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Lawn Masters Lawn Services in Crest Hill, IL

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Choose Lawn Masters for your landscaping needs. We're the number one choice for professional lawn care and landscaping services. Our high-performing and quality services save you time and money. We provide short and long-term maintenance solutions that are environmentally safe. Whether we're mowing your yard or installing a garden bed, we'll be your go-to source for top-quality care.

Affordable Landscape Maintenance For Crest Hill Residents

Here's what our routine maintenance services include:

  • Bi-weekly or monthly lawn mowing services
  • Weed eating
  • Edging slopes, borders, and tricky corners
  • Blowing leaves off your property and manual removal of wet leaves
  • Basic seasonal clean-up of dirt, debris, and branches
  • Spring cleaning after winter to remove dead grass or leftover debris
  • Scheduled fertilizing and overseeding to improve grass growth
  • Grub treatment
  • Power raking

Our prices are influenced by real-time weather conditions, the size of your yard, and soil conditions. For the most part, our prices start at $45 but can increase by 5 cents per square foot. At most, it can be roughly $40 to $90 more per acre on average.

As our customer, you can enjoy discounted prices if you hire us for recurring visits.

Quality Equipment For Quality Results

There's a debate about whether gas-powered mowers are better than battery-powered products. We strongly believe corded or battery-powered tools are just as powerful and provide the same professional-level results. Not only are they effective, but they also don't produce gas stench, making them suitable for your grass and the environment.

For every job, we use our EGO mowers and trimmers. Our eco-friendly approach doesn't stop there. We also use chemical-free fertilizers and weed control products like Green Gobbler Weed Killer.

Mowing and Weed Eating The Right Way

For weed eating, we use curved shaft machines, which weigh less and are better for cutting around obstacles and tight corners. For larger properties with less slopes or odd corners, we use straight shaft machines, which are more versatile for cutting weeds in commercial or large fields.

Hire Our Trained Lawn Care Professionals

We serve customers in Crest Hill, Illinois, and Will County. From Hillcrest to Chaney to properties near Remington Lakes, our company has proudly served the community for years. Our long list of positive reviews and successful projects has helped us become one of the best lawn service providers in the area.

Hire Lawn Masters with confidence, knowing you'll have a team of trained pros equipped with the tools and knowledge for anything you throw at us. Get affordable lawn care in Crest Hill by hiring us today.

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Ines Company Lawn Services in Crest Hill, IL

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Need a hand with your lawn care chores? There comes a time when everyone gets busy. For some, doing yard work is routine. For others, they don't know where to start. No matter what your situation is, Ines Company can help. Let our expert staff transform your outdoor space while you kick back and relax.

Tips For A Stunning Lawn

When you're on your journey to a beautiful green lawn, you're bound to run into obstacles. Whether it's weeds, fading spots, or something else, we'll help you breeze through any challenge. Here are some ways we create a stunning outdoor space for you:

  • Test Your Soil: What happens above ground results from what happens underneath it. Pesky weeds. Grubs. Bare spots. Thin and uneven grass. Those are usually the cause of an imbalance in PH levels. We test your soil for free to "check under the hood" so we can fix or improve your lawn's health and appearance.
  • Treat Issues At The Source: If we find something wrong, we usually add soil amendments to improve your lawn's health. These materials are mixed into the topsoil to restore your soil's PH balance. Cool-season grass needs optimal conditions to grow and thrive, and improving soil health is crucial in making that happen.
  • Patch-Up Bare Spots: We use drought-tolerant fertilizers and seeds as a one-two punch to cover up patchy spots. They work together to neutralize soil problems, improve grass thickness, and help it grow back better. If your patchy spots are caused by grubs, we'll use industry-leading products containing carbaryl.
  • Feed Your Grass Multiple Times A Year: Fertilizing your grass is like eating a healthy balanced meal. We use grass-specific fertilizers and turf builders that your lawn will love. We premix premium grass seed and professional-grade fertilizer that works best for grass types in Crest Hill.
  • Mow Your Grass Properly: When mowing your lawn, we always mow based on how much your grass has grown, what season we're in, and the weather. We also mow at 3 inches in height to promote better grass growth and avoid doing it when your yard is too wet.

Those are just some of the lawn care services we offer. We work with your budget and specific needs to help you find the right plan for you.

Top-Rated Lawn Service Provider In Will County

When it comes to hiring lawn care professionals, it can feel like a gamble. When you choose us, you'll be getting a team of trained specialists with hundreds of five-star reviews. We've worked with many customers in Crest Hill, Illinois, and Will County. We even serve customers in Chicago, Illinois.

So, if you don't want to gamble on the health of your yard, hire us today. We invite you to visit our profile to see our recent projects in Richland, Cedarwood, and even near Brent Hassert Park.

Hire Ines Company for quality lawn service in Crest Hill. 

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Joe's Jr Services Lawn Services in Crest Hill, IL

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It's growing season again! Spring is here, and your lawn is calling you out. Our custom lawn care plan will create the stunning outdoor oasis you've always wanted. A lush, green lawn doesn't have to be a dream. We'll take the guesswork out of your lawn care so you can enjoy your backyard to the max!

5 Spring Lawn Care Chores For Beautiful Outdoors

The sign of spring is all around you. These next few weeks are crucial if you want your lawn to look great all year. While we are available any time of the year, we recommend getting started early to give your grass the best chance to grow, look great, and thrive. Here are five chores to set your lawn for success.

  • 1) Remove Winter Debris: After a grueling winter, you might find an accumulation of tightly intermingled layers of roots, leaves, dead grass, and debris. Remove them before the start of your spring lawn care routine.
  • 2) Test Your Soil: A fertile, nutrient-rich soil is the key to healthy yards. An issue, such as bare spots or thin grass, is often related to your soil's health. Test it to ensure your lawn gets balanced nutrition to grow and thrive. We perform it for free if you hire us.
  • 3) Fertilize & Seed: Fertilize early in spring and patch up spotty areas with grass-specific seeds.
  • 4) Apply Pre-Emergents: Add pre-emergents to prevent weeds. The best time to do this is early March, and add it to the top layer of your soil. A word of warning, pre-emergents can damage newly seeded lawns. So, avoid adding it over freshly overseeded yards or wait until they've fully blossomed over time.
  • 5) Bring Out The Lawn Mower: Make sure your grass has fully thawed from the winter dormancy before cutting it. Once it gets a little warmer, you can start trimming your grass regularly.

The lawn care process can be complicated. It's filled with twists and turns and nitty gritty rules that demand a lot of your time and attention. When it becomes too much to handle, we can help. Get affordable lawn care services in Crest Hill, Illinois, and Will County, by hiring Joe's Jr Services today.

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Willa Z Alkhatib Yard Lawn Services in Crest Hill, IL

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Attention busy property owners! Have you been looking everywhere for a great deal on lawn care services? We can help! With prices starting as low as $43, you can get a complete landscape makeover for budget-friendly prices. No catches! No hidden fees! No bloated contracts are involved!

Healthy, Weed-Free Lawn In Record Time

Our competitors are a bit pricey. Not only do they stick you with an expensive bill, but some lawn service providers also force you into needless contracts. Not us! We offer one of the lowest rates that start at $43.

Here are some of the lawn care services we offer:

  • Snow removal
  • Lawn mowing services
  • Pressure Washing
  • Raking
  • Dethatching
  • Aeration
  • Fertilizing
  • Weed Control
  • Mulching
  • And More!

Who We Serve

We serve residential and commercial property owners in Crest Hill, Illinois, and Will County. Whether it's a small or large property, we create a customized lawn service treatment designed around your needs and budget.

From simple spring cleaning to removing leaves in the fall to repairing damaged grass, our company offers a lineup of options for all your outdoor needs.

Visit our business page to see our recent projects and for more information about our services. From Richland to properties near Crest Hill Community Park, we've served the entire area for years. Now, it's your turn.

We're ready to get started as soon as you are. Hire Willa Z Alkhatib Yard today.

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Lawn Masters is one of the best lawn care companies near me. I didn't think they'd be able to make my yard near Crest Hill Community Park look so great this quickly.

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Ines Company is a wonderful company. Their customer service and hard-working staff are worth the price. They changed the entire look of my backyard near Longmeadow Park, and I couldn't be happier.

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I highly recommend you hire Joe's Jr Services. They've done a great job on my lawn near Remington Lakes. Highly recommended by me!

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Willa Z Alkhatib Yard did a phenomenal job on my home close to Prairie Bluff Public Golf Course. They work fast and hard for you. They never seem to rush even though they work quickly. I can't think of enough nice things to say about them.