Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Rocky Mount, NC as of May, 2024

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1st Priority Lawn Lawn Services in Rocky Mount, NC

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Need a hand with your lawnmower? Tired of mowing your lawn every other week? Would you rather hire a lawn care company to do that for you? If you could strike a red hot deal with a lawn care company that provides premium lawn care services, would you jump on the opportunity? Well, now you can. At 1st Priority, we are offering quality lawn care services at an affordable rate. If you own property in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, we are offering all types of lawn care services for you when you hire us through GreenPal.

It is very inexpensive and you’ll have a team of trained experts ready to serve you.

Like our name reads, 1st Priority is your full-service lawn care company where you’ll receive premium lawn care services. No matter whether you need lawn mowing services or a more comprehensive landscape maintenance service, we are ready to help you.

We’ve been servicing residents of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Nash County, and Edgecombe County for a while. We’ve built a long customer base of happy clients who own businesses and live near places like West Haven, Ravenwood, Meadowbrook Park, BTW Community Center, Braswell Memorial Library, and many other areas in Rocky Mount.

Our expert knowledge, skillsets, and experience about the lawn care industry is the main reason we’ve provided fantastic lawn care services to residents of Rocky Mount. With so few lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers servicing the area, we provide the complete package of lawn care services guaranteed to handle all of your lawn care needs.

Not only are we rated as a reliable lawn care company, but we also double as a landscaping company, helping you with a variety of landscape maintenance and projects for your lawn or yard.

We are the Michelangelo and your yard is our Sistine Chapel. We will create a masterpiece of work and promise you’ll keep us for a long time.

Our growing number of clients continue to trust us for yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, grass cutting, aeration dethatching, power washing, planting, weed removal, pests control, lawn mowing, sodding, mulching, and other lawn care services.

If you’ve been looking for grass cutting, landscaping, hardscapes, irrigation, aeration, or any other type of lawn care services, contact us.

We hope our reviews can ease your mind knowing you’re hiring a trusted, reliable, and efficient lawn care company.

No matter what you need, we will provide you with the expert recommendations for maintaining your lawn in pristine condition and how to properly overcome the effect of seasonal changes. It doesn’t matter the size of your lawn, we can help you.

Be sure to download the GreenPal app and hire us through the app. We want to learn more about the type of services you’re looking for and share a plan to help achieve those goals. 

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J&K Landscaping Lawn Services in Rocky Mount, NC

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(overall rating 4.3/5.254 Reviews)

We truly thank you for taking the time to browse our profile on your busy schedule. If you’re reading this, then it’s possible you’re trying to figure out what lawn care company you’d like to hire. We know this can be an important decision. You have things to do and important decisions to make. So, we are truly thankful that you’re considering us for your next landscaping project. If you live in Rocky Mount or the cities in or near Edgecombe or Nash Counties and you need to hire a lawn care company, consider us at J&K Landscaping. We offer several lawn care services that can assist with all your lawn care needs or problems.

Our lawn care services are inexpensive, done efficiently, and in a timely manner. We also offer to assist with your landscaping projects, including planting and designing.

Our long-range of lawn care services, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, grass cutting, and lawn mowing services can help you.

We mostly use string trimmers, EGO manual push lawnmowers, Cub Cadet Turn Mowers for bigger properties, pruners, edger, and many other types of equipment that is able to handle all types of lawn care issues. We 100% provide customized lawn care solutions for your individual needs.

We use the same equipment and techniques you would find on a professional football field that makes it look full and well-kempt. The beautiful grass and turf you see in the Northgreen Country Club look great because of the quality level of lawn care treatment it gets.

You promise to provide the same level of treatment for your lawn.

More often than not, our customers usually request basic lawn mowing services or yard maintenance services on an ongoing basis. Whatever you need or your budget can handle, we can help you.

You’ll be able to take advantage of our inexpensive offers and our customized solutions that will fulfill all your lawn care needs.

We also offer many additional lawn care services like sodding, mulching, gutter cleaning, planting, grass cutting, power wash, aeration, seasonal irrigation, balancing soil, fertilization, lawn mowing, and many other lawn care services. We also handle any potential water drainage problems or remove snow from your property whenever it snows.

Our specialized landscape maintenance, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and lawn care services all are conditional and are strongly based on seasonal alterations. We wouldn’t provide a service to your yard if it would cause issues or damage your property.

Our team of professionally trained lawn care experts will help you with all your lawn care issues and desires. We hope our long history of five-star reviews and our prices would help make your decision easier.

In comparison to other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers near you, we offer competitive landscape maintenance or lawn care services.

Why pay more for less work?

We promise to deliver a stellar experience from start to finish. You can have a great looking lawn in just a few days, or even the next day when you hire us on the GreenPal app.

Give the GreenPal app a try and hire us for all your lawn care needs. 

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Triangle Lawncare Lawn Services in Rocky Mount, NC

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When it comes to your outdoor space or backyard, it is one of the most obvert and hard to ignore things about your home or property. As much as we hate to admit it, many of us judge books by its cover. An unkempt lawn or yard is a recipe for having others judge everything about you. If nothing else, it clearly improves the look and value of a home when the grass is properly cared for. If you’ve been looking for lawn care services, let the team at Triangle Lawncare work on your property.

No matter if you are the proud owner of a small lawn or a massive yard, reading this means you’re potentially looking to make your outdoor area more appealing and attractive. A nicely designed or well-maintained lawn can dramatically improve the worth of your property. If you partner with Triangle Lawncare, you’ll be getting quality lawn care and yard maintenance. We even help you with your landscaping projects as well as work with other contractors should the need arise. We have a wide selection of lawn care services that include irrigation, core aeration, grass cutting, planting, yard maintenance, and even bi-weekly lawn mowing.

We do just about everything. Our lawn care services, yard maintenance services, and our landscape maintenance services are all intended to improve the condition of your grass and aesthetics of your yard.

One simple touch from us can increase the value of your home.

Our trained and highly skilled lawn mowing providers and lawn care experts are able to meet almost all your lawn care needs. We know mowing your own yard or lawn can be very time-consuming. This is especially true when you’re trying to keep it looking fresh all your long. Yard maintenance is something that will always require a lot of consistent work.

Many that decide to hire lawn care companies to want this done without worrying about it or spending a crazy amount.

That’s why we provide lawn care services at a price you can afford.

If you want to just relax this weekend and not worry about going broke paying for lawn care services, let the team at Triangle Lawncare help you with all your lawn care needs.

You won’t have to worry about any type of yard preservation, grass cutting, mowing your grass, or dealing with lawn care work that you’re equipped to handle. Your lawn can look as nice as Benvenue Country Club.

So, if you need any type of lawn care work, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, hardscaping, installations, or renovation services, we can help you. Although we have many lawn care services to pick from, we make the choice really easy for you. After we check the condition of your lawn, we’ll be able to provide the customized lawn care work it needs.

Remember us if you want affordable and reliable landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, lawn mowing, or grass cutting services. We are sure that you’ll enjoy the results of our services.

Book us now on the GreenPal app after you download it and we’ll contact you to get started on your lawn care project. 

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Rcs Lawncare Lawn Services in Rocky Mount, NC

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(overall rating 4.7/5.168 Reviews)

Hiring a qualified lawn care company that is able to effectively provide the proper lawn care treatments for your property is not always easy to come by. If you want to improve the look of your yard, make the grass lusher and more vibrant, it is essential that you hire the best lawn care company. With so many options, hiring the best company can be a gamble. Some lawn care companies or lawn mowing providers often write up expensive bills for simple services. While receiving lawn care services can be a worthy investment, you shouldn’t have to spend your life’s savings on it. At Rcs Lawncare, we can help you remodel your yard or lawn into a pleasing aesthetic haven, all while helping you save money.

RRCs Lawncare provides affordable landscaping services, lawn care, and yard maintenance services. Each one of our comprehensive lawn care services is created to help property owners looking to save money on their lawn care needs.

But paying competitive prices shouldn’t come by comprising the level of lawn care service treatment you receive.

We are serving residents in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and many of the surrounding cities. Although we have helped commercial and residential property owners all over the state of North Carolina, we are working exclusively in the Rocky Mount region along with Nash and Edgecombe Counties.

Our repeatedly growing number of clients have ranked our lawn care services very well over the years. We have helped all types of customers including, businesses in the area, homeowners, homeowners’ associations, and other types of property owners.

As a full-service lawn care company, we provide a long range of lawn care services. Our yard maintenance services include sodding, planting, mulching, aeration, water management and draining, lawn mowing, edging, and other lawn care services that involve revamping your grass.

Our crew of trained experts has many years of lawn care experience and knowledge. The quantity of our staff allows us to provide specialized lawn care services or landscaping to each individual customer. That way, you get a trained lawn care expert who is equipped to help address your specific needs and in the time you need to request them.

You can look through our profile to see all of our positive ratings and past work.

You’ll quickly see the landscape work we’ve delivered. You’ll see our precision grass cutting and lawn care services we’ve provided to all people living in Rocky Mount, North Carolina over the years.

You can visit the Benvenue Country Club or Northgreen Country Club while we get to work on your property.

The geography of your lawn, the condition of your yard, the health of your grass, and other factors can help us determine the type of lawn care services your property needs. We can help you with all of this.

So, if you’re looking for grass cutting, lawn mowing, or any other type of lawn care services, contact us today. Download the GreenPal app and reach out to us with all your pressing questions. 

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Mildred Newman lawn care in Rocky Mount NC
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My husband has wasn't recently away on a trip for work and was gone for about a week or so. Our yard in GoldRock near Hornbeam Park required some grass cutting. My husband usually gets the lawn cut and I wasn't particularly interested in doing it myself. I decided to download the GreenPal app and hired 1st Priority Lawn and have them mow my lawn and backyard. I was so impressed with the work they provided that my husband and I agreed to hire them for more frequent yard maintenance. Their prices were fair and worth the investment. 

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I have worked with several lawn care companies over the years. I didn't necessarily have a bad experience but I often felt like I was paying too much for lawn care services. Thankfully a friend introduced me to GreenPal and showed me what it was all about. I hired J&K Landscaping for lawn mowing after comparing prices. I was able to compare prices for lawn care services near me and was surprised to find out how much I could have been saving if I had used J&K Landscaping for my home near High Meadows Swimming Pool. The lawn mowing service that they did for my yard was done so well. They are clearly professionals at what they do. 

Martin Glynn lawn care in Rocky Mount NC
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Rocky Mount-NC the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Rocky Mount-NC local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Rocky Mount-NC grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rocky Mount-NC lawn-maintenance-in-Rocky Mount-NC

For a while now, there were certain areas of my grass that had some fading spots. I don't have the slightest clue about lawn care or even maintaining a yard. I found a lot of conflicting opinions on YouTube. Eventually, I decided to hire a lawn care professional. When I did a search for lawn care companies near me I found GreenPal. Soon after receiving some lawn care bids, I went with Triangle Lawncare for specific lawn care services. The representative for that company answered all my questions and after I hired them the results began to slowly show. My property near Barbecue Park has never looked better. 

Wanda Grider lawn care in Rocky Mount NC
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rocky Mount-NC residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Rocky Mount-NC grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rocky Mount-NC local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Rocky Mount-NC grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rocky Mount-NC

I wanted my yard in Hillsdale near GNS Express Mart Wilson Morgan Park to look nice for some company that was visiting from another state. I hired Rcs Lawncare for lawn mowing services and was completely surprised by the level of lawn care treatment I received. They answered all my questions and concerns I had and very professional from the minutes they started. My yard is looking more full and lush and I'm so happy with the full-service treatment I hired them for. They cleaned up after themselves and their prices were very fair. I highly recommend them for any lawn care services.