Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Turley, OK as of Jul, 2024


Red Fork Lawn Care Lawn Services in Turley, OK

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You’ll find many grass types around Turley. Bermuda grass is familiar, thanks to how it doesn’t cost much to install. Zoysia grass does well in the shade, while fescue grass features large blades. There’s also Buffalo grass, a native grass that doesn’t require as much maintenance and can handle drought conditions.

What kind of grass do you own? The odds are you might not know, especially since it all looks alike. Our lawn care company, Red Fork Lawn Care, can take care of all your landscaping needs, especially the complicated parts like identifying your grass type. 

Every yard has unique rules for how high it can rise. We’ll figure out what your yard can benefit from, and we’ll then cut the grass according to what works best. Our lawn care company uses the most advanced and modern mowing equipment in the industry. Everything we use is carefully maintained to ensure your yard remains healthy. The blades are always sharp, the oil and fuel won’t leak, and the cutting mechanisms are cleaned out after every job to prevent grass from building up all around.

Our lawn care and lawn service staff focuses on being cautious while working. A short turf bed will not be of any use if the grass tears up from all the cutting. We use sturdy mowing equipment that will gently move across your turf bed without tearing up the grass. We may even go over your yard more than once, depending on how high up the grass is. Removing more than half of the grass at a time can be dangerous, as it would impose undue stress on the turf bed. But we’ll ensure we trim the grass to where it will stay healthy without growing too far.

Our work at Red Fork will focus on giving your yard the best style it could ever enjoy. Our lawn care business also take pride in providing services for both homeowners and business owners around Turley. We can support homes in Northridge or businesses closer to Peoria Avenue.

But we do more than lawn mowing here at Red Fork. Our lawn care staff can also trim your landscape features around your yard. Every home in Tulsa County has unique landscape features that require extra care. Whether it entails bushes near your front yard or trees crowding around your backyard, we’ll trim your growths and remove weeds and other unwelcome things. Our work will keep everything looking its best, as we can prevent weeds and pests from showing up. Proper maintenance is critical for the health of your yard.

Red Fork Lawn Care provide a range of lawn care services or lawn mowing services today. Our lawn care business wants to give you the best lawn care in Turley. Let's style your lawn with incredible green grass. 


A&B Lawn Services Lawn Services in Turley, OK

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Most people around Turley are busy doing things well outside the town limits. Many people travel to Tulsa or Sand Springs for work or school purposes. Others go a little further to Bixby or Broken Arrow. Whatever the case, it can be difficult for people to have the time to get their lawns cut. All that travel can take out a chunk of time in anyone’s life.

The good news is that you can hire A&B Lawn Services for all kinds of lawn care services in Turley. You don’t even have to be at your home for us to work. We’ll serve you if you are away for any reason.

You can request us to come to your home at any time you see fit. We’ll contact you when our lawn care company arrives at your home, and again when we finish our lawn service work. You can ask us to send pictures to you online to update you during or after every lawn care job. The lawn care services is delivered at the highest standard of care.

We will also clean up the grass clippings from providing lawn mowing services. Your driveway and sidewalk will also be clean after every visit. In addition to the lawn care services we provide, we can also power wash your walkways, sideway, and even your patios.

Our lawn service company will provide lawn care services to your home here even if it's a little further off of the beaten path. Do you have a rural ranch on 52nd West Avenue? Our lawn service staff don't mind traveling to you.

We can also provide lawn care services or even our lawn mowing services services if you have a home closer to the expressway. Homeowners near Atlanta Circle and other neighborhoods will benefit from what we offer, as we always make even the most stubborn yards in the area presentable and professional in style.

Every lawn in Turley is unique in some way. We’ll ensure that your yard receives the care it needs every time we work. You’re never going to have to worry about how well your yard appears, mainly since we focus on keeping your yard clean and professional in its style.

Our lawn care services will ensure you receive the best care possible for your Turley yard. But while your yard might look like you spend thousands of dollars to make it look beautiful, you won’t pay anywhere near as much to hire us. We provide some of the most affordable charges for lawn maintenance services in Turley. You have plenty of other expenses to manage in your life. We want to ensure you don’t have to pick and choose between quality lawn care and something else.

Contact A&B Lawn Services for help with your lawn care needs. We’ll find a way to give your yard in Turley the support it needs, even if you aren’t there when we arrive.


R2's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Turley, OK

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You will find our services at R2’s Lawn Care to be among the best you’ll find throughout the Turley area. Our lawn care company helps homeowners in Turley with everything from landscape maintenance to lawn mowing services. We’ll work on everything for your yard, including the tasks that you might have never thought you needed assistance with here in Turley.

R2’s Lawn Care is led by and named for Robert Redricks, our founder. Robert and the rest of us at R2’s know you have many concerns surrounding your yard in Turley. Whether it entails a complicated mowing task in Valleyview or a thorough landscape maintenance project in the Walt Whitman neighborhood, we are available to help.

Lawn maintenance work is complicated. Not all people around Turley understand what a yard needs. The great news is that our experts at R2’s Lawn Care will help you find out what your plot of land requires.

Our lawn service business can also trim excess growths around your trees to prevent them from bogging the trees down. Our work is especially useful for homeowners whose trees might crowd their properties.

Our lawn care company can work on every tree in the Turley area, including the dogwood and elm trees that line much of the town. We will also clean up all the debris that appears after we finish, including the leaves and branches. Our raking work will ensure your yard stays clean without possibly damaging the turf bed.

Our lawn mowing service works for every square inch of land around your property. Our lawn care and lawn service company provides lawn care services to traditional turf beds in Lakeview Heights and other neighborhoods in central Turley. But you can also ask for help if you have a rural property close to Bird Creek. No yard is too large or small for us at R2’s Lawn Care.

Even the newest lawns around Turley can benefit from our lawn mowing services. Homes in the Sheridan area and other recent developments have unpredictable yards. Our work will figure out what fits your property the best. We can identify possible threats around your property and care for them before they can become worse.

You’ll never have to worry about what it would cost for lawn care services. We offer affordable rates all around, not to mention we provide discounts for various purposes. Everyone in Turley deserves an opportunity to hire a quality lawn care provider. You can ask Robert for more details on what our charges are. He’ll tell you that our work is more affordable than what you might expect.

You will never have to worry about how well your yard is to be cared for when you contact R2’s Lawn Care for assistance. We will provide you with all the support you need for your yard in Turley. You won’t have to second-guess what your yard needs either.


Greenday Landscaping Lawn Services in Turley, OK

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Most people around Turley probably assume that yard maintenance services are outside their budgets. The point is understandable, what with so many professionally-treated lawns looking so elaborate and distinct. But you won’t have to spend as much as you might assume you would when you ask us at Greenday Landscaping for assistance.

Our work at Greenday Landscaping is all about providing your yard in Turley with the style it deserves. Every yard in Turley is different in many ways, from the wide-open commercial lawns on Lakewood Avenue to the lush tree-laden fields near Mohawk Manor. Every property has unique lawn maintenance needs that must work. Our goal at Greenday Landscaping is to find out what your house needs the most.

We provide a thorough lawn maintenance effort here at Greenday Landscaping without all the high prices. We’ll talk to you about how much it would cost for lawn care services before we start. You can let us know what tasks you want us to complete for your property. You’ll discover that our work is more affordable than you might figure.

Your yard will look like a million dollars, but it won’t cost that much to make it that way. You’ll appreciate everything we can offer for your Turley yard, from traditional lawn mowing services to advanced landscape maintenance work.

We respect that all homes in Turley have unique grass beds that need regular cuttings. Some yards can stay a little higher than others. But other yards need to be cut low to allow enough sunlight to reach the turf bed. We can figure out the correct height for grass cutting based on the type of turf you have and how well it has been growing. Our thorough analysis will ensure you have the help you deserve the first time around.

We also provide an aeration service that works for all homes in Turley. Properties around Lake Yahola and other bodies of water in the region will require aeration to prevent flooding. You can hire us every spring and fall for your aeration needs. Our work improves upon how your grass bed can take in water. Aeration also restores the root structure around your yard without adding excess fatigue.

Don’t forget about our winter lawn care services. We can clean the snow off of your property during the winter. We can also remove leaves and other things around your yard. Just because your lawn is dormant in the winter doesn’t mean it needs extra help. We’ll do everything for your turf bed to ensure it will blossom and grow in the spring.

You are never going to have to worry about how well your yard looks when you ask us at Greenday Landscaping for help. We will provide a thorough service for you, so contact us today to learn about how well we can work for your yard. We can conduct a full inspection and estimate to identify what is suitable for your property.

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Edith Koehler lawn maintenance in Turley OK
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The lawn care at Red Fork have helped me extensively with my yard in the Yahola Lake area over the years. I ask them to serve my yard every month by checking on the landscape, cleaning out the garden bed, and trimming the grass around my fence and foundation. They clean up when they finish, and they never delay in ensuring my yard receives the help it needs. They always do things right the first time around. I would recommend the people at Red Fork to anyone in Turley who needs a lawn care provider that will get things right the first time around.

Nestor Lay grass cut in Turley OK
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I appreciate having the people at A&B on hand to help me with all my lawn care needs. I travel to downtown Tulsa for work throughout the week, so I hardly ever have the time to work on my lawn in the Suburban Hills neighborhood. But the experts at A&B are always there to help, even when I am not there. They clean up my yard after they finish, and the team lets me know when the people arrive and when they leave. Everyone at A&B does a better job caring for my yard than what I’ve been able to do myself.

Lisa Garza lawn cutting in Turley OK
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Robert and his crew at R2’s respect everything that I need out of my yard in the O’Brien Park neighborhood. Everyone here knows what my yard needs before they start. I never have to worry about them doing things wrong. The best part is that they’re always ready for whatever they have to do for me. They have all the electric equipment they need for the work at hand. Their monthly lawn care services have made a difference for my yard in O’Brien Park. My property has the best look on the block, thanks to their work.

Lida Hill lawn care service in Turley OK
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I appreciate how everyone at Greenday Landscaping has helped me with my yard outside Lake Yahola. I’ve never had much luck mowing my grass by myself, so having the people at the company assist me with the task is a plus. They know how to cut the grass to the right height, plus they never add lots of stress when they turn and move around the turf bed. I hire them to mow my lawn every two weeks, but they always ensure that they only cut the grass when the conditions are right. The plan is to keep my yard from experiencing excess wear.