Here are Best Lawn Care Services in West Chicago, IL as of May, 2024

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Tr Quality Landscape Lawn Services in West Chicago, IL

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Growing green grass and keeping it that way is not hard. But it is time-consuming. While juggling a busy life, you might want to do something other than take your lawn mower out of the shed. If you want to pass your lawn care chores to trained experts, consider Tr Quality Landscape.

Not only does Tr Quality Landscape provides high-quality lawn care services, but our prices are also one of the lowest in the area. In fact, our lawn care packages are better than some of the average prices in the region.

Everything from grass cutting to lawn maintenance is available when you hire us.

Tr Quality Landscape provides affordable, reliable, and high-quality lawn care services in West Chicago, Illinois, and DuPage County. We have helped clients in Easton, Timber Lake, and other local communities. We also provide lawn mowing services in Chicago, Illinois.

Our main goal is to help you. What we do depends on you and the condition of your grass.

If you need us to mow your yard every other weekend, we'll send our best to do it. For more complex problems like weed infestation or even grass disease, we need more hands on deck.

The seasonal lawn care services Tr Quality Landscape provides are ideal for any budget, goal, or specific problem. Whether you have patchy grass or want us to maintain a healthy lawn, we'll customize the lawn service treatment. That way, whatever we do helps your grass respond better to treatment.

Applying water at the right time of the year, mowing it often, using quality fertilizers, aerating, and using seeds that your grass responds to is enough to create healthy, green, thriving grass.

Plus, we'll tackle weeds before they become a problem or remove the ones on your property right now without damaging your grass.

Our pricing plans will not lock you into contracts. Get ongoing lawn maintenance or grass-cutting services without being stuck with a contract.

For the best possible results, we recommend you hire us early in the year, primarily in the spring. If you need us to fix thin grass, remove invasive plants, or handle another lawn care project, Tr Quality Landscape is here to help.

Save big on all of our lawn care services. You won't find low prices and contract-free service anywhere else. Visit our profile to learn more.

We've done work near Kline Creek Farm and other places in West Chicago, Illinois.

Hire Tr Quality Landscape for affordable lawn care in West Chicago. 

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Purkey Property Lawn Services in West Chicago, IL

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Growing healthy grass involves a couple of things. If you fertilize at the right time of year, add a good balance of water, frequently mow without cutting too low, clear thatch, and feed it with the proper nutrients, you'll have lovely-looking grass all year. Purkey Property can help you do this.

If you're unsure how to begin, consider hiring Purkey Property. We'll take on your monthly and seasonal lawn care needs. We can even provide our landscaping services too.

So, if you want lawn care services in West Chicago, Illinois, and DuPage County, hire Purkey Property. We have helped customers in Appletree, Woodboro, and other local neighborhoods in the region. We even provide landscaping services in Chicago, Illinois.

Our lawn service solutions are perfect for whatever problem you have. From spotty areas to fading grass color to removing thatch, Purkey Property is the lawn care company you want by your side.

We take pride in our track record of high-level results and five-star reviews. Our years of giving it our all to our customers paid off. We offer the same five-star lawn care services to you.

Our team will keep a close eye on your yard by fertilizing, edging, grass cutting, aerating, watering, and routine maintenance.

Plus, we'll help fight off weeds, crabgrass, and even grass disease. More importantly, we'll tackle your everyday lawn care chores without burning a hole in your pocket.

We don't hire contractors. We have a team of trained lawn care professionals employed and trained by us. We follow some of the industry's most modern-day practices and pair them with top-brand equipment.

Most of our lawn care tools are battery-powered. These tools help us cut costs and charge lower rates than our competitors. So, you'll save a boatload of money by hiring Purkey Property.

Visit our business page to see our gallery of landscaping projects and customer reviews.

We've done lawn care work near Prairie Landing Golf Club and other places in West Chicago, Illinois.

Hire Purkey Property for quality lawn service in West Chicago. 

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Andrades Landscaping Lawn Services in West Chicago, IL

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Nothing makes us happier than getting a big thumbs up from our customers. We're on a mission to bring better lawn care to people while saving them money. After helping hundreds of customers and counting, we'd love to add you to our route.

If you value low-prices, high-quality solutions, and a reputable lawn service provider, then consider Andrades Landscaping. We'll be there for your next grass-cutting or lawn care job,

Andrades Landscaping offers affordable lawn care services in West Chicago, Illinois, and DuPage County. From Willowcreek to Cornerstone Lakes, we have helped customers throughout the region. We even provide lawn mowing services in Chicago, Illinois.

So, how can we help you? Once you hire us, we'll draft a lawn care plan specific to your needs. Our lawn care services mainly consist of grass cutting, yard maintenance, removing thatch, clearing debris, fertilizing, seeding, and more.

If all you need is someone to keep your property in great shape or routine lawn mowing services, we can help. Our trained lawn care pros use top-of-the-line tools for every job.

If you're looking for routine lawn mowing services or lawn maintenance, we can help. We use proper grass cutting techniques that keep your grass safe from harm.

To promote healthy growth, we control how much water to provide your grass, use fertilizers that block out weeds, and overseed to stop puddles from forming often. We'll also enhance grass thickness and growth patterns.

On sizzling summer days, we apply soil moisture to limit grass burn, especially on hotter days. For weed control services, we use chemical-free, and grass specific spot treatment to eliminate invasive plants. All while keeping your grass and garden safe.

The seasonal lawn care services you get from Andrades Landscaping can be a big difference-maker for your yard. Pay for ongoing or one-time jobs and cancel at any time.

Andrades Landscaping is rated one of the best lawn care companies in the area, thanks to hundreds of positive reviews. We'd love to add you to our wall of success too.

We've done work near Turtle Splash Water Park and other places in West Chicago, Illinois.

Hire Andrades Landscaping to transform your lawn today. 

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Faith Over Fear Inc Lawn Services in West Chicago, IL

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Faith Over Fear Inc is a family-run lawn care company. Treating your property as if it was our own is something we've done for many years now. Like a family member, we'll treat you with the same care, respect, and dedication. Whether removing snow or mowing the lawn, Faith Over Fear Inc does it right the first time.

Faith Over Fear Inc provides affordable lawn care services in West Chicago, Illinois, and DuPage County. We have served customers in Wayne Oaks, High Lake, and other nearby areas. We also help customers that are near the city.

Faith Over Fear Inc offers services including yard work, lawn service, weed eating, aeration, overseeding, fertilizing, lawn mowing services, sodding, edging, snow removal, and more.

Get everything you need by hiring Faith Over Fear Inc today.

We've completed many projects near Kruse House Museum and other places in West Chicago, Illinois.

Hire Faith Over Fear Inc for affordable lawn care in West Chicago.

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Felton Sellers grass cut in West Chicago IL
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I highly recommend you hire Tr Quality Landscape. They've done a great job on my lawn, which is near the West Chicago Prairie Forest Preserve. Highly recommended!

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I am pleased with the work done in my yard near the Kruse House Museum. Purkey Property went above and beyond what was asked of them, and I couldn't be happier.

Jenna Davila lawn mowing service in West Chicago IL
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This hard-working company deserves your attention. Andrades Landscaping are incredible at what they do and bring a lot of knowledge every time they show up on my property near Prairie Landing Golf Club.

Latasha Dixon yard cutting in West Chicago IL
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When I hired Faith Over Fear Inc, I wasn't sure what to expect the first time around. After working on my property near the West Chicago City Museum, I think there's yet to be another lawn care company that comes close. Do yourself a favor and hire this incredible company.