Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Oakhurst, OK as of Jun, 2024


Dalco Services Lawn Services in Oakhurst, OK

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The worst part of trying to find lawn care businesses in Oakhurst entails finding companies that can make the drive out to Oakhurst for help. It’s never easy to find qualified experts in some of the rural parts of Tulsa. But our experts at Dalco Services are more than happy to help. We offer services to all parts of Creek and Tulsa Counties, including in Oakhurst.

Do you have a massive lawn on 61st Street or another rural part of Oakhurst? We at Dalco Services can help you with your yard. We provide services that every homeowner in Oakhurst can appreciate, from lawn mowing to hedge trimming.

It often takes a while to take care of yards around Oakhurst, what with so many properties being immense and vast in size. But our experts at Dalco Services have more than enough time to care for your yard. We can check on each part of your yard and find a solution for care that fits your unique needs.

We won’t leave a single square inch of your yard untouched. We’ll ensure that we evenly cut every bit of grass and that all your trees and bushes are trimmed based on how high up they should be and how they can look alike. We can check on how well your yard looks at the start, and then figure out a plan for work that fits your unique lawn maintenance needs.

You can also ask us about taking care of your commercial yard if you have one. Business lawns near the interstate highway need extra care to ensure they look outstanding to anyone who drives by them. We’ll care for your yard with regular weekly or biweekly maintenance services. We can not only cut the grass but also remove weeds and other unhealthy growths all around.

All of these services are useful, but you’ll always have the final word over what you want to get out of your property. We can provide a free estimate for services to see what is necessary. You can talk with us about what you wish for us to complete. We are always open to ideas for what’s suitable for your yard. More importantly, we want to see that your yard receives the care it deserves the first time around.

We guarantee our services here at Dalco. You can ask us to correct certain things surrounding your yard if necessary. We will not charge extra for any corrections we have to complete. We believe that every part of your job should be perfect and done right the first time around. We don’t want to risk anything surrounding how well your yard could appear.

Our experts at Dalco Services are here to assist you with everything your yard in Oakhurst needs. You don’t have to worry about finding companies that can show up to your home. You can ask us at Dalco to help you with your property today. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.


Reedbuilt Lawncare Lawn Services in Oakhurst, OK

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Are you trying to find a lawn care service in Oakhurst that can do everything for your yard? You need more than a traditional lawn mowing service. You need someone who will support all the features around your yard. These include everything from the edges around your driveway to the spots near your flower bed. We at Reedbuilt Lawncare want to be there for your property.

We serve homes around every part of Oakhurst, including spots a little further from the highway. Yards on 69th Street and other rural parts of town need plenty of help. From cleaning up after trees to removing weeds that might grow, we can do everything for your yard. You can ask us to arrive at a time of your choosing, and we’ll come up with a plan for serving all the unique needs you have for your yard. We want to see that your yard gets the service it deserves the first time around.

We provide a thorough array of services at Reedbuilt Lawncare. We offer a lawn mowing service, but that’s only the start of what we can do for your yard. You can also request many other services, including aeration and overseeding. We can also install new sod around parts of your yard as necessary.

We can work on your irrigation system as well. There’s no guarantee that your yard will receive the rainfall it needs, which makes your sprinkler layout all the more essential. We can maintain and repair anything surrounding your irrigation system. We can install a French drain or retaining wall for your property too.

Every part of your landscape needs extra care. Our experts at Reedbuilt will help you in trimming and shaping your hedges. We can also work on trees around your yard. We can plant new small trees as well. All of these services include a thorough cleaning effort. Our team will remove leaves, branches, and other things that your trees and hedges might scatter. Removing all of these features is critical for ensuring your yard stays healthy, not to mention it ensures your yard won’t become worn from excess fatigue from all that debris.

We also provide many other seasonal services in Oakhurst. We can clean up your yard in the fall or spring. You can also ask us about our mosquito control service, so you can keep these pests from annoying yourself and everyone else around your yard. You can also discuss other pest control plans with us, including efforts to remove anthills and other things that might appear around your yard.

We want to be there for your yard in Oakhurst. Our experts at Reedbuilt Lawncare know that your grass and landscape have many needs to support. It’s our job here to serve you with all the things necessary for your property. You can contact us today to learn more about our work and to schedule a time for a free review and estimate.


Flores Landscaping Lawn Services in Oakhurst, OK

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Every yard in Oakhurst has unique needs. You can find smaller business lawns near New Sapulpa Road that need trimming every few weeks to keep up a professional look to whatever company works there. Yards further north in Red Fork have trees to clean after on occasion.

The things your yard needs might be unique. You can ask us at Flores Landscaping to assist you with whatever you need out of your yard in Oakhurst.

We focus on a complete approach to lawn care while expressing a positive and professional attitude all the way through. We use the best commercial mowing equipment in the Tulsa area. Our blades are always sharpened a few times every week, not to mention we clean them off after each job. Fine mower blades are critical for ensuring your grass receives an even trimming. More importantly, your turf bed won’t be torn apart due to a dull cutting layout.

We can mow in various directions to produce a consistent mowing pattern. We can use different layouts every time we serve your yard. Mowing in different directions prevents small ruts from developing around your yard. You won’t see any of those annoying mower marks around your yard.

We at Flores Landscaping can also edge the ends of your yard. We can use a straight edge cutter to trim the grass near your driveway and sidewalk, thus preventing excess grass growing from developing around those areas. Our experts can also edge the turf near your foundation and fence and other sites that aren’t easy to access.

Our comprehensive lawn care service will cover all the unique needs you have for your Oakhurst yard. You can ask us for support whether you have a small yard on 51st Street or something a little more massive to the west.

We also offer contract services if you are interested. We can arrive at your home every few weeks to care for your yard, including to support various unique needs you might have throughout the year. You can also ask for a one-off lawn care service if you prefer.

We also know that you have a specific budget that you need to meet. We will work within your budget and provide you with a complete approach to services that won’t break the bank. Our professionals are transparent when it comes to our charges. You will never come across any unexpected charges or hidden fees when you work with us. We will let you know what it costs for services before we start everything.

Our team at Flores Landscaping knows that you have many unique lawn care needs that must work on occasion. We can talk with you about a plan for lawn care that fits your yard’s needs and your budget alike. You can reach us today to learn about what we can do for your yard and how we can serve you with whatever you need for your yard.


Lawn Creations Lawn Services in Oakhurst, OK

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You might not be aware of what you have to do for your yard in Oakhurst. You might not understand how well your grass is taking in water, nor do you know how high your grass should grow. The intricacies of your yard are plentiful, but our experts at Lawn Creations can help you build a beautiful lawn no matter where in Oakhurst you live.

We provide a complete approach to lawn care here at Lawn Creations. We can mow your lawn to the correct height, not to mention we can use a different pattern during every task to keep everything looking fresh and without annoying ruts.

Our professionals at Lawn Creations can also assist you in trimming the ends of your yard. It’s never easy for a lawnmower to reach spots around your foundation, your mailbox, and your utility boxes. We use straight trimmers that can cut the ends of your lawn. We’ll ensure every bit of grass grows the same way all around. More importantly, we will avoid scalping your turf bed and possibly causing damage to the area.

We can also work on the trees around your property. Lawns around Summit Park and other neighborhoods in the area feature plenty of trees, but they are hard to support. We can trim your trees and remove excess growths. We can also clear off any unhealthy grows or other spots around the trunk. Many things can deprive the landscape of the nutrients and water that it needs. We’ll clear out all the unhealthy or unnecessary items that might grow around your trees and shrubs.

Our crew foreman will always check on the quality of your yard after we finish. A thorough check is necessary for ensuring the work we complete meets our company’s standards. We will only end the job when we know that everything is satisfactory. More importantly, we want to ensure you’re happy with the final product.

You can ask us to arrive at your property at a time that fits your schedule. We know that not all homeowners in Oakhurst have the time to stick around and wait for a professional to show up. The point is especially the case for homeowners in the western end of town. You can ask us to arrive at your property at the time of your choosing. We can show up even if you are not at your home. We will let you know when we have arrived and when we are starting the work at hand.

We want to be there for your yard in Oakhurst, so talk with us today to learn more about how we at Lawn Creations can serve you. We can plan an estimate for services to help you figure out what is necessary for your property and its unique care needs. We’ll be there for all the lawn maintenance needs you might have here in Oakhurst.

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Stephen Ray lawn maintenance in Oakhurst OK
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Dalco Services is the best lawn care company that I’ve come across in forever. The people here know what my yard needs when they arrive, plus they never pressure me into paying for services that I don’t need. They are very positive and upbeat, and they always care for my yard on 63rd Avenue with a smile. I am glad there’s a company out there that isn’t going to judge me for my yard. They are always careful about what they do, plus the team explains everything to me before they start working in my yard.

Rocio Walsh grass cutting in Oakhurst OK
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I have a small machining shop off of New Sapulpa Road, and it often frustrates me when I go by my property and see that the grass is growing out of hand. I don’t have much time to care for other things around my yard, so having the people at Reedbuilt serve my lawn care needs helps. They provide me with a monthly mowing and trimming service. They clean up the grass all around when they finish, and they even trim the grass near my parking lot. Their work is extensive and direct, and they care for all my needs the first time around.

Frank Melvin lawn mowing in Oakhurst OK
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Flores Landscaping knows everything my yard needs when they arrive. They serve my yard in the Mountain Manor area by trimming my grass and edging everything around my driveway and sidewalk. They also clean off all the grain stains from the driveway and remove the grass clippings before they finish. The best part of their work is that my yard has remained healthy and hasn’t developed lots of unsightly weeds. They know their stuff, as they always do what works to make my yard look perfect every time they support me.

James Roberts yard mowing in Oakhurst OK
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Lawn Creations is very accommodating to my lawn care needs. I needed to get my lawn on 51st Street cut before a big party at my house. I asked the people at Lawn Creations to arrive a day before the event, and they were more than willing to oblige. They cut the grass and edged the far ends of my yard. The grass was evenly cut all around, plus they cleaned off all the clippings after they finish. I didn’t even see a single grass streak on my driveway or my patio. My yard looked presentable to everyone who came to my home.