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United Lawn Services Lawn Services in South Holland, IL

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A better-looking lawn in just a few weeks? With our help, United Lawn Services can transform just about any lawn in a few weeks. We'll take on your lawn and create a better-looking yard in record time. Plus, our customized services will make it easier and cheaper to maintain your yard in the long run.

High-Quality Lawn Services

What can you expect from hiring us? Here are just some of the things we provide:

  • Establishing mowing patterns to help your grass grow stronger and even
  • Apply pre-emergents to stop weeds, crabgrass, and other invasive plants
  • Mow at a height to promote better growth
  • Feed your grass balanced nutrients to help it thrive
  • Aerate your yard annually to help your soil soak up the right nutrients without being blocked

That's just the tipping point. We offer various lawn care services, perfect for every budget, chore, and problem. From improving conditions to maintaining your lawn's appearance, our company does it all.

Simple Steps To A Better Lawn

You tried it all! You bought top-brand fertilizers and grass seeds. You followed the DIY advice. You cut your grass often and follow the recommended water techniques. But, after toiling under the sun, a lush green yard still eludes you.

Here are some of the steps we take to make your yard look better in just a few weeks:

  • Soil Testing: Soil testing is the starting point for any lawn care plan. Testing your soil and PH balance is like a doctor diagnosing a patient. A soil test lets us know what's going on underneath your yard, figure out what's holding it back, and tailor our services to meet any deficiencies.
  • Fertilizing Throughout The Year: By feeding your grass the right balanced fertilizers, we'll help it grow back faster and block out weeds
  • Lawn mowing services: We cut, trim, and edge all corners of your property. Using specific cutting techniques, we'll even promote better grass growth.
  • Water management: When and how often you water your grass is crucial. We'll set the proper schedule based on your geographical position, how much shade your property gets, and other factors so you don't overdo it.
  • Aeration: Aeration clears compaction from your landscape so water and nutrients can find their way to your soil's roots.
  • Dethatching: Thatch buildup is bad news for your yard. Over time decomposing grass stems, clippings, and messy debris clog your soil. We remove just enough thatch so nutrients can be absorbed better.

Complete Lawn Care Services

Getting lawn care doesn't need to be expensive. We've made it more affordable. Customers can give their grass the necessary care without coughing up a fortune.

For affordable prices, you can get year-round lawn service. Get one or more of our incredible selection of lawn care services at half the rate of our competitors. We'll feed, mow, and water your outdoors from spring to fall so it looks good and thrives.

Get top-quality lawn care services in South Holland, Illinois, and Cook County by hiring us today. Whether you're in Cottage Grove or near Veterans Memorial Park, we'll drive to you. We also provide lawn mowing services in Chicago, Illinois.

After years of helping hundreds of customers, we'd love to add you to our wall of successful projects. Hire United Lawn Services today. 

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Rovak Maintenance Lawn Services in South Holland, IL

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Your lawn needs nutrients to grow. Mowing it is half the battle. Feeding, watering, and providing tender care are the other pieces of the puzzle. A lush, green, thriving outdoor space can be years with the right plan, timely services, and yard work done by a highly trained staff. With our help, we can make your grass shine all year long.

How To Have The Best Lawn In Your Block

You've visited a doctor at some point. Before prescribing medicine, they perform tests. If you go in for stomach pain, you probably don't need foot cream.

The same logic applies to your grass. Blindly mowing or feeding it the wrong balanced fertilizers is like taking foot cream for your stomach pain. That's why we perform a soil test on your property.

A soil test helps us:

  • Spot nutritional deficiencies
  • Helps us determine why your grass is fading, losing color, or thinning
  • Helps us plan a proper customized lawn care plan designed to fix patchy spots or decaying grass
  • Helps us figure out what products your grass will love the most

The Importance of Soil Testing

What happens when your lawn's PH balance is too low or acidic?:

  • It decays very quickly
  • Bare and patchy spots are scattered throughout
  • Your grass won't grow properly
  • You'll find thinner grass in your yard
  • Weeds and other invasive plants will make a home on your property
  • Fungus and yellow spots will start to appear
  • Your grass blades will wilt, giving it an ugly appearance

For grass to thrive, it needs a healthy dosage of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Your yard will suffer if it lacks any of these nutrients. Fertilizing is one way to improve PH balances.

When shopping for fertilizers, be wary of what kind you buy. Some products have more nitrogen or potassium compared to other brands. Too much of one nutrient can also lead to problems.

Before any job, we'll perform a free soil test. We'll check your PH balance and create an action plan for your property. Whether it's fixing bare spots, removing weeds, or improving grass growth, our pros will get the job done. Plus, you won't need to take a trip to the store or figure out which fertilizer product is best for your specific situation.

Proper Lawn Service Treatment For Your South Holland Property

With our help, we'll make your lawn look better, tackle any problems it may have, and help it thrive all year.

Rovak Maintenance provides affordable lawn care services in South Holland, Illinois, and Cook County. From Pacesetter to Veterans Park to properties near Thorn Creek Greenway, we've proudly served our community for years.

Hire Rovak Maintenance for affordable lawn care in South Holland. 

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Joe's Jr Services Lawn Services in South Holland, IL

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Mowing gives your yard a nice clean look, but the act of cutting is pretty traumatic for your grass. Your grass blades feel it, and if done incorrectly can ruin it completely. At Joe's Jr Services, we follow proper mowing guidelines to protect your grass and ensure a proper cutting pattern is established to help it grow and thrive.

Lawn Mowing Services Done Right

For your cool-season lawn in Illinois, these are some of the lawn mowing rules we follow:

  • We always cut at a higher height. Unlike warm-season grass, cutting above 2 and a half or 3 inches is ideal for most grass types in the area.
  • We frequently mow, especially during the summer.
  • We avoid cutting or trimming if your grass is too wet.
  • We recycle your clippings unless there's too much thatch. Clippings will naturally decompose and nourish your grass.
  • Create different mowing patterns to encourage grass to grow better, faster, and straighter.
  • And more!

Joe's Jr Services has helped beautify hundreds of properties using our EGO battery-powered lawn mowers and trimmers for years. Now it's your turn.

Seasonal Yard Maintenance For South Holland Customers

We don't just mow the grass. We also provide a long list of lawn maintenance services. From cleaning to snow removal to fertilizing, we offer a massive collection of options.

Our company provides lawn care services to customers in South Holland, Illinois, and Cook County. We also serve customers in Chicago, Illinois.

Hire us once, bi-weekly, or throughout the year without getting locked into a contract.

Visit our business page to learn more. You can see some of the work we've done and our full list of lawn care services.

Hire Joe's Jr Services for affordable lawn service in South Holland.

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Bogan Company Lawn Services in South Holland, IL

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See results in your yard in 30 days! Have pesky weeds, tall grass, or bare spots made your yard a muddy, ugly mess? Bogan Company will make it look brand new. Get the greenest lawn in your neighborhood with our help.

Local Lawn Care in South Holland

Starting at just $60, you can get complete lawn service that checks all the boxes. Our full treatment program includes:

  • Multiple fertilizing applications
  • Spring or summer lawn mowing services
  • Pre-emergent application
  • Grub control application
  • Weed control
  • Dethatching

With our help, we'll feed, water, mow, and maintain a healthy, lush landscape for budget-friendly prices.

Lawn Maintenance You Can Trust

Our customer service is rated one of the best in all of Cook County. We've helped hundreds of clients improve their lawn's health and save them time and money. We help you win back your weekends and tackle all your outdoor chores.

Bogan Company delivers affordable lawn care services in South Holland, Illinois, and Cook County. Whether you're in Vollbrecht, Thornwood, or near South Suburban College, we have your back.

We tailor our services to match your specific needs. Moreover, we'll adapt to your soil's condition, the climate, and geographical position to give you the best, most affordable lawn care service.

Partner with the pros at Bogan Company. 

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I highly recommend you hire United Lawn Services. They've done a great job on my property near South Suburban College. I couldn't have asked for a better company and deal.

Jamie Roberts grass cut in South Holland IL
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Rovak Maintenance has been incredible. I hired them last year to mow my lawn during the summer. They did more than I expected and made impressive changes to my backyard near Paarlberg Park. Highly recommended!

Sammy Harrison yard cutting in South Holland IL
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Joe's Jr Services is one of the best companies I've ever hired. It was so easy working with them. I found them on GreenPal and have not looked back. My lawn close to Hallandale Park has never looked better.

Joseph Rojas lawn cut in South Holland IL
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I contacted their customer service team and told them what I needed. Bogan Company came to my property near Veterans Memorial Park the next day and did an incredible job.