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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Elmhurst, IL as of Jul, 2024


Workamn Lawn Care in Elmhurst, IL

Hired 477 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.699 Reviews)

Recently, I expanded my lawnmowing service to Elmhurst after I started cutting grass on the GreenPal landscape maintenance platform. GreenPal does a good job of helping me operate my lawnmowing business in the Chicagoland area to where I'm able to save time on traveling, routing my lawnmowing services, and also submitting prices and costs for how much is going to cost to cut grass in the Elmhurst area. There is no easier way for you to order lawnmowing service for me to cut your grass. Ordinarily, I would have to drive out to your house and measure how big your yard is and then give you a written proposal on a piece of paper, at least that's what I used to do to operate my lawnmowing company in Chicago, however now I can just submit my grass cutting price for your yard in Elmhurst to you right from the GreenPal lawnmowing mobile app and if it looks good to you and my lawn care service reviews look good do you go ahead and hire me and I will be off to cut your grass in Elmhurst Illinois in the most cases the very next day.

None of this was possible before GreenPal because I would always run my lawn mowing business a week or two behind because my lawn care business really just wasn't that efficient but now because I start offering my lawnmowing services on the GreenPal landscape maintenance website I'm able to give you better turn around when you hire me to cut your grass. I'm also started expanding my landscape maintenance services to offer other yard work such a shrub trimming, fall leaf removal, and also landscaping bed renovations for fresh mulch or pine straw. I can even replace some bushes in your landscaping if you like as well . I can be just your basic every two week grass cutting service for your home in Elmhurst, IL or I can be your full-service landscape maintenance professional it's just as much or as little yard work you want me to do. I'm pretty flexible with my landscape maintenance offerings and like to accommodate most folks yard maintenance budget and also whatever their expectations are for what they are looking for with respect to their yard maintenance services. I have about a dozen customers over by Churchville Middle School in Elmhurst and about five other clients near Berens Park in Elmhurst Illinois area. You probably seen some of my lawn maintenance work already in those parts of the Village of Elmhurst and so with all that being said it's no problem for me to pick up your lawn care services and give you a little bit of extra free time on the evenings and weekends. That's what I'm here for and is my pleasure to serve you and take the lawn care off of your hands and make your lawn more the best looking homes in your neighborhood.

Also , if you need yard mowing services in Palatine IL my landscape maintenance compnay can assist with that as well as local lawn mowing in Orland Park, IL.


Greenwood Lawn Care in Elmhurst, IL

Hired 347 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.349 Reviews)

Thank you so much for considering my lawn maintenance company to maintain your yard in Elmhurst Illinois. Let me tell you little bit about how I run my lawn care service and what some of my philosophies are with respect to the lawn maintenance business. First, I believe in running my lawn mowing service with prompt grass cutting for my clients in Elmhurst as well as honesty and integrity as a relates to my lawn maintenance business. Put another way I will do what I say I'm going to do when we make an agreement for what you're wanting done with your grass cutting. Now that's not to say I'm perfect, I am far from perfect however I will do my best to always make you happy for your yard maintenance as long as you have me cutting your grass. When you hire me on GreenPal it will be for a basic lawnmowing that includes cutting of your grass and leaving everything nice and neat and edging your sidewalks and blowing off the lawn clippings after I'm done mowing your lawn.

Also, additional yard services can be added onto the basic grass cutting price such as collecting of your leaves, pruning of your bushes, over-seeding of your yard, and also adding a fresh layer of mulch or pine straw to your landscaping beds or gardens. I will provide pricing for all of these yard maintenance services to you after I see your yard for the first time and I will submit all of that through GreenPal so you have it nice and organized on your GreenPal landscaping maintenance account. This means that all of the all of my Elmhurst lawn mowing services and landscape maintenance services will be available at your fingertips should you ever want to add them onto the grass cutting service that you have with me. If not, no problem I'm not a pushy salesman and I'll never try to upsell you on any landscape maintenance services that you don't need and the good news is is because you're hiring me on GreenPal there is no contract for my lawn mowing services. You can cancel the grass cuts at any time and that's pretty hard to come by with one maintenance companies in Elmhurst. Most of my colleagues that cut grass in Elmhurst will require some sort of yard maintenance contract or written landscaping maintenance agreement to initiate grass cutting services, however GreenPal makes everything so efficient and organized for my lawn mowing business that I won't need to have to get you to sign any sort of contract for your lawn maintenance to get me to maintain your yard landscaping. I love picking up new lawn maintenance clients in Elmhurst Illinois and you have probably even see me cutting some grass over by Golden Meadows Park and by Crestview Park in Elmhurst so all that being said let me give you some extra free time on the weekends and take the yard work off of your hands I'm happy to do it and that's how I make my livelihood thank you so much for considering me for your grass cutting needs I'll look forward to meeting you in developing a plan of attack for making your lawn looks like one of the best in Elmhurst Illinois.

Also , if you are needing a grass cutting services in Oak Park IL we cut grass over Cook county and also do cheap yard mowing nearby Orland Park IL..


CAP Lawn Care Services in Elmhurst, IL

Hired 498 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.433 Reviews)

It's a pleasure to become your trusted lawn maintenance and landscaping maintenance provider for your home as long as you own it in Elmhurst Illinois. Let me explain a few things that I do differently than other grass cutting services a cut grass in Elmhurst. First off, I will not leave your yard till I feel like it looks as good as it possibly can. I like to follow up after every grass cutting that I do on the GreenPal lawn mowing system to see her how things went with your yard maintenance visit and if you would like any other yard work done on the next grass cutting that I do for you. All I ask is if things did work go well and you're happy with the lawn care services that I gave to you on GreenPal that you leave me a positive review for the lawn care service that I did for you. This in turn helps me grow my lawnmowing business and get more grass cutting customers in Elmhurst which then in turn allows me to offer a little bit better affordable yard maintenance pricing and so on.

It's kind of like a flywheel. If you're looking to hire a grass cutting company that doesn't have any lawn maintenance clients in Elmhurst area within you were kind of having to bear the cost of them navigating traffic on York St. I mean think about it. When you do that you were kind of paying for the lawn mowing businesses time and not getting anything in return done in your landscaping. But the good news is is that you don't have to worry about any of that when you hire my grass cutting company as I take pride in running in efficient lawn maintenance operation so I can offer the best grass cutting prices for my lawn maintenance clientele in the village of Elmhurst Illinois . Do you need any other yard work done? No problem we offer a wide range of yard maintenance services such as light tree pruning, shrub trimming and for landscaping renovation, full fall leaf cleanup, and turf renovation and overseeding. All of the services are necessary if you were wanting to improve your lawn’s curb appeal and the overall look of your yard and property however they are not absolutely mandatory just to maintain your yard only if you want to enhance the image of it. You probably have sees me enhancing the lawn and landscaping for several of your neighbors over by Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art as well as over by Marjorie Davis Park in Elmhurst and so I would be happy to have the opportunity to do the same landscaping maintenance and grass cutting for your home as well. Thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance I can guarantee you will not be let down if you hired me to cut your grass for you in Elmhurst Illinois.

Also , if you are not near Elmhurst , IL we also do local landscape maintenance services in Orland Park IL and if you do not live in that park of the Chicagoland area, we also offer nearby grass cutting services in Palatine IL.


Seans Lawn Care Services in Elmhurst, IL

Hired 428 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.423 Reviews)

I treat all my lawnmowing customers in Elmhurst like family. Sure I service the entire Chicagoland area cutting grass all over Cook county however I always treat my Elmhurst lawn maintenance clients like solid gold. Why is that you might be asking? Because for some reason my Elmhurst lawn maintenance customers always recommend me more for some reason. Over the last few lawnmowing seasons I have built up a dense lawn maintenance route through the Village of Elmhurst, IL and the result is Im able to offer more affordable lawn mowing prices and more consistent yard maintenance service than just about any other lawn care service you can hire in the Elmhurst area. I don't believe it? Read over my lawn maintenance reviews when you get my price for your grass cutting on GreenPal.

That will give you a good sense for what kind of lawn maintenance business I am running and what people in Elmhurst have to say about how I did on their grass cutting as well as their landscape maintenance services. All that to say I hope that you can hire me with confidence to cut your grass for you on your GreenPal account. Keep in mind I'm not going to be the cheapest grass cutting service that you can hire in the Elmhurst Illinois area however when it comes to value and affordability with respect to your landscaping maintenance there is simply nobody better than me in the Village of Elmhurst that you can hire for your yard maintenance. When I come out to cut your grass for the first time I walk the entire yard to make sure that I pick up any sticks, toys, or any garden hoses that you might have in your yard. This is a nice preliminary step the most lawn care services will not bother to do and it's the all the difference in the world. Have you ever had a lawn care service that just mows around obstacles in the yard or will even run over a garden hose and cut it into two pieces? Yeah well you don't have to worry about that with my lawnmowing company because we don't operate our grass cutting service in Elmhurst that way. We believe in customer service and treating a customer with respect and part of that is surveying the property and yard before we cut your grass. The next thing I do is I will mow your lawn in nice alternating patterns to put the nice stripes that you've probably seen in other parts of the Elmhurst area. Speaking of which you probably seen some of my grass cutting over by Salt Creek Park and maybe even seen some of the yards I have mowed over by Plunkett Park. All that to say I'm always mowing lawns in the Village of Elmhurst so it's no problem for me to pick up your grass cutting the very next day after you hire me on GreenPal. Keep in mind I need at least 24 hours to work you into my lawn maintenance route and then after that we can pick out a day that you want your grass cut every week or every two weeks yard maintenance and you can rest assured I will stay on schedule. Thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance and lawn care services this year I look forward to earning your trust one grass cutting out a time.

Also , if you are not near Elmhurst , IL we also do nearby lawn mowing services in Arlington Heights IL and we service a wide area in Cook County including residential lawn mowing services in Des Plaines IL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Cheryl Todd Yard Cutting in Elmhurst IL
“The think the thing I like the most about the GreenPal yard maintenance mobile is the communication. When you sign up for lawnmowing service through GreenPal you get a email letting you know what Elmhurst lawn mowing service hired and who you'll be working with, and then after the lawn care service you hire cuts your grass you get a email with a picture of the lawn mowing attached. Then after that you can set up all kinds of other yard maintenance services as well and everything is very clear and saving you time on the all the hassle dealing with different Elmhurst yard maintenance companies. I am on my fifth grass cut now using using the lawn care service in Elmhurst that I hired with my GreenPal mobile app and every time they do a fantastic job on the grass cutting and I never even have to talk to them. Everything is handled in the background and all of the headache with dealing with dealing with local lawn care services in Elmhurst is gone for me now.”
Maria Wills Lawn Cutting in Elmhurst IL
“Wow is all I can say. GreenPal saved me hours and hours of time of meeting with different lawnmowing companies at my house in Elmhurst Illinois over by Wilder Park. And then because I got competing prices for grass cutting and my landscaping maintenance I'm saving over $50 a month on all of my yard maintenance services by going through GreenPal. It saved me so much time on my landscaping maintenance rather than calling around getting yard mowing quotes and prices for landscaping maintenance. I've been looking for something like GreenPal for a very long time. It really took the headache out of figuring out who is the best lawn care service in Elmhurst to to mow my yard and maintain my landscaping.”
William Bianco Lawn Care Service in Elmhurst IL
“While searching around for lawn care services near me in Elmhurst I came across the GreenPal website. While at first I'm always leery of online websites to get stuff done but GreenPal seemed to be what I was looking for because it wasn't my lawnmowing company but it help me get prices and hire a lawnmowing business in Elmhurst. Ultimately I still wanted to deal with the owner of a local lawn care service in Elmhurst and not some big company and GreenPal seemed to be just that. Signing up and creating my lawn maintenance account was super easy and took less than three minutes. And then I was hooked up with and affordable lawnmowing service who came out and cut my grass that very same day within 45 minutes. I must say the whole process exceeded my expectations and really did simplify hiring a lawnmowing service in Elmhurst based on what I've had to do in the past.”
Allison Irwin Lawn Maintenance in Elmhurst IL
“I just wanted a basic grass cutter to mow my yard every two weeks nothing more and nothing less. Every lawn care service in Elmhurst that I called came out to my house and gave me the full-court press on some big full landscape maintenance contract that included all the bells and whistles like mulch and shrubs and everything that I really didn't need. All I was looking for was just a basic grass cutting service to mow the yard every 14 days and keep the city of Elmhurst from sending me a nasty letter. Luckily I found GreenPal while searching for grass cutting services in Elmhurst nearby me. The website was just what I was looking for I signed up and got three lawnmowing estimates and hired an affordable lawn mowing service to come cut the grass every two weeks. Everything with the yard maintenance is billed nice and convenient to my credit card and I don't have to worry about haggling over when the grass cutting service is going to come in when it's not going to come. I guess you could say I'm a GreenPal fan.”

lawn-maintenance-in-Elmhurst-IL-lawn-service-in-Elmhurst If you are searching around for reliable yard maintenance companies and grass cutting services in Elmhurst Illinois well then you have a ride to the right place on the Internet. Welcome to GreenPall the easiest way in Elmhurst to hire a reliable lawnmowing service, schedule yard maintenance, and pay a local landscape maintenance company in the Elmhurst area to cut your grass on a weekly yard maintenance schedule, every two week grass cutting cycle, and every ten-day yard mowing schedule. Let me to explain a little bit about how the GreenPal lawn maintenance website and yard maintenance mobile app work. You see GreenPal attracts the best lawn care services in Elmhurst Illinois to operate their lawn mowing service on top of GreenPals technology and lawn maintenance website. Everything with your yard maintenance from scheduling to pricing of grass cutting services to invoicing in bill payment for yard maintenance is all handled on GreenPal’s technology and online software. Because it makes it easier for these Elmhurst, Il lawn care services to operate their lawnmowing business the result is you can order lawnmowing services with a few taps on your smartphone or clicks of the mouse on this website that you're on right now. Rather than finding an Elmhurst lawn mowing business the whole way of calling around to dozens and dozens of lawn care services near me in Elmhurst area you can I'll just get up to five lawn maintenance prices within 30 minutes of signing up in creating your account on Greenpal.

You'll get custom lawn maintenance prices email to you for how much it was going to cost to cut your grass and then you can hire one of the local lawn care services who operate their lawnmowing company on the GreenPal platform. But that's not all. After that you can read over lawnmowing services reviews that other people in Elmhurst area have said about their skills as a relates to grass cutting, how professional they are as a relates to landscaping maintenance, and how reliable they are when it comes to lawnmowing and staying on a fixed yard maintenance schedule . Why is this important? Because the reality is most lawnmowing services in Elmhurst are unreliable and can't even manage to return a phone call or a voicemail to their lawn care service customers. However when you hire a grass cutting service on GreenPal to mow your yard you get more consistent customer service from them and a lawn maintenance schedule that they will stick to and the best part is you don't even have to mail them a check for the lawn mowing after they are done cutting your grass. You can take a look at this page to see a few of the top rated lawn care services in Elmhurst Illinois who operate the lawnmowing business on the GreenPal platform and heck you have probably seen some of these lawnmowing services cutting grass by Elmhurst College or maintaining yards over by York Commons Park. And the good news is now you can hire them to mow your yard and make your lawn and landscaping look like one of the best in Elmhurst with a few clicks of your mouse. Should you have any questions on how to use your GreenPal account to find schedule and hire the best long care service in Elmhurst Illinois do not hesitate to reach out we would be glad to help explain how to use your account for on demand lawn mowing services. Also if you live in another part of the Chicagoland area, GreenPal can help you order affordable lawn care services in Des Plaines, IL as well as that and also nearby grass cutting services in Arlington Heights, IL.

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About Elmhurst Illinois

Elmhurst is a city mostly in DuPage County and overlapping into Cook County, and a western suburb of Chicago.

Members of the Potawatomi Native American people, who settled along Salt Creek just south of where the city would develop, are the earliest known settlers of the Elmhurst area. Around 1836, European-American immigrants settled on tracts of land along the same creek. At what would become Elmhurst City Centre, a native of Ohio named Gerry Bates established a community on a tract of "treeless land" in 1842.

The following year, Hill Cottage Tavern opened where St. Charles Road and Cottage Hill Avenue presently intersect. In 1845, the community was officially named Cottage Hill when a post office was established. Four years later the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad was given right-of-way through Cottage Hill giving farmers easier access to Chicago. The community changed its name to Elmhurst in 1869. In 1871, Elmhurst College was organized and currently has 3,500 undergraduates and about 300 graduate students. Elmhurst was incorporated as a village in 1882, with a population between 723 and 1,050, and legal boundaries of St. Charles Road to North Avenue, and one half mile west and one quarter mile east of York Street. Elmhurst Memorial Hospital was founded in 1926 as the first hospital in DuPage County.

As of the census[11] of 2000, there were 42,762 people, 15,627 households, and 11,235 families residing in the city. The population density was 4,165.9 people per square mile. There were 16,147 housing units at an average density of 1,573.1 per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 93.40% White, 0.94% African American, 0.06% Native American, 3.67% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.97% from other races, and 0.95% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 4.02% of the population.

There were 15,627 households out of which 33.9% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 62.0% were married couples living together, 7.4% had a female householder with no husband present, and 28.1% were non-families. 24.6% of all households were made up of individuals and 11.4% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.63 and the average family size was 3.19. Source: Wikipedia Elmhurst, IL

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