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Insignia Lawn Care in Yukon, OK

Hired 957 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.959 Reviews)

Thanks for taking time to check out my grass cutting service in Yukon Oklahoma. Making lawns pretty is what I do and I have real passion for taking a lawn that is overgrown with the edges all overgrown and the grass looking terrible at making it something nice and neat and well manicured. If you like a nice and neat looking yard then hire my yard maintenance company because that's what I specialize in. Now I'm no miracle worker in the first grass cutting I can't turn your home into a showpiece or anything like that however over the course of time I can little by little improve your yard’s appearance through proactive landscape management and a game plan that we can execute against. The first thing we need to get started with is some sort of basic grass cutting and lawn cutting agreement. Most of my clients in the Yukon, OK area have me come cut the yard on an every seven days however because you'll be ordering your maintenance services on the GreenPal landscape maintenance mobile app you have a couple different options for your yard maintenance rotation.

Ordinarily I don't offer anything but weekly grass cutting services however for my GreenPal customers I can offer you every two week lawn maintenance and on top of all that I can even do every 10 day lawn cutting. These are nice options for you if you need to stretch your budget a little bit for your yard maintenance in GreenPal offers an every two week landscape maintenance schedule, and the reality is GreenPal makes it so much easier for me to keep my lawn maintenance business in Yukon Oklahoma straightened out and running efficiently like a fine will well tuned machine that it enables me to offer a little bit more flexible lawn care schedule for you. So the first thing we need to do is nail that down and then on top of that after I come out to your yard the first time I will take a look at how much mulch do you have in your gardens and I will prepare a price for re-mulching or putting down pine straw in all of your landscaping beds, I will also take a look at how many bushes you have in your landscaping beds and garden areas and I will prepare a price for how much it's going to cost to trim your shrubs and prune all of your bushes three or four times a year, And then after that I will take a look at how many trees that are established that you have in your yard and I will take a guess on how much the fall leaf removal is going to cost. Most of the time people in Yukon, OK get their leaves cleaned up two or three times throughout the months of October and November. These are just some of the pricing points for yard maintenance that I will be sending to you and then you're able to add those onto your grass cutting with me. It's a simple as that. So no matter where you live in Yukon, I can take on your yard maintenance services in fact you probably seen me cutting grass in one of these neighborhoods, Apache Hills, Ashford Place, Belmont Crossing, Brighton Place, Brookstone Lakes West, Calm Springs, Canyon Creek, Canyon Ranch, Carlisle Crossing. So with all that being said it would be my pleasure to take care of your landscaping maintenance for you and become your trusted landscaper for as long as you live in your home in Yukon Oklahoma. My lawn maintenance business can also help you with nearby affordable lawn care services in Midwest City OK and and if you're not in west OKC we can also do local lawn cutting services in Moore OK as well.


Robert Miley Lawn Care in Yukon, OK

Hired 391 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.394 Reviews)

I offer three different levels of landscape maintenance care for my customers in Yukon Oklahoma. Allow me to describe the different nuances that go into the yard maintenance services I offer and you can use that to gauge if it's a good idea to hire me for your landscape maintenance or not. The first level of lawn care that I offer is just a basic grass cutting. Nothing more nothing less, I just cut your yard blow off the grass clippings when I'm done and I will also edge the driveway and sidewalks and weedeat around anything that you have in your yard. Now if your grass is super tall and your edges are way overgrown and haven't been edged in a while then the first grass cutting is not gonna look that great it's basically just going to knock the grass down and matter fact it'll probably be double charged if your grass is over 10 inches tall. That usually runs around $30-$40 per grass cutting for most yards of average size in Yukon OK.

The next level of service that I offer to my GreenPal customers in Yukon Oklahoma is a higher level of detail. I will double cut your yard meaning I will go over it two or three times to make sure I mulch up all of the grass clippings into little bitty pieces so they virtually disappear so there's nothing left over on the turf and yard when I'm done cutting, I will also make sure your edges look perfect for your driveway and sidewalks and also the edges around any landscaping beds that you have and mulched areas I will leave them nice and crisp and defined. That usually runs around $10-$15 more per grass cutting visit and I would say around around a third of my yard maintenance clientele in Yukon opt for this level of detail. Then the third and best level of landscape maintenance service that I offer is everything I just described for yard maintenance and on top of that pulling or spraying the weeds in your landscaping beds. Most the time when I do this for the first grass cutting visit the weeds are super bad in my landscape maintenance client’s yard and so I will have to spray them with a weed killer to kill them off. The weeds will turn yellow and die off and then the following visit all either pull the dead vegetation or weed whack them down and over the course of 2 or 3 visits I can get the landscaping beds whipped back into shape and weed free. That usually runs about another $10 or $20 per grass cutting visit if you want to add that onto your landscape maintenance with me. I do all sorts of yards all over Yukon and you probably see me cutting grass in the following neighborhoods, Gemstone Acres, Kimbell Park, Kingsway, Lakeview Estates, Meadow Lake, Millers Gate, Montereau, Morgan Crossing, Mustang Creek, Neumayer Landing, Parkland, Pecan Grove Farms, Pikes Pointe, Preston Park, Ranchwood South, Raywood Manor, River Mesa, Rosewood, Russellville and so with that being said it would be a privilege to become your landscaper this year and make sure your yard looks in tiptop shape you're around and make your neighbors in Yukon Oklahoma jealous. The good news is even if you do not live in West Oklahoma City I can also do cheap grass cutting services nearby Norman OK and I also service nearby yard cutting services in Moore OK as well.


813 Lawn Care Services in Yukon, OK

Hired 448 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.445 Reviews)

Well if you're looking for a reliable and affordable grass cutting service in Yukon, OK that takes pride in his work I appreciate you taking time to consider my lawn maintenance company. I really love what I do and I love the landscaping business and I love serving people in Yukon Oklahoma. Some of the things that I'll do differently with your yard maintenance than other grass cutting services that you may have worked with in the past is I like to follow up each time after I get done mowing your yard . Most grass cutting companies won't bother doing this and it's one of the little things that I like to do separate myself from other lawn maintenance businesses in Yukon that might be a little cheaper grass cutting price but don't offer the same level of detail and yard maintenance and in customer service like I do. So if you can pay just a little bit more for your yard man maintenance services yet demand a little bit better of a quality job done with your grass cutting and yard cutting then I will be a good fit for you.

However if you're just wanting to knock the grass down one time a month for the cheapest possible price then I'm probably not going to be a good fit for your landscaping maintenance however the good news is is that you can usually find somebody on the Yukon craigslist page and I can do that for you however GreenPal is a little different and my Yukon yard maintenance company is different as well. So with all that being said if you need a grass cutting services on a weekly basis or every two week yard maintenance work done at your house, I would be happy to take a look at your yard and begin work on taking on your landscape maintenance for you. Included it in my grass cutting price that you'll be receiving from me on GreenPal is of course your grass cutting but also edging of the sidewalks and blowing off of all the concrete after I'm done cutting all of the grass. Then we can talk about other things that you can add onto the landscaping maintenance such as just pulling and spraying all of the weeds out of the beds and gardens and also shaping of your shrubbery and also any flowers that you might want to add and also renovating of the turf and re-seeding if that something you're interested in as well. Yard maintenance can get pretty expensive if you have all of these landscaping services however we can do as much or as little as you like I aim to please. So you've probably seen the cutting lawns over by Sunrise Park and also over by Ranchwood Elementary School in Yukon and so I would be happy take on your yard maintenance this year just go ahead and click to hire me but once you get my price email to you on GreenPal, thanks again for considering me I look forward to becoming a trusted landscaper for as long as you live in Yukon Oklahoma. My OKC landscape maintenance company also performs local landscape maintenance in Midwest City OK and if you reside in another part of the OKC area I also do affordable lawn mowing services in Edmond OK as well.


Feliciano Lawn Services in Yukon, OK

Hired 598 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.559 Reviews)

When it comes to grass cutting lawn care and landscaping maintenance in Yukon I take pride in my work and like to think that I'm one of the best lawn care services in Yukon Oklahoma that you could hire. Don't take my word for it, when you get my lawn maintenance estimate on top of GreenPal go ahead and read some of the information that the GreenPal lawn care app will provide about my landscape maintenance company. You can read about reviews it other people in the Yukon in OKC area and had to say about how I did on their lawn maintenance, you can read about how often I get booked for ongoing grass cutting services from other folks in the Yukon area and west of Oklahoma City area, and you can also see how often I show up on time to mow my clients yards. This is called the reliability rating for the lawn care service and the ongoing rate for the yard maintenance company.

These two stats can give you real peace of mind and reassurance of who you are considering hiring for your landscape maintenance for your prized your home, your gardens, and your landscaping. I would recommend reading thoroughly over all of the reviews for each of the prices you get for grass cutting on GreenPal and I would also not recommend taking a gamble on somebody that has less than five lawn care service reviews from local Yukon residents. I myself have built up some real solid lawnmowing service reviews and I take pride in taking care of each one of my yard maintenance clients that I have in the Yukon area. So all that being said you can hire me with confidence and know that I will be there on time to cut your yard for the 1st yard mowing visit and every subsequent landscape maintenance appointment that you make with my lawn care service. I am taking on additional grass cutting clients in Yukon Oklahoma particularly over by Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge and also over by the North Canadian River, so if you leave any of these parts of town I can usually provide you with next day lawn cutting and yard maintenance so long as you hire me before 1 o'clock the previous day. After that first grass cutting goes well we can discuss ongoing lawn maintenance visits and I can be your trusted yard maintenance provider for as long as you live in your home in Yukon Oklahoma. Other things to consider are after the first lawn maintenance appointment we can talk about other yard work that you might be done in your lawn and landscaping like bush trimming, minor tree work, light gutter cleaning, and also fall leaf removal. So it's my pleasure to be considered to become your full-service affordable landscape maintenance company in Yukon I'm looking forward to working with you this year and providing you with consistent you're around landscape make it services. And that is not all, we also do affordable lawn maintenance services nearby Moore Oklahoma and if you live in another corner of the OKC area we would be happy to help you with local lawn care services in Norman, OK

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Ralph James Lawn Care in Yukon OK
“I wanted something more than just a grass cutter but as much as I tried to beg and plead with the guy who was cutting my grass in Tara Plantation in Yukon he just didn't seem interested in doing any more than just the basic grass cutting. I was looking for somebody to do gutter cleaning, and shrub pruning, and also pull the weeds out of the beds every time they mowed. I heard about GreenPal on the radio so I decided to give it a try. While everything was super smooth fast and easy the thing I like the most about the GreenPal yard maintenance website is that I can order the à la carte additional yard work and lawn maintenance services as well without having to beg anybody to do the lawn stuff and yard work that I need done around my lawn and gardens. Check out GreenPal and it's worth a shot.”
Michael Meyer Yard Cutting in Yukon OK
“I have a rental home in Yukon and I live out of state I thought about selling the house because things like yard maintenance is a total pain. Well I'm trying to make my mind up I decided to switch lawn care services and give GreenPal a try. I found out about GreenPal while reading over a property manager's blog it came highly recommended as a great way to manage lawn care services when you don't live in that city, and GreenPal got me set up with an affordable local lawnmowing service that cuts my yard down in Yukon Oklahoma every two weeks and I get a picture of the grass cut email to me after each lawnmowing. I couldn't ask for anything more and I felt like the website and yard maintenance app deserved a good review."
Carole North Grass Cut in Yukon OK
“I've been looking for ways to cut expenses especially with respect to my home maintenance and yard work and I started calling around to different lawn care services near me in Yukon to try to get pricing for lawn maintenance services. I got a couple of calls back after making like a dozen different lawnmowing price requests and some on different online websites that claim to have lawn care services in Yukon Oklahoma ready and on standby however I was disappointed with the response on those as well. It wasn't until I found GreenPal while doing some Google research that I finally find what I was needing. GreenPal delivered five lawnmowing estimates within less than an hour and one of them was indeed cheaper than I was paying my last grass cutting service. I hired the cheapest one out of the lawnmowing pricelist and he is cutting my yard like clockwork thanks to GreenPal.”
Richard Pattison Lawn Cut in Yukon OK
“After waiting on my last lawn care service in Yukon to cut my grass for three weeks and waiting on him with failed promises to come out and get my yard taken care of I had had enough. I hated to waste time trying to find a new lawnmower service in Yukon, OK however with the lawn getting so overgrown I had to act quickly. I started researching on Facebook on the Yukon Oklahoma buy sell trade group and I found out about GreenPal while asking for recommendations for yard maintenance companies near me. GreenPal was just what I was looking for not only was I able to get setup with a new lawnmowing service in Yukon quick however the app really does a good job of making sure they show up on an every two week lawn maintenance rotation to keep the yard maintained nice and neat. You should check this out if you are tired of waiting on your lawn care service like I was.”

lawn-maintenance-in-yukon-ok-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley Allow me to welcome you to GreenPal, the easiest way in Yukon Oklahoma to get your grass cut, order affordable yard maintenance, and get prices for lawn care services from local landscape maintenance companies in the Yukon area. If your grass is super tall or you're just needing a one time grass cut or an every two week lawnmowing you have gotten to the easiest way in Yukon, OK to order local lawnmowing services from local lawn maintenance professionals. GreenPal is an online network of local lawnmowing services in Yukon that operate the yard maintenance business on top of GreenPal's website and the GreenPal yard maintenance mobile app. What this means for you is that you can in a matter of two or three minutes to get up to five quotes from local grass cutting services and landscape maintenance companies in the Yukon area so right to your email inbox without even having to make a phone call. All you have to do is just enter your details one time a little bit of information about where your lawn is located in what you were looking for with respect to your yard maintenance services this year and then the GreenPal technology sends the word out to local lawn care services in the Yukon Oklahoma area letting them know that you were wanting a price for yard maintenance.

Yukon lawn businesses are booming with growth and this is by far the easiest way to gather customized affordable lawn mowing prices from local lawnmowing services and you can't without making phone calls, leaving voice mails, and meeting with local landscape make this contractors at your home and having to haggle with the grass cutters over the pricing and terms of the lawnmowing services that you were trying to hire them for. If you hate having to do all that stuff then you are at the right place. GreenPal has dozens and dozens of landscape maintenance companies in Yukon that use the technology to run their business everything from submitting prices, to billing you for the completed lawnmowing work, to submitting a quote for the yard maintenance services like mulch, tree pruning, shrub pruning, bush trimming, and gardening and landscape maintenance is all handled on top of GreenPal's technology, saving you time and also money because you can get competitive offers from local Yukon lawnmowing services without having to settle on one or two grass cutting quotes you get up to five quotes for yard mowing and grass cutting services. No matter if you live over by Chisholm Trail Park or over by the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge in Yukon, GreenPal has lawn maintenance contractors that use the system who will be ready and willing to mow your yard usually the very next day or at the latest the day after your request to have your grass cut. So if you're ready to get started for free lawnmowing prices from local lawn maintenance companies in the Yukon area go ahead and click the orange button at the top of your screen, in a little bit of details about your yard maintenance and what you're looking for with your next landscaping maintenance service and then check your email and you'll start seeing quotes for you to choose from. Should you have any questions about how to hire and schedule your lawnmowing service after you get your free lawnmowing prices go ahead and hit us up on email or in the chat we would be happy to explain how to use your GreenPal account to save time and money on yard maintenance in Yukon, OK. Also if you do not live nearby Yukon OK area you can use GreenPal to order local grass cutting services in Moore OK and thats not all GreenPal covers the entire OKC metro area including local grass cutting services nearby Midwest City OK if you're looking for reliable lawn maintenance in that part of OKC.

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About Yukon Yukon

Yukon is a city in Canadian County, Oklahoma. It is part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area.

Yukon was founded by A.N. Spencer in 1891, and was named for the Yukon River in Alaska.

Spencer, a cattleman from Texas turned railroad builder, was working on a line from El Reno to Arkansas when he decided to build the town. Spencer filed the plat on the townsite on February 14, 1891. He had agreed to do so and lay the train tracks through the town in exchange for half of the lots, which were owned by Minnie Taylor and Luther S. Morrison. Taylor and Morrison had acquired the land in the 1889 land run. Spencer also bought two quarter sections south of Main Street from Joseph Carson and his sister, Josephine. Spencer and his brother, Lewis, named the town after the Yukon Territory of Canada, where a gold rush was booming at the time.

Yukon thrived as the urban center for area farmers and had an organized library by 1905 and a dedicated library building in 1927. A small milling operation, the Yukon Mill and Grain Company, opened in 1893 and grew to shipping flour and feeds throughout the south and exporting them overseas by 1915. The milling operation was owned by the Kroutil and Dobry families, but the Dobry family built their own mill and parted ways with the Kroutils in the 1930s. The mills were sold to larger corporations.

In 1949, Yukon garnered national media attention because of the plight of Grady the Cow, who was stuck inside a silo for four days Source: Wikipedia Yukon, OK

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