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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Apopka, FL as of May, 2024


K Compnay Lawn Care in Apopka, FL

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(overall rating 5/5.329 Reviews)

Hello thank you for considering us for your lawn care service needs, it is our pleasure to assist you with your yard maintenance for your home in Apopka Florida We recently started serving the Wekiva Springs, Apopka, and Lockhart Florida areas last summer. We started our lawn care service in Orlando Florida five years ago and it has been growing nonstop ever since. We have been growing our business one hundred percent every single year and we like to say it's because of customer satisfaction. Usually we will start mowing one lawn in the neighborhood and by the end of the season will have at least ten yards to cut each week on that street and it certainly has been the case in Apopka Florida.

You have many choices for your lawn care needs in Apopka Florida, but we like to separate ourselves from our lawn care competitors with personalized lawn care service. If you need anything with your lawn seven days a week just send us a text message and we will be all over it. We like to say that we have a 24 hour turnaround for any lawn care related needs that our lawn customers may have. Also if you need any help with pruning of your palm trees or trimming of your shrubs, or keeping weeds out of your landscape beds we can help out with that as well. Most of our customers choose to have us cut their lawn every week as the St Augustine turf that grows in the Apopka Florida area grows furiously during the summertime, however, if you want lawnmowing only every two weeks we can handle that for you as well. Many of our customers are on a tight yard maintenance budget and can only afford a grass cutting every 14 days and that is fine with us. We are willing to accommodate that if you only need your yard cut twice per month. So once again thank you for considering us for your lawn care needs and yard maintenance for your home in Apopka Florida. If you hire us I can promise you we will treat your lawn like it is family

Also , if you are looking for lawn cutting services in Orlando Fl we also service Orlando andcut grass in Ocoee, Fl if you need service in those Orlando areas.


JWI Lawn Care in Apopka, FL

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(overall rating 5/5.69 Reviews)

We have probably provided lawn care services to the Apopka Florida area for the past 10 years. We serve the greater Orlando area however Apopka Florida is kind of our home base of lawn care business operations. If you were looking for a reliable yet, affordable lawn mowing service that can come to your house every week or every two weeks in Apopka then look no further you have found it. We are not like those other cheap lawn care services in Apopka that you see riding up and down Vick Road. We take our time can cutting your lawn and grooming your yard to make it look as good as it can. We have a motto that we treat your yard like our yard.

Depending on where you live in Apopka, FL, odds are we have some lawn care customers nearby you already. We have tons of customers over by Journey Christian Church and Apopka High School. Why does that matter to you? Because odds are we already nearby cutting another customer's lawn so that means we spend less time traveling to your yard which means you get a better price. That's right Affordable Lawn Care in Apopka Florida is within reach and you have found it. If you're ready to go ahead and get started with a free and affordable lawn mowing quote , then go ahead and click the button below our bio here and we will take a look at your lawn. Sometimes we will drive out to your yard and measure it and inspect it visually to prepare our lawn cutting quote, however with the GreenPal system they provide us with your yard’s square footage, where your yard is located, how tall your grass is and other information we will need to prepare a quote. So odds are you'll get a free lawn cutting quote from us within a matter of minutes after you click the orange button. After that go ahead and read over are lawnmowing reviews the other lawn care customers in Apopka Florida have left for us, this will give you a good sense that you were hiring the best lawn care service that you can in the Apopka Florida area. If you do not live in Apopka we also do lawn mowing in Kisimmeee Fl andmow yards in Ocoee, Fl

We really appreciate your consideration to become your full yard maintenance service provider, should you need any other lawn care services such as shrub pruning, mulch, pine straw, reseeding for your grass or trimming of your palm trees we offer those yard maintenance maintenance services as well. We look forward to becoming your year-round lawn care service for as long as you are in your house in Apopka Florida.


Imperial Lawn Care Services in Apopka, FL

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(overall rating 5/5.144 Reviews)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our lawn care service in Apopka Florida. We are family owned and operated lawnmowing operation and we pride ourselves in offering honest and affordable lawn mowing service to the Apopka Florida community. If you are needing a basic lawn cut or weekly or every two week yard mowing then we are the perfect fit for you. We have many customers around Lake Apopka and so if you live in that area odds are we cut one of your neighbor’s lawns already. However we service from over in Zellwood Station Golf Club to Lockhart, so if you live anywhere in those parts of Apopka, FL we can provide you with weekly or every two week yard cuttings. It doesn't matter if you just cut your lawn yesterday or if your grass is 3 feet tall we are happy to accommodate your yard maintenance needs. Most of our customers or set up on mowing on an every two week cycle and that's fine with us. Although if you need weekly lawn cuttings we can do that too. Most lawns in the Apopka Florida area go for about $25 Per cut, however if you are needing other services such as weed pulling from your landscaping beds we can offer that to and it usually runs around $10 per cut extra. Nothing stinks worse and pulling weeds so we are happy to take that off of your plate if needed. We have a guarantee for our lawn care service, if you are not satisfied with the lawn cutting that we perform for your yard then just let us know and we will come back and make the grass look right, Sometimes when we cut the lawn for the first time it takes a few moments to get everything perfect in your yard so so long as you are understanding of that I am confident that we can develop a long-term relationship mowing your lawn every week.

If you do not live in Apopka we also do yard work in Kisimmeee Fl and offerlawn care services in Ocoee, Fl So if you're needing a reliable and solid lawnmowing and yard cutting service for your yard in Apopka Florida then you have found it go ahead and click the button below my bio here and you will get a free lawn cutting quote for me and we can get started on your lawn maintenance as soon as tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting with you.


Modern Lawn Care Services in Apopka, FL

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(overall rating 5/5.23 Reviews)

Welcome to the best lawnmowing service and yard maintenance business in all of Apopka Florida. OK maybe I'm being a little arrogant and I'm just joking, but we really do love our customers and take care of every yard that we cut like it is our own. We are a full-service landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, and lawn care service that has been servicing lawns in the Apopka and Forest City Florida area for over five years. We have over 55 satisfied customers in the Apopka area and that list of lawnmowing clients is growing every week thanks to the GreenPal lawn care app. After you get our quote from us go ahead and check out reviews the other GreenPal users have said about us. Sure there might be one or two dissatisfied lawn cutting customers in there but 99% of the people that we cut grass for our happy end up hiring us again to cut their grass. If they are looking to hire a regular and reliable lawn mowing service in Apopka, FL to take care of their yard for that season. Bottom line is if you're not happy with the lawnmowing that we do for you at your yard then you do not have to pay us.

If your grass a little tall? No problem we can handle that too we do quite a bit of work for property managers and real estate investors in the Apopka Florida area and at times their tenants let the grass get 2 to 3 feet tall. That is no problem because we just put our lawn mower deck on the highest setting and most slowly over the lawn and yard over and over again to get the grass brought back down to size. Now, that first lawn cut might not look that great but over the course of three or four lawn mowings we will get your yard back in top-notch shape. Now we are not the cheapest lawnmowing company that you can hire in Apopka, but I like to say we strike the best balance between affordability, reliability, and quality of our lawn cut. Live in another part of Orlando? No problem we offer lawn mowing services in Apopka Fl and providelawn mowing services in Ocoee, Fl

Also if you need any other services done around your house such as shrub pruning, leaf raking, garden maintenance, or palm tree pruning we also provide those services as well. You can hire us on GreenPal to do those yard maintenance services for you after we get set up mowing your yard every week or every two weeks. So allow me to say thank you for your consideration and hiring us as your lawn care service for your yard in Apopka, FL. We would be happy to add you to our list of satisfied lawn care customers that we have in the Apopka area. We currently just picked up a homeowner near Lake Apopka so if you live over in that part of Seminole County, we are right by you already in might be able to save you five or $10 per cut on your lawn, so thank you again have a great day. If you're ready to get started go ahead and click the orange button below to get a free lawn quote from our lawn care service.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Cheryl Edwards Lawn Cutting in Apopka FL
“After my lawn mower broke down I was on the hunt for an affordable lawn care service in the Apopka Florida area. After trying several different lawn care services that a friend from Journey Christian Church recommended to me I decided to give GreenPal a chance to see what they had to offer in the way of lawn cutting services in Apopka FL. I was not disappointed because I received three competitive yard maintenance prices for lawn cutting for my home and hired the middle one out of the three at $28 per lawn cut. All I was looking for is just a basic lawn cutting every two weeks and the service I hired through GreenPal was a perfect fit for me. I also added on shrub pruning once a month for $40 onto my yard maintenance. GreenPa is a great way to get a reliable lawn care service in Apopka Florida without breaking the bank.”
Julia Cox Grass Cut in Apopka FL
“I guess you could say I'm a technology nerd I will try anything at least once that is tech oriented so when I found out the GreenPal mobile app was offering lawn care services in Apopka FL to Hire My Lawn Service I wanted to give it a shot for my yard. I guess you could say I was a little skeptical but decided just to give it a chance, and the process for getting quotes for my yard mowing was very smooth. I signed up and got multiple lawn cutting quotes from services in Apopka, Wekiva Springs, and Lockhart Florida to mow my yard. I looked over them and read their yard mowing reviews for each lawn service that GreenPal referred me to. I ended up hiring a lawn care service that had less reviews but was a cheaper lawn cutting price, again I was skeptical and didn't really know what to expect. When the lawn care service that I hired nearby me in Apopka FL came out to mow my lawn they did a super clean job of cutting the grass. I think they were trying to build up their lawn care reviews because they really went above and beyond mowing my yard for me. I guess you can say it worked out because I left them a solid lawn mowing review online and then booked lawn cuttings for the rest of the year with them.”
Scott Rivera Lawn Service in Apopka FL
“I am a property manager for a property management company in Apopka Florida we maintain hundreds of houses throughout the Apopka, Wekiva Springs, and Lockhart Florida areas. It's my job to make sure that the yards are all maintained and grass it cut for each and everyone of them. I was using different lawn care services all over Orange county and Apopka and managing all these lawn mowing businesses got to be daunting making sure the lawn cuttings for each and every yard that we maintain actually happened every two weeks . When I found GreenPal it was a godsend because they allow me to audition, and hire different lawn care services from South Apopka to over in Paradise Heights. The best thing I like is I get a picture of the lawn cutting each time the yard is mowed, so I know we are only paying for the lawn cuttings we are getting”
Christopher Lawn Mow in Apopka FL
“Most lawn services in the Apopka FL area want you to sign a full landscape maintenance contract and I like to do some yard work around the house myself. For example, I like to prune my own shrubs and trim my own palm trees but most lawn care services in Orange county require you to sign a full yard maintenance package that includes all those services. After reading about GreenPal on the Apopka FL Facebook group I decided to give GreenPal a try. Also a friend told me that they will let you set up and pay by each individual lawn cutting service and sure enough they were right. Now I just get my lawn cut every two weeks and pay after each mowing I love it, it has saved me time and money on my yard maintenance.”

lawn-maintenance-in-apopka-fl-lawn-service-in-Apopka Hello and welcome to the GreenPal lawn care services online guide for ordering lawn care service and yard maintenance in Apopka Florida. Apopka is known as the indoor vegetation capital of the world however it's outdoor vegetation we are here to talk about today. Apopka residents needing to get their grass cut are in the right place. GreenPal is the easiest way in the world to find, schedule, and pay for lawn mowing service and lawn cutting in Apopka Florida. Weather you're in Wekiva Springs FL or Lockhart, FL GreenPal has found the best lawn care services ready for you to hire right now at your fingertips.

How do we know we are they are the best? Well we do the grueling and painstaking hard work of sitting down face-to-face with hundreds of lawn care services in Apopka, interviewing them, and making sure that they are top notch yard maintenance professionals. We look over their lawnmowers to make sure they are professional grade lawn cutters serving the Apopka area nearby you,, we look at other lawns they have mowed in the Apopka area and we talk to other residents in Apopka FL that they have cut lawns for to make sure that they were satisfied with the lawn mowing and yard maintenance job they did. After all of that, we have them do an audition lawnmowing to look over how they mow the yard, blow the grass clippings off the driveways and sidewalks, edge the grass from the curbs, as well as weed eat the grass away from any obstacles..

On this page you will see some of the lawn care services in Apopka, FL that made the GreenPal cut. You can order lawn mowing from any of these lawn care services here by clicking “get my free bids” and they will submit a lawn cutting bid for a basic weekly or every two week lawn mowing, weed eating, and blowing off the clippings of the driveway. After they do a good lawn mowing for you can then hire them to cut your grass for the entire lawn care service season and everything is handled right to the mobile app it's as easy as that. Most customers in Apopka get their grass cut every week from March through December and then once every 2 weeks in the winter.

Apopka is growing fast, recently name one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Florida it is desirable for its quality-of-life and beautiful weather, however that means that lawn care service professionals in Apopka Florida are always going to be busy and it's hard to get one of them to return your phone call to give you a lawn mowing quote or yard maintenance estimate. Even though you might see them riding up and down Old Dixie Hwy getting one of them to come out to your house to give you a lawn mowing estimate for affordable lawn care service is another thing altogether. That's why GreenPal solves that problem for you by enabling you to hire lawn mowing, yard cutting, or full lawn maintenance from lawn care businesses in Apopka, Wekiva Springs, and Lockhart Florida online right now on this web page or from the GreenPal easy to use mobile app for on demand lawn care services. Some of these lawn care services in Apopka are full-time yard maintenance professionals while others are part-timers such as school teachers in Apopka schools, or fireman for the city of Apopka FL, either way you're back by the GreenPal lawn care guarantee so if your lawn mowing or yard cutting is not to your satisfaction you do not have to pay for that lawn service. While that rarely happens, you know that you are taken care of by ordering your lawn care service in Apopka online from this page or the GreenPal lawn care mobile app. Also, if you live out side of Apopka, FL GreenPal has covers lawn cutting services in Ocoee Fl and recently extended coverage to include lawn mowing services in Altamonte Springs Fl.

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About Apopka Florida

popka is a city in Orange County, Florida. The city's population was 41,542 at the 2010 census.

The earliest known inhabitants of the Apopka area were the Acuera people, members of the Timucua confederation. They had disappeared by 1730, probably decimated by diseases brought to Florida by Spanish colonists. The Acuera were succeeded by refugees from Alabama and Georgia, who formed the new Seminole Indian tribe. They called the area Ahapopka. Aha, meaning "Potato," and papka, meaning "eating place".[1] By the 1830s, this settlement numbered about 200, and was the birthplace of the chief Coacoochee (known in English as "Wild Cat").

At the conclusion of the Second Seminole War, the U.S. Congress passed the Armed Occupation Act of 1842, forcing surviving natives at Ahapopka to abandon their village and seek refuge deeper in the wilderness of the Florida peninsula. The early American settlers built a major trading center on the foundations of the earlier Indian settlement. Their population was large enough by 1857 to support the establishment of a Masonic lodge. In 1859 the lodge erected a permanent meeting place at what is now the intersection of Main Street (U.S. Highway 441) and Alabama Avenue.

Apopka is a fast-growing city and is expanding in all directions. Most notable are the new Lowes and Home Depot DIY stores to the north of the city on US 441 in the location of the previous Dunn Citrus grove (the stretch of 441 which runs through the city is named after Fred N. Dunn). Other businesses on the former Dunn Citrus site include Staples office supply and a second Chili's restaurant. The John Land Apopka Expressway (Toll 414) opened on May 15, 2009,[13] relieving some of US 441's traffic, taking the route from what is now the US 441 junction with SR 429, and then passing south of the city to rejoin US 441 at its junction with Maitland Boulevard South of the city.

Earthmoving began in the summer of 2010 to further expand the expressway, including an extension of Toll 414, known as Wekiva Parkway, created a junction at US 441 and Plymouth Sorrento Road. Master plans take the Wekiva Parkway extension further north and then east connecting to Interstate 4 at Sanford. The expansion is scheduled to be completed in the next several years. It will then be the shortest route from I-4 to the Disney attractions. Forbes Magazine named Apopka the "14th Friendliest City in America" in December 2012 Source: Wikipedia Apopka, FL

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