Here are Best Lawn Care Services in South Elgin, IL as of Apr, 2024

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Snip Snip Lawn Care Lawn Services in South Elgin, IL

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Renovate your lawn on a budget! A lush, green, and well-trimmed lawn is the centerpiece of any property. But caring for your yard can quickly rack up in price. If you want to grow and own a golf course-like lawn while on a budget, we can help.

How do we keep our prices for lawn care services in South Elgin so low?

At Snip Snip Lawn Care, we focus on a proven, efficient practice. We merge this proven process using eco-friendly tools to cut costs and provide quality results. Our approach is similar to the techniques used by groundskeepers at luxury resorts. The only difference is we offer these services at affordable prices.

If you hire us for lawn mowing services, we use battery-powered push reel mowers. Rotary mowers tend to slice grass unevenly, leaving your yard vulnerable to rust, mold, and other issues.

For most yards in South Elgin, we recommend reel mowers. Especially, since they trim more evenly and cleanly. Plus, Our push mowers don’t run on gas, so you can enjoy a freshly cut lawn without the stench of gasoline.

Grass cut at the right angle helps promote thicker grass growth. It can even heal better, especially when combined with other lawn care services like water maintenance, fertilizing, and overseeding.

In addition to our affordable lawn mowing services, we also provide additional treatment such as fertilizing, edging, overseeding, watering, weed control, power raking, and more. We serve commercial and residential properties in the area. In addition, our services start at $35, depending on the square footage, which is way less than our competitors charge.

As an up-and-coming lawn service provider in the area, we strive to help our customers create the backyards of their dreams for budget-friendly prices. If you’ve been searching for affordable lawn care services in South Elgin, Illinois, or Kane County, consider hiring us.

Our profile is filled with multiple projects that we did in East Side, La Fox, and even near Sperry Park.

Hire Snip Snip Lawn Care today and take advantage of our low rate and discounted offer for first-time customers. 

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Em Landscaping Lawn Services in South Elgin, IL

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Depending on when you read this, you’re probably considering the state of your lawn right about now. Spring is right around the corner, fall leaves are spreading over your yard, or the bristling summer heat is wreaking havoc on your lawn. Whatever stage you are in, you need a trusted lawn care company. Why not partner with the top-rated seasoned pros at Em Landscaping?

As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you know how wild the seasonal changes can be in Illinois. In a blink of an eye, your once emerald-green carpet can turn into a muddy, patchy, weed-ravaged quagmire ravaged by weeds and brown grass.

If you’re not quick to handle your lawn’s needs, you’ll end up in a nightmare scenario that costs lots of money to fix. Em Landscaping helps you avoid that.

Em Landscaping can be your year-long partner for all things lawn care. If your yard is in a cluttered mess, our green thumb experts can give your grass its green grove back-all without charging you an arm and leg or sticking you with a contract.

With our 4-step lawn service plan, we can cover all the bases of your outdoor treatment. Basically, we’ll mow, water, feed, and maintain your property throughout the year. You also have the option to hire us once, bi-weekly, or on a routine basis. It all depends on what you need. However, if you want to keep your lawn in great shape all year without putting any energy into it yourself, we recommend hiring us for seasonal lawn care services.

Not only do we serve South Elgin, Illinois, and Kane County, but we also provide lawn mowing services to customers in Chicago, Illinois.

Whether you’re in Sandhurst, Robin Glen, or any neighborhood in the area, we’re happy to drive to you. Contact our team for more information about our schedule, services, and special discounts for long-term customers.

Visit our business page to see all our work in the area, including near Butera Market.

Hire Em Landscaping for quality lawn care in South Elgin today. 

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T Rex Exteriors Corp Lawn Services in South Elgin, IL

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A flourishing lawn is the crown jewel of any property. As you probably already know, keeping it at its best takes work. A healthy lawn doesn't just happen. It needs nourishment to properly grow, heal from damage, and block weeds before they sprout. At T Rex Exteriors Corp, we give your lawn the right amount of love to help it grow thick, healthy, and green.

T Rex Exteriors Corp is a lawn care business serving customers in South Elgin, Illinois, and Kane County. Whether you're in Thornwood or River Place, we serve all of the local community. Since our expansion, we're now offering landscaping services in Chicago, Illinois.

Our primary specialty is seasonal lawn service treatment. While we offer grass-cutting services, we mainly provide month-to-month treatment that adheres to a lawn care schedule.

We typically recommend fertilizing your yard in spring and early fall to promote healthy grass throughout the year. Ideally, you should also aerate your lawn once a year. This helps stimulate airflow to your roots and helps your soil absorb water and nutrients.

Keep in mind, you shouldn't fertilize more than twice a year or aerate more than once. Fertilizing too often is not only expensive and unnecessary, but it also weakens your lawn.

T Rex Exteriors Corp is here to make your life easier. Let us handle all your lawn care chores. Check out our business page to see our long list of services and all our work near River Ridge Park and other spots in South Elgin.

Hire T Rex Exteriors Corp for affordable lawn service today. 

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Get It Now Lawn Services in South Elgin, IL

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As snow starts to fall and temperatures drop, it's time to start thinking about keeping your property safe and ready for the cold months ahead. Thankfully, Get It Now is here to help. We provide complete snow removal and winter services to keep your lawn and property clear of snow.

Our team of experts will ensure your driveways, sidewalks, or parking lot is free of ice or snow before and after a snowstorm. We use top-brand salt products for every job. So, you'll never have to worry about slips or falls on your property.

That's not all; we also offer several winter services including prepping your lawn for the following lawn care season, aerating soil in late fall, winterizing your hose or sprinklers to avoid freeze, removing dead grass, preventing snow mold, and more. We are your complete lawn maintenance team for the winter season.

Do you want to add holiday cheer to your backyard or front lawn? Our lawn care staff can install holiday decor to create a festive environment for your family and neighbors. While we're hanging your lights, we can also clean your gutters to remove debris from your downspouts.

And if the colder season takes a toll on your trees, we can trim them, uproot smaller ones, and clear heavy branches off your property.

While we offer lawn mowing services and basic yard work in the summer, we're mostly known for our winter landscape maintenance solutions. So, if it snows on your property, you know who to hire!

As a growing lawn service provider in the area, Get It Now is who customers call for help in the winter. We serve all of South Elgin, Illinois, and Kane County. This includes communities in Collins, Sugar Ridge, and other neighborhoods near Pickerel Point Park.

Give Get It Now a call today. 

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I highly recommend you hire Snip Snip Lawn Care. They’ve done a great job since I hired them a few weeks ago. They show up to my property near South Elgin High School on time, get the lawn cut, and clean up after every job.

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I want to thank Em Landscaping for their hard work. If you want to hire a great lawn care company for cheap, this is who you should hire. My yard near Blackhawk Park needed a good spring cleaning, so I hired these guys. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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T Rex Exteriors Corp is a professional hard working group of people that deserve your business. The prices for their yard maintenance and lawn mowing services were on a budget. But, it feels like they should be charging more because their quality of work is outstanding. My lawn close to the Sugar Creek Wetlands has never looked this good.

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I can’t say enough nice things about Get It Now. We hired them before and after a major snowstorm hit my area. They came to my home near Panton Mill Park about an hour after I spoke to them. They salted my sidewalk and driveway, then came afterward to clear the snow. They come highly recommended by me.