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Rojas Yard Service Lawn Services in Pharr, TX

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Any lawn mowing provider or lawn care company can buy lawn care equipment and slap an LLC to their name. I bring more than that. If you want an insured lawn care company with years of experience, I’m your guy. Years of experience and working with hundreds of customers have taught me more about providing great lawn care services than other lawn mowing providers can ever brag about. Lawn care and landscaping require a delicate touch. This is something I have brought to happy customers in Pharr, McAllen, and Hidalgo County, Texas.

I have been in the landscaping business for as long as I can remember. It’s not something I do just for money, it’s something I genuinely enjoy.

I started my career working with various landscaping companies and offering a range of lawn care services, yard maintenance, and landscaping services. I learned how to properly conduct a lawn care business and run a team of professionally trained lawn care specialists. After learning the intricacies of how to properly work on a lawn and provide great lawn care services to residents all over Texas, I knew it was time to start my own company.

This is when I started Rojas Yard Service. I made it my mission to serve residents of Pharr, McAllen, and Hidalgo County, and other cities nearby.

The joy I get mowing yards, trimming grass, providing impeccable lawn care services and diligent yard maintenance services is something I promise I do better than my competitors because I enjoy it more.

When I started my company, my goal is simple; to provide the premium lawn mowing services, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services. The proof is in my work history. I’ve serviced over 50 happy customers, many of whom still use my services to this day. I make it my goal to provide great prices, keep clear and open communication, and make sure my team of specially trained lawn care specialists in providing the best service available.

Whether it’s providing affordable yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, and even weekly lawn mowing services, we’ve done it all. If you’ve been by Witten Park, you’ve probably seen some of our work on yards nearby.

Many homeowners and property owners have felt neglected in the past by bad lawn care services, especially in cities I’ve worked in. I fill that gap and my company strives to do our best for every yard we work on. We will not leave your property until you’re completely happy. Other lawn care companies usually are in a rush to leave or make you foot the bill for incomplete work.

That’s the fastest way to lose a customer. We value you, your needs and promise to serve you the best lawn care services money can buy. Our company is not only regular landscape maintenance and lawn mowing company, but we also handle a range of lawn care services. Whether you need mulching, sodding, pressure washing, bush and shrub trimming, planting, cleaning your gutter, or cutting your grass, we do it all.

If you need any of those services, use the GreenPal app and hire us from there. We offer a range of services and budget-friendly options for long term contracts. Hire us and pay us from the app and leave your lawn care in the right hands.   


Pro Cuts Landscaping Lawn Services in Pharr, TX

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Pro Cuts Landscaping is a lawn care company and a landscaping company that offers a big list of lawn care services for residents of Pharr, McAllen, Hidalgo County, Texas. Working with hundreds of residents in Pharr and Hidalgo County, I’ve learned many are underserved. Many have had few choices when it comes to hiring the best lawn care providers in the area. As a lawn care service professional with years of experience, I wanted to come to the rescue. So, I started my company and never looked back. Now, you can benefit from low priced, premium lawn care services.

My goal has always been to offer dependable and affordable lawn care services. These services range from lawn mowing, weekly yard maintenance, and landscaping.

If you hire us for grass cutting, lawn mowing or even yard maintenance, you’ll have a trained team ready to serve your property. If you need help quickly or need someone to come in every two weeks, contact us and we’ll share our prices and services, guaranteed to be better than a local company. You can search for our services on the GreenPal app and see our big list of lawn care and lawn mowing services we provide.

Our positive reviews will back up our claim as being one of the most trusted lawn mowing providers in Pharr, Texas. Our team is highly trained and responsible. We show up at your door on time and get to work quickly.

Before we begin, we’ll asses your lawn or yard and check the health of the yard and offer some recommendations for maintaining a healthy and greener lawn. If you just want someone to mow your grass, you can do just that.

But why not takes advantage of our full-service care? There’s no extra cost and you can decide what services you want.

When searching for our lawn care services, you can choose to get grass cutting, weed removal, fertilizing, sodding, lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, and other yard maintenance services. Our professional team members will make sure all your lawn care needs are met. Whether you need to someone to get your grass cut, tree trimmed leaves blown, we can help you do that. Our mulching service makes your garden beds look better and more appealing.

We value your lawn and have a history of positive reviews because of it. Our goal is to make sure our services leave you feeling great about your manicured yard. Using the leading industrial equipment and mowers helps us work to create the lawn of your dreams.

If you need quick lawn care services or need to hire a lawn mowing provider fast, we can help you.

I have helped many customers make their lawns look as green as the grass you’d find at Victor Garcia Municipal Park. No matter what you need, use the GreenPal to hire us for our low-price rate available only on the app. 


Aguilar Lawn Care Lawn Services in Pharr, TX

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(overall rating 4.4/5.233 Reviews)

Aguilar Lawn Care offers superior lawn care services at a fraction of the price. We offer a laundry list of lawn care and lawn mowing services for your home or commercial property in Pharr, McAllen, and Hidalgo County. From weed removal to bush trimming, to basic yard maintenance, we cover all your lawn care needs. Have a dirty flower bed? Have leaves all over your property? Have a yard that needs cut every two weeks? Whatever it is, we have you covered. We offer the top-rated premium lawn care services for you and our low prices can’t be beaten and only available when hiring us through GreenPal.

We understand you have a busy life and taking care of your lawn is something that takes time. But hiring a lawn care company or choosing from a list of lawn mowing providers can both waste time and money. That’s why we offer superior lawn care services at a small price.

Whether you need lawn care services, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance or any other lawn care needs, Aguilar Lawn Care has you covered. Give yourself a well needed weekend to relax and let us do the dirty work. If you’re tired of mowing the lawn yourself, let us cut the grass for you. You can sit back and relax and let a team of professionally trained lawn care providers work on your behalf.

You deserve it! You won’t have to worry about prices because we offer one of the lowest in Pharr, Texas. If you use the GreenPal app to hire us, you’ll be able to take advantage of our special lawn care services packages. So, you can choose the lawn mowing or lawn care services you need and choose how often you want us to come.

Our premium lawn maintenance packages will guarantee you’ll have a healthier and greener lawn all year long. We offer seeding and seasonal fertilization to promote beautiful lawns, that are also protected from harsh weather and natural elements. Pests can be a huge problem and using dangerous chemicals can put your health at risk. Let us handle all your landscape maintenance and yard care needs.

We have been leaving happy faces on our customers for several years now. Places all around Pflugerville, McAllen, Mission, and Hidalgo County, even places near Jones Box Park. We know not to waste your time and always show up on time.

We know seasonal changes can impact your yard and it often requires different services. When you hire us, we ensure the services we provide go beyond your needs. If your lawn needs mowing but leaves are scattered everywhere, we make sure to remove it first and then proceed with mowing grass. No hidden fees or extra charges.

We even offer light installation and removal. You can easily browse our profile to see all our work and see our five-star reviews. We know this decision isn’t always easy, so we encourage you to check our services and see if we are the right fit for your needs.

Book us now on the GreenPal app and we’ll get started working on your lawn. 


Mike's Mowing Lawn Services in Pharr, TX

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Did you know you could be damaging your lawn? Many homeowners often don’t realize the damage they’re doing to their lawn because they’re using an older model lawnmower. Some lawn mowers have dull blades that tear grass when it should be slicing it clean off. This is a costly mistake that’s shredding your lawn’s health and will cost you more money in the future. Some people may be hesitant to hire a lawn care company because of pricing issues or because maybe they feel like they can do it themselves. At Mike’s Mowing, we solve the two biggest obstacles. We not only provide premium lawn care services for property owners in Pharr and cities nearby. We also do it for an affordable price.

Kick back this weekend, show your wallet some love, and let a professionally trained lawn care team mow your lawn. If you’ve considered hiring a lawn care company, we’ll not only mow your lawn, we’ll help you save money in the process. Our prices are one of the lowest in the area and available exclusively on for GreenPal app users.

My name is Michael Hinojosa. I am the owner of Mike’s Mowing. I’ve been mowing grass, providing yard maintenance, and working on lawns for residents and businesses all over Texas for several years.

I have serviced over one hundred lawns, provided lawn care services, and provided yard maintenance service to many residents in Hidalgo County. My dedicated lawn care services and lawn mowing services are unmatched by any other lawn mowing provider in the region.

Many of my customers still use my lawn care company’s services to this day.

I’ve provided lawn mowing and lawn care services to various neighborhoods and businesses in Pharr. Many including, Las Milpas, Minnesota Terrace, El Dorado, Citrus Bay, Woodcrest, The Moores, and properties near Tierra Del Sol Golf Course, other locations in Pharr, Texas.

If you’ve been searching for lawn mowing providers or lawn care companies who can offer affordable lawn care services or landscape maintenance, our company has all the services you need to fit for your budget. Commercial properties or homeowners with big yards are also covered.

We will do whatever it takes to make you happy and make sure you’ll get the lawn of your dreams. We’ll make sure your lawn is healthy and fix and damages it may have.

Not only will my crew provide lawn maintenance and landscape maintenance, but we will also handle your lawn mowing, sodding, bush trimming, pressure washing, tree trimming, and mulching. Our lawn care services also cover fixing damaged lawns or backyards. If you want us to handle all your lawn care needs, use the app to take book us. You can learn more about our services, our work, and other information about us. Hiring us will be easy and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Contact us or book us on the GreenPal app and we will begin helping you. If you live anywhere in Pharr, Texas and its neighboring cities. Book us now. 

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Charles Hernandez grass cutting in Pharr TX
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX grass-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX local-lawn-care-services-in-Pharr-TX grass-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX

My yard needed some desperate lawn mowing and quickly. I don't know if it's just me, but having a home near Pharr Parks seems to demand constant yard work. Thankfully, I found Ignacio's profile and decided to book him. I searched through his profile and asked him if he could just mow my lawn every two weeks. He has not let me down. His employees also provide great lawn care services and my lawn has never looked better. The great thing is, they're always on time and work whether I'm there or not. He has been nothing but helpful and has done amazing. His yard maintenance package is great for the consistent help I need. I'm very glad I hired him and his company.

James Levi grass cutting in Pharr TX
lawn-care-services-in-Pharr-TX local-lawn-care-services-in-Pharr-TX local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Pharr-TX affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX

My home by Hawk Ave near Pharr Parks needed some lawn care services. I needed to find a professional quickly since I was going traveling and needed someone to look after my yard. In my search for a lawn mowing provider, I found Pro Cuts' profile on the GreenPal app. The owner, Jessie, was able to help me trim my grass, mow my lawn and blow some leaves that were all over my yard. Since my vacation, I've kept them for bi-weekly yard maintenance and Jessie's crew always delivers. They make sure my lawn is properly taken care of and always leave me happy. I have no complaints and would gladly recommend their lawn care and lawn mowing services to anyone in Pharr. I'm lucky to have found a great lawn care specialists near me.

William Macleod lawn care in Pharr TX
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Pharr-TX residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX lawn-maintenance-in-Pharr-TX affordable-lawn-services-in-Pharr-TX

The thorough work that the crew at Aguilar Lawn Care did on my lawn is something I don't think any other company can do. My home near Caffery Ave, by the Pharr skatepark, needed some lawn mowing services and some yard maintenance work. They not only helped cut the grass and mow my lawn to the perfect height, they but also removed some weeds and crabgrass that was taking over my yard. I also asked for help with trimming a few of the bushes in the front of my home. The lawn and yard are looking great. Their prices are fair and their lawn care packages are very cheap. I don't believe you can go wrong hiring Ruben and his crew at Aguilar Lawn Care for all your lawn care needs. 

Susan Sawyer yard mowing in Pharr TX
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Pharr-TX local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Pharr-TX local-lawn-care-services-in-Pharr-TX affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Pharr-TX

After weeks of searching and hiring lawn mowing providers near my home by Witten Park, I finally found a company that can actually provide yard maintenance without the irritating noise, gasoline fumes and pesticide chemicals. Mike's Mowing was hired after several attempts to find a reliable lawn care company. I contacted them for help with yard clean up and weekly lawn mowing. The owner came out the same day looked over my yard, and then explained everything he was going to do for my yard. The company's lawn mowing job is always well done and they continue to impress me every time they work in my yard.