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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Oak Park, IL as of May, 2024


Ben G Lawn Care in Oak Park, IL

Hired 77 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.69 Reviews)

Thank you so much for considering my lawn care service in Oak Park Illinois. I pride myself and be one of the most detailed oriented landscape maintenance businesses that is locally owned and operated that you can hire in the village of Oak Park. Some things that separate me from either Oak Park lawn mowing services simply put the are the details with respect to your yard maintenance. I don't leave a yard mowing appointment until the lawn looks as good as it can and some details that go into this or making sure that you have nice crisp clean edges on your sidewalks and if you have a driveway and around any landscaping bed borders. I make sure that there is a nice well defined definition between edge between your landscaping and in your turf and just look beautiful when it's done right. Another detail that I like to perform on my yard mowing visits is pulling or spring and herbicide on the weeds that you have in your landscaping and also your sidewalk cracks.

These are slightly weeds are often overlooked by other landscape maintenance companies in Oak Park but not mine. I will make sure that these are tidy and that you don't have to look at this eyesore when you hire me for your lawnmowing needs. Now I'm gonna say that's not included in your basic grass cutting price that you will initially received from me your GreenPal lawnmowing account however these additional lawn care services can be added onto your future lawnmowing visits for a pretty reasonable cost of five to $10 per lawnmowing visit. The other cool thing is is that this can all be handled conveniently through your GreenPal account and so I don't have to reconcile a bill for your yard maintenance for you every month as everything is billed and paid on as serviced in as rendered basis. This does two things one it enables me to operate my lawnmowing service in Oak Park more efficiently , so I can spend more time making my yard cutting customers happy second thing it does is it saves you time because you don't have to mail me a check for the grass cuts and I don't have to take a check down to the bank and deposit it. When I save time you save money and the end result is you get a better quality landscape maintenance job done in your yard maintenance and your yard work is done on time. You've probably seen some of my grass cutting over by Ridgeland Common Park or by Stevenson Park nearby Oak Park And I'm in the Village every Thursday and Friday mowing my customers homes to get everybody cleaned up and get the yard looking as good as possible for the upcoming weekend. My lawn maintenance customers really seem to appreciate my personal touch with my lawn care services and it's reflected in the lawnmowing reviews a lead for me on GreenPal so make sure you check those out when you're comparing your lawn maintenance prices.

Also , if you need affordable lawn maintenance services in Palatine IL my lawn mowing business cuts grass all over the Chicagoland area and also does yard maintenance services in Oak Park, IL.


Macs Lawn Care in Oak Park, IL

Hired 147 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.149 Reviews)

I would love to have the opportunity to cut your grass in Oak Park and let me just say thank you so much for considering my yard maintenance business if you hire me for your lawn mowing and landscaping maintenance I can promise you that I will not let you down and I will be there to mow your yard every week for as long as you own your home in Oak Park Illinois. Over the years I have run my lawn care service was an emphasis on personalized lawn care relationships and If you hire me on the GreenPal landscape maintenance mobile app I can promise you I will continue this tradition of how I run my landscape maintenance company with your home’s yard maintenance as well. A few things to consider when you get my price on the GreenPal lawnmowing out. Including my grass cutting price is your basic mowing of your lawn, blowing off of the clippings when I'm done cutting the grass, and also weed wagging around anything in the yard front and back. You've probably seen some of my fine grass cutting job that I have done all over the Village of Oak Park Illinois area including by the Frank Lloyd Wright Home, as well as West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park.

I do a bunch of other yard work too that you can hire me for on GreenPal such as bush trimming in leaf cleanup and also mulch or pine straw just depends on what you have in your landscaping beds and I can accommodate either of those. There's really no way for me to know how much any of these additional yard maintenance services will cost until I see your yard for the first time so after you hire me for your grass cutting on GreenPal and I will take a look at everything that you have in your yard and I will prepare for five different prices for different lawn care services that you can choose from and you can also have these on to your GreenPal account and have it automatically show up on my landscape maintenance schedule that I have with you. I'm currently taking on weekly grass cutting customers, every two week yard maintenance clientele, and also every 10 day lawnmowing service appointments so I offer some pretty flexible landscape maintenance schedules on the GreenPal mobile app that you can choose from, Its just is whatever fits your yard maintenance budget and whatever you had in mind for your lawn care service this year. Keep in mind if you choose and every 14 day yard maintenance schedule to cut your grass in Oak Park that the yard care can grow pretty feverishly during May June and July if we are getting a lot of rain in the Chicagoland area and so with that being said the grass could literally get over literally grow under 14 inches tall if you wait two weeks between grass cuttings. So long as you're cool with that and sometimes a less than perfect yard mowing job on the lawn cutting, I am fine with every two weeks on my schedule if you are. So thank you so much for considering my yard mowing company I am actively picking up new grass cutting customers in the Village of Oak Park as we speak and I would love to add you to my list of happy lawn care service clients that I have in Oak Park, Il.

Also , if you are needing a nearby lawn mowing businesses in Evanston IL GreenPal can help you with your yard maintenance over there as well as with cheap grass cutting services in Skokie IL..


Dependable Lawn Care Services in Oak Park, IL

Hired 38 times on GreenPal
cheap-lawn-mowing-businesses-in-Oak Park-IL-near-me
(overall rating 5/5.43 Reviews)

I love the village of Oak Park and I love mowing lawns there. There are so many beautiful homes and lines that need grooming in Oak Park and I'm building up my yard maintenance business one satisfied client at a time in Oakpark. When you hire me to cut your grass ask about my group discounts… That's right if you have five or 10 people on your block in Oak Park Il that all want to use the same grass cutter each of you can save a few dollars on each lawnmowing that I do for you. I know that doesn't sound like much but it really adds up over the course of the lawn mowing season. On top of all that I can offer you a little bit of a discount on other yard maintenance services if you can get 10 people go into gather and hire me for their lawn maintenance at one time. I'm happy to take on as many lawn care service clients as I can in the Oak Park Illinois area and let me just say I appreciate you considering me for your yard maintenance service this year. I cut a ton of yards over by Rehm Park and by Euclid Square Park in Oak Park Illinois and so with all that being said once you get my price for your grass cutting go ahead and read over the yard maintenance reviews that I have on my GreenPal account and that will give you a firm understanding for what kind of Oak park lawn care service you are about to hire. That's the thing I like most about operating my lawn maintenance company on top of GreenPal's website and technology. It really helps me establish my reputation and show potential customers how reliable my lawn maintenance company is and what other people in the Oak Park Illinois area in Chicagoland area have to say about my grass cutting services. I take pride in my online reputation on Greenpal and so you can rest assured when you hire me to do your yard maintenance for you that any yard work I doing your lawn is going to be done with consistent quality at affordable prices. So when you are considering who to hire to cut your grass I appreciate you considering my yard mowing company as it turns out you don't have to sacrifice on affordability and quality when it comes to your landscape maintenance because that's what my lawnmowing business specializes in. Thank you so much I look forward to picking up your yard and grooming it for you and make you look like one of the best in the village of Oak Park Illinois.

Also , if you are not near Oak Park , IL we also do affordable lawn maintenance services in Elmhurst IL and we also proudly do residential grass cutting services in Palatine IL.


Fosters Lawn Care Services in Oak Park, IL

Hired 28 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.53 Reviews)

Well if you're looking for a consistent detail oriented lawn maintenance, gardening, and full landscape maintenance service look no further I am it. I am one of the most detail oriented lawn care services that you can hire in the Oak Park Illinois area. I have been cutting grass in the Village of Oak Park for nine years and over the course of the last few lawnmowing seasons my grass cutting business has doubled. I recently began offering my lawnmowing services on top of the GreenPal landscape maintenance mobile app as a means to deliver my lawnmowing services a little more conveniently to my perspective grass cutting customers in the Chicagoland area and residents of Oak Park. One of the things I like about GreenPal is when you submit your yard for lawnmowing prices I will get a text message letting me know. Then I will take a look at how big your yard is it where you are located in the Village of Oak Park and I will work up a price for your grass cutting.

Most of my lawnmowing prices for most yards in Oak Park start out at $30 per grass cutting and can go up as high as $60 per lawnmowing all depending on what additional yard maintenance services you want to added to your lawnmowing visits. Some upgrades that you can add to your yard mowing visits with me are bagging of the grass clippings when I cut your grass every week, I have a grass catcher on my push mower and I can bag up your grass cutting clippings no problem. Some other additional upgrades for yard services that you can hire me for or the pruning and manicuring of the bushes that you have in your lawn and landscaping. I will trim all the bushes nice and neat to be uniform and the same size and I will rake up any debris and clippings that you have in the lawn and landscaping beds and back those up at all those off. For most yards sizes in Oak Park that usually cost around $50-$75 per bush trimming. Some other landscape maintenance services that I could offer to you is a fall leaf cleanup. That's right during the months of October November and December in the Windy City the leaves will always fall and Oak Park has have's some beautifully established oak trees that always blanket the town with leaves every fall. But you don't have to worry about that if you hire me for your yard maintenance because I have a vacuum back and suck them up in properly dispose of them. That usually runs a around double or triple the cost of your lawnmowing cost however I will need to see your yard before I can submit an accurate price for what that is going to cost. After the second lawnmowing that I do for you on your GreenPal account I will work up some additional yard maintenance prices and submit them to you and you can add on whatever lawnmowing and additional landscape maintenance you would like. You've probably seen some of my beautiful landscape maintenance work near Horace Mann Elementary School and Field Park in Oak Park so no matter where you live in town I can accommodate your weekly or every two weeks grass cutting visits. Thank you so much for considering me I look forward to getting started on your yard maintenance soon.

Also , if you are not near Oak Park , IL we also do local landscape maintenance services in Arlington Heights IL and that not all, our yard maintenance business also offers affordable yard services in Des Plaines IL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Jim Moore Lawn Maintenance in Oak Park IL
“It just doesn't get any easier than GreenPal. I usually cut my own grass but I went out on vacation and I was needing a affordable lawn mowing service in Oak Park to take care of my grass while I was away. I did some Google searching for lawn care services near me in Oak Park area and found a lawn cutter to cut my grass for $30 per mowing. The process was super smooth and easy and I didn't even have to leave a check under the mat for payment of the lawn cut and my credit card was just billed after I approved the completed yard mowing. I must say it's saved me so much time that I now have them cutting the grass every two weeks and all in all $60 a month is in my budget for yard maintenance so I decided to splurge and treat myself. If you were looking for the fastest way to get a lawn care service to cut your grass in Oak Park check out the GreenPal app, I recommend it.”
Doris Robinson Lawn Care in Oak Park IL
“My primary gripe with grass cutting business is in Oak Park has always been that they can never keep their lawn mowing businesses books straight. It never fails then I will hire a lawn care service to cut my grass and they will send me an invoice every month and the grass cutting dates are all screwed up and they're over billing me or under billing me for the lawn mowing and I would have to do the legwork of reconciling what dates they actually cut my grass versus what days they thought they were billing before the end of the month for yard maintenance. When I heard about GreenPal, I decided to try it out. And the really cool thing about GreenPal is is that you get an email sent to you after each lawnmowing with a picture of the grass cut attached to it. This does two things one it provides proof that their lawn mower actually got to your yard maintenance and the second thing it does is it keeps all the billing handle on an as yard cut basis. What I mean by that is I get to pay per grass cutting after I confirm each lawnmowing is done to my satisfaction I don't have to worry about some big yard maintenance invoice at the end of the month. GreenPal save me enough time to write this review about it.”
Derick Sparkman Lawn Cutting in Oak Park IL
“I was looking for some ways to trim some money off of what I was spending on grass cutting. I tried craigslist, thumbtack and home advisor to find me a cheaper lawn care service in Oak Park all to no avail. The lawnmowing company they introduced me to her actually more expensive than what I was paying my current lawn care service in Oak Park Illinois. Then I found GreenPal after doing some checking around on the Oak Park Facebook page and I was surprise when I was able to save seven dollars per grass cutting. GreenPal kind of works like a reverse auction where you list your lawn and multiple lawn care services nearby in the Oak Park area literally compete over your grass cutting. It's pretty cool and I think I have found my cheapest way out for somebody to mow my yard by Taylor Park in Oak Park, Il.”
Monica Wilson Grass Cut in Oak Park IL
“I've been using GreenPal since the lawn maintenance app launched in the Chicagoland area and so far so good on my lawn mowing services. I am on my sixth grass cutting now with the lawn care service I hired on the GreenPal landscape maintenance mobile app comes out to cut the yard every two weeks to shows up like clockwork and does great job of cutting the grass. The lawn mowing billing and everything is so convenient that I have set it up for the entire year for yard maintenance. I felt like the mobile app deserved a good review because it saves me quite a bit of time of hunting down a reliable and affordable lawn care service to cut my house in Oak Park. Take a look at it and see for yourself.”

lawn-maintenance-in-oak-park-IL-lawn-service-in-oak-park If you're tired of dealing with unreliable and inconsistent lawn care services in the Village of Oak Park Illinois well welcome to GreenPal. We were tired of lawnmowing businesses that wouldn't call you back, show up to cut your grass when they are supposed to, or return your phone call when you call them for lawnmowing. That's why we built GreenPal. The GreenPal yard maintenance website and mobile simplifies the process of finding scheduling and paying the best lawn care services in the Oak Park area . How does it work you might be asking? Well GreenPal is the online tool kit and software that the best lawn care and yard maintenance services in Oak Park, Il use to operate their lawnmowing business. Everything from scheduling grass cuts to submitting their price for lawn maintenance, and a bunch of other yard maintenance tools to operate their yard mowing business better. Why does this matter to you? Because when the best grass cutting companies in Oak Park Illinois run their business on top of GreenPal that means you can order lawnmowing services from them in a matter of minutes, get pricing for your grass cutting, and schedule the a lawn care service for weekly lawnmowing, every two week yard maintenance, or every 10 day lawn care services.

What normally can take hours of calling around to different lawn care services all over the Oak Park Illinois area, trying to get them to come out to your yard and measure it and give you a price for how much is going to cost to cut the grass, and then setting them up on a lawn maintenance schedule that they will actually keep up with and remember to come out to mow your grass, GreenPal reduces all this insanity to a very simple and easy to use mobile app. It's kind of like the remote control for your yard maintenance. GreenPal allows you to do in minutes what normally takes hours or weeks and can help you find the best lawnmowing service in Oak Park in less than 45 minutes. If you're ready to start it for your free lawnmowing prices go ahead and click the orange button and enter if you details about your yard maintenance, where your lawn is located, how often you're looking for local lawn maintenance services nearby this year, and then GreenPals technology does the hard work sending the word out to the best yard maintenance businesses and grass cutting services in the Oak Park Illinois area that you are needing a price for you let your mowing. After that, you can compare lawnmowing prices and read lawn care service reviews the other people in the Oak Park area I've had to say about how good they are at cutting grass and mowing lawns. So no matter if you live over by Austin Gardens or Ridgeland Common Park, or by William Beye Elementary School in Oak Park Illinois GreenPal can remove the headache of getting lawn maintenance prices, hiring a reliable yard cutting service, and then paying for grass cutting on a weekly or every two week basis. It is our pleasure to help simplify your life by making finding the best lawn care service in Oak Park Illinois a snap. Also if you live in another part of the Chicagoland area, GreenPal can also help you with local lawn maintenance services in Des Plaines, IL as well as help you find a solid lawn cutting service in Arlington Heights, IL that also run the lawn mowing businesses on the GreenPal website.

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About Oak Park Illinois

Oak Park is a village adjacent to the West Side of the city of Chicago in Cook County, Illinois

Oak Park was settled beginning in the 1830s, with rapid growth later in the 19th century and early 20th century. It incorporated in 1902, breaking off from Cicero. Development was spurred by railroads and street cars connecting the village to jobs in Chicago. Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his wife settled here in 1889. Population peaked at 66,015 in 1940.

Smaller families led to falling population in the same number of homes and apartments. In the 1960s, Oak Park faced the challenge of racial integration, devising many strategies to integrate rather than re-segregate the village. Oak Park includes three historic districts for the historic homes: Ridgeland, Frank Lloyd Wright and Seward Gunderson, reflecting the focus on historic preservation. Many people of national fame have been born here, or lived here while building their own families and careers, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Ernest Hemingway, Ray Kroc, Bob Newhart, Betty White and Dan Castellaneta.

Oak Park is home to a Park District, first organized in 1912 as the Recreation Department of the Village of Oak Park. Under the direction of Josephine Blackstock and her successor, Lilly Ruth Hanson, it embarked on a vigorous program of recreation for villagers. The playgrounds were named by Blackstock after famous children’s writers.

In the late 1980s the Recreation Department was dissolved, and the Oak Park Park District, a separate tax-levying body, was created. It comprises thirteen parks scattered throughout the village, for a total of 80 acres (320,000 m2) of parkland, a historic house available for functions with payment of fees, the Oak Park Conservatory, and two outdoor pools. The Park District also provides small dog exercise areas where dog owners may bring their pets with payment of fees. A second outdoor pool, an official sized ice rink, a green roof and synthetic-turfed playing fields are at Ridgeland Common at the corner of Lake Street and Ridgeland Avenue, originally built in 1962. It was completely renovated from March 2013 to June 14, 2014. Source: Wikipedia Oak Park, IL

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