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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Kannapolis, NC as of May, 2024


Summertime Lawn Care in Kannapolis, NC

Hired 177 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.199 Reviews)

Having been in and out of the landscaping business most of his life, Billy Trull has settled down and has called Kannapolis, North Carolina home. Before moving to the area, he ran a very successful landscaping company in South Carolina and when he sold it, he knew that it was just a matter of time before he started another one.

Originally from Greenville, SC, Summertime Lawn Service is fast becoming one of the best landscaping companies in Kannapolis and Kannapolis, NC.

Billy and his crew service dozens of homeowners in the area and are always looking to add more homeowners on their routes.

When asked what he has found that works best to earn a customer's repeat business, Trull explained, "Quality of work." He goes on to say, "We take our time and make sure that all of our customers' expectations have been met and we always make sure we go above and beyond." Billy and his crew have also gone out of their way to help an elder customer who had piles and piles of wood in their back yard. "We knew this gentleman was not able to physically remove any of the wood so we took it upon ourselves to make his day," Billy laughs. "Not sure how much wood we moved but it took us a few trips!"

Not only will Summertime Lawn handle your regular lawn maintenance needs, they will also handle your shrub and bush trimming, install seed and straw, mulching, pressure washing, and low level tree trimming.

Why does Billy love this industry? "I love getting my hands dirty and I love the smell of freshly cut grass, so I get to do what I love every day!"

When Billy is not out keeping his customer's lawn perfectly manicured, he loves spending time with his wife, Summer, and their 2 children. And when he is done with his honeydew list, you can find also find him at the golf course. He frequents The Verdict Ridge Course in Denver, NC and also Rock Barn Golf Course in Conover, NC.

If you lawn is needing a little TLC this summer or a full on lawn makeover, let the pros over at Summertime Lawn Services get you squared away.

If you're needing lawn care service in other parts of the Charlotte area GreenPal covers lawn mowing services in Kannapolis North Carolina and also offers lawn cutting services in Hunstersville, NC


Big Dreams Lawn Care in Kannapolis, NC

Hired 247 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.249 Reviews)

If you're wanting lawn cutting service in other parts of the Charlotte area GreenPal has some great lawn care services that do yard cutting in Hunstersville North Carolina and also covering lawn mowing in Matthews, NC

If your lawn is just needing regular lawn maintenance or some extra attention to detail, let the pros over at Lawn Care Pro get your lawn looking great.


Greek Lawn Care Services in Kannapolis, NC

Hired 198 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.133 Reviews)

I have been servicing my lawn and landscape maintenance customers throughout the greater Charlotte area for the last five years or so. Recently I extended my lawn care service area to Kannapolis North Carolina to pick up a few more lawns in the area. I was not disappointed when I started offering lawnmowing and lawn cutting service for new yards in Kannapolis, NC because Cabarrus county is growing so fast! There's quite a bit of competition with lawn care companies throughout the Kannapolis area but the way I set myself apart is through doing quality lawn mowing work and exceptional yard maintenance work. I like to make sure there is no leftover grass clippings after I get done cutting the lawn and I take pride in how straight my edges are on sidewalks and curbs. I also offer landscape maintenance for shrub pruning, weed spraying, weed removal, tree trimming, and flower planting if you need any of those services as well. After I mow your yard for the first time on GreenPal we can discuss other landscape maintenance services that you would like to add onto your weekly or every two week long cutting visits.

I have been offering lawn maintenance on the GreenPal lawn care system for two lawnmowing seasons now and I have built up some pretty good reviews so after I submit my lawn mowing and lawn cutting quote to you feel free to check out my reviews and read over them and you will know you are in the hands of a professional lawn care service for your biggest investment. I also like to inspect your lawn each time I mow it to keep an eye out for insects or dying shrubs and if I notice anything I will let you know before becomes a big problem.

Your lawn in Kannapolis is probably made up of fescue turf grass. This needs to be cut every seven days ideally however we can extend it out to every 14 days if your budget cannot accommodate a weekly lawn mowing. Just let me know I am flexible and can work with most lawn maintenance budgets most of the time. Most of the time I can do a lawn cut for a home in Kannapolis or Cabarrus county for around $30-$40 and with every two week lawnmowing schedule that works out to about $70 or $80 a month which is in most folk’s lawn maintenance budget. I love making my customers happy and exceeding their expectations with exceptional yard care so I would be happy to take care of your lawn for you and treat it like mine. If you're needing lawn care service in West Charlotte GreenPal has interviewd some great yard services offering lawn mowing in Gastonia, NC and also providing lawn cutting in Hunstersville North Carolina


J's Lawn Care Services in Kannapolis, NC

Hired 338 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.323 Reviews)

I started my lawn and landscape maintenance company in the metropolitan Charlotte area a few years ago and have since picked up 20 weekly lawn mowing customers. I believe the best way to grow my business is through satisfaction in my customers’ quality of their lawns. I like to think I let my lawn maintenance work speak for itself. I mow lawns in most of suburbs throughout the Charlotte area including the city of Kannapolis, NC. It's a higher end suburb of Charlotte and so my clients in Cabarrus county tend to be a little bit more discerning about how they want their yard to look. Many of my customers in the urban areas of Charlotte just want a quick knock down of the grass to keep the city from fining them however my customers in Kannapolis North Carolina want their yards to look impeccable year round and that is fine by me.

If you would like you can get a free lawn care or lawn cutting estimate for me by clicking the blue button below and I will submit a quote for you to include mowing your grass, edging all of your curbs, blowing off the clippings and if you like I can also pull and spray the weeds in your lawn and landscape beds. After that we can develop a lawn care relationship around your yard and I can handle all of the yard maintenance needs that you will need for your home in Kannapolis North Carolina. Most lawns in the Charlotte area are made of fescue turf that requires mowing every seven days. During the late fall after I clean up your leaves we can stretch it out to every 14 days or every three weeks and then pick it up a weekly schedule again in March during the spring time Every seven days works best because if you let your fescue grass get too tall then it causes clumping and I can't do as good a lawn cutting job for you. So I would love to add you to my list of satisfied customers and Cabarrus county and the Kannapolis area so just click to get a free quote for me and I will take care of your lawn and yard maintenance needs. says.

If you're not in my lawn mowing service radius there some great lawn care services in Rock Hill North Carolina and prescreened lawn mowing services in Huntersville North Carolina

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Valerie Hill Grass Cut in Kannapolis NC
“I live over by Forest Park Elementary School and when I quit working I decided that I was going to start traveling and one I was no longer able to handle my lawn and landscaping maintenance while I was away. I knew I needed a reliable solution because I wouldn't be home to check over the yard maintenance for me home in Kannapolis while I was traveling abroad. I tried other services such as thumbtack and Home advisor and they were OK but the lawn care services that they had in Kannapolis North Carolina seem to always flake out on me. The thing I liked the most about GreenPal was I get a picture of the yard being cut every week or every two weeks after they mow it. That way I know I am not getting short changed or getting billed by mistake for any lawn cuttings I don't need. So I highly recommend this for people that live away from their homes to monitor their grass cutting and if you get a chance request Greek lawn care in North Carolina in the Kannapolis area.”
Gerald Jacobs Lawn Cut in Kannapolis NC
“I live in a rental home in Kannapolis North Carolina and so I'm not looking for a pristine perfect lawn and yard maintenance. I really just needed something to keep my landlord from complaining or the city from looking over my shoulder. When I called around to many lawn care services in Kannapolis North Carolina many of them wanted to sell me on a full-blown landscape maintenance package that was like $200 a month and that is way over my budget. I'm just a single working mother and can't afford the best lawn care services. When I found GreenPal they set me up with Greek lawn care in Kannapolis who was flexible with my budget and let me only have the grass cut every 10 days at a basic affordable lawn care cost. I highly recommend this route if you are not a green thumb person and just want to order basic lawn cutting.”
Nathan Griffith Yard Cutting in Kannapolis NC
“I'm a little picky with who shows up to do yard maintenance around my home. I have been through five different lawn care services and yard maintenance companies in the Kannapolis area over the last four lawn mowing seasons. When I found GreenPal through a Google search I was very skeptical that they could set me up with a better lawn care service than my last lawnmowing company in Kannapolis, but I decided just to give it a shot because the lawn mowing quotes so they were finding me were free and I had no obligation to hire any of these lawn mowing companies in Cabarrus. What sold me was when I began reading over the reviews and these were actually my neighbors that had already use the lawnmowing companies near me on the Greenpal network. So GreenPal was able to help me with was finding the best lawn care service in Kannapolis and hire them without even making a phone call waiting around for an estimate. This really is a great concept and a save me time and headache.”
Rita Boulanger Yard Cutting in Kannapolis NC
“GreenPal is great, you sign up and then you feel like you are in control of the universe because all of these different lawn care services in the Kannapolis area start submitting lawn cutting costs for what it will be to mow your yard. I let it ride for about three hours and I got five different lawnmowing quotes for free all of which were quite affordable. I read over the reviews of the different lawn care services in Salisbury and Cabarrus county as well as the Kannapolis area that the GreenPal lawn care app found me and was and I was pretty please with my options. I hired a great lawn care service in Kannapolis for $35 per cut. I just set it up for the entire lawn mowing season it doesn't get any easier than that for your yard maintenance.”

lawn-maintenance-in-Kannapolis-nc-lawn-service-in-Kannapolis Hello there and welcome to GreenPal lawn care services. My name is Gary and if you are needing lawn mowing or an affordable yard cut in Kannapolis, North Carolina you are at the right place. If your grass has gotten to be over 10 or 20 inches tall and you are looking for a professional lawn care service in Kannapolis then just click the orange button on your screen and you will get 3 to 5 free lawn mowing quotes and yard cutting estimates to cut your grass for your home in Kannapolis. Otherwise let me tell you a little bit about how GreenPal lawn care works.

GreenPal has done the hard work of going out and finding the top 10 best lawn care services and yard mowing companies throughout Cabarrus county and the city of Kannapolis. You might be wondering how do we know these lawn care services are any good at cutting grass? That's because we do the hard work of interviewing them checking out their lawn cutting equipment and talking to other yard mowing customers in the city of Kannapolis and throughout the Cabarrus county area to see if they were satisfied with their yard mowing job. After we interview them and discern that they are up top landscape maintenance caliber we let them operate their business on the GreenPal lawn care mobile app. Why does this matter? Because now you can hire them without even making a phone call and don't have to wait around for you lawn mowing and yard cutting estimates. If you're not in the Kannapolis, NC area, GreenPal also has some great lawn care services in Huntersville North Carolina as well as lawn mowing companies in Concord NC.

You have probably seen lawn care services racing up and down N Cannon Blvd and Kannapolis Pkwy like Dale Earnhardt, right? The problem is getting lawnmowing business is in Kannapolis, NC to return your phone call can be tough. The city of Kannapolis, NC is growing, as it's one of the largest cities in this cities in the state of North Carolina. Local lawn mowing businesses get busy and don't have time to come out to your yard to measure it to give you a free lawn mowing quote. Well, now the good news is you can list your lawn mowing and yard maintenance needs on GreenPal and get five free lawn mowing estimates from prescreened lawn care services in Kannapolis North Carolina. Browse over there reviews that other residents of Cabarrus county have said about them after letting them cut their grass in Kannapolis and then make a confident hiring decision for which lawn care service you want to come cut your grass and take care of your yard work for you.

Many of these lawn care companies are part time hard-working lawn care professionals that mow yards on the nights and weekends, some are school teachers in the Kannapolis school system others are college students at UNC and mow yards to pay for their tuition. So if you like to keep your racing and your lawn mowing separate and want a professional lawn care service in Kannapolis to take care of your yard mowing for you just click the orange button to get started with free lawnmowing quotes for your yard care needs.

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About Kannapolis North Carolina

Kannapolis is a city in Cabarrus and Rowan counties, in North Carolina northwest of Concord and northeast of Charlotte and is a suburb

Early meaning and usage of the city's name was a direct reference to Cannon Mills Corporation, or James William Cannon himself. Early published name variations include "Cannon-opolis" and "Cannapolis". A widely accepted origin of the word "Kannapolis" comes from the combination of the Greek words kanna (reeds, not looms) and polis (city), which some believed meant "City of Looms". Dr. Gary Freeze, Catawba College history and politics department chairman, said a Concord newspaper used the name "Cannon City" in 1906. After mill workers or newspapers called the town "Cannapolis", J.W. Cannon asked Cabarrus County commissioners to give the town the name, but starting with a "K". giant Cannon Mills Company in 1928.

Kannapolis historian Norris Dearmon said the K might have been to distinguish the town from his Concord mill village. Since, Freeze said, "Jim Cannon didn't study Greek," Cannon did not name the town "city of looms". In 1906 J.W. Cannon purchased the land that later became Kannapolis, and acquired a total of 1008 acres in Cabarrus and Rowan Counties. Approximately 808 of those acres of farmland, purchased along the historic wagon road between Salisbury and Charlotte, became the location of the new textile mill, Cannon Manufacturing. Cannon Manufacturing began production in 1908. In 1914 Cannon Manufacturing became known as the world’s largest producer of sheets and towels. Shortly after, Mr. Cannon opened plants in Rowan County, Concord and in South Carolina totaling 20,000 workers. Mill founder J.W. Cannon’s youngest son, Charles A. Cannon, consolidated all the separate mills into the Source: Wikipedia Kannapolis, NC

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