if you are dealing with a cheap landscaper in Durham that doesn’t ask you specific questions like that, you need to lose him.

As far as my own work, I have done properties from business to homes, even to schools. I have done a few elementary schools, including Eastway and the surrounding area, but not much after that. My specialty is homes, especially ones with intricate landscaping. Me and my mowers are agile enough to clean right around the edges as to not damage anything, that’s a guarantee. 

We can also help with out with Lawn Care in Raleigh, Nc and Grass Cut in Chapel Hill, Nc

local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Durham-North Carolina

Yard Effects Lawn Services in Durham, NC

Hired 174 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.173 Reviews)

Over the course of our life as a business, you learn a few tricks on how to provide the best service possible. We have made our mistakes, no doubt about that, but we believe it was those mistakes that made us the best local landscape maintenance in Durham.

Originally from Brightleaf, the entire team of Yard Effects are locals to Durham and Raleigh. We have been in the business for so long that we understand the soil and what your grass will need to thrive. I know we call ourselves the quickest lawn mowing in Durham, but what we really do is something much bigger.

Sure, you can hire a cheap lawn mower near you to take care of your grass cutting, but that is all your are getting. He is probably just going to cut your grass with a cheap lawn mower, just making it look nice for a day to get paid. It happens every day, and if you want cheap yard maintenance in Durham like that, be my guest.

What we provide is a foolproof system to getting your lawn looking amazing. We are taking golf course amazing. We know the right conditions for good grass and plants to grow, especially in Raleigh, and we utilize the humidity to our best effect. We have seen results as early as two months from one of our most dedicated clients.

That is the kind of results we can do for you as well. Our profile is filled of success pictures, and we are working on getting together a before and after album from all of our clients. We have the proof as good as ever now that we are successful with our methods.

We are very active on GreenPal, and so it is easier to get in contact with us through here. However, just because we are on GreenPal doesn’t mean aren’t available anywhere else. There are many ways to get in touch with us, so there is no excuse to have anything but the best yard mowing from anywhere near you!

We can also help with out with Lawn Service in Cary, Nc and Yard Mowing in , Nc

Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Edward Sims Lawn Cutting in Durham NC
“Highly recommend many of the lawn care companies listed on here. I’ve lived in Durham for most of my adult life, and some of these companies are as old as that. I remembering Nate when he was in college starting out, and now he’s one of the best lawn mowing service in Durham, NC! Of course there are a few lawn care companies in Durham, NC that I don’t recognize, but I’m sure they are just as good. I just know the ones around Old Five Points. All I’m saying is the ones I do know do an excellent job all around, and the website just makes it easier to pay.”
Ashton Castle Lawn Mowing Service in Durham NC
“Totally worth the money! It costs nothing on the user end to use the website, and you are going to spend money on lawn mowing anyway… So it ends up being easier to just use the app to pay directly without having to hide money everywhere (believe me I bought a garden gnome specifically for the gardener we hired). I don’t need a lot of help, but when it comes to grass that can be just about the most boring thing I can think of to do. I would much rather be turning soil and transplanting my flowers, not behind a gas mower. If you have a chance to hire Fantasy, go for it, they are just top notch. They used to work on the homes that is now Fullsteam Brewery, so that should tell you something right there.”
Erica Williams Grass Cut in Durham NC
“Just had Luis and his cousin come over for a big landscaping job I have been planning for a while. We just moved out to Colonial Village and had to do a heck of a lot of installation and whatnot, sprinkler system too. I was just using GreenPal to contract local lawn maintenance in Durham, but we found some pretty decent landscapers. Not even just cheap lawn mowers near us, but actual contractors. We are well underway now with our new yard, and everything is going smoothly. I already know PRF is going to finish with a great job. ”
Samuel Ponder Lawn Maintenance in Durham NC
“Some of these guys will get back to you within a matter of 24 hours. I personally have gotten emails in as little as an hour, so if that is any testament to their system I’d say it was pretty good. I don’t know how fast other apps like these work, but GreenPal is the most solid. I’ve contracted at least six different cheap lawn mowing services in Durham, NC myself, some right near me in Albright, Haven’t had a bad experience yet, but then again i never have even when I was calling local lawn mowers near me myself. I could handle it on my own, but truth is GreenPal is just an easier tool. If I need something to be done I don’t have to wait until someone returns my call, I can just request it and let them reach out to me, that’s the real time saver right there.”

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Contracting local lawn care in Durham, NC has never been easier. GreenPal has used the power of the Internet to bring together both sides of the lawn care industry. Using the same concept of technology as Uber does, GreenPal immediately brings into conversation homeowners, rental property owners, and business owners with the best local landscaping in Durham, NC.

We understand that there are more important things to do throughout the day, and hunting down the best deals in lawn mowing is not one of them. Calling, interviewing, and cross-checking prices can be a morning lawn task if you were on your best focus, longer after that. What GreenPal can do is reverse the entire process, and bring all the cheap yard maintenance in Durham to your inbox. When you sign up for GreenPal, the most we will ask of you is a physical address and an email address.

This allows for our algorithms to determine the average cost for a lawn mowing. Once we do that, we alert every local lawn mower and landscape maintenance service in Durham, NC that you are in the market for a lawn mowing. Within the next few days these reliable yard mowing services in Durham, NC will be reaching out to you with their best price.

After that it is all up to you as to who you go for! We have compiled all of these companies’ reviews from Yelp and GreenPal to make them as transparent as possible. There is no chance a cheap lawn mower who is looking for a quick buck to get past their reviews.

GreenPal is also available to Duke students living in rental homes. There are tons of options for local lawn mowing and yard maintenance around Duke University, especially when you think about who has to take care of Davison Quad right?

When it comes time to move out, use GreenPal to contract a cheap lawn mower near you to impress the landlord. Statistics show that a security deposit is more likely to be returned if the yard is kept, regardless of the cleanliness of the house inside.

GreenPal can help you find the best in local yard maintenance in Durham, NC. Signing up takes no more than five minutes, and it grants you access to a lifetime of lawn care. See how much you can save!

About Durham North Carolina

Durham is a city in North Carolina, United States.

Durham, North Carolina resides as the county seat for Durham County. The census bureau estimates the population to be that of almost three hundred thousand, making it the fourth most populous city in North Carolina. On a nationwide scale, however, it also ranks in the 100 Most Populous Cities in America, sitting at 78th. Durham is the core of the four counties that make up the Durham-Chapel Hill Metro Statistical Area. However, if ever an example of how complex the census bureau handles their statistics, because of how close Durham is to Raleigh (although remaining a separate municipality) it is part of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Combined Statistical Area. Its population is around two million.

Durham’s economy is in part funded by their most famous sports team, Duke, because of its location in the city. The streets are adorned in royal blue, and there are always bumper stickers, window stickers, and various objects with the blue devil logo. The influx of the population is partly caused by the student body, which adds almost a hundred thousand every school year.

 Prior to becoming an Anglican fortress of European knowledge, the land was once owned by the Eno and Occoneehi people. They were a branch of Sioux and the Shakori, and farmed the land that became Durham. The Great Indian Trading Path made its way through Durham, and it was actually the Native Americans that helped mold the shape of North Carolina settlements. Others say they were forced, but still, the land that is carved out today looks as such from the natives who had a hand in it.

An English Explorer John Lawson surveyed the area, documenting the first features of the landscape and sent them back to England. Although historical authorities see Lawson as a real estate agent sending back ads, for the most part they do know at least he went to the Americas ( a months long boat ride). By the time the city was established, there was a hard set economy based on cotton and slavery. By the time it was 1860, Stagville Plantation was recognized as one of the largest plantation holdings in the South. Because of this, the owners of the plantation, a mix of Hardscrabble and Leigh family members, were approached throughout the Civil War for financial help for the Confederacy.

Source: Wikipedia

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