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D&K Services Lawn Services in Champaign, IL

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Welcome to our page. If you’ve been thinking about hiring a lawn care company, let the team at D&K Services help you. With affordable prices and a proven background, you can benefit from quality lawn care services. Just like many other customers before you, we’ll help you with all your lawn care needs, while saving you time and money. Consider us for your next landscaping project.

D&K Services provides lawn care services to property owners in Champaign, Illinois. While we do drive to other parts of the state and most of the nearby cities, we focus our efforts in Champaign County.

Partnering with us means you’ll get quality lawn care, yard maintenance, and landscaping services. Our company is made up of seasoned lawn care professionals. Experts who have provided quality results for our customers time and time again. We use a proven practice to achieve mind-bending results for your lawn and yard.

Lawn care services provided at this standard can be very expensive. We offer it at insanely lower rates. You’ll have a large selection of lawn care and yard maintenance services to choose from. All of which will be provided by a carefully handpicked team of trained experts.

When you work with D&K Services, you have a menu of options including lawn mowing, edging, uprooting, weed eating, crabgrass removal, insect control, planting, tree removal, dethatching, trimming, sodding, grub control, mulching, aeration, yard maintenance, irrigation, seeding, sodding, lawn maintenance, fertilization program, landscape maintenance, and many other lawn care services.

With our collective experience and careful hiring practices, we separate ourselves from other lawn care companies in Illinois. We also make sure to train our team to follow industry-leading practices while arming them with top-quality lawn care equipment. We constantly invest in top-rated lawn care equipment or maintain the tools we have now.

By working on ourselves, we can help you create outstanding landscaping results.

We have helped many property owners for years in various parts of Champaign and Illinois. We will provide you with the same level of effective lawn care services that all our customers have come to enjoy.

We actively encourage you to check out some of our past work. You will see all of our landscaping and lawn care work we’ve done for homes and businesses near places like Hessel Park, Sholem Aquatic Center, Krannert Art Museum, William M. Staerkel Planetarium, Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, Lincolnshire Fields Country Club, Champaign Country Club, properties near W Springfield Ave, and many other places in Champaign, Illinois.

D&K Services has the equipment, the staff, and the experience to get the job done. No matter how what kind of property you own, or what type of landscaping job you have in mind, our lawn care services can help you. 


Jt's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Champaign, IL

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Thank you for considering Jt's Lawn Care. We suggest you look through all the lawn care services we offer. No matter what you need, we have a long list of lawn care services to choose from. We will be a helping hand to guide throughout the process. From crafting a lawn care treatment plan to implement it, we will get you the results you need for your outdoor space in the fastest time possible.

Jt's Lawn Care offers low-cost but high-quality lawn care services. Our many years of combined lawn care and landscape experience has propelled us to the top. Our professional lawn care field technicians can deliver premium services for your lawn and yard.

We work with all lawn care needs. Our single-focused work style sets us apart from other lawn care companies, landscapers, and lawn mowing providers. We are dedicated to giving you the best experience and top-quality lawn care.

If you were to compare prices, you’ll see why many have considered our lawn care services a steal. For high-quality lawn care services we provide, you could easily spend thousands more going with another company.

Here at Jt's Lawn Care, we cut those prices and pass on significant savings to you. You can get proper lawn care, lawn maintenance, yard maintenance, and landscaping services at lower prices.

We pledge to give you high-quality lawn care services that you will be happy with. We are never finished unless you are satisfied with the work we’ve done for you. Our landscaping and lawn care services can really make a difference in your outdoor space. From dealing with weeds-filled, fading grass, and high grass, to beautiful trimmed, healthy, and cared for landscape, we are the lawn care company that will do it right.

Win back your weekends and let us get the lawn cut. We’ll do all the yard work and lawn maintenance.

You can receive lawn care treatment you request as soon as you want. We normally do site evaluations, soil testing, and other assessments. We do this so that we can check the condition of your lawn and provide the best treatment in our power. With our attention to detail, precision lawn mowing work, and professional landscape maintenance are our unique functions. Since we offer many affordable services, you won’t have to search anywhere else to get reliable and affordable lawn care services.

We are confident our lawn care services will be easy on your wallet and get you the results you’re looking for. Check out some of our work on homes and commercial properties near places like Krannert Art Museum, properties near Downtown Champaign, Thompson Park, Jefferson Middle School, Bian Park, Lincolnshire Fields Country Club, properties near Kenwood, and many Champaign, Illinois.

Hire Jt's Lawn Care today when you download the free GreenPal app and we’ll get started working on your yard and lawn.


Basic Lawn Care Lawn Services in Champaign, IL

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Here at Basic Lawn Care, our landscaping work is anything but basic. We have been providing superior lawn care and landscaping services for years in Champaign, Illinois. If you own a home or commercial property in the area, we can help you. We provide high-quality lawn mowing, yard maintenance, lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, and much more. Get quality care from us today.

We’ve provided lawn care services to many places in the city of Champaign and other parts of Illinois. During our time helping clients in Champaign, Basic Lawn Care has gotten praise for our high-quality landscaping and lawn care services.

All of the lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, and lawn care services are offered at fair value. We have more competitive rates than some of our competitors.

Hiring Basic Lawn Care means you’ll be getting a lawn care company with a long background in serving property owners in the state of Illinois. We create quality lawn care plans for you. Our lawn care services are provided at a higher value, more quality care, and a small business touch.

Basic Lawn Care has delivered reputable and premier lawn care services for years with excellent outcomes. Our team has worked on various lawns and yards throughout Champaign. Our results speak for themselves. We’ve built a team of trained lawn care professionals who are trained in all aspects of landscaping. Our lawn care and lawn maintenance services have been ranked as one of the top companies in the area.

Our affordable prices are valued at a better rate than lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies. The great thing about our lawn mowing and lawn care services is that we offer a whole bunch for you to choose from. No matter what you desire, we have you covered.

Whether it’s trimming, edging, weeds eating, yard maintenance, lawn mowing, mulching, lawn maintenance, pruning, fertilization, irrigation, landscape maintenance, sodding, seeding, and numerous other lawn care services.

Basic Lawn Care has provided lawn care services to many properties around Champaign including properties and homes near places like Sholem Aquatic Center, Country Fair Shopping Center, Stephens Family YMCA, Robert C. Porter Family Park, Powell Park, properties near W Kirby Ave, Sunset Ridge Park, Mullkin Park, Zahnd Park, Legends Driving Range & Executive Course, and many other places in Champaign, Illinois.

Download the free GreenPal app to get your next landscape maintenance, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, or some other lawn care service done for your lawn and yard. Basic Lawn Care is ready to answer all your lawn care-related questions. 


Roeske Lawn Services in Champaign, IL

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Roeske offers full-treatment lawn care programs at affordable prices. We provide premium lawn care packages that are priced at a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to overpay for lawn care and landscaping services. When you hire the professionals at Roeske, you’ll receive superior care without stressing over another bill. We can transform your outdoor space into your own personal oasis.

Our long years of serving property owners in Champaign, Illinois has allowed us to refine our services. When you hire us, it’s like getting a guaranteed agreement. We promise we’ll help you achieve all your lawn care goals. From restoring faded grass to repairing damaged lawns, or handling ongoing lawn maintenance, let us help you win back your weekends.

Not only do we implement industry-leading practices in all our services, but we also provide you with customized lawn care solutions. By tailoring our work with the needs of your lawn, we can create an easier, less expensive path to a beautiful green landscape. Consider this, any real lawn care pro knows there’s more to mowing your lawn than just passing it with a lawnmower.

It’s important to get the lawn cut at the right height so that your grass can grow properly. Other lawn mowing providers just rake-off your clippings or don’t do anything with it, leaving you with a mess. It goes beyond just lawn mowing. Whether it is yard maintenance, landscaping, or some other lawn care service, you need a lawn care company that implements effective work for long term care.

Roeske takes a completely comprehensive and multi-layered approached. We customize your lawn care services to ensure you get premium results. We know what is best for your lawn and yard. By mapping out a formula that works specifically for your property, we can help you save money and provide you with a greener landscape.

We want to make your life easier and make the process easy. Hire Roeske for any lawn care, yard maintenance, lawn maintenance, and landscaping services. We serve property owners all throughout Champaign and many close by cities.

Residential and commercial property owners can receive landscape maintenance, dethatching, irrigation, fertilizing, sodding, aeration, lawn maintenance mulching, planting, weeds removal, pressure washing yard maintenance, and other lawn care services.

Check out our gallery of landscaping and lawn care work we’ve done in the area. You can see all of the homes and commercial properties we’ve worked on that are near places like Robeson Meadows West Park, Spalding Park, Noel Park, properties near Bradley Ave, properties near Copper Slough, Hazel Park, Bristol Park, Arrowhead Lanes, Mattis Park, William M. Staerkel Planetarium, Turnberry Ridge Park, Morrissey Park, properties near Maynard Lake, and many other places in Champaign, Illinois.

Contact Roeske today for any of our lawn care services after downloading the GreenPal app.   

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Eade Sache lawn mowing in Champaign IL
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Champaign-IL local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Champaign-IL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Champaign-IL grass-cutting-businesses-in-Champaign-IL grass-cutting-businesses-in-Champaign-IL

Despite some delays because of the weather, the lawn care crew at D&K Services did a fantastic job on my yard and lawn that is near the Virginia Theatre. D&K Services took the time with their explanation and gave a very fair estimate. Their Lawn care services are affordable but also very professional. I really enjoyed their free assessment of my lawn and yard, which helped them create a plan for us. We got to see the progress as each week passed. I’m very happy with the lawn care job I got from them and I highly recommend them. 

Hector Rodriguez grass cut in Champaign IL
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Champaign-IL affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Champaign-IL affordable-lawn-services-in-Champaign-IL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Champaign-IL local-lawn-care-services-in-Champaign-IL

I don’t know if I would have gotten the outstanding lawn care work from another company. I received such amazing customer support and lawn care services from the team at Jt's Lawn Care. I feel like it is almost unfair for other people. You are really missing out if you don’t hire Jt's Lawn Care for all your landscaping needs. We booked them for different lawn care services that were needed for my lawn and yard near Trevett-Finch Park. After a series of applications, my lawn and yard made a complete change. Do yourself a favor and hire them before they get too busy for their list of customers. 

Sacha Gaffner lawn care service in Champaign IL
lawn-maintenance-in-Champaign-IL affordable-lawn-services-in-Champaign-IL grass-cutting-businesses-in-Champaign-IL lawn-maintenance-in-Champaign-IL cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Champaign-IL

Basic Lawn Care and the crew that run that show are amazing. They’ve been a great help with my lawn and yard. I thought getting great-looking grass was going to cost me a fortune but the fair lawn care bid I got from Basic Lawn Care made me check them out. I made a great decision hiring them and their fantastic lawn care service has improved my property that is near Clark Park. They came highly recommended and I would pass on the same endorsement for anyone looking for a great lawn care company. 

Richard Fadler lawn cutting in Champaign IL
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Champaign-IL local-lawn-care-services-in-Champaign-IL lawn-maintenance-in-Champaign-IL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Champaign-IL cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Champaign-IL

I had hired the lawn care professionals at Roeske to work on my lawn that is near Kaufman Lake. I have been using Roeske for my lawn for a couple of months now and they’ve done a series of different lawn maintenance and yard work. They also handled the recent aeration which has produced great results. It’s also very convenient that they offer so many lawn care services and I don’t have to hire other lawn care companies. I can just use Roeske for just about any lawn care job. Their prices are great and I am happy to recommend them to anyone.