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SP Lawn Care Lawn Services in Fayetteville, NC

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SP Lawn Care is a locally owned and professional lawn care and lawn mowing company that provides a variety of lawn care services to residents living in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We specialize in overall lawn care services that range from sodding, mulching, aeration, dethatching, to basic lawn mowing and grass cutting services. Our lawn care services are often rated as high-quality and it is all available at affordable prices. Our services are made tailored to your needs and goals that will improve the health of your lawn and make it look appealing.

The lawn care services at Sp Lawn Care utilizes highly-rated technology and equipment along with employing industry-leading methods and practices for your yard and lawn. Our customized services and approach are backed by years of experience and a long list of happy customer reviews. We believe everyone should have access to high-quality lawn care services and that is what we provide.

Our customer service is also a major part of our lawn care treatment process. An open line of communication along with truly understanding your goals and informing you of any limitations is very important for a successful outcome. Our lawn care services combine the power of customer service and quality lawn care treatment to deliver amazing results.

With our team of highly trained lawn care technicians, you will be getting complete lawn care, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance services designed to take a dull-looking yard or lawn and make it into an attractive oasis.

There are several lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies that offer a basic version of lawn care services. Any experienced pro will tell you there is more to lawn mowing than simply taking a weedwacker and chipping away at your lawn or even dragging a lawnmower around your terrain. Not only will you receive premium lawn care, but you’ll also be getting the help you need while saving money.

We believe you will benefit when you hire us. We are truly committed to maintaining your yard all year and during weather changes. We provide a long list of lawn care, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance services and many other customized solutions such as lawn mowinggrass cutting, sodding, edging, pest removal, weed removal, trimming bushes and shrubs, mulching, seeding, aeration, retaining wall design and installation, hardscape and many other services.

We have served properties in pretty much all neighborhoods in Fayetteville including

Westwood, Terry Sanford, Lake Shores, Bridgewood, Winter Hill, Clairway, Lakedale, and many other areas in Fayetteville. We have also serviced properties near well-known places such as Cape Fear Botanical Gardens.

Our skilled team members are trained to provide the best techniques and lawn care services to ensure you’re getting what you want.

If you’re yard or lawn or the surrounding area near your business needs a professional lawn care company to deal with it, we will help you. Let us handle your needs without worrying about the quality or price. 

Find the perfect lawn care in North Carolina – it's as easy as using the GreenPal app! We bring top-rated professionals right to you, from Rocky Mount to RaleighDurham, and beyond."


Webbs Lawn Care Lawn Services in Fayetteville, NC

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It’s very obvious. Mowing your lawn on a consistent basis can make the difference in how your lawn will appear. If you’re using a faulty lawnmower with dull blades or employing the wrong mowing height, it can cause damages to your lawn or yard. When you hire Webbs Lawn Care you’ll get a knowledgeable and experienced team of lawn care professionals that knows how to properly care for your property. We offer quality lawn mowing and lawn care services for property owners in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and people in Cumberland County.

If you want someone that knows how to properly get the lawn cut at the proper height, use lawnmowers with well-maintained and sharp blades and utilize industry-leading methods to deliver exceptional lawn care services, the team at Webbs Lawn Care are here to help.

We provide one of the best lawn care and yard maintenance services in the region and our prices are hard to beat. We can transform your lawn or yard and meet all your lawn care needs quickly and efficiently. We even provide excellent shrub and bush pruning. Doing pruning improperly or trying to imitate someone else can actually impact how the shrub blooms in the next season. We also know the never-ending battle to control your weeds.

No matter what you need, Webbs Lawn Care can handle it.

For several years we have mowed many lawns and yards and provided grass cutting, lawn care services, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance to many in the region. We go as far as to serve customers near Cape Fear Botanical Garden to the opposite end of the city near Lake Rim Park.

Our positive ratings and record of work prove our claims. While other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies shy away from their past or only have generic promises to offer you, we have a rock-solid system that has worked since we’ve started.


We’ve been doing this for years and have a team of lawn care experts that have been trained to handle all kinds of lawn care issues and provide quality lawn care services on a consistent basis.

Webbs Lawn Care provides many yard maintenance and lawn care services like trimming your bushes and shrubs, pruning, grass cutting, safely removing weeds, removing leaves from your yard, aeration, dethatching, and several other lawn care services. We also provide landscape maintenance such as planting, sodding, mulching, and several other landscaping services.

A simple scroll through our profiles will confirm everything we’ve referenced and hopefully gives you confidence in our lawn care services. Regardless of what you’re looking for or what lawn care treatment you are after, we believe we have the solution to all your needs.

Let Webbs Lawn Care deal all your lawn care issues and help you achieve your intended goals. Reach out to us for any question and we’ll try to respond quickly. 

GreenPal simplifies your search for budget-friendly and seamless lawn upkeep services outside Fayetteville. We help you find premier landscape artists and lawn care experts in Chapel HillWake ForestCary, and various other North Carolina locales.


Helping Hands Lawn Care Lawn Services in Fayetteville, NC

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Helping Hands Lawn Care is a lawn care company that offers affordable lawn care services for people living in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We extend a very warm welcome to you and your family. We truly appreciate your future consideration. We are proud to serve property owners in Fayetteville and Cumberland County, North Carolina. If you're searching for economical lawn mowing services, grass cutting, garden bed maintenance, yard maintenance, or any other landscape maintenance services, we offer a complete list for you to choose from.

Any lawn care service you decide to hire us for will have services that are best tailored to make your yard look great but also protect it as well. We will even offer a courtesy assessment. Our lawn care services will be customized to be in accordance with your goals but also factor in what your yard or lawn will need in order to look fuller and healthier all year.

Our trained lawn care team has helped residents throughout Fayetteville and the surrounding cities, which also includes other places in Cumberland County.

Our company has built up a team of hard-working trained professionals that have provided quality lawn care services and do so regularly, especially for clients who use our services on an ongoing basis. We have aimed to achieve great results. Our years of working with the wonderful people of North Carolina have led to our company’s growth. We continually make sure you’re giving the best care available and using the most up-to-date tools and equipment. Our landscape maintenance and lawn care services are very sought after because of our results and prices.

If you’re looking for grass cutting, sodding, lawn mowing, mulching, core aeration, landscape maintenance, or monthly yard maintenance, we have you fully covered. Our affordable prices are tough to beat. Our prices don’t mean you’re getting low-quality lawn care services. We still provide top-notch care for your yard.

We have helped residents all over the city including near Honeycutt Park, Fayetteville Technical Community College, Clark Park Nature Center, and homes alongside Blounts Creek.

As previously referenced, since we are using up to cutting edge equipment and our crew is professionally trained in the leading lawn care industry practices, you are going to get lawn care services that are considered top-tiered.

If you want us to go to your lawn or yard more frequently for landscape maintenance and yard maintenance, particularly during seasonal and temperature changes, we offer bundled lawn care services that will fit your budget. You can do everything on the GreenPal app and when to cancel as well. We handle a variety of services that you can see when you look through our profile.

Download the GreenPal app to take advantage of our deals for lawn care services, grass cutting, yard maintenance, lawn mowing, and other services. We will answer your questions and get started working as soon as you’re ready. 

GreenPal makes finding lawn care without location limits a reality! We match you with proven North Carolina pros who deliver stunning, healthy lawns. Elizabeth CityGreensboroGreenville, Jacksonville, and beyond – your best lawn awaits.


Clip Away Lawn Services in Fayetteville, NC

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Everyone wants a beautiful lawn to boast about and showcase to the world or at least your neighbors. Yet, keeping it green, vibrant, and healthy takes dedicated work. At Clip Away, we certainly know it’s not easy to keep your yard clean and healthy all year. So many things that can impact the health of your yard and lawn, which means you need to stay on top of it to keep its appearance. Pests, grubs, weeds, grass that never stops growing, mother nature, seasonal changes, and other factors affect the appearance of your lawn or yard. If it’s not getting proper care, it will not reach its fullest potential. With so many factors that go into tending your property, why not let the professionals handle it?

At Clip Away, we provide a wide variety of lawn care services made to handle all the issues that come with owning a property with grass surrounding it.

We provide quality lawn care services at inexpensive prices. These rates all change depending on the lawn care service you require but our prices are competitive. We believe other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers can’t match our services, reliability, and lawn care treatment.

We are particularly sought after in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Cumberland County for our lawn care services. We deliver great results and we guarantee you’ll enjoy our lawn care treatment. We like to consider the lawn care services we deliver are like giving your grass nutrition.

Whether you need lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, grass cutting, or the combination of the three, we’re here to serve you.

We’ve delivered lawn care services to many property owners in Fayetteville and we have a big list of positive reviews as a result of our commitment to provide great lawn care services. Clip Away’s team of dedicated staff has been providing the same level of care to our customers since the start of our company. Not many lawn care companies offer the same level of quality services on a consistent basis.

We promise we can make your yard or lawn look similar to the grass you’d see at

Don’t waste any more time trying to tend to your own yard. Check to see if our lawn care services match your lawn care needs and budget beforehand then decide the best course of action for you. We’ve been doing this for years now and are fully equipped to handle all lawn care needs.

Whether you need aeration, lawn mowing, bush trimming, mulching, sodding fertilization, weed management, edging, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, grub control, or just about any other lawn care services, reach out to us. Take advantage of our low prices and our quick service.

No matter what lawn care service you need, we can help. Book us on the GreenPal app today. Pick the lawn care services you want and how often you want it done.  

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Living with a house with five family members you would think someone would take the initiative to mow the front lawn every so often. Since no one enjoys mowing the lawn or cutting grass in the yard, my hands were forced and I budged on hiring a lawn care company near me. When I found SP Lawn Care it was truly one of the best things to happen to us. Their lawn care services are amazing and while we all take day trips to Cross Creek Mall, the people at SP Lawn Care are diligently getting work done on my yard. I've hired them for more yard maintenance work and would recommend them to anyone.

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My yard near Harris Teeter Food Market in Owens needed some basic lawn care services. Our family was very fed up with having to get the lawn cut and we felt it was best to hire a lawn care company for some basic lawn care services. I was worried about how much typical lawn care services cost me. However, a friend introduced me to GreenPal and I've never looked back. I booked Webbs Lawn Care for yard maintenance and lawn mowing services. My lawn and yard look great and they look really stylish too. I always look forward to them arriving at my home and delivering great lawn care services.

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I used to have a lot of trouble keeping my yard near Mazarick Park looking well-maintained all year. When I find the time to mow my own lawn it almost seemed to be making things worse. When I found out about GreenPal, I was able to hire Helping Hands Lawn Care for lawn care services. I was genuinely surprised to receive such a high-level of lawn care treatment at the prices I was paying. Their lawn care services have been great and I don't always impress so easily. They always deliver lawn care services on time and are always professional. This is the company you need to hire for all your lawn care needs. 

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lawn-care-services-in-Fayetteville-NC local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Fayetteville-NC local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Fayetteville-NC affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Fayetteville-NC lawn-care-services-in-Fayetteville-NC

I live right beside Omni Cinemas 8 movie theater and as an avid movie fan, I personally like to go to the movies on a regular basis. Since my lawn and backyard need regular care and I'd much rather go to the movies, I decided to search for lawn care services near me. After learning more about GreenPal, I decide to hire Clip Away for regular lawn mowing and yard maintenance. I believed that they offered the lawn care services I was searching for and I was right about hiring them. The level of lawn care service they've provided has been nothing but great. I get to enjoy my movies while they work on my yard.