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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Chapel Hill, NC as of Apr, 2019

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Fantasy Lawn Services in Chapel Hill, NC

Hired 186 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.164 Reviews)

At Fantasy Lawn Care, we mow the lawn with you in mind. We understand that each lawn mowing is different, not just for every house but every time we go over to each house, and we treat it like so. Whether your lawn is flat as flat can be or full of strange hills, we will give you a clean cut lawn mowing every time.

Be weary of cheap lawn mowers in Chapel Hill, NC, although they could save you a good buck, that dollar will show up in your lawn. I have heard too many sad stories from clients about their bushes being destroyed or even trees killed after they let an amateur go at their yard. It sounds like an easy job to mow lawns, but if you don’t know what you are doing you could cause a lot of damage.

I know that if you had the time to learn how to properly do it you would. But in reality very few people have time learning how to cut grass. That’s why people hire me after all. I am the best lawn maintenance in Chapel Hill, NC because I learned how to cut grass for people who don’t want to. There’s no degree for it, but I am certified to be a landscaper. Fully insured and everything.

For those of you around Southern Community Park, this season i will be in your area a lot. I was lucky enough to get a contract out there for biweekly mowing, and I would love to cut your lawn at least once to show you how I do it. If you refer a friend, I have some discounts in store! So when you are ready for some good, cheap lawn mowing in Chapel Hill, NC you let me know!

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Morning Lawn Services in Chapel Hill, NC

Hired 241 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.176 Reviews)

We can go on and on and on about how good of a landscaping service we are. We are our own biggest fans, and we are proud of it. Call us crazy, but when someone does a good job on a lawn the entire team gets excited, it is why we share so many pictures on our profile. We want each and every person who is interested to see how we do our work, and not just our best work. We want you to see how often we are working and how we are day to day.

That’s the real ticket to hiring a reliable landscaper in Chapel Hill, NC. You can always hire someone and have an amazing lawn mowing right off the bat, but how consistent can they really be? Can they commit to a few months worth of work? What about when things go wrong and we need to rebudget? Don’t get stuck with a job half done when the crew decides to disappear, it happens more often than you think!

With our service and commitment to remaining on GreenPal, we pretty much have guaranteed that we are going to finish any job you throw at us. With such an easy exposure to a bad job, we would never want to cheat you. You could blast us any which way you wanted if we do do a bad job, and there isn’t a hole at UNC Finley Golf Club they would let us touch if that ever happened. But that’s kind of why we like GreenPal, it brings us to our A game. 

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Rtz Lawn Services in Chapel Hill, NC

Hired 82 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.140 Reviews)

Thank you to GreenPal for helping us increase our business to what it is today! If you would have told us back in the nineties that the internet would have been helping us find more clients, we would have laughed. But now that we are able to do it so easily I’m almost laughing at how dumb I could have been.

Thanks to GreenPal, we now service over fifteen yards per week! And that isn’t to speak of the seasonal contracts we get either. We have been working hard for over a decade, we know that, and we believe there is none better who can take care of your local yard maintenance in Chapel Hill, NC with no contract. We service all types of properties, including homes and business parks. Our main motto behind that is if it grows, its ours!

Are you a college kid living in a rented house? Trust us, we have been there, and when it comes time to move out your best weapon to use to get that security deposit back is us. Hire a cheap lawn mower in Chapel Hill, NC to spruce up the place. Even if your home i immaculate, the first thing the landlord is going to see is of course the front yard, it sets up his entire mood. So instead of losing the deposit because no one wanted to do the work, hire me. I can come in as little as a day and I can offer discounts. Any student at the University of North Carolina who hires me for a routine lawn mowing to keep the place clean can have a special discounted rate, but we can talk more about that once we know the size of your yard.

I hope you can trust us as much as the rest of Chapel Hill, NC trusts us. We offer a customer service that is unlike any other, and we believe it is because of our commitment to quality. As you’ll see, we like to give our crew plenty of time to get to your lawn, so if we have a conflict in our scheduling you will always be let known as soon as possible. Thanks and God bless!

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Yard Effects Lawn Services in Chapel Hill, NC

Hired 197 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.159 Reviews)

With years of experience and dedication to perfection, Yard Effects the last lawn care service in Chapel Hill, NC you will need. Whether you need a sweep of new grass and shrubs in your yard, need to prune existing ones, or just need a quick lawn mowing, we can help you with that.

Since we started this cheap grass cutting and reliable landscaping service in Chapel Hill, NC, we had one goal in mind: to improve any lawn we touch. That is our guiding philosophy, and it does much more than sound pretty.

We know that there are going to be days where we don’t feel as strong or healthy. But if we are the reliable yard mowing in Chapel Hill, NC that we know ourselves to be, we can’t stop that. What we can do, however, is show up to our appointments ready to go and do the method that we were taught to do.

If we follow the method, there is no doubt that we can provide you with great lawn mowing. Our strategies to great lawn mowing are full proof, and if you came to work with us then you could provide yourself your own lawn mowing for the rest of your life.

Until that day, however, call us for a cheap lawn mowing near you, we have been serving the Homestead Park neighborhoods lately, so homeowners in that area are in luck. We can probably get to your lawn quicker than you think. We use most of our communication through GreenPal, but we also have a phone number and email on our profile. Other than that, we look forward to meeting you and showing exactly how a professional lawn mower in Chapel Hill can work. 

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Lori Jacobsen Lawn Cutting in Chapel Hill NC
Very reasonably priced, and not one lawn care service on hear is terribly bad. They have made a few mistakes on my yard, but i’ll admit that I’m pretty picky with it. Fantasy Landscape has probably been most helpful for me, especially when I decided on redoing my entire backyard. I checked on other quotes for local landscaping in Chapel Hill, NC, but it seemed like fantasy was the best option, and he was the only one to do something very special: the other two local lawn maintenance in Chapel Hill, NC I called just talked to me over the phone and then gave me a price. Fantasy actually came out to me in Ashley Forest and gave me a quote after he looked it over. It’s a simple thing, but it worked.
Tim Martinez Lawn Cutting in Chapel Hill NC
I worked with Kris and he has been so fantastic. We had an emergency at the house when a sprinkler head broke and was gushing water everywhere, and Kris happened to be working in the neighborhood a few doors down. I got a call from him at work and asked if he could turn it off for me, he saved us a fat water bill i can tell you that. I don’t usually depend on reliable lawn care near me in Chapel Hill, NC, but I gave Kris a shot and he did it way better than I ever could have done. We don’t hire him often but when we do he always gives us a clean, cheap lawn mowing, better than anything I have seen at Cedar Falls Park, if we are being quite honest. And I like the idea of having better grass than a city park.
Nikki Battle Lawn Service in Chapel Hill NC
I had an awful experience with GreenPal the very first time I contracted a local lawn mower from Sayward Drive, but they took care of it right away. After they left a mess of my yard I couldn’t reach them or get them to answer my email, so when I called customer service GreenPal righted it within twenty minutes. They refunded me the money and re-audited the lawn mowing service in Chapel Hill, NC I hired, and I haven’t seen his emails since. They might have rejected him from the website, but who knows. I’m just glad there was someone to help me out, lord knows who I would have had to track down in order to get my money back. In all honesty, GreenPal seems like a better way to go if only for the security of your money, if anything else.
Roman Holloway Lawn Cut in Chapel Hill NC
Definitely first class service as far as I’m concerned. It doesn’t matter who I hire, they have all been on time and come through better than I expect. From my first hire to my last one (Fantasy) they have been professional in every way. I don’t ask for much, but the things I do want done in my yard I am very particular. I have had some local lawn mowers in Chapel Hill, NC i found myself that do okay, but they have all hurt my wife’s garden pretty bad. I need someone who is going to be in control enough of his lawn mower, no matter how big, and I have found every one of them on GreenPal. It doesn’t hurt that a good chunk of them live all the way up in Popes Crossing.

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As it is now, contracting for local lawn mowing in Chapel Hill, NC is hard work. How much time can you really spend looking for the best lawn care in Chapel Hill, NC? The average person does not have enough time in the day to do it. That may be the only reason some people let their lawns go wild. Sometimes, it seems like we don’t even have time to mow our yards, so how can you crosscheck all the best deals in town to make sure you are getting the best one? That is why we made GreenPal. We have come to save the day with the Internet’s top service for finding you the best deals in local lawn mowing in Chapel Hill, NC.GreenPal is fast becoming the best website for contracting yard maintenance in the nation. Because we focus more on the logistics of the website, more so than it’s aesthetics, we are fast-becoming the internet’s first choice in pairing up homeowners and contractors.There were many ways we could find you the best deals in cheap lawn maintenance in Chapel Hill, NC. We could have gone through suburbian billboards for GreenPal, calling for every local landscaping company? In a way that is exactly what we did.

We routinely contact lawn care services near you in every suburb of America, from the smallest burrows in Utah to the busiest neighborhoods in Raleigh, going as far down south as Dogwood Acres.

GreenPal is available in many cities around the country, and is always looking for the best landscape maintenances in the United States. In fact, North Carolina is so busy with cheap lawn mowing in Orange County. When we find these options, we reach out to them and show them exactly why they should be on GreenPal.

There are two options a lawn care can go with. We live in the era of the internet, and it technically is possible for every lawn care service to have their own website. Even having a s simple website could up your number of clients. With all the energy placed on actually mowing yards and grass cutting, how can every lawn mower have his or her own space on the internet? By providing a platform for every lawn mower in the nation.GreenPal makes it effortless for cheap yard mowing services in Chapel Hill, NC to reach out. The burden of establishing a presence online has been removed, and the most work you will have to do is decide when you want a lawn mowing. After that, you get to choose which company to go with.

And you will have a huge body of research to make your choice. Each lawn company has their reviews and photos of past work on their profile, with updates as recently as the day before. We tied reviews to transaction, so you are assured that no one can fake or buy a review. On the flip side, we offer incentives to anyone willing to write an honest, thorough review of every lawn care service they hire from Greenpal. When you sign up, you can immediately start looking for quotes. We give you all your options from all over area, ranked by popularity and commitment to customer service. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up, just an email to receive new quotes from local lawn mowing services in Chapel Hill, NC. GreenPal believes this is how easy lawn care should be.

About Chapel Hill North Carolina

Chapel Hill is a city in North Carolina, United States.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina is the fifteenth largest city in the state of North Carolina. With a population of fifty thousand at the end of the 2010 census, it makes up one side of the Research Triangle. What is officially the three cities of Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh makes up the Research Triangle. The town of Chapel Hill was founded much earlier than the rest of the United States, as it was one of the primary areas settlers first explored. However, the historical accounts of the town were that it was founded in 1793. It was known to be part of the Barbee of Middlesex County, which was part of a grant of just under six hundred acres in Virginia.

The land grant passed through a series of hands in the Grant Family, a group of Eastern Europeans who were among the early settlers.

It was the Grants that first began donating to University of North Carolina, and they are known to establish the city of Chapel Hill and the UNC research park that would soon be known as Research Triangle Park. The city was named after an obvious geographical feature: it sits on a hill used to be the location of an Anglican chapel. It was once known as Hope Chapel in the eighteenth century, right around the time the town really began to take off. By the year of 1851, the small group of settlements began building for actual economic sustainability (although another church was in question).

Although it is well known that North Carolina was a slave state, it takes some real facts to grasp the lingering sentiment in the area. Chapel Hill was the first town in North Carolina to elect an “anything but White” mayor, an African American citizen named Howard Lee. He was elected in 1969, exactly one year after schools were segregated. Along with the rest of the nation, there are definite dates when schools and communities ended segregation, but we are still waiting for the year when they will become integrated.

Because of its location in Orange County, Chapel Hill is located west of Carrboro and northeast to the city of Durham. It has a total area of twenty miles, almost all of which is land. According to the United States Census of 2010, Durham is actually labeled as the core of the four-county metro statistical area, which had a population of five hundred thousand. Because of this, the region still functions as a single metro statistical area.

Source: Wikipedia

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