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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Orland Park, IL as of May, 2024


Citus Lawn Care in Orland Park, IL

Hired 277 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.299 Reviews)

Let me make your yard one of the most beautiful and well-maintained lawns and landscapes in the Orland Park area. Let me just say it would be my pleasure to cut your grass this year I really appreciate the opportunity submit my price for your landscape maintenance on GreenPal and once you get my lawnmowing rate please go ahead and read over my lawn mowing reviews and look at my pictures of past landscape maintenance jobs that I have completed for other Orland Park residents. I have a bunch of lawn and landscaping maintenance clients by Centennial Park and over by Kelly Park in Orland Park area so with that being said you have a chance to see some of my yard maintenance work already that I've done in the Village of Orland Park and in neighborhood nearby. Typically my cost for grass cutting for your typical yard maintenance agreement in Orland Park is $30 per grass cutting and it can go up from there based on what yard maintenance services you want to add on to your week for every two week grass cutting visits. The cool thing about GreenPal is that you can hire me for your landscaping maintenance with no contract.

Typically I offer my lawn maintenance services to anyone in Orland Park area I will require a contract we signed for my lawn maintenance services however GreenPal makes it so easy for me to run my lawn maintenance business and I don't require a contract for any homeowners that sign up from my grass cutting service through GreenPal. That's right you can cancel your yard maintenance or grass cutting service at any moment, however it's my job to make sure you were satisfied completely with the landscape maintenance that I'm doing for you and I fully intentionally mean to do that every time I cut your lawn. I'm more than just a grass cutter I can also do another landscaping enhancement projects that you might have in mind such as adding a layer of fresh mulch to all of your landscaping beds, and also to thickening up your turf yard and grass through proactive care and adding of seed in the fall. If you have a ton of trees in your yard in your home in Orland Park we will want to get that seeding done sometime in the month of September before all the leaves fall so the seed has time to germinate in the us your yard can be one of the best on the block in Orland Park if you just put your yard maintenance in my care. Thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance keep an eye out for my price and feel free to read over my lawn maintenance reviews that other people in Orland Park, Il have said about my yard maintenance, reliability and quality of our lawn maintenance services that we offer. Thank you so much I look forward to meeting with you and improving the look of your lawn and landscaping in Orland Park.

Also , if you need lawn maintenance services in Palatine IL my landscape maintenance company services most of the Chicagoland area and also does yard maintenance services in Orland Park, IL.


Mac's Lawn Care in Orland Park, IL

Hired 247 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.249 Reviews)

I am happy to take on your grass cutting for you this year for your home in Orland Park. I have been slowly building up my Orland Park lawn maintenance clientele over the last three grass cutting season's and the GreenPal lawn maintenance app has really helped out alot with that. I'm cutting grass in Orland Park two days a week and I would be glad to pick up your lawn maintenance for you on a weekly grass cutting basis or every two week yard maintenance schedule. It just matters whatever you want for your landscaping maintenance schedule and what also another cool thing when you hire me to cut your grass on GreenPal is you can order every ten-day lawnmowing from me as GreenPal really does help me organize my yard mowing routes and grass cutting schedules in such a manner that I can make every 10 day lawnmowing possible.

Before I started offering my lawn maintenance services to the community of Orland Park on GreenPal, I didn't offer every ten-day lawn maintenance because quite honestly it was just too much of a pain to remember what day I was supposed to to mow the yard for what customer. Every 10 days really doesn't fall into any sort of rhythm and so I have to literally remember and write down every single lawnmowing customer that I have into a notebook somewhere and then remember that there 10th day is up to bat to cut their grass. But because I started cutting yards on GreenPal all of the 10 day cycle lawn maintenance clientele that I have is neatly organized on my GreenPal account is there are never any errors for my yard mowing customers. I just log into my GreenPal app and if your yard is my list to be cut that day then that's the day I will cut your grass unless it is raining in the Chicagoland area. So with all that being said if you want every 10 day grass cutting I can certainly offer that for you. You have probably see me mowing yards over by John Humphrey Complex or by Orland Grove Forest Preserve in the village of Orland Park and I like to think that my yard maintenance work really does speak for itself. I do nice little additional touches and you'll find out what those are when you hired me to cut your grass. You can also add on weed pulling in and shrub maintenance to your lawnmowing visits with me and I would be happy to give you a price on those after the first grass cutting. If my additional lawn maintenance service costs look good to you you can add those onto your yard maintenance schedule with me on your GreenPal account. It's a simple as that. So thank you for considering me for your landscape maintenance this year in Orland Park I can make a promise you if you hire me to cut your grass I will do everything I can't to beautify your yard, landscaping, and gardens on weekly, every 10 days, or every two week long landscape maintenance schedule.

Also , if you are needing a nearby yard maintenance businesses in Evanston IL I cut grass over there and also so affordable lawn cutting services in Skokie IL..


Ben G Lawn Care Services in Orland Park, IL

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.73 Reviews)

Showing up on time, and doing a good job of edging, and a deep understanding of horticulture and everything landscaping maintenance related or a few things to separate my lawnmowing business from other lawn care services in Orland Park Illinois area. I have been steadily growing my yard maintenance company picking up clients throughout the Chicagoland area one happy lawnmowing customer at a time . I can't tell you how many times I have picked up a new grass cutting customer in Orland Park who told me that they had to fire their last grass cutting business simply because the lawn cutter just quit showing up to mow yard on time every week. I believe 80% of success in the lawn maintenance business is showing up on time and then just doing a good job for my lawn maintenance customers week in and week out. So with all that being said if you hire me to cut your grass on GreenPal when you get my cost for how much your yard maintenance is going to cost keep in mind you will not be disappointed.

Let me just say I will not be the cheapest lawn care service that you can hire in Orland Park, however I will be one of the most affordable yard maintenance businesses available to you that will also show up on time on a weekly or every two week long meeting schedule. Other cheap lawn care sir services that claim to mow yards in Orland Park may cut your grass one or two times for that cheap grass cutting price but when it comes to consistency and punctuality with their lawn maintenance services they can just never keep up. Keep in mind a fresh batch of grass cutters come and go in Orland Park every single lawnmowing season so if your aim is to hire a lawnmowing business that is going to take care of your yard for you for as long as you live in your home in Orland Park, then I appreciate you considering my lawnmowing company because that's precisely what we do. It's our goal to become your trusted landscaping maintenance service provider for long as you own your home and live in the Village of Orland Park. When you get my grass cutting price go ahead and read the lawnmowing reviews are other people in Orland Park and had to say about how I treated them and took care of their yard and landscaping for them. This will give you good peace of mind that you are hiring a real professional that will take care of your landscape maintenance year-round in Orland Park area. You could also check out some your lawnmowing service work that I've done by looking at my photos about completed landscape maintenance jobs in the Chicagoland area. Heck you may be able to see me cutting grass over by Carl Sandburg High School or over by Palos Country Club in the village of Orland Park and so with that be said you know you're getting a real local lawn maintenance professional to take care of your yard and landscaping for you if you hire me to cut your grass on GreenPal. Thank you so much for your consideration I look forward to building a relationship with you for your yard maintenance.

Also , if you are not near Orland Park , IL we also do lawn care services in Elmhurst IL and we also offer local landscape maintenance services in Palatine IL.


Precision Lawn Care Services in Orland Park, IL

Hired 28 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.23 Reviews)

It means a lot to me that you would consider hiring me to cut your grass for your home and landscaping in Orland Park Illinois. I don't take the responsibility of being your trusted yard maintenance and landscaping maintenance provider lightly, so with that being said if you hire me to cut your grass you can bank on guaranteed professional results with your yard maintenance. I'm more than just a grass cutter I maintain some of the finest most beautiful looking lawns that you can find in the Orland Park Illinois area. You've probably seen some of my finer lawn maintenance work over by Orland Grassland and by Evergreen View Park in the Orland Park area and I would love to pick up your yard maintenance for you as well. Most of my grass cutting prices in Orland Park store start out at around $35 per grass cutting and top out at around $50 per yard maintenance visit. It really just depends on what you're looking for to be included in your weekly or every two week yard maintenance visits. Included in my basic lawn maintenance price you're going to get on your GreenPal account is of course grass cutting, edging of the sidewalks and street curbs, and blowing off the grass clippings when we're done mowing your yard however on top of all that we do a bunch of other yard maintenance services that you could hire us for as well such as shrub pruning, mulch, full fall leaf removal, and also turf renovation and re-seeding.

I can meticulously turn your lawn into a beautiful yard masterpiece over the course of a few landscape maintenance seasons. Now I want to manage your expectations, I cannot make your lawn look fabulous just with a few grass cutting visits, it will take a commitment of time and money to take your lawn from just an average looking yard in Orland Park to one of the best looking lawns on the block. However if you're up for the commitment of time and investment that I am up for the job to tackle the yard maintenance projects. Now don't get me wrong if you want just basic grass cutting, I can be your lawn cutting service for as long as you live in your home in Orland Park however if you were looking for more than just a basic lawnmowing service and wanting to enhance your home’s curb appeal and also the value of your home then I'm also a good fit for that as well. Not all lawn care services in Orland Park area are the same and it's kind of something you need to know when you are considering who to hire for your grass cutting. If you want just a cheap lawn cutting service in Orland Park well then by all means just hire the cheapest price you get on GreenPal, however if you were wanting to partner with a full-service landscape maintenance company that can make your lawn looks fantastic that I appreciate you considering my yard maintenance business in Orland Park as I will be one of the best fit landscape services you get home. Have a great day I look forward to meeting with you and discussing the options for lawn care and getting you all set up and taking care of.

Also , if you are not near Orland Park , IL we also do nearby lawn mowing services in Arlington Heights IL and on top of all that my yard maintenance business also so affordable landscape maintenance services in Des Plaines IL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Mary Stern Lawn Mowing Service in Orland Park IL
“There are tons of grass cutting businesses nearby be in Orland Park and at times I feel like I've used them all to cut the yard, and I almost gave up and decided that none of them are reliable for consistent grass cutting. After going through three different Orland Park lawnmowing business in the last five years and having to fire two and one of them quitting on my yard maintenance, I almost went out and bought a push mower started cutting my own grass again. I heard about GreenPal on the radio and decided to give it a shot and after the third lawnmowing everything is going smooth on my lawn maintenance from my home in Orland Park by Village Square Park. So so far so good and GreenPal gets a good review in an A+ in my book.”
Richard White Lawn Mowing in Orland Park IL
“GreenPal is the best. I hate having to deal with lawn maintenance contractors having to constantly haggle with them over about how much it's going to cost for my yard maintenance and always have to remember to leave them a check or mail them a check or meet them to give them cash for the grass cutting. All of this is a total pain in the rear end for me and I always despise having to do it. A friend recommended the GreenPal lawn care mobile app and after I downloaded it and created my lawn maintenance account I got four different grass cutting prices from different lawn care services near me in the Orland Park area. So now I'm able to handle all the lawn maintenance now with no phone calls, voicemails, and having to meet and argue over lawn care pricing and terms. That's my favorite thing about GreenPal is that I'm able to handle everything about my landscape maintenance from the mobile app and not have to do anything in person.”
Donald Loomis Yard Cutting in Orland Park IL
“I was looking for something just more than just grass cutting but the last lawn care service that I was using to cut the yard at my house by Silver Lake Country Club In Orland Park Illinois was a nice guy but all he really did was just cut grass nothing more than that. I was needing somebody that knew how to distinguish the difference between a weed and an herb in my garden and as such I was back to the drawing board to find the lawnmowing service that I wanted to work with. I decided to try GreenPal to find a good landscape maintenance person because it has good reviews online and seemed to me like a simpler way to get a solid landscape maintenance company without having to meet a bunch of them at my yard just to get a lawnmowing price. I was pleasantly surprised with GreenPal connected me up with just when I was looking for. I was able to add into my yard maintenance details and notes about my lawn maintenance requests exactly what I was looking for with my lawnmowing service in GreenPal connected me with just that in Orland Park.”
Anthony Acevedo Lawn Care in Orland Park IL
“Well after calling around to over 20 lawn care services that cut grass in Orland Park it seemed like either all of them wanted me to sign a contract before they would cut my yard or they couldn't get to my yard mowing until sometime the latter part of the week. I was looking for somebody to cut my grass tomorrow and I didn't feel like signing a contract for something as simple as yard maintenance services. Well then I started searching around for yard maintenance businesses in The village of Orland Park I came across a GreenPal website. GreenPal was just what I was looking for a simple way to book simple grass cutting without having to sign yard maintenance contracts for lawn maintenance and having to wait around for the grass cutter to get to me when they felt like it. Thank you GreenPal for hooking me up.”

lawn-maintenance-in-orland-park-IL-lawn-service-in-orland-park If you're looking for an affordable grass cutting company in The Village Orland Park Illinois look no further you have arrived to the right place. Welcome to GreenPal the easiest way in Orland Park to get an affordable lawnmowing company within minutes and not hours. Let me explain a little bit about how GreenPal works and how it can save you time and money on your grass cutting. You see when you need to hire a lawnmowing company in Orland Park the first thing you'll have to do is search around on Google for lawn care services near me, and then make a bunch of phone calls to lawn cutters and leave a bunch of voicemails asking narbys yard maintenance companies for estimates. Then you might leave 10 phone calls for different landscape maintenance companies throughout the Orland Park area and probably one or two lawn guys will call you back for your grass cutting quote, after that they will have to drive out to your house measure you your yard and give you a price on grass cutting. That will probably take two or three days to get done, and then after all of that you don't really know which Orland Park lawn maintenance company is reliable and which one is it.

The problem is how do you really know know if you hire one how do you even know they're going to show up to cut the grass on time? Well that is why we built GreenPal, which can get you up to five lawnmowing estimates emailed right to your inbox within 45 minutes from qualified and affordable lawn care services nearby the Orland Park Illinois area. How does this work? Well, you see GreenPal’s technology and platform attract the best lawn care services in Orland Park to operate their lawnmowing business on top of the GreenPal website and landscape maintenance mobile app. When you sign up for lawn care prices in Orland Park your information about your yard and what you are looking with respect to your yard maintenance services is then sent out via text message to nearby lawn care services that are looking to pick up new lawn maintenance clientele in your neighborhood they will then take a look at your yard details via aerial imagery and street view imagery that we furnish to them then you'll get back competitive lawn mowing prices for affordable yard maintenance service emailed and texted you and you are in control. You can read over lawn care services reviews and hire the yard maintenance service that you want to work with for the day you want your grass cut. It's a simple as that. So no matter if you live by Crystal Country Club or over by Orland Grove Forest Preserve, GreenPal has dozens of lawn care services nearby that want your lawnmowing business and already to compete for it. Just click the orange button at the top of your screen and let the GreenPal yard maintenance system do the work for you. After you find the lawn care service you want to work with you can hire them right from the mobile app and then scheduling and payment is all handled seamlessly online. Don't you just love technology have a great day and please let us know if you have any questions about how to use GreenPal to find a reliable lawn care service in Orland Park, Il. Also if you live in another part of the Chicagoland area, GreenPal can also help you with nearby grass cutting services in Des Plaines, IL and can also make it easy for you to hire a residentila lawn mowing service in Arlington Heights, IL.

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About Orland Park Illinois

Orland Park is a village in Cook County, Illinois, United States, and a middle-class suburb of Chicago

Orland Park is in southwest Cook County in Orland, Palos, and Bremen Townships. A small portion of the village extends into Frankfort Township in Will County. It is 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. According to the 2010 census, Orland Park has a total area of 22.167 square miles (57.41 km2), of which 21.88 square miles (56.67 km2) (or 98.71%) is land and 0.287 square miles (0.74 km2) (or 1.29%) is water.

The main bodies of water in Orland are two lakes: Lake Sedgewick and McGinnis Slough. Bordering communities of Orland Park include Homer Glen to the west (in Will County), Orland Hills and Mokena (also in Will County) to the south, Tinley Park to the southeast, Oak Forest to the east, and Palos Park and Palos Heights to the north.

As of the 2000 census, there were 51,077 people, 18,675 households, and 14,361 families residing in the village. The population density was 2,668.4 people per square mile. There were 19,045 housing units at an average density of 995.0 per square mile. The racial makeup of the village was 93.53% White, 0.73% African American, 0.07% Native American, 3.47% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 1.04% from other races, and 1.13% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.67% of the population.

The top five ancestries reported in Orland Park as of the 2000 census were Irish (26.5%), German (19.5%), Polish (18.5%), Italian (14.8%) and English (5.1%).[9] There were 18,675 households out of which 32.2% had children under the age of 18 living with them; 66.3% were married couples living together, 7.9% had a female householder with no husband present, and 23.1% were non-families. Source: Wikipedia Orland Park, IL

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