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360 Complete Lawncare Lawn Services in Leonard, OK

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Homeowners in Leonard don’t always have the time to mow their lawns. You might be one of the many residents who are too busy thinking about things or juggling a busy schedule. There’s also the consideration that some homeowners aren’t physically able to get their yards cut for various reasons.

Fortunately, you have a lawn care ally in Leonard at 360 Complete Lawncare. Our lawn care company is dedicated to serving homeowners in Leonard and delivering exceptionally high-value lawn care services and lawn mowing services.

It can take a while for anyone on 171st Street to mow their lawns. The fields are wide open, not to mention there are loads of trees that people have to clean up after before they can start. The good news is that our work experts at 360 Complete Lawncare can assist you with all the lawn mowing needs you have.

Get high-level and affordable lawn care services by contacting us today. We'll fix, improve, or maintain a healthy outdoor space. Our lawn care services has received high praise from hundreds of happy customers over the years. 

We’ll start our work by cleaning up the leaves and other things your trees leave behind. Our lawn care company can clear off everything your plants leave behind, whether you have elm or dogwood or cypress trees. We know that some branches and leaves and smaller than others, but we’ll clear them off without causing damage to your grass bed.

After our lawn care business finish preparing the yard, we will start cutting the turf. Our lawn service can plan a mowing effort based on the grass you have and the season. You might require a lower cut depending on what is at your property. We will identify what is suitable and plan a cut over what works. You can ask us about edging the areas near your driveway and other paved segments of your property.

Our team at 360 Complete Lawncare will also give your yard a clean style it deserves. Our lawn care staff will blow all the grass clippings off of your yard after we finish. We can also clear the grass off of your front and back porches and your driveway. You can ask us to provide you with the clippings if you prefer.

You can ask us to arrive at your home at a time that fits your schedule. Our lawn care company can plan a routine where we get the lawn cut on a specific day of the week, although you can ask for one-off services or on-demand support depending on what is necessary for your property. All mowing schedule plans are subject to weather-related issues. Our lawn care business ensure we don’t mow when it is wet out, as cutting the turf at that point might be dangerous to the grass bed.

We believe that everyone who wants high-quality lawn care services in Leonard should get the help they deserve. Our lawn care staff will be there for you from day one. Contact us today. We'll list our long menu of lawn care services and how it can help you improve the appearance of your property. 


Lawn Rescue Lawn Services in Leonard, OK

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Weeds and other unwelcome growths can appear around yards throughout Leonard. The soil around the rural parts of Tulsa can be tough to predict or maintain, especially since drought conditions can become a problem. These issues make it easier for weeds to start popping up throughout the Tulsa area.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with the threat of weeds and other unsightly things around your Leonard yard. The lawn care professionals at Lawn Rescue will remove these growths and restore your landscape.

Our lawn care company has experience with weeds of all sorts. Some of these growths are easier to notice than others. The dandelion, wild violet, oxalis, and henbit plants are known for their distinct color accents. The broadleaf plantain, thistle, spurge, common chickweed, and ground ivy weeds aren’t as easy to find. The growths feature leaves that could blend in with the rest of your grass.

Our lawn service staff will identify the issue and clear it all out. We can dry out the weed and remove the visible parts. Our lawn service experts will also treat the soil area around the space to remove the seeds, roots, and other things that might cause some growths to come back. Our goal is to remove everything and ensure that such unappealing things don’t show up once again.

Our lawn care company never uses potentially dangerous chemicals. There have been far too many stories in the news about lawn care companies using chemicals that might be cancerous or harmful in some way. We will ensure that every item we employ in the lawn maintenance process is safe and suitable for your yard without potentially risking damage.

Weed removal is only one of the lawn care services we provide. We also provide lawn mowing services other lawn service treatment. We can also help clean your garden. We can remove the leaves from your yard, plus we can edge the grass near your sidewalk and driveway.

We recognize that it can take a while to see results. The point is for homes on Highway 64 and many of the other rural roads around the region. But we have more than enough time to care for all the yards around Leonard. You can ask us for a free estimate for lawn care services or lawn mowing services. We believe that everyone in Leonard deserves a fair chance at helping their yards, whether it entails clearing out weeds or keeping the grass bed under control.

Lawn Rescue will ensure your yard gets the support it needs every time our lawn care staff arrive. Contact today to learn about our lawn care services and to see how well we can work for your yard.


918 Landscaping Lawn Services in Leonard, OK

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For us at 918 Landscaping, the 918 number entails more than the area code for Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma. It also involves the many properties that we call home. 918 Landscaping know that homeowners in Leonard and other parts of the Tulsa area want the most out of their yards. Their properties are a critical part of what makes Leonard and the Tulsa region such a unique place in the Sooner State.

Our lawn care business serve homeowners throughout Leonard with all the lawn mowing and yard maintenance needs that people may home. Our lawn care company use the best commercial lawn mowing equipment in Tulsa County. We sharpen our cutting blades a few times each week, plus we clean everything off before each task. Proper maintenance is critical for providing a clean cut.

Our lawn service company will also cut your lawn with a pattern that stands out. The mowing direction can do more than influence the appearance of your yard. The layout will also prevent ruts or marks from developing around your yard when handled well. Your grass will be simple to trim when mowed the right way.

Our lawn care staff can also use a straight mechanical edging tool to produce a clean edge line throughout your yard. Whether it entails trimming along a foundation, a fence, or an above-ground pool, we will see that every bit of grass around your property is cut evenly and with care.

Our work is suitable for all yards around Leonard, including properties around the Dream Point area. We know that the yards in Leonard are extensive enough to where it would be easier to see mowing patterns. We’ll ensure that the cutting layout we use will ensure your yard has a unique look all around.

We will check on how well the features around your yard look every time we support your property. You can also ask us about other services like overseeding, core aeration, flea control, and weed removal and prevention.

Our lawn care services are the most affordable you will find in Tulsa. We will plan a mowing and maintenance schedule that works for your property and your budget alike. We will ensure you’ll find many lawn maintenance solutions that fit your needs.

We guarantee all the lawn care services we provide will improve the conditions of your property. You can ask us to correct any issues with your yard after we finish the initial task. We will not charge extra for revisions or other changes that you might require. We’ll see that you are satisfied with the work at hand and that we can do everything correctly the first time around.

Contact 918 Landscaping to learn more about our lawn care and lawn mowing services and to reserve a time for an appointment. Don’t worry if you have a property with a 539 area code instead of 918, because we can serve you as well.


Klips Lawncare Lawn Services in Leonard, OK

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When was the last time you tried to mow your lawn? You might have had a difficult time in the past for many reasons. Maybe you’ve got lots of trees around a Highway 64 property that shed too many leaves. Perhaps you have a home closer to Lake Bixhoma that doesn’t drain as well as you might hope. Such a concern might make it easy for the lawn to tear apart while you try to clean up all those leaves.

Our lawn care professionals at Klips Lawncare can assist you in cleaning off all those things from your yard. We can care for all the needs you have for your property, from leaf cleanup to lawn mowing.

Our leaf removal service includes a thorough plan that covers everything from blowing leaves off of open areas to raking some of the harder to reach spots. We’ll remove all the leaves and branches and other things that might appear around your yard.

You can hire us to help you with the task at any time of the year. But our service works best in the fall season when the trees are more likely to shed their growths.

You can also contact us at Klips Lawncare about getting your lawn cut. Our lawn care company can trim the grass after we finish cleaning off the lawn bed. We can serve buffalo, scutch, lawngrass, and St. Augustine grass layouts alike. Every grass type has unique rules for how high it can grow, how low we can trim the body, and when it needs aeration. We’ll work with all of these points to figure out what works for your yard.

We also provide a full pest control service here at Klips Lawncare. We can clear out ants, grubs, beetles, and other pests that might enter your yard. These insects can harm your turf bed and burrow deep into the soil. We can identify instances where your yard is at risk and complete a thorough inspection. Our analysis will identify possible threats that could influence how well your yard feels. We’ll plan an effort for lawn care that fits your needs and gives a complete result all around.

We also offer affordable rates for your use. You can discuss charges with us before we start. We’ll provide a transparent approach to our fees, where you will always know what it costs for service before we start working. We don’t want you to stay in the dark over what you might spend on lawn care services with us.

The thorough work we will complete for your yard in Leonard will ensure you have the best-looking and cleanest turf bed in town. You can request a time for a free estimate and review of your yard to see what you could benefit from the most. We want to be there for your Leonard property, even if it’s one that you might not have an easy time cleaning up after.

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360 Complete Lawncare hasn’t let me down since I first hired the team a year ago. Their monthly lawn maintenance service has been great for my yard near 161st Avenue. They clean up after my trees, they trim the grass, and they even use a straight line edging tool to cut around my foundation and patio. I also like how they remove weeds whenever they show up. More importantly, they treat the entire area that the plant is around without harming the rest of the grass or leaving the roots and seeds behind.

Aaron Allen lawn mowing service in Leonard OK
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I am glad that Lawn Rescue was able to help me with my renovation work at my home on 165th Street. The Lawn Rescue team helped me in getting a few new trees installed. They helped me in restoring the grass around those new trees as well, so everything looks seamless. The professionals also did well in clearing out a crabgrass infestation around the end of my backyard. They were clean and thorough, not to mention they did not delay when caring for my yard. I am glad that the people at Lawn Rescue were able to do everything right the first time around.

Sabrina Pugh lawn maintenance in Leonard OK
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I haven’t had much luck in finding lawn care businesses that can serve my yard in the Snake Creek area. But the people at 918 Landscaping never questioned what they could do for my yard. They did well in removing the broadleaf weeds around my yard. They also cut the grass to the correct height, plus they helped me in spreading the clippings around my yard. The clippings did not clump together as they went throughout the turf bed. They were very thorough in their work and ensured that I was happy with the effort at hand before they left.

William Joyner lawn mow in Leonard OK
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I love the lawn care services that Klips Lawncare provides for me. The crew are show up to my property near south to 161st Avenue and do great work. They never charge extra for traveling to my remote property. They always let me know what the service costs before they start, so I will never be surprised over what I need to spend. I enjoy the work that they provide, especially when it comes to how well they can clear out all the leaves around my yard without hurting the quality of my grass bed.