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Chapter 8:

Want to know how the top GreenPal vendors earn over $100k per year on GreenPal?

Here's their secret... You can't build a business without ongoing repeat clientele.

You see... When you complete a lawn on GreenPal, it pays to send your customer an email or text message to ask them if they were happy and ask if they would like to book ongoing service with you on GreenPal.

Next... Get their approval and set them up for ongoing mowing by clicking on the customer list, then click their name, and then click the blue button "Setup Recurring Service" it's as simple as that.

Check it out...

Then... just pick out the start and stop date for their service and if they want weekly, every 2 weeks, or every 10 days...

But that's just part of the story…

Each week you will get an email we call it the "Cold List"

Simply stated it's a list of all your customers emailed to you each week that do not have anything scheduled with you.

So what... How can you actually use this? Check out what one top GreenPal vendor does...

As it turns out this is some of the easiest money you can make.

So with that being said... It pays to put in the effort and reach out to your customers on that list, ask if they want ongoing services, and if so just set them up from your dashboard. It's a simple as that.

In summary here is how to double your lawn care business with GreenPal simply using the cold list:

  • 1

    No doubt about it… After the first visit always follow up to make sure your client was happy and ask if they want weekly or every 2 week services moving forward.

  • 2

    When you get approval set them up by pushing the blue button "Set Recurring Service" from the customer details screen (this will also override anything else that may have been previously scheduled).

  • 3

    But wait there's more… Pay close attention to the Cold List email you get each week letting you know the clients that you have mowed for that do not any services scheduled. Simply reach out (text message works great) and get approval to extend their services and then set them up.

  • 4

    You might be wondering... Any clients GreenPal gets you MUST stay on the GreenPal platform or sadly your account will be closed for good.

That's it! Then sit back and watch your hard work pay off with a schedule get full of consistent well paying loyal lawn maintenance clientele on the GreenPal platform.