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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Joliet, IL as of May, 2024


Workamn Lawn Care in Joliet, IL

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(overall rating 5/5.699 Reviews)

I enjoy providing my Joliet Illinois lawn maintenance clients with steady consistent and affordable lawn mowing services. We have a motto with my lawnmowing business where quality lawn care service is not only easy to get, it's affordable. We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice on the quality of the grass cutting you get if you're looking to save a little money on your yard maintenance. That's where my lawn maintenance company and GreenPal go hand-in-hand. Sure we will not be the absolute cheapest grass cutting business in Juliet that you could hire however we will be the most expensive either. Most of my lawnmowing prices for the Joliet area start out at $35 per lawnmowing. You might be wondering what is included in that grass cutting price? Well for starters of course your basic lawnmowing of your entire yard front and back will be included in the price that you get from me on your GreenPal account, next I will include weed eating around anything that you have in your yard so as to say when I get done cutting your grass your yard will be in nice and neat shape.

After we are done mowing all of your turf, we will blow off the grass clippings from any paved surfaces, driveways, sidewalks and back patios anything like that to make sure all of your concrete is left in a nice neat clean appearance. Now there are a few caveats to everything that I just said. If I get there to cut your yard for your lawn in Joliet and your grass is tall I will do my best to get you yard back in shape however do not expect miraculous results on that first grass cutting that I do for you. When your lawn is extra tall it means that there's a bunch of extra work that has to be done and it usually takes about five lawnmowing visits to get your yard back perfect. But the good news is is that I have heavy duty commercial grade lawn maintenance equipment that I can use on your residential property that will enable me to chop down the grass and get it back under control. I will do everything I can do to honor my original lawnmowing cost that I submit to you on GreenPal, however keep in mind if your grass is way tall I simply can't do a tall yard for the same price as I do a weekly or every two week grass cutting customer of mine in Joliet Illinois. So all of that to say it not would be fair to my other lawn maintenance customers to not charge for extra tall grass if that's the case with your yard. So let me just say thank you so much for thinking about hiring my grass cutting business. If you would like to see some of my work I cut a bunch of yard over by Joliet West High School and I have 3 yard maintenance customers by Prairie Bluff Preserve in Joliet as well. Thank you for considering my yard maintenance business, and I look forward to beautifying your yard one grass cutting out a time.

Also , if you need residential lawn care services in Palatine IL I can help you out there with your yard and also help out with affordable yard maintenance services in Oak Park, IL.


Greenwood Lawn Care in Joliet, IL

Hired 347 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.349 Reviews)

I've been cutting yards in Joliet Illinois for years making my lawn maintenance customers happy is what I do and I must say I really love my job as a professional landscaping maintenance contractor in Juliet. Allow me to explain a little bit about how I run my lawn care service differently than other cheap grass cutters in the Joliet area. The first thing I do is I sharpen my lawnmower blades. Now you might be wondering why does this matter should I even care. Well let me just say this if you want your grass cut down you don't care about how it looks after it's done being mowed well then by all means it does not matter whether or not the lawn cutting service in Joliet that you hire sharpens their lawnmowing blades or not really doesn't matter to you so you are right, don't worry about that.

However if you were wanting a nice clean manicured look on your lawn then you need to make sure whatever landscape maintenance service that you hire will sharpen your blades at least once a week when they come out to cut your grass. This way your lawn and grass are cut in a nice neat orderly appearance. You don't have to worry about frayed edges on the tips of your grass and you don't have to worry about insects and diseases moving in and damaging your turf. If you spend money on fertilizer and seeding your turf and then let your lawn cutting service mow your yard with dull grass cutting blades, well that's just plain foolish. You can see what I'm talking about with some of the lawns that I mow over by Reedwood, Marquette Gardens, Cunningham in Joliet Illinois. Sometimes when I mow a yard, I will double cut it just to make sure all of the grass clippings are disbursed and there's no unsightly grass is left over. If you don't do this then grass kind of lays over the top of the turf and then it dies and turns and ugly brown color in a matter of days. This alone will make the entire yard look dead and so you don't have to worry about that with my grass cutting service I would never do your yard that way. Some of my customers in Joliet want the clippings bagged and while I can usually bag the grass clippings and haul them away keep in mind that's about double the lawnmowing cost and in my opinion it's really not worth it. I can make your yard look just as good by double cutting and mulching up the grass clippings when I am done mowing your yard. So I would love to add your lawn to my route of satisfied lawn maintenance customers that I have in Joliet. Thank you so much for considering my yard mowing business and I look forward to becoming your trust and landscaping maintenance provider.

Also , if you are looking for grass cutting services in Evanston IL GreenPal can help you find a local lawn cutter there and the website also has some cheap grass cutting services in Skokie IL..


CAP Lawn Care Services in Joliet, IL

Hired 498 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.433 Reviews)

I take pride in being one of the most reliable and dependable landscape maintenance services that you can hire in Joliet Illinois. I treat everyone of my yard maintenance clients like it's family and I take pleasure in knowing that I am the trusted steward of the largest investment that many of my yard mowing clients have. Speaking of investments always also do a lot of lawn maintenance for property managers in real estate investors throughout the Joliet area. They hire me on GreenPal because many property investors use GreenPal to manage all of their lawn care services and so I'm kind of the best guy in Joliet that they can hire for their yard maintenance.

I am the eyes and ears for my customers on what's going on in their yard, landscaping, and gardens. I believe in proactive preventative lawn maintenance and every time on your yard cutting your grass. I'm looking out for other things that I'll see going on in your yard such as insect damage on your plants or a sinkhole maybe developing in your yard, or a plumbing leak that might be developing in your yard. For example just a couple of weeks ago I saw a wet mushy spot in the yard on one of the homes that I cut the grass for and I notified the owner and they had a slow water leak in the main water line going to the house. This probably save them thousands of dollars in lost water on a high utility bill. So this is just an example of something that my landscape maintenance company does different than other yard maintenance services that you can hire in Joliet Illinois. We look out for our lawn maintenance customers best interests and we're always looking for ways to be more than just the grass cutter for them. I have got 10 customers over by Heritage Lakes in Joliet, and another for seven weekly lawn maintenance clients by Lakewood Prairie in the Joliet Illinois area. So with that being said if you live in those parts of town I can usually offer next day grass cutting. Most of my lawnmowing prices in Joliet, Il start out at $40 per grass cutting and the most expensive yard that I cut in Joliet is $75. Why is that one yard so much your money to maintain the lawn? Well, the owner added on landscape bed maintenance and shrub pruning. I can take care of these additional yard maintenance services for you on an ongoing basis that's no problem. And the cool thing is that all of this yard work can be added onto your GreenPal account so I don't have to remember when you want which yard maintenance services to be performed, it all just shows up on my GreenPal account and I just knock it out as you have it scheduled for your yard maintenance. Billing for these lawn care services is also a snap and we don't ever have to worry about me billing you for incorrect yard services or anything like that. I'll admit I'm not perfect , GreenPal helps me keep things straight with my lawnmowing business in Joliet, and I'm sure that you get smooth service without any of the headache.

Also , if you are not near Joliet , IL we also do yard cutting services in Elmhurst IL and thats not all , I know the GreenPal can connect you with local lawn mowing services in Palatine IL.


Seans Lawn Care Services in Joliet, IL

Hired 428 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.423 Reviews)

When interviewing landscape maintenance companies in Joliet Illinois there are a few things you need to know about the differences in lawnmowing services that you could choose from. First let me just say thank you so much for considering my lawn maintenance company and allow me to explain a few of the nuances that go into the to grass cutting business and how no two are really alike. The first thing I recommend to my potential grass cutting customers and landscaping maintenance clients that I have and Juliet is To start off with what their goals are first. I see always have the end in mind. Is your goal to just avoid a fine from the city of Joliet for tallgrass? Well then you probably need to search for the most affordable lawnmowing service in Joliet that you can find if that is the case, is your goal to make your lawn look like one of the best in your neighborhood in the Joliet area well then it's a completely different matter altogether. If you're wanting to enhance your loans curb appeal and make your yard and landscaping really stand out well then you'll want to place more effort into how you interview and pre-screen your lawn maintenance companies that you're considering.

Likely that's where my lawnmowing business comes in, and that's where GreenPal can help you find the best fit lawnmowing company that you're looking for. I recommend starting off by reading the reviews on each of the prices that you get on your GreenPal account. This will be a good place to start because you can see what services other homeowners in the Joliet area have hired these landscaping maintenance contractors for. And then you can see how they did on executing of those yard maintenance services and that will probably be one of the best indicators of if you're going to hire professional landscape maintenance company or just a basic grass cutter. The next thing I recommend to my potential yard maintenance clientele in Joliet is that they look over the pictures of completed landscaping maintenance work that each of their lawn care services has on their landscaper profile. They say a picture says a 1000 words and that certainly is the case when it comes to gauging if the landscape maintenance contractor is going to be a good fit for you or not. Take a look at my lawn maintenance pictures and you'll see some of my finest yard maintenance work and I have done for the residents in Joliet and it will give you solid peace of mind that you know you are hiring a real lawn care professional. So I would love to add you to my landscape maintenance route in Joliet if you live over by Wesmere Estates or in North Prairie the Joliet area usually I can get to your grass cutting the very next day. So with that being said it is my pleasure to be considered thank you so much.

Also , if you are not near Joliet , IL we also do nearby yard maintenance services in Arlington Heights IL but if you do not live there, no problem we can also help you with local landscape maintenance services in Des Plaines IL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Michelle Vega Grass Cutting in Joliet IL
“I try to do everything I can online and through mobile apps like GreenPal. Sometimes they work out and save me a lot of time and money and sometimes they are flop. So when I signed up for GreenPal to get my yard mowed in Joliet, I must say my expectations were all the way low. I wasn't expecting a perfect lawnmowing, and quite frankly I wasn't expecting the lawn cutter I hired to show up on the day that I selected to have the grass cut. Well I was pleasantly surprised. The lawnmowing price came in at a very affordable cost and the lawnmowing service I hired with my GreenPal account cut my yard by Fairmont on the exact day that I hired them to mow it. I have since told four friends and family members about GreenPal and I felt like it was worth providing a good recommendation for the mobile app for getting lawn mowing services in Joliet.”
John Beasley Lawn Cutting in Joliet IL
“I was looking for just a one time grass cut for my home by Crest Hill in Joliet.. As it turns out no lawnmowing companies in Joliet are willing to do a one time lawn cutting however I heard that GreenPal will let you try out their software and so that's what I was going to do and just get the grass cut one time while I was on vacation. What I was surprised about was the price for the grass cutting. It was much more reasonable than I thought it was going to be. So I'll admit, after the first lawnmowing went so well and the yard looks so good, I just hired the grass cutting service that GreenPal introduced me to for every two week yard maintenance until the end of September. I guess you could say I was dragged kicking and screaming into hiring a lawnmowing service but GreenPal made it too easy.”
Linda Juarez Yard Cutting in Joliet IL
“I'm in charge of taking care of my mother's yard maintenance and Joliet. She insists on mowing the yard herself however I just will not let that happen. So in order to make sure that she's not mowing it I went ahead and hired a lawn care service using my GreenPal account to cut her grass every 10 days because that's the way she likes it. The best part about all of this is an email sent to me each time the lawn care service in Joliet that I hired mows her yard. And then after I confirm that everything was done in the yard to her satisfaction that's when I pay the lawn mowing service that I hired to cut her grass. I would say that GreenPal probably saved me at least $20 a month and at least an hour a month of dealing with the hassle of wrangling a lawn care service to cut Mom's yard. And now I have peace of mind that mom’s grass is getting taken care of and I have the GreenPal mobile app to thank for that.”
Johnny Rojas Lawn Care in Joliet IL
“After using the same lawn care service in Joliet for three years at the beginning of this lawn mowing season they just disappeared. No phone call no email nothing. I tried reaching out to them several times to figure out when they were going to start cutting the grass for me and he no showed me. I didn't have time to worry about what happened I had to find a new lawn care service and fast. By this time it was already April and my grass had gotten to be about 15 inches tall. I found GreenPal online while doing some research for lawn care services near me and Joliet, The sign-up process was simple, I got three lawnmowing prices back in less than 10 minutes, and I hired one who came out and mowed my yard the very next day. Well I was simply amazed. GreenPal has now got me set up for the rest of the season with the lawnmowing company that I hired and everything is going smooth.”

lawn-maintenance-in-Joliet-IL-lawn-service-in-Joliet Needing grass cutting service in Joliet Illinois? Well I've got some good news for you. You have just arrived to the easiest way in the world to find and hire a reliable lawn mowing service and landscape maintenance company in Joliet. Let me tell you little bit about GreenPal and how it works and more importantly how the website can save you time money and headache on finding reliable yard maintenance business in Joliet to take care of your grass cutting for you. For starters the GreenPal website and mobile app attracts the best lawn care services in Joliet to operate their lawnmowing business and yard maintenance company using Greenpal online software. Everything from submitting their price for grass cutting, to scheduling their lawn mowing, to submitting their invoice to you for lawn maintenance services is all handled online through the GreenPal website and landscaping maintenance mobile app.

This makes their life easier and enables them to operate the lawnmowing business more efficiently in Joliet Illinois and so that's why they operate their grass cutting service using the GreenPal software. Now why does any of this matter to you? Because they are connected to the GreenPal website and landscape maintenance network that means you can order competitive lawnmowing, get prices for grass cutting services fast, and then schedule and pay Joliet yard maintenance businesses with a few taps on your smartphone rather than calling around to all kinds of yard maintenance companies in the Joliet area and requesting lawn maintenance prices from them, and then having to compare grass cutting costs and check lawn care services references on your own. Getting a new lawnmowing service in Joliet can literally take a week to do and dozens of hours of time making phone calls and checking mowing references on each of the lawn care services that you are considering. With GreenPal, now you are in control and everything happens in a matter of 15 to 30 minutes rather than several dozen hours. After your first lawn cutting goes well with the yard maintenance company that you are using your GreenPal account you can set them up for on going every two week grass cuttings and weekly lawn mowing if you like. Either lawn maintenance schedule is offered on your GreenPal account so whatever works for you and your yard maintenance budget you are in control of setting up the yard make the service that you like, no longer are you at the mercy of the lawnmowing business is in Joliet that you can convince to cut your grass, now you can have them compete and fight over your lawnmowing business. So no matter if you live by Inwood Golf Course, Rock Run Preserve, or Hadley Valley in the Joliet Illinois area GreenPal has attracted dozens and dozens of qualified lawn maintenance companies that specialize in residential yard maintenance services. Just click the orange button to get started on receiving your lawnmowing bids and hire the grass cutting service if you want to work with this year. Also if you live in another part of Chicagoland, GreenPal can also help you with local lawn cutting services in Des Plaines, IL and also make is super easy to hire lawn cutting businesses in Arlington Heights, IL.

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About Joliet Illinois

Joliet is a city in Kendall and Will counties in the U.S. state of Illinois, 40 miles southwest of Chicago

In 1673, Louis Jolliet, along with Father Jacques Marquette, paddled up the Des Plaines River and camped on a huge mound, a few miles south of present-day Joliet. Maps from Jolliet's exploration of the area, placed a large hill or mound on what is now the southwest corner of the city, since there is no point that is farther southwest. That hill was named Mound Jolliet. The spot was mined by early settlers and is now a depression.

In 1833, following the Black Hawk War, Charles Reed built a cabin along the west side of the Des Plaines River. Across the river in 1834, James B. Campbell, treasurer of the canal commissioners, laid out the village of "Juliet", named after his daughter[6]. Just before the economic depression of 1837, Juliet incorporated as a village, but to cut tax expenses, Juliet residents soon petitioned the state to rescind that incorporation. In 1845, local residents changed the community's name from "Juliet" to "Joliet". Joliet was reincorporated as a city in 1852. Cornelius Cohenhoven Van Horne was active in getting the city its first charter, and because of this he was elected Joliet's first Mayor. When the city later built a new bridge it was named The Van Horne Bridge.

As of July 2014, Joliet was the 169th most populous city in the United States. As of the census of 2000, there were 106,221 people, 36,182 households, and 25,399 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,790.9 people per square mile. There were 38,176 housing units at an average density of 1,003.1 per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 69.32% White, 18.16% African American, 0.28% Native American, 1.14% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 8.97% from other races, and 2.09% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 18.41% of the population.

There were 36,182 households out of which 38.8% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 51.9% were married couples living together, 13.3% had a female householder with no husband present, and 29.8% were non-families. 24.7% of all households were made up of individuals and 10.0% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.81 and the average family size was 3.39. In the city, the population was spread out with 29.5% under the age of 18, 10.1% from 18 to 24, 33.1% from 25 to 44, 16.3% from 45 to 64, and 11.0% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 31 years. For every 100 females there were 98.2 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 95.3 males. Source: Wikipedia Joliet, IL

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