Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Sperry, OK as of Jan, 2022


Roun2it America Lawn Services in Sperry, OK

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If you’re going to employ someone for your lawn maintenance needs in Sperry, you need to hire a team from the area. We at Roun2it America are proud to serve our hometown of Sperry.

We work out of the eastern end of Sperry near North Yale Avenue. We operate a thorough lawn care service that supports people around all parts of Sperry and Tulsa County. You can ask us to arrive at your home at a time that fits your schedule. We’ll be there no matter where in Sperry you are.

Our lawn care services here at Roun2it cover everything you need out of your yard in Sperry. We provide a full lawn mowing service that you can hire at your discretion. You can ask us for on-demand services, but you can also request us to serve you every week or every two weeks. We can check on how your yard grows and provide a full recommendation for services based on what your property needs the most.

We also provide an edging and weed eating service. Our work will clean up your yard and prevent weeds and other unwelcome growths from appearing in the future. You can ask about how we can remove anything from dandelions to thatch. We can also seed any places around your turf bed that need extra help. We can apply seed based on whatever grass you’re trying to grow.

Homes around Sperry have extensive landscapes as well. Homes around Bird Creek feature various trees, bushes, and other things that can leave behind branches and leaves. We’ll clean up everything your trees and bushes shed, plus we can trim all those growths. We can figure out the appropriate shape for each tree or shrub. Our work will ensure your landscape grows well and that your trees and other features won’t favor one direction while they develop.

All of these lawn maintenance services are perfect for homeowners around Sperry to hire. But you won’t have to worry about how much you’re going to spend on what we offer. You can ask us at Roun2it about our charges for services before we start. We’ll help you find a plan that fits your budget. With rates as affordable as ours, you’ll find that you can afford more for your lawn care needs than what you might assume you could. We want to be there for your lawn maintenance needs, no matter how elaborate they could get.

You’ll never have to worry about how well your yard is being cared for when you ask us at Roun2it America for help. We’ll be there for all the work you require in Sperry. You can ask us for a free review of your home and estimate of your property to see what we can do for your home.

Don’t forget that we also have a car door unlocking and roadside assistance service that serves Tulsa County. We operate our auto division under the American LockPoppers name.


Four Season Lawn Service Lawn Services in Sperry, OK

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Your lawn in Sperry will require help throughout the year. Your lawn maintenance needs don’t end in the winter when the turf bed becomes dormant. We at Four Season Lawn Service will support your yard in Sperry during every season.

Four Season Lawn Service is a family-owned and operated business. We’ve been serving people around Sperry and elsewhere in Tulsa County since 2017.

Everyone in Sperry can appreciate what we have to offer. We’ll work on some of the most massive yards in Sperry, including ones to the east of Bird Creek. You can also ask us for help if you’re closer to West Main Street. No lawn is too large or small for us here at Four Season.

We offer year-round service for every yard in Sperry. We’ll start in the spring by testing your soil, removing thatch, and aerating your yard. The spring season is a time when your grass will grow a little faster. We’ll check on how your grass bed looks and identify what is suitable for its care.

We’ll provide a complete grass cutting service in the summer. We will cut your grass based on how high up it should grow. You can also ask us about removing pests from your yard, especially ants and other annoying bugs. We offer various lawn treatments that will prevent them from showing up.

Your yard also requires plenty of help in the fall season. We’ll remove leaves and branches from your yard, plus we can aerate the turf bed once again. We’ll also apply grass seed around your yard. Fresh seed is necessary for the fall, as it can promote the growth cycle. The process results in healthy green grass growing in the next spring season.

The winter season requires plenty of yard maintenance work. We at Four Season can clean off the leaves, branches, and other things from your yard. We can also remove snow that lands around some of the more fragile spots around your yard and landscape.

You’ll enjoy how we at Four Season Lawn Service can cover all the specific needs you have for your yard throughout the year. The best part is that we don’t charge anywhere near as much as what you might assume. You can ask us about our rates for services before we start. We’ll tell you what it would cost to hire us, alongside details on the specific efforts we would recommend. You will also have the final say over what you want us to do for your yard, thus keeping you from spending more money than what you could afford.

Only the best will do here at Four Season Lawn Service. Our plans for caring for your yard will cover every season of the year. You can trust the work that we have to offer here, so contact us today to learn about how well we can help you with your property in Sperry.


Lawn Creations Lawn Services in Sperry, OK

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Sperry is home to a diverse array of homes. You’ll find wide-open ranches near Bird Creek to the west. You can see homes with trees all around to the south, especially around Oak Knoll. Don’t forget about the appealing traditional houses around the central part of the city near Main Street.

All the homes you’ll find in Sperry are unique in many ways, but they also have distinct landscape maintenance needs. Some of the far-off houses on the outskirts of town have large trees and bushes that need regular trimming. It can be challenging for some people to clean off the leaves and branches those trees shed. Homes near Cincinnati Avenue and other places in the central part of Sperry might have small yards, but they all need trimming.

The great news is that our lawn care experts at Lawn Creations can assist you with all the outstanding lawn maintenance needs you have at your Sperry property. We proudly serve residential and commercial lawns and landscapes throughout every part of Sperry.

We offer a weekly or biweekly lawn mowing service. You can also request on-demand or one-off services if you prefer. We’ll also trim the grass around your fence, landscape, mailbox, utility boxes, and other features around your yard. Our work will ensure your yard receives the help it needs every time we arrive.

Our landscape maintenance service will cover everything your yard desires. With there being so many trees around Sperry, it can be a challenge for homeowners to clean up after all of them by themselves. But we at Lawn Creations are available to assist you in removing all those leaves, branches, and other things that your trees might leave behind. We’ll also trim your bushes and other landscape features to give them the styles they deserve. The landscape maintenance work we provide is perfect for property owners on Main Street and other commercial thoroughfares.

Everything we provide here at Lawn Creations has one goal in mind. Our work is here to ensure your yard stays looking its best throughout the year. We’ll ensure your yard doesn’t develop lots of weeds and other annoying or unhealthy things all around. We can also remove any of these growths if you ever experience them.

The lawn maintenance work all comes with rates that you can afford. We can complete a full estimate for services to let you know what you would spend on the service we offer. You have many other expenses in your life. The last thing you need is to find that you can’t afford one of the most expensive home care needs you have.

You will enjoy the work we have to offer at Lawn Creations. You can ask us to arrive at your home for a free review and estimate today. We want you to learn more about how we can assist you in giving your yard the style and look it deserves.


First In Lawn Care Lawn Services in Sperry, OK

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Not everyone in the Sperry area has the time to get their yards cut. Most people in Sperry have to travel outside the city for their jobs or studies. All that time spent traveling to Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, or anywhere else in the region can be a hassle.

But that doesn’t mean that homeowners in Sperry cannot get their lawns cut. You can contact us at First In Lawn Care to serve your grass cutting needs. We’ll assist you with your yard even if you’re out of town for work or school purposes.

Let us know when you need us to arrive at your Sperry home. We’ll find your address and access your home at the time you request. We can send a message to you by phone when we arrive, and again after we finish.

We serve all homes around Sperry, including rural properties. To some, it might take a bit to work on homes around Bird Creek or 86th Street. But those properties are never a challenge for us at First In Lawn Care. We enjoy working on massive lawns, as we always appreciate a thorough job well done, no matter how tough the task might become.

Our work efforts at First In Lawn Care will cover everything surrounding your yard. We’ll help you with your lawn cutting needs by identifying how high or low the trimming will work. We’ll also edge the ends of your yard where it might be difficult for a mower to reach.

We can clean up all the grass clippings after we finish, but you can ask us to leave those clippings somewhere if you want to use them yourself. We’ll also remove any grass stains that build up around your driveway, sidewalk, or another hardscape. Our experts use the best and safest leaf and grass blowers to ensure nothing remains.

We provide regular contract services, including weekly and biweekly lawn maintenance efforts. You can ask us to arrive at your home at specific times, including for on-demand tasks. We aren’t going to make you waste your time by having to stick around your home to see what we’re doing. We’ll care for everything for your home, no matter what the season or time might be.

You can even request us for help with some of the more complex landscape maintenance needs you may have at your home. We’ll trim all your bushes and trees. We can also clean up your garden bed, especially if there are lots of leaves stuck all around. Our work will care for all these detailed features without risking any possible harm to anything where you are.

The work we’ll provide at First In Lawn Care ensures that you’ll get the help you need even if you’re out of town for any reason. You can request help from us at First In Lawn Care today to help you with all the needs you have for your Sperry property.

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David Aguiar lawn care service in Sperry OK
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Not everyone in Sperry has been able to serve my yard as Roun2it can. The people at Roun2it understand what my yard requires every time they arrive. They can check on my grass find a height for trimming. There’s never any confusion or worry about what they can do for my yard on 103rd Street North. I am pleased with the services they provide, especially given that they don’t charge as much as some of those other lawn mowing providers I’ve tried hiring in the past. I would recommend Roun2it to anyone in Sperry or Tulsa County who needs help with their lawn maintenance needs.

George Stringham lawn service in Sperry OK
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I never have time to get my lawn cut at my home on Birch Place, what with me having to travel to and from downtown Tulsa for work every day. But everyone at Four Season is available to help me with my lawn mowing work whenever I ask them to arrive. They come to my home when I ask them to, and they always trim the grass as necessary. They clean up before I leave as well, so they always ensure that I get the help that I ask for when they serve me. I am proud to hire Four Season for my lawn maintenance needs.

Gregory Schulz lawn cutting in Sperry OK
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Sperry-OK affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Sperry-OK residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Sperry-OK local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Sperry-OK local-lawn-care-services-in-Sperry-OK

I also know that I’m going to get the best service from the people at Lawn Creations. The yard maintenance experts at Lawn Creations never delay when I ask them to arrive at my home on North 17th Street. I let them know what I need, and they always come prepared with the necessary equipment. They have the best lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hedge and grass trimmers, and whatever else they need for the job that day. They always clean up the grass clippings after they finish. The people here are very comprehensive and understanding of what my yard requires.

Martha Elliott lawn cutting in Sperry OK
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I needed help with a renovation job at my home off of Cincinnati Avenue a few months ago. The people at First In Lawn Care helped me with mowing my lawn and with removing the dirt and other debris. They always trimmed my landscape for me. They were very thorough in the work they provided, and their efforts were critical in ensuring my renovation task would be a success. The fact that they always clean up everything after they finish is a big plus for me, what with so much of the debris being too heavy for me to handle on my own.