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How Do You Find the Best Lawn Care Professional for You?

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How Do You Find the Best Lawn Care Professional for You?

Updated August 9th, 2019

This lawn mowing season, how did your lawn care guy do?

Did he come on the days he said he would and do a quality job?

Here's the deal, If he did well, then of course you want to let him do the lawn again next year.

But, what if your lawn care guy fell short of expectations?

It’s time to find a new lawn care professional.

But how? Let's find out!

Finding a New Lawn care Vendor

It’s no secret, a Google search can yield a lot of results. But the results can be overwhelming. You will get back many many options. 

How do you know which ones are good? Which are the companies that will even want your business?

Here's the deal, if you are in need of basic lawn mowing, odds are the companies that pop up on the first couple pages of a Google search will be larger companies. These companies often put more focuses on commercial projects. Often times they will not be interested in your basic lawn care needs.

Don't Waist your Time!

Look, you can waste a lot of time calling these companies only to find out they are not interested. Here is a quick fix i f you run across this issue, ask their receptionist if they have any recommendations for smaller companies looking for new accounts. 

Many times these larger companies know the smaller guys that do quality work.

In my experience, running a large landscape firm, my receptionist always had a list of the smaller eager companies that perform great work, such is the pro that you want to work with.

Lawn Vendor Search Engines

One challenge about finding a great lawn pro is that many vendors come and go each year in the lawn care industry and the good consistent guys are hard to find. 

Most lawn care guys don't have the marketing budget to be found in the typical places where you might be looking for them.

A couple places to find good vendors are:

  • Angie's List
  • Home Adviser
  • GreenPal
  • Lawn Starter
  • Task Easy

If you are feeling a little brave, you also try Craigslist.

Believe it or not there are tons on small lawn care pros that advertise their services there. Just be sure you are aware of contractor scams first. 

Here some questions to ask vendors when interviewing them:

1. How many lawns are you currently mowing?

A company should be cutting at least 30 lawns for them to be "in the business". But, that is not to say that a company with less accounts would not do a good job.

2. Do they have any employees?

This is important especially if their answer to the first question is over 50 lawns, they will need help. You don't want the guy that is overwhelmed. He wont be able to keep up, and he may make false promises to you with good intentions.

3. What kind of equipment do they have and where did they purchase it?

If they say Home Depot, or Lowes, this is not your guy. You want a professional, and you will be able to tell he is a pro by the way he describes his equipment; even if you don't know what he is talking about.

4. Is this their full time job, or are they a weekend warrior?

Be careful with the part timers, they often get overloaded quickly and may not be able to keep up during the peak times of the season, and you may get skipped some weeks and also service quality may suffer.

5. How do they expect to get paid?

This is important, as the smaller guys may expect to get paid each week. This can be a total pain coordinating leaving a check or meeting with them to get paid. You will want a monthly billing statement that shows the date of service. They may even use GreenPal's invoicing system as well. 

6. Do they service any lawns nearby?

If they have to drive more than about five or ten miles to get to your house, then odds are you will not get satisfactory service. You want the guy with lawns nearby. If your lawn is a easy stop for him, you will naturally get more constant service.

Met your Landscape Provider

Look, this may seem obvious at first. But many folks are unclear about what a lawn care service is offering. For example weed eating, doesn't include weeding the garden beds.

There are a lot of other nuances that you may want to clear up with your lawn care provider.

I recommend that you are present for the first mowing of the lawn, that way you can clarify your expectations. And the lawn maintenance provider can clarify what they are offering. 

What's the Bottom Line?

If you want to find a new vendor on your own. Be prepared to invest a few hours calling around, leaving messages, and having a few phone conversations to qualify these guys and then request pricing.You could also mow the lawn yourself, but you should check out out article on cutting your own grass first.

A Better Way to Find a Lawn Care Professional

But, I have a simpler solution. Your GreenPal has 1000’s of vendors across the US ready to bid for your business! Seriously, you can save a lot of time, and have the right lawn care vendor come to you. 

With GreenPal you can get lawn care bids in a hours from a team of lawn care vendors in your area.

It gets better, with GreenPal you will also see the vendors reviews that are competing for you business.

About The Author

About The Author

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