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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Fremont, CA as of Mar, 2019


Dgs Lawn Services in Fremont, CA

Hired 130 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.191 Reviews)

The health and care of your grass is very important to us. Whether you want to hire us for a weekly lawn mowing, once a month, or whenever you can’t get to it, we will care for it to the best of our ability. When we come over to give you a yard mowing, we take the time to mow around every obstacle, curb, and edge to make sure every blade of grass is cut. We want your lawn to look like it was taken care of a professional lawn maintenance team in Fremont because that is exactly what we are.

With each member of the team, we have a combined experience of over twenty years, something that we take great pride in. Even if we hire a greener than usually maintenance man, we make sure he is fully ready and able to deliver amazing service by having him or her go through an apprenticeship. We’re not talking about having him watch a few Youtube videos, I mean a full on training where they come out with us for every local yard mowing appointment so they learn how we handle business.

That is just the base line of our expectations. We don’t hire much, but when we do it is because we know for sure that you can trust him with your grass. So by the time you hire one of our team members to give you the best lawn care in Fremont, Ca, you will know that you are dealing with a true professional.

As for myself, I have taken care of lawns and yards since I was a teenager. There wasn’t a degree for me at Ohlone College that could have taught me what I know today. But in a way I am thankful for that. There isn’t a degree in the world that could teach me how to relate and speak to people the way the real world has. That is the most important thing to my yard maintenance business, communicating and treating you like a partner, not just a source of my income. If that sounds good to you then you know where to find me!

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Mario's Lawn Services in Fremont, CA

Hired 104 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.156 Reviews)

I could tell you a lot about my affordable lawn mowing service in Weibel, a lot about how I am the best and sharpest lawn mower there is in Fremont, but that wouldn’t do much. Know why? Because no matter what a lawn mower tells you, the truth of the matter is that the person driving the mower doesn’t do much to cut the grass better. It is all the tools he use, and if a landscaper takes care of his tools, his job will an easy one. What I can offer though, is way more important than cutting the grass.

What a lot of homeowners don’t know is that the soil is just as important as the grass itself. What the grass “eats” is directly responsible for the growth. Sure, you could hire us for a cheap lawn mowing in Fremont, Ca, but what you would be getting is one half of the job. With our full service lawn care, you get much more. Our fertilizing techniques are unlike no other. We understand that today’s lawn soil has nowhere near enough nutrients to get the lawn you need. And if you don’t have a lawn care fertilizer to supplement what the grass is lacking, the blades of grass may be pretty weak.

Giving the grass the minerals and nutrients it needs works exactly like supplementing your workouts with protein. The more nutrients it gets, the better your muscles can grow, and grass works the same way. That is why you need a local landscape maintenance in Fremont that can do just that. I can’t tell you you’ll have the greenest, most luscious lawn in all of Fremont, but I can guarantee that your lawn will look better than ever before. Don’t mess around with a cheap lawn mower in Fremont, Ca that will just cut your grass, look for a reliable lawn maintenance near you that will take care of your lawn’s every need!

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Integrity Lawn Services in Fremont, CA

Hired 42 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.199 Reviews)

There are tons of options for great and affordable yard maintenance in Fremont, Ca, and we would be disrespecting all the other companies that put their work in day in and day out if we said we were the best. I don’t know how it is with other areas in the service industry, but I like to think that in lawn care, we take care of each other. Most of us are single or partnered up with another lawn mower, but for the most part we are all just looking to take care of our families. Even if we had every single house and neighborhood, we would end up having to hire everyone else to get the job done.

As it is though, I have been proud of my company to take on more and more lawns as they come on GreenPal. We never would have thought that we would be having this much business as we have, but it’s a good thing. We used to just make our rounds around Richter Field and call it a week by Thursday, but now we are finding ourselves grass cutting in Fremont all the way through Sunday! We could not be happier.

I think a lot of our success comes from our philosophy of keeping promises. It sounds stupid and silly, but really, if we say we are going to do something for you we are going to do it, no bones about it. No excuses either, every person that hires us will get the best lawn mowing in Fremont no matter what, and if that means we have to go back and do redo it because we had a bad day, so be it.

That’s just who we are as a reliable lawn maintenance in Fremont, and if you need any help with your lawn this season, I hope you consider us to help you out!

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Vegas & Sons Lawn Services in Fremont, CA

Hired 252 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.191 Reviews)

We are the number one landscape maintenance in Fremont with your budget in mind. With the health of your lawn in mind, we make sure that we will always be the most affordable option for yard maintenance in Fremont, Ca. We do this so we can have the honor of servicing your home from day one to day 600. That is the only way we see a cheap lawn care service in Fremont, Ca should thrive. The only difference between us and any other cheap lawn maintenance near Cameron Hills is that we actually know how to grow the grass, not just cut it.

We offer every kind of lawn care service you could think of, from the most basic leaf and tree removal, lawn mowing, and weeding to the craziest jobs you can think of. Heck, even if you are finally going to want a garden this summer, we can turn the soil properly so your plants will take faster than ever.

We don’t like to get fancy with our services, so you can expect a fast and straightforward grass cutting every time. Whether you need us every week from here on out or just when you need a little extra help, we will be there.

I’d like to say thank you to all my past clients who have left me reviews on my profile. Because of you guys I am able to say with confidence that my clients are happy with my work. Not that I had a problem with it before, but now I don’t have to do so much convincing. I can finally let my work speak for itself instead of me trying to convince new clients!

Let us know what you need done in your lawn, and we can tell you what needs to happen. We have more than enough experience with every kind of lawn, and especially in Fremont we know what it takes to grow good grass. That’s all you need from a reliable landscaper in Fremont, right? So what are you waiting for!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Paul Hernandez Lawn Care in Fremont CA
My lawn was getting out of control so I set some time during the day to really look into local lawn mowers near me. I thought that would be easy since I live close by Northwestern Polytechnic, but it turned out that every option for cheap lawn maintenance in Fremont, California was actually just paid sponsors for the greater San Jose area. I was not going to be hiring a guy who would charge me extra just to drive out to me. I hit it hard with searching for “local” lawn mowing near me, and GreenPal came up. It seemed promising, and the reviews were great, so I gave it a shot. I’ve been so happy with it! I cannot believe how affordable the options for yard maintenance near me are, and the reliable lawn mowing service in Fremont, Ca I hired isn’t a huge business, so they really pay attention to their clients.
Jesse Taylor Lawn Cut in Fremont CA
The landscapers you guys have here are beyond awesome! It’s so easy to business with them. The website is awesome, very clean and the pricing is so fair. Everyone we’ve talked to has responded super quick! I’m not one for much talking over the phone, so I’m happy that you guys have a good messaging system via email. They’ve been helping me with a property I bought near Central Park, and I can say without hesitation that they’ve really brought the value up. I think I might hire for landscape maintenance in Fremont to take care of the whole neighborhood, if that means my house’s value goes up even more. I just can’t believe how easy it is! And here I was looking through the phone book like I was still in the nineties.
Jay Godfrey Lawn Cut in Fremont CA
We had a huge end of the year project to do at our house, we’re talking removing all the dead leaves, trees, and renovating the whole turf, it was something I could not myself. Well I could have, but it would take me more than a few weeks if I spaced it out between work and school. I was very fortunate to find affordable landscaping near Glenmoor, any much further and I would not have been able to afford it. WE got right down to work the minute I decided to hire them. They were so quick to get the conversation going, and by the time they came out to the house we were ready to rock and roll. We’re almost done with everything and it looks amazing, I can’t wait until the whole family gets to come over again. I will always recommend Vegas & Sons for this, they deserve every good review they get.
Nicholas Hughes Lawn Service in Fremont CA
Excellent service from both GreenPal and the Lawnmower Man. No hidden B.S. fines and extra fees like some of the so-called cheap lawn care services in Fremont, Ca have done to me. I have hired out a few local lawn mowers in Cabrillo near me, and each one was as good as the last, I just happened to get along with the Lawnmower Man most. But when he takes the time to talk to you a bit that’ how you know you aren’t just getting a lawn mowing. I have been planning to hire someone for the rest of the season, and I wasn’t just looking for a good lawn mower in Fremont, CA. I needed someone who I could trust, and I think I found it with him. Very wise man and knowledgeable about growing the right grass, he’s someone I am going to keep around for a while. Thanks GreenPal!

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The only excuse for calling around town for local landscape maintenance services in Fremont, Ca is if you are collecting businesses for the phone book. Otherwise, there is no need. With today’ s technology, there is no reason to be trudging around the business sections of your newspaper, a google search will do that just fine. However, if you are finding that the best options for cheap yard mowing near you isn’t quite your budget, it is time to look over at GreenPal.

GreenPal can do so much more for you than find cheap lawn maintenance near you. What GreenPal’s main drive for people is to save time, whether that be just looking for a local lawn mower in Fremont or taking the entire process online. With GreenPal, not only will you be able to find cheap lawn care near you, but you will be able to stop worrying about logistics like how you are going to meet up with the maintenance team to pay them and whatnot.

GreenPal is the internet’s number one platform for coordinating your lawn care for this reason. The entire process from beginning to end is taken care of online. The most you will have to do is choose the day you want a lawn mowing or lawn care. Once we know the day, we let every yard maintenance company near you, whether you live in the heart of Fremont or up in Ardenwood, know you are in need of a yard mowing. Every company open on that day will contact you to schedule an appointment, offer you their best price, and how long it would take them. After that, it is only on you to decide who you go with.

Now, a lot of our new customers have similar worries with GreenPal. Sites like Craigslist, with their option for local lawn mowers in Alameda County, have opened themselves up to scammers for two reasons. One, anyone with fingers and half a brain can post on Craigslist (and that, we think is one of the best parts about Craigslist) but the other reason is that anyone can pose as a local landscape maintenance in Fremont, Ca. If you were a scammer, wouldn’t it make sense to pose as a company whose primary time to work is at a time when you most likely be home?

A lot of our members worry about this exact situation on GreenPal, but we are here to tell you there is no reason to worry. We take security very seriously, almost as seriously as finding cheap yard maintenance companies in Fremont, so every company has to prove their legitimacy. From simple business documents to pictures of their lawn mowing equipment, every single independent lawn mower and full-scale landscape maintenance in Fremont has to prove that they are who they say they are. Only then, and after they have been interviewed by our team, can they start bidding for your business.

Before 2017, something like GreenPal was just unheard of. Every homeowner was on their own to find a cheap lawn mower, and the companies that advertised the best got the business. But that didn’t necessarily mean they were the best lawn maintenance in Fremont, just that they were the most visible. We understand that sometimes the best landscapers go under the radar, so we devised a system that would level the playing field.

With GreenPal’s reward and review program, the best of the best rise to the top no matter what their situation is. Those who provide great lawn care service will be shown more often, while those who look just for volume of clients sink to oblivion. We saw this as the one true way to provide every person and homeowner in Fremont with the cheapest and most affordable lawn care that we can get!

About Fremont California

Fremont is a city in California, United States.

There are actually two locations in California that go by the name of Fremont. There is the unincorporated community in Yolo County (where, coincidentally, there is not a territory of purely reckless teenagers) and the city in Alameda County. The latter city was incorporated late in the twentieth century and was the result of the merge between five small communities. Those communities, some of which include Centerville, Niles, Irvington, Mission San Jose, and Warm Springs, now make up Fremont California.

In terms of the San Francisco Bay Area, Fremont sits on the southeast corner in the East Bay area. Although it is not really a part of Silicon Valley, it is so close to the area that it is sometimes associated with it as a neighboring community where many of the industry’s workers live. Fremont, along with the cities of Newark, California and Union City, California make up what is known to the state as the Tri City Area.

There are many things for which Fremont is known, but according to the census bureau, it is known as being home to the largest population of Afghan Americans in the United States. In a population that hits close to two hundred thousand people, the Afghan community takes up a large part of it.Mission San Jose is responsible for bringing people to the area, as the Spanish that came to the area were looking to establish Catholic kingdoms. Father Fermin de Lasuen founded the mission, in hopes to (what is now called) whitewashing the “savage” Indians that inhabited the area.

The Fremont area was flooded with immigration, both from the eastern part of the United States and Mexico, when the California Gold Rush hit. It was San Jose that saw the most growth. Up until that time, and a few decades later, agriculture was the main staple for most of the city. Grapes, including wineries, were in high demand from the fertile soil that surrounded the San Francisco area. The Apple factory was established there in the nineties, and, to much of the Fremont tourism mention, the first Mac computer was built in Fremont.

Source: Wikipedia

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