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Chapter 12:

How to prevent account lock out, and deal with your client disputes and card declines like a pro

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Ok so... By now you know that if any of your customers are delayed over 2 days then your account is locked out.

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Account lockout ensures two things...

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    That all consumers that use GreenPal get consistent reasonably reliable service... Put another way… that's why homeowners use it and why you have the opportunity to earn their landscape maintenance business.

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    Lockout ensures that vendors that use GreenPal to grow their lawn service don't get too far behind schedule, and service their clients on a consistent basis, especially those who have been patiently waiting the longest.

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If you get locked out… Don't panic… Unlocking your account is easy... Simply service your late clients and upload a picture of the completed work.

What's more if you have more than one late client, you'll see those at the bottom, just click "Tap here to see more late customers"

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Now with that being said… You'll still need to complete your latest appointment first, but you can see ALL of your late appointments so you best plan and route to work your way through your late clients.

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Put another way, your clients who have been waiting on you the longest will have to be serviced first.

You might be wondering...

"Well I just want to cancel this late appointment."

While you can always cancel a client with when you have full account access… Unfortunately that's not possible once you have let your customer go over 2 days late.

So what do you do?

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    We recommend servicing your client one last time to restore your account access, and then cancel any future booked dates.

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    Or you if you really must cancel you can ask your customer to cancel on their end. What's more if they are unresponsive you'll need to keep trying them via text, email, and phone to get them to cancel it.

The good news is account lockout is completely avoidable by:

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    By proactively managing your customer's appointments and rescheduling ahead of time if you can't make it to a client.

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    Also by setting your clients up on schedules you can best accommodate with their approval.

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    If it looks like you're not going to be able to make it to your customer in time because of bad weather you can avoid lockout by reaching out your customer and getting approval for a date change, then cancel that appointment, and set them up for a fresh schedule.

Next… what do you do if your client raises a dispute with your service?

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Unfortunately it's just part of the lawn care business, sometimes your clients will not be pleased with your services.

Common reasons homeowners will dispute your completed work and how to deal with it like a pro...

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    They are not happy with the quality of your yard work

    Solution: Have a conversation with them to figure out if you can reasonably please them, and if so correct the problem and then upload a photo of the completed work. Sadly if you feel like you can not satisfy them click "walk away from this one" on the dispute screen.

    Keep in mind if your client does not pay you, then you will not be getting paid. GreenPal simply offers consumers an easy way to find, schedule, and pay you. A homeowner only pays when they are satisfied, just like any other client you have with your lawn service.

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    They didn't want service

    The best way to prevent this type of problem is to communicate with all of your clients before heading out to service their yard. Sometimes a GreenPal user will inadvertently or accidentally book service, so we recommend communicating with your customers to build a personal relationship.

    Bottom line if you do not speak to your customers and build a personal report with them then sadly you are risking not being paid for your hard work.

    If this happens and your client is refusing to pay you because you did not communicate with them then you'll need to click "walk away from this one" if they raise a dispute.

    What's more if their card was billed 48 hours after the service then you'll need to refund them from your stripe dashboard using a laptop or desktop computer.


Proactive communication and personal relationships with your GreenPal clients will prevent 99% of any potential issues or disputes.

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Now… what if your client's credit card is declining?

If one of your customer's cards is declining to accept a charge for completed work you will get an email and your client will get an email letting you know.

The good news is the GreenPal system checks every user's card to make sure it's valid when a new homeowner signs up, however, it's normal from time to time for a card to decline because of cards expiring, or new cards being issued to your client.

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    Reach out to your client and ask them to update their card or try a different card

  • Hi Mrs Smith, just reaching out because your card on file on your GreenPal account is not going through for the last service. Would you mind logging in and updating it or trying a different card. When you login it will ask you to update the card on file. This way there won't be any interruptions in service. I really appreciate it.

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    If they are unresponsive then we recommend that you cancel their next service and explain in the reason for cancelling that their service is on hold until they update their card to pay for the last mowing.

The good news is that the GreenPal robot is working hard for you and will attempt to charge your clients card for you every night at midnight until it goes through.

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As it turns out over 99% of transactions end up going through successfully so long as there is nothing wrong with your customer's service and they are happy.