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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Des Plaines, IL as of Jul, 2024


DK Lawn Care in Des Plaines, IL

Hired 27 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

Making lawns in Des Plaines beautiful is what I do. I love taking an average looking yard with sparse grass and turning it into something beautiful. That's what I specialize in and if you want to improve the look of your lawn and landscaping please hire me to do your yard maintenance. I can do anything from your basic every two week lawnmowing's to every seven day landscaping and garden maintenance. All that to say I can do as much lawn maintenance or a little landscape maintenance care that you want me to. I aim to please and I'm very flexible and accommodating with my lawn maintenance clientele in the Des Plaines area. There are a few limitations this and let me explain. First off if your grass is over 10 inches tall on the first mowing please allow me to manage your expectations and do not expect a perfect lawn cutting job when I come out to mow your yard the first time. Also I do not bag grass clippings because my lawnmowers do not have grass catcher on them however the good news is is that I will double or triple cut your yard to get the lawn looking as good as I can.

You might be wondering if I don't bag the grass clippings how do I make the yard look good Well with my professional grade lawnmowing equipment that I would use to service your yard and landscaping I will chop up all the grass clippings into little pieces to where the grass clippings virtually disappeared. And the mulched up grass clippings going back into your turf act as a fertilizer for the grass so it's a win-win. So when you have me cut your grass every seven days you don't have to worry about tall grass or anything like that however if you have let your yard get out of control and the lawn is over 10 or 12 inches tall for the first lawnmowing just keep in mind that it will take me a few grass cutting visits to get everything back perfect in your yard, but that's what I'm here for and I'm a professional and I love turning around bad looking yards in Des Plaines Illinois. The other thing that I have to kindly pushback on that sometimes my lawn maintenance clientele in Des Plaines ask of me if I can set their yard mowing on an every three week or every month grass cutting rotation. Unfortunately I can't accommodate this because the grass just gets to long between every 2 week lawnmowing visits however I can do every two weeks where we are on an 14 day lawn maintenance and that's a pretty affordable yard maintenance schedule. If you think about it most of my lawnmowing costs start around $35 per grass cutting in Des Plaines so it's really only $70 or $80 a month for lawnmowing during the months out of the year that the grass grows. So if all that sounds good when you get my price for grass cutting on GreenPal go ahead and hire me and I will be out the very next day to get started on making your yard one of the best looking in Des Plaines Illinois.

Also , if you need residential lawn maintenance services in Palatine IL I may be able to help you out with that as well as yard maintenance services in Oak Park, IL.


Top Notch Lawn Care in Des Plaines, IL

Hired 37 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

I offer all kinds of yard maintenance services for my grass cutting customers in Des Plaines Illinois. Sure my bread-and-butter is the weekly lawn mowing mowing that I do on GreenPal however I also also offer other landscape maintenance services such as mulch, weed pulling from your landscaping beds, fall leaf removal, and also mulch and pine straw. So if you're looking for something more than just a basic grass cutter I will be a good fit for you , I love when a lawn maintenance client hires me on GreenPal to cut the grass and then I'm able to build a much bigger relationship with them around the yard maintenance and to enhance the image of their lawn care and yard appeal over the course of a few months. I like taking a basic looking yard in Des Plaines and turning it into something beautiful. You probably see some of my yard maintenance turnaround work over by Prairie Lakes Park, and by the United Methodist Campground in Des Plaines and I would love to do the same thing for your yard this year.

Now let me just say this, if all you need is just a basic grass cutter that I can help you with that too please don't misunderstand me and think that all offer is full service landscaping maintenance contracts, quite the contrary I have many customers nearby the Des Plaines area that have me do just grass cutting every two weeks, and I am fine with that. It's my hope that over time I will earn more of your lawn maintenance business from you by way of showing up on time every 14 days to mow your yard and to earn your trust to allow me to do additional yard maintenance services for you such as bush trimming, landscaping renovation, and turf renovation. All of these additional yard maintenance services are really where I can improve your lawn's look. Some folks in Des Plaines will hire me to cut the grass and then wonder why their lawn doesn't look that much better than it did before. Well the reality is to have one of the best looking yard in Des Plaines, you need to do an investment of time and resources in seed and a fertilizer program from the local fertilization company in Des Plaines Illinois. I know of several and I can make recommendations for your lawn fertilization. Nothing works better than having me cut your grass and maintain your landscaping and gardens for you and have another professional tag team the fertilizing of the grass with me. We are then able to coordinate the timeline to get all of that yard work done for you and everything is handled for you seamlessly. Also the good news is all the grass cutting and other yard work can be handled on your GreenPal account and this is by far the easiest way for both of us to manage the scheduling of all of these yard maintenance services as well as the payment of the billing and everything like that. Thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance I look forward to developing a relationship with you and making your yard one of the best looking yards in Des Plaines. Il this year.

Also , if you are needing a nearby lawn care services in Evanston IL I know that the GreenPal website also covers that part of Chicagoland as well as nearby grass cutting services in Skokie IL..


Bruce Lawn Care Services in Des Plaines, IL

Hired 48 times on GreenPal
cheap-lawn-mowing-businesses-in-Des Plaines-IL-near-me
(overall rating 5/5.43 Reviews)

If you're looking for a higher end landscape maintenance contractor to manicure your home and keep your lawn and landscaping and gardens in top-notch shape then please consider my lawn maintenance company because I would love to earn your landscaping maintenance business in Des Plaines Illinois. I will not be a cheap lawn care service for you, however I will be one of the most value packed and detail oriented lawn maintenance companies that you can hire with your GreenPal account. Most people don't know this but there are many different varieties and types of lawn maintenance companies in Des Plaines. Allow me to explain. Some folks are looking for just a basic grass cutting company to keep the city of Des Plaines from sending them a citation and a nasty letter in the mail notifying them of the tall grass, and that's fine and there are many cheap lawn care services in Des Plaines, Il that can help with that.

If that is what you are looking for then please do not consider my lawn maintenance company because I will not be a good fit for your lawn care services needs. And then other folks who are looking more for a private gardener that will come by two or three times a week and hand prune the bushes and pull their weeds and push mow their yard. Again that's more of a private landscape maintenance concierge service and that's not really what my lawnmowing business does either. See what I mean, and how the yard cutting business can get a little confusing really quick. Now if you're looking for a solid detail oriented lawn maintenance company that can come your yard every seven days and mow your lawn, spray your weeds in your landscaping beds, and also trim your shrubs as needed, then my lawn maintenance company will be one of the best solutions in Des Plaines Illinois that you can hire to maintain your lawn and landscaping. Most of my lawn maintenance visits start out at about $45 per grass cutting and they can usually go up to around $60 per lawnmowing just depending on what add on yard maintenance services you want to add with your weekly grass cuttings. I am not taking on monthly or every three weeks lawnmowing clients this year, however if you order lawnmowing service from me through GreenPal you can set up an every two week lawn maintenance schedule and while it's not recommended and I don't typically like doing every two week grass cuttings because it's hard to keep my customers lawns in top-notch shape on every 14 day lawn maintenance schedule however if you order through GreenPal I will accommodate that yard mowing schedule for you if that's what you really want. So if you live over by Kloempken Prairie or over by Lake Park Golf Course in Des Plaines Illinois. I would be happy to pick up your lawn maintenance for you and thank you so much for considering my yard maintenance business.

Also , if you are not near Des Plaines , IL we also do residential yard mowing services in Elmhurst IL and also offer local lawn cutting services in Palatine IL.


Mac's Lawn Care Services in Des Plaines, IL

Hired 48 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.43 Reviews)

I'm not like other lawn care services that you can hire to mow your yard in Des Plaines Illinois, I specialize in one thing, low-cost lawn care. My lawn mowing business offers no-frills basic grass cutting on a weekly or every two week your maintenance schedule and my specialty is saving you money on your lawn care with a no nonsense basic grass cutting approach. If you're looking for private gardener or a horticulturalist to offer diagnosis and inspections for your turf, landscaping and gardens, that is not going to be my lawn maintenance company. I specialize in grass cutting and that's about it. I do a little bit of extra lawn maintenance work such as shrub pruning from time to time however my main focus is running my lawn maintenance crews throughout the Des Plaines Illinois area as efficiently as possible to keep lawn maintenance cost for my grass cutting customers. My lawnmowing business specializes in residential lawn care and I currently have 45 weekly and every two week lawn maintenance clients throughout the Chicagoland area.

I am in the village of Des Plaines cutting grass two days a week usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week. I have three grass cutting customers over by Algonquin Woods, and two or three lawn maintenance clients over by Rivers Casino Des Plaines. So if you are fine with me mowing your yard on Wednesday or Thursday of every week then the good news is that you can probably save a little bit of money on your lawnmowing with my grass cutting company. Most lawn care services nearby Des Plaines charge between $45 and $50 per lawnmowing from what I understand talking to other lawn care services in town. My landscape maintenance business usually starts out at $35 for grass cutting and go up to $40 or $45 for lawnmowing just depending on what kind of yard maintenance services you want to include with your grass cutting appointments. So if you want to add landscaping bed maintenance where I pull the weeds from your mulched areas and gardens. I can usually add that onto the lawnmowing visits that you have scheduled with me on your GreenPal account and it usually runs around $10 more per lawnmowing visit. Another option that you can add onto your lawnmowing visits with me is pruning of your shrubs. Keep in mind all of this additional yard maintenance work can be added onto your GreenPal account. After I cut your grass the first time I will send you pricing for this additional lawn maintenance work for your landscaping. And if any of the addition yard maintenance prices that I furnish to you through your GreenPal account look good go ahead and just click to approve those and it will magically appear on my dashboard to perform for you next time I'm out cutting your grass. Honestly if you hired me to cut your grass lawn care does not get any more affordable in the Des Plaines Illinois and with GreenPal it doesn't get any easier to coordinate it and order yard work from me. So thank you so much for considering my landscaping maintenance company, if you hire me to cut your grass I can promise you consistent affordable and reliable lawn care services for as long as you live in Des Plaines Il.

Also , if you are not near Des Plaines , IL we also do local yard maintenance services in Arlington Heights IL and that not all, our yard maintenance business also offers affordable yard services in Orland Park IL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
William Swinford Grass Cut in Des Plaines IL
“My wife has the green thumb of the household so whoever we get to cut our grass for our home by Prairie Lakes Park in Des Plaines has to meet her seal of approval. Me on the other hand I am in charge of finding and interviewing the lawn care service that we want to work with and that's the hard part. Every lawnmowing company that I would hire in Des Plaines would not suit her, it wasn't until GreenPal popped up on my Facebook feed and I tried it out was I able to get setup with a lawn care service that meets her seal of approval. Sure we had to try a different couple lawnmowing companies on GreenPal that to find the one that she liked to cut the grass, but I must say overall it's much easier than doing it the old way of calling around and wrangling lawn guys. Check out GreenPal I highly recommend it.”
Frank Case Lawn Maintenance in Des Plaines IL
“For some reason lawnmowing services in Des Plaines operate on their own time, after being stood up four different times from different grass cutting services I was almost resorted to start cutting my own yard again. Once I started weighing out my options and figuring out that I would have to buy a push mower and that cutting my yard will take me about an hour each grass cut to mow the yard I figured I would give it one more chance to try to find a reliable affordable lawn mowing company in Des Plaines cut my grass for me. Luckily I found GreenPal and after hiring the lawnmowing service I wanted to work with they have mowed the yard three times now and it's been smooth sailing so much so that I felt like the mobile app deserved a good review, it really did save me time and a little bit of money on my grass cutting.”
Carmen Maddocks Yard Mowing in Des Plaines IL
“I think I like the most about GreenPal is that should something happen with the lawnmowing service that you hired it's so easy to find a new lawn cutting guy. I must say I'm a little picky about my yard maintenance and so I had to try a couple different lawn care services in Des Plaines to find one that I really wanted to work with on my yard maintenance this year. GreenPal lets you take a couple of spins for yard maintenance prices with their mobile app so you can audition a couple different lawnmowing services and settle in with the landscaping maintenance business that you want to work with on a weekly or every two weeks yard maintenance schedule. This is my far the easiest way I've ever hired anybody to do my yard maintenance or any other maintenance at my home in Des Plaines for that matter.”
Carol Perez Lawn Service in Des Plaines IL
“After getting in a disagreement with my last lawn care service in Des Plaines about their grass cutting price increase for the lawn cutting, I decided to go shopping for lawnmowing services again. I just hired my previous lawn mowing services last summer and everything was working out well, but he wanted to increase his lawnmowing price $10 per grass cut. I felt that was a little absurd so it was time to find somebody new. GreenPal completely eliminated the pain of getting multiple yet competitive lawn cutting prices from residential lawn care services to cut my grass over by the Ridgewood Memorial in Des Plaines. If you looking for the fastest way to get quotes and hire a yard maintenance guy GreenPal is it.”

lawn-maintenance-in-des-plaines-IL-lawn-service-in-des-plaines Have you been calling around to grass cutting business in Des Plaines, Il for the last few hours looking for somebody to mow your yard? Has your grass grown to be a little tall and you are needing a lawn mowing service to cut it? Well you are at the right place, welcome to GreenPal the easiest and fastest and most affordable way to hire a reliable landscaping maintenance company and yard mowing business in Des Plaines Illinois fast and without even making a phone call for grass cutting prices. We understand that it can be a pain to find a reliable lawnmowing business in Des Plaines and that's why we built GreenPal. Let me explain a little bit about how the GreenPal lawn maintenance website and yard mowing mobile app work and how it can save you time on finding a reliable yard maintenance company and money on your grass cutting services. You see GreenPal attracts the best lawn care services in Des Plaines, Il to run their lawnmowing business on the GreenPal website and lawn maintenance mobile app.

This means you can order affordable grass cutting, get prices for lawn maintenance and order yard work, hire and schedule a reliable lawn maintenance company in Des Plaines without all the hassle of calling around and requesting yard maintenance prices and haggling over the cost for lawn care services. I mean think about it, how do you know that you're getting a good deal on lawnmowing services when you make a few phone calls and get one or two lawnmowing prices and you can not even read reviews to tell is these Des Plaines lawnmowing companies are legit or not. With GreenPal you get up to five free yard maintenance quote emailed right to your email inbox without calling around, and then you can read over reviews about each of the lawnmowing companies near Des Plaines that have submitted their price for your lawn cutting and see what other residents in Des Plaines had said about how they did on their lawn mowing. This is by far the easiest and most efficient way to hire a low-cost yet reliable residential lawn care service and if you think about it this is the way it should be. Now you are in control and you can get competitive lawnmowing prices for your yard mowing without all the hassle of leaving a bunch of voicemails and begging lawnmowing services to come out and give you a price for your grass cutting, now you get customized affordable yard cutting prices emailed straight to you and you can hire the lawn cutting service you want to work with. No matter if you live by Oakton Community College, Algonquin Woods, or over by High Ridge Knolls Park in Des Plaines, no problem, GreenPal has attracted the best lawn care services in the Des Plaines area nearby to give you rapid fast lawnmowing prices and prompt and courteous grass cutting services. So after you create your GreenPal account to hire your next lawnmowing business feel free to reach out and ask us any questions about how to use your GreenPal account to save time and money on your lawnmowing services for your home in Des Plaines Illinois. Also if you live in another part of the Chicagoland area, GreenPal can also help you with local lawn maintenance services in Oak Park, IL and also assist you in interviewing and hiring a residential lawn mowing service in Arlington Heights, IL that also offer their landscaping maintenance services on the GreenPal website.

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About Des Plaines Illinois

Des Plaines is a city in Cook County, Illinois, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 58,364

Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Ojibwe, Native American tribes inhabited the Des Plaines River Valley prior to Europeans' arrival. When French explorers and missionaries arrived in the 1600s, in what was then the Illinois Country of New France, they named the waterway La Rivière des Plaines (River of the Plane Tree) as they felt that trees on the river resembled the European plane tree. The first white settlers came from the eastern United States in 1833,[5] after the Treaty of Chicago, followed by many German immigrants during the 1840s and 1850s. In the 1850s, land in the area was purchased by the Illinois and Wisconsin Land Company along a railroad line planned between Chicago and Janesville, Wisconsin. In 1852, the developers built a steam-powered mill next to the river, to cut local trees into railroad ties. Socrates Rand then bought the mill and converted it into a grist mill, which attracted local farmers. The Illinois and Wisconsin Railroad made its first stop in the area in the fall of 1854.

In 1857, the Chicago, St. Paul and Fond du Lac Railroad began running its route, stopping near the mill on the Des Plaines river, where a small business section had grown up. The railroad platted the prospective town of Rand at the site. In 1859, the Chicago and North Western Railway purchased the rail line, giving the train station the name "Des Plaines". In 1869, the Rand subdivision name was changed to Des Plaines, and the village of Des Plaines was incorporated

As of the census[16] of 2000, there were 58,720 people, 22,362 households, and 15,071 families residing in the city. The population density was 4,071.2 people per square mile. There were 22,851 housing units at an average density of 1,584.3 per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 84.44% White, 7.65% Asian / Asian American, 0.26% Native American, 1.01% Black or African American, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 4.64% from other races, and 1.97% from two or more races. 14.01% were Hispanic or Latino of any race. Biggest ancestries: German (21.5%), Polish (18.2%), Irish (13.8%), Italian (10.6%), English (5.2%), Swedish (3.3%).

There are 22,362 households, out of which 29.1% have children under the age of 18 living with them, 54.8% were married couples living together, 9.0% had a female householder with no husband present, and 32.6% were non-families. 28.5% of all households were made up of individuals and 13.3% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.58 and the average family size was 3.21. In the city, the population was spread out with 22.3% under the age of 18, 7.5% from 18 to 24, 29.2% from 25 to 44, 23.8% from 45 to 64, and 17.2% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 40 years. For every 100 females there were 93.6 males. For every 100 women age 18 and over, there were 89.6 men. Source: Wikipedia Des Plaines, IL

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