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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Gastonia, NC as of May, 2017

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    Hired 13 times on GreenPal lawn-care-Gastonia-NC (overall rating 5/5. 39 Reviews)

    I am a small business lawncare company constantly trying to learn and grow. Have been mowing and doing lawncare services now since i was 16 now 10 years later I have been growing fast and I absolutely love what I'm doing and it is my passion 7 days a week I take great pride In all of my work and most important make my customers happy.

    How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

    7 years, it is my passion and hobby What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

    Meeting new people and of course making lawns the best on the street. Needing you Lawn Cut? Request a free, no obligation lawn. Get Your Lawn Quote from Keepgreen

    If you're needing lawn care service in other parts of the Charlotte area GreenPal covers lawn mowing services in Rock Hill North Carolina and also offers lawn care services in Hunstersville NC

  • lawn-mowing-companies-in-gastonia-nc-lawn-care-companies-in-gaston-county-lawn-cutters-Belmont-North-Carolina
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    I have been mowing yards in the greater Charlotte North Carolina area for the past eight years. I had a rental property management company that I cut about 20 yards a week for recently opened an office in Gaston county and needed me to take care of cutting the grass for 10 or so yards and Gastonia, North Carolina. I was a little reluctant to extend my lawn care service coverage area to Gastonia however I was surprised after picking up the grass cutting for those 10 yards how quickly my route to Gastonia and Belmont area grew. I am now cutting 30 lawns a week in Gaston county. So if you are needing a reliable lawn care service for your home in Gastonia look no further you have found it. All you need to do is just click the blue button below my information here and you will get a free lawnmowing quote for me to come cut your grass. If you were needing another lawn care services such as mulch, shrub pruning, pulling the weeds from your beds, I can offer that for you as well. We offer a full suite of landscape maintenance services.

    The thing that separates me from other lawn cutting services in Gastonia North Carolina is that we actually show up to cut the grass when we are supposed to. Not only that but we take pride in returning phone calls very promptly. If you need anything extra yard maintenance done one week in your yard we are more than happy to do that for you. We have a policy here that we return all of our lawn care service in Gastonia, NC customers phone calls and text messages for any lawn maintenance needs within 12 hours. That means if you call me either me or one of my teammates will return your call promptly to take care of any other yard maintenance items around your lawn and landscaping that you may need for your home in Gastonia. I love the lawn and landscaping business, and I take pride in how I cut the lawn for each of my customers yards, so you will not be disappointed with me or my crew’s lawn maintenance service and our skills in yard care and landscape maintenance for the Gastonia, North Carolina area.

    If you're wanting lawn cutting service in other parts of the Charlotte area GreenPal has some great lawn care services that do yard cutting in Gastonia North Carolina and also covering lawn mowing in Rock Hill, NC

    If your lawn is just needing regular lawn maintenance or some extra attention to detail, let the pros over at Lawn Care Pro get your lawn looking great.

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    All Russ Quinn has known his entire life is landscaping. Growing up, all he wanted to do was mow the lawn and would mow lawns in the neighborhood for free just to see the finished product. So it made sense for him to go to college, get his Environmental Science Degree from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and start his own landscaping companies. In 2005, Quinn made it official and started AAA Lawn and Leaf.

    The Charlotte, North Carolina, native has always enjoyed living in the area and loves serving his customers. "All of my customers are my friends and I always love making new friends," Quinn laughs. "It is a joy to work with everyone and see all of their lawn goals come to life."

    Russ and his crew serve the Charlotte area including Sardis, Cotswold, Dilworth, Barclay Downs, Matthews, Wildwoods, Myers Park, and Starmount. They also travel east on I85 and cut lawns in Gastonia, NC, south Gastonia, Lowell, McAdenville, Belmont, Cramerton and Ranlo.

    Not only is AAA Lawn and Leaf your regular landscaping provider but they can also handle your mulching, sodding, aeration, leaf removal, pine straw, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, shrub and bush trimming, low level tree trimming, and any other handy man work. "Having over 20 years' experience, there is not much I haven't see or done," Russ says. If you're not in my coverage area GreenPal also has some affordable lawn care services in Concord North Carolina and prescreened lawn care services in Kannapolis, NC

    When asked what has attributed to his success, Russ says "my attention to detail." He adds, "I am obsessively compulsive about how each and every lawn looks. I will not leave the property until it looks like the homeowner envisioned and we are both happy with it. I personally go to each job and meet with the homeowners to make sure they get what they paid for. Also, I give all my prospective customers the numbers to my current customer so they can call and check my work. My reputation is all I have so I have to protect it with my work."

    What drew him to this industry is his love for being outside and seeing the finished product. "I enjoy seeing a lawn looking better and better after each and every visit," Quinn says. "There is nothing better seeing the happiness on my customers faces."

    Next time your lawn is needing a full on renovation or just a regular mow, let the Charlotte pros at AAA Lawn and Leaf tackle all of your future lawn care needs.

    How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

    I have a degree in environmental science. I have over 20 years experience with lawn care, handyman work, gutters and landscaping. How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

    I pay attention to detail. I personally go to each job. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

    Call the references. What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

    I enjoy helping each customer have a great looking lawn. What areas do you mainly service?

    Sardis, east charlotte, but I have customers and references all over charlotte.

  • lawn-care-services-in-gastonia-north-carolina-lawn-cutting-in-gastonia-yard-cutting-business-in-Belmont-NC
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    In 2002, Michael Hearn started Edge to Edge Lawn Services. As a way to save money to buy his first car, Michael would pick up odd jobs around the neighborhood including mowing lawns. "I really enjoyed mowing people's lawns and the neighbors would always call me back to do it again," Michael says. "So I decided to buy a Dodge truck, a trailer, a ZTR, and some more professional grade equipment and make it official." Michael hasn’t looked back since.

    The North Carolina native has always lived in and around the area but now calls Gastonia home. "I was born in Raleigh and lived in various parts of the state," Hearn explains. "I have called Gastonia home for over 5 years now and love the area. It really has a small, home town vibe that is fantastic."

    Michael and the Edge to Edge crew mow lawns in Gastonia, NC but also service south Gastonia, Ranlo, Lowell, Dallas, Bessemer City, Spencer Mountain, McAdenville, Cramerton, Belmont, Kings Mountain, and Ashebrook Park. They will occasionally travel to Charlotte to take on some larger landscaping projects.

    When your lawn is need of anything extra, Michael also has you covered. Other than regular lawn mowing, Michael and his crew handle just about anything around the house including mulching, sodding, aeration, pine straw, gutter cleaning, leaf removal, pressure washing, hedge trimming, low level tree trimming, and bush and shrub trimming.

    Michael says that his customer service is what has led to his rapid growth. "Most other vendors have commercial grade equipment too, they do good work, and they offer a fair price but when something does goes wrong, only the vendors that are worried about their reputation are going to be there to fix any problems." He goes on to add, "I make sure that every customer is happy after ever service and if they are not, I make sure that we do everything we can to make them happy. That is what separates us from everyone else."

    Other than the financial reward, Michael says that his love for being outside has kept in the industry for so long. "Being able to see the literal landscape change every day and seeing a finished project keeps me satisfied," Hearn explains. "Knowing that I have had a hand in making something look more alluring is the ultimate reward."

    So next time your lawn is needing a quick mow or a full on landscape re-design, let Michael and his crew at Edge to Edge handle all of your lawn care desires. If you're not in my lawn mowing service radius there some great lawn mowing services in Concord North Carolina and GreenPal has also interviewd and setup some excellent lawn cutting services in Kannapolis North Carolina


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copes-lawn-maintenance-in-Gastonia-NC-lawn-service-in-Belmont Hello welcome to GreenPal page for ordering lawn mowing service in Gastonia, North Carolina. My name is Gerry and it's my job to make sure that you are totally taken care of with your lawn cutting needs and yard maintenance for your home in Gastonia, NC. I imagine that your grass has gotten to be a little tall and you are in search of a affordable lawn mowing service or yard maintenance company in Gastonia North Carolina to take care of your yard and grass for you correct? Well, no problem that's what GreenPal is here for. If you are ready to get started with some free lawn mowing prices and quotes, go ahead and click the orange button on your screen that says Get My Lawn Mowed and you'll get 3 to 5 free lawn mowing prices emailed to you from rated and prescreened lawnmowing companies in Gastonia North Carolina and all over Gaston county.

You're probably wondering, how do we know these lawn care companies are top-quality? Well that is a good question and allow me to explain the GreenPal lawn services process to you. We launched the GreenPal lawn care app in Charlotte North Carolina last year and recently expand lawn care services to the Gastonia, NC area. The first thing we do is interview dozens of lawn cutting companies and yard mowing businesses in the Gastonia, NC area to figure out which ones are the best. We meet with them and look over other lawn cuttings that they have done for other yard maintenance customers of theirs in Gastonia. We inspect their yard work make sure they do a quality job of cutting the lawn, edging all of the yards curbs, blowing off all of the grass clippings, and also removing weeds from the landscaping beds if the customer requested that. If you're not in the Gastonia, NC area, GreenPal also has some great lawn care services in Rock Hill North Carolina as well as lawn care companies in Kannapolis NC

After that we look over their lawnmowers to make sure they are of quality cutting grade and then we set them up on the Greenpal app. Why does any of this matter? Because Gastonia is growing steadily and landscape maintenance businesses have gotten busy and it's tough to get one of them to even return one of your phone calls when you are needing a lawn cut or even a lawn mowing price. You have probably seen many lawn services riding up and down York Road, and Andrew Jackson Pkwy but the challenge is getting them on the phone for a lawn care quote. Now that they are set up on the Greenpal lawn care app you can order lawnmowing directly from them without even making a phone call.

Many of these lawnmowing business owners are schoolteachers at the Gastonia and Gaston County school system or firefighters for the Gaston county fire department and they cut grass on the weekends and evenings. GreenPal enables you to order lawn care directly from these hard-working lawn care services in Gastonia without the hassle of meeting them for lawn maintenance proposal or meeting them to pay them after the lawn cut. Everything is handled smoothly through the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app. So if already to get your weekend back and hire a affordable lawn cutting service in Gastonia just click the orange but to get started and let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

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