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Green Thumb Lawncare Lawn Services in New Lenox, IL

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Green Thumb Lawncare is your lawn's best friend. We lend a hand when you don't feel like mowing grass or digging your car out of an avalanche of snow. Don't spend another weekend wasted under a blistering sun or on YouTube following bad DIY advice. We'll help you clear weeds, remove snow, mow your yard, and more.

When your lawn is at its breaking point or in total disarray, you need a team of green thumb experts. With us by its side, we'll turn your lawn into an emerald green carpet. By tackling your seasonal needs, we'll stomp out weeds before they sprout, help your grass grow thicker, and fix common issues before they get worse.

At the crux of everything, you need the right lawn service treatment that follows a seasonal lawn care plan. Knowing what to do at the right time of the year will transform your outdoors into a green wonderland. One wrong move turns it into a swampy marshland.

We are one of the best rated lawn care companies serving customers in New Lenox, Illinois, and Will County. Whether you're in Oakview or Manex Prairie Estates, our staff shows up when you tell us to.

Depending on what you need, we'll assess your property. We check every nook and cranny to spot areas that raise red flags and test the soil at no extra cost to you.

Using this insight, we draft a lawn care plan specific to your property's needs. Just as a doctor would give you medicine for a headache, we prescribe the right medicine for your grass.

This usually involves lawn mowing services, yard maintenance, watering, aeration, overseeding, and a collection of other jobs at the very start of spring all the way to the end of fall.

Come winter time, we also shovel and blow snow off your lot. So, no matter when you need us, our lawn care business is here for you.

We invite you to check our business page to learn more about our lawn care services and see all of the work we've done for our growing list of customers. Read through our hundreds of positive reviews and see why our lawn care business is one of the best in the area.

We are happy to answer any questions before we begin. We're proud to provide quality and affordable lawn care in New Lenox and nearby communities.

From the ends of the village to properties near Laraway Lanes, our professional lawn service staff is ready to help you.

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Magnolia's Lawncare Lawn Services in New Lenox, IL

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Thank you for considering Magnolia's Lawn Care. We are a professional lawn care business serving customers in New Lenox, Illinois, and Will County. Our prices start at $38 for lawn mowing services, one of the lowest in the area. Get all your grass cutting work done by us today.

We're proud to announce that we're growing! Our lawn care company has now started providing lawn care services to customers in as far as Chicago, Illinois.

Want your lawn to look like it belongs in a stock photo? Then you need the best lawn care company. With our years of experience and a reputation of excellence, we've been the go-to choice for transforming outdoor spaces.

Our secret is in our approach. We develop a customized lawn service plan to address underlying issues and ensure optimal growth using industry-leading practices.

Basically, we first identify your grass type and test your soil. Different grass types have a variety of growing patterns. They'll need a specific type of lawn service and yard maintenance treatment.

For instance, some grass grows faster than others. Some need more attention than others. Others need to be mowed more often during the summer.

More importantly, certain types of grass are more sensitive to different herbicides, seeds, and fertilizers. So, using the wrong products, mowing the lawn at the wrong height, or not having a proper water schedule can turn it into a weed-infested, muddy mess.

Maintaining your grass has a lot of head-scratching rules. If you don't do things right in the spring, summer, or fall, your lawn will feel the brunt of it. And so will your wallet.

Let's set your lawn and yard on the right track. Hire the lawn service providers at Magnolia's Lawn Care today.

Need to see more? We invite you to our profile. You'll see our ratings. You'll also see the work we've done near New Lenox Retail Center and many other places in New Lenox.

Hire Magnolia's Lawn Care for affordable lawn service in New Lenox. 

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Jordans Family Affair Yard Lawn Services in New Lenox, IL

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Had enough of weeds, tall grass, and annoying patchy spots on your lawn? We can help. You give us the dirty work so you can sit back and relax. Maintaining your yard is tough. Hiring us isn't. Hire Jordans Family Affair Yard today.

Not only do we charge low prices, we provide top-notch care on your schedule. It's simple. You pay us once we're done. If you're unhappy, we return your money. No questions asked! No catches!

Jordans Family Affair Yard has built a high-rated lawn care company backed by hundreds of positive reviews and happy customers.

For close to a decade, we've been on call to help customers enjoy their outdoor space without the burden of taking care of it. More importantly, we help them do that by charging a lot less than some of our competitors.

How do we get away with charging low prices? Since we use cutting-edge tools, eco-friendly products, and apply top-industry techniques, we're able to cut costs without compromising on quality. We pass whatever savings onto you.

So, whether you need ongoing lawn maintenance or lawn mowing services, we are here for you. Not interested in signing a contract? You're in luck. We hate contracts just as much as you. So, if you hire us for ongoing lawn service treatment, you're free to stop or cancel whenever.

For the past few years, we've successfully provided affordable lawn mowing services in New Lenox, Illinois, and Will County. From Haines to properties near Hibernia Park, our staff has been committed to transforming, restoring, and maintaining lush, green paradises. Let's help you create your dream outdoor space.

Contact our customer service team if you have any questions. Get quality lawn care in New Lenox by hiring us when you're ready. 

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Fast Freddy’s Lawn Lawn Services in New Lenox, IL

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Your lawn is unique. So should your lawn care plan. Read any horror stories about a botched mowing or landscaping job, and they all share a common theme. The company failed to tailor their lawn service. Don't gamble the health of your outdoor space to anyone. Hire Fast Freddy’s Lawn.

Fast Freddy’s Lawn provides affordable and top-quality lawn care services in New Lenox, Illinois, and Will County. From Edge Creek to Taylor Glen, we've been the go-to lawn service provider people lean on.

If you need more than just lawn care services, we also provide landscaping services in Chicago, Illinois and in the village.

From landscape design to fence repairs, our expansive hardscape services is the perfect companion to our full-service lawn care services. From the inception phase to the design phase to the installation, we do it all. Our team is made up of landscapers and lawn service experts. So, we offer the best of both.

When it comes to maintaining the health of your lawn, we first make a plan. Different grass types have unique tolerance levels to fertilizers, the weather, and even how you treat it. Knowing what type of grass you own and its condition is the first step to any lawn care plan.

Before any job, we'll check it out and customize our services. Whether it's to make it look better, keep it freshly trimmed, resod it, or repair it, we're the right company for the job.

Fast Freddy’s Lawn offers a number of lawn maintenance and lawn care services including edging, trimming, snow removal, power washing, fertilizing, overseeding, lawn mowing services, and more.

Are you for something specific? Just reach out to us and ask. Our staff will respond to you within one business day. If you'd like, you can also visit our business profile. You'll see our past work in all parts of the villages including places like Stonebridge Park.

Get everything you need to transform your outdoors by booking an appointment with us. Get pocket-friendly lawn care in New Lenox today.

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I couldn't be happier with the lawn care team at Green Thumb Lawncare. They've gone above and beyond my initial task. Their lawn mowing services are worth the price. I love what they've done to my property near Lions Den Park.

James Chang lawn mowing service in New Lenox IL
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-New Lenox-IL local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-New Lenox-IL local-lawn-cutting-services-in-New Lenox-IL affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-New Lenox-IL lawn-maintenance-in-New Lenox-IL

I highly recommend you hire Magnolia's Lawn Care. They've been outstanding since I first contacted them a few months ago. My home near Aerohaven Park has never looked better.

Noreen Rupar lawn mow in New Lenox IL
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-New Lenox-IL the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-New Lenox-IL affordable-lawn-services-in-New Lenox-IL affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-New Lenox-IL local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-New Lenox-IL

After finding Jordans Family Affair Yard on GreenPal, I haven't looked back. This is the best lawn care company I've hired in a very long time. Their prices fit my budget. The work they do makes it feel like I'm paying triple the amount. They're very professional and have done an outstanding job in my yard close to Stonebridge Park.

Dorothea Lowe lawn maintenance in New Lenox IL
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Don't miss your shot at hiring Fast Freddy’s Lawn. I know their schedule gets booked quickly and for good reason. This is the only lawn care company that offers inexpensive lawn care packages. On top of the amazing customer service, their hard working staff does an excellent job every time. My lawn that is near Lower Spring Creek Forest Preserve is in good hands thanks to them.