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smyrna-scene-best-lawn-care-service-in-smyrna-tennessee greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-smyrna-TN-yard-cutting-service-in-smyrna-Tennessee

Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Smyrna, TN as of Jul, 2024


Seans Lawn Care in Smyrna, TN

Hired 1277 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.1299 Reviews)

Hi my name is Sean with Sean’s lawn care. I have 10 years of cutting grass experience and live in the city of Smyrna Tennessee. If you need to get your grass cut and are looking for an affordable yard maintenance company in Smyrna then please consider me for your lawn care service needs. I have all of the right lawn mower equipment to maintain your yard in pristine shape on a weekly or every two week basis. Most of my customers in the Smyrna and La Vergne TN area sign up on GreenPal for me to cut the grass every two weeks. This is a good option for folks that are on a fixed yard budget and usually your grass cutting runs about $35 per cut so that's about $70 per month to not have to worry about your lawn anymore. That is a no-brainer for most of my lawn care customers that I have in Smyrna, TN.

I also drive up a little ways I 24 and mow lawns in the La Vergne, TN area if you happen to live there. I provide lawn care services for most of the northern part of Rutherford county area if you need grass cutting in that area. You have many options when deciding who you want to have perform your lawn care services in the Smyrna Tennessee area, however, I recommend making sure you choose a lawn care service that lives in Smyrna. There are many yard maintenance businesses that will travel in from Nashville however they are only here one or two days a week it doesn't matter if you want your lawn cut on Tuesday or Friday because I live here I can accommodate you for your lawn cutting. So whether you live off Sam Ridley Parkway or Almaville Rd, you're right in my wheelhouse and my route where I can pick up your lawn cutting very conveniently. This means you get an affordable lawn mowing rate as most of the cost in lawn care is factored on drivetime is sitting in traffic. Odds are I'm already mowing a yard or two within a mile of where you live so I'm a better fit for your yard maintenance. My lawn mower equipment is professional grade and I sharpen my blades every single week so you get a nice clean cut on your grass and your yard will look sharp all the time. After I cut your grass for the first time on GreenPal I will also quote for you shrub pruning, mulching of your beds, and cleaning up your leaves in the fall. If you need any of those yard services done you can add them to our service on GreenPal no problem. Thank you again for your consideration it will be my pleasure to provide you with lawn care services for your yard in Smyrna Tennessee.

Also , if you are wanting lawn care services in Hendersonville TN GreenPal has some solid lawn guys there and also offered yard maintenance in Murfreesboro TN.


CAP Lawn Care in Smyrna, TN

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(overall rating 5/5.99 Reviews)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my lawn care service in the Smyrna Tennessee area. I have been cutting grass throughout Rutherford for 10 years and I have grown my business to over 40 weekly lawn maintenance customers specifically in the Smyrna area. I have dozens of customers right near the Stonecrest Medical Center, so if you live in that area you are right on my yard route and it would be no problem to pick up your grass cutting for you. My lawn care service specializes in weekly or every two week lawn cuttings. We also offer mulch delivery and installation, plant replacement and trimming, sod installation and turf renovation, and fall cleanups if you need any of those services for your yard maintenance in Smyrna, TN. We have special grass catchers on our equipment so we can bag up your leaves if need be, and haul off any leaf buildup that occurs during the fall. Don't need lawn care services in Smyrna? No problem we also offer lawn care services in Antioch TN and also go over to Wilson County and offer yard maintenance in Lebanon TN.

Generally my lawn care service prices run about $35 per lawn cutting for most size yards in Smyrna area if you live in a subdivision, if you live out on the outskirts of Smyrna and have a bigger yard then the grass cutting price might go up a little bit. You can set us up for weekly or every two week mowings. If you were looking for for yard maintenance with “the works” we can offer you a little yard maintenance package here on GreenPal. After we provide you with a lawn care service quote for your lawn for the first time and give you a free lawn cutting price you will also get a series of yard maintenance quotes for a bunch of different lawn services through the GreenPal app. If any of lawn maintenance prices look good go ahead and just click to order them from us and we will add them on the next lawn cutting. So if you're needing a full service yard maintenance company in Smyrna Tennessee or even La Vergne, we are your best bet because we had have many satisfied lawn care customers nearby you. We would love to add your yard to our lawn care service route in Smyrna.


Ray's Lawn Care Services in Smyrna, TN

Hired 79 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.73 Reviews)

Thank you so much for your consideration hiring us for your lawn care needs for your house in Smyrna Tennessee. Whether you needing a just a basic lawn mowing cut or a full service yard maintenance specialist we are the best fit company that you can hire in the Smyrna and Lavergne Tennessee areas. Our company is based out of Murfreesboro Tennessee however we have over 75 customers in the Smyrna and Lavergne areas alone. We are always up and down I 24 mowing grass so it's no problem for us to jump off on Sam Ridley Boulevard exit or the Almaville Road exit to swing through and cut your grass. Most of our lawn mowing prices run $35-$55 per cut. Sure you can probably get a cheaper lawnmowing price for lawn care services than that, but when it comes to grass maintenance you really get what you pay for. The cheap lawn care services in Smyrna nearby you will do a rush job on your grass leaving clumps of grass clippings in your yard, also another way they save time on cutting your grass is they turn very fast in the turf and leave ruts in the grass. We don't do either of these because we take our time when we are cutting your lawn and go slow and turn slowly in the turf. We also sharpen our lawn mower blades regularly so you have a nice clean cut every time we service your yard. If you have any friends or family in other parts of middle Tennessee we also offergrass cutting services in Bellvue TN and also provide yard maintenance in Brentwood TN.

Our company is more than just the lawn cutting service in Smyrna, TN. We offer other yard maintenance services as well such as trimming of your shrubs and adding mulch in your beds, and also re-seeding your turf in the fall and picking up all the leaves out of your yard in the fall time as well. We do not offer lawn fertilization however we have some good recommendations for turf fertilization programs in Smyrna and La Vergne should you need them we can refer you to another solid lawn fertilization specialist and we can team up with them to get your lawn in top-notch shape. So if you're ready for us to cut your grass and do your yard maintenance for the rest of this lawn mowing season, go ahead and click the button below my story here and I will submit to you a custom lawn cutting quote to get started on building a relationship on your yard maintenance. Thank you so much for considering us as your lawn care service we look forward to maintaining your yard in Smyrna or La Vergne for you this lawn care service season.


Green Lawn Care Services in Smyrna, TN

Hired 87 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.93 Reviews)

Hello there thank you for reading about my lawn care service in Smyrna and learning a little bit more about my lawn maintenance company. We are a smaller lawn mowing outfit that serves the entire Rutherford County ara, so should you need service in any of those areas you'll be right on our route. Most of our lawn cuttings run $35-$50 for yards in the town of Smyrna. That includes a basic lawn cutting, including mowing of the yard, blowing off the grass clippings from your driveway, trimming around any obstacles in your yard such as trees etc. After we are done cutting your grass we will invoice you through the GreenPal system and we will also give you prices for a few other yard services that you might want such as tree trimming, shrubs pruning, core plug aeriating and overseeding of your grass in the fall, and touching up the mulch in your landscaping beds if need be. If any of those quotes look good you can add them to your GreenPal lawn care services package with us and it will be set up in the GreenPal system like magic. Needing serivce elsewhere? We also offer lawn care services in Bellvue TN and also provide yard maintenance service in Franklin TN.

We are solid basic lawn care company. We do not offer fertilizing services as that requires another license in the town of Smyrna, TN to perform. If you were looking for a referral for lawn fertilization for your grass we can certainly offer that. Also if you need any horticultural services I'm pretty good at it diagnosing turf diseases and plant diseases and I can recommend landscape treatments and pesticides to keep your stuff in top-notch shape. Many times when it comes to issues in your yard, prevention is the key. Also when you are looking at your different lawn care quotes and yard cutting prices that you get from other lawn care services in Smyrna make sure you know what kind of lawn mower equipment that these lawn care services will be using on your yard. If you have a small yard you will want to make sure that they will not bring a riding mower onto your grass because the lawn mower can cause damage to your turf. If that is the case you need to make sure that they use a small walk behind mower with a 48 inch lawn cutting deck and no bigger. It just so happens we had we have a smaller mower like that so if you have a small yard that needs mowing, we have just the mower going to be a perfect fit for cutting it every week. So thank you so much for considering my lawn care service for your yard maintenance needs it is my hope to wow you on this first lawn cutting and then become your yard maintenance business for the entire lawn care service season here in Smyrna Tennessee.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Sara Wilson Lawn Cut in Smyrna TN
“It seems like a total pain to find a decent lawn care service in the town of Smyrna Tennessee. It is it just me or are all of the good yard maintenance companies over in Murfreesboro and none of them will traveling to Smyrna to cut your grass for less than $40 bucks. I was needing a reliable lawn mowing service but didn't want to spend over $30 per cut. A friend from LifePoint Church recommend the GreenPal lawn care services app. I signed up and got hooked up with Sean's lawn care right here in Smyrna Tennessee. Sean is a mechanic at the Tennessee Army National Guard here in Smyrna and cuts grass on the weekends. He was the perfect fit for my lawn, good, cheap and affordable. And I was able to hire him without even having to make a phone cal.l I am sold on GreenPal forever.”
Lisa Higgins Lawn Mowing Service in Smyrna TN
“Smyrna is growing so fast that all of the lawn care services are doing big yard project work and don't have time to do basic lawn cuttings anymore. I just needed to hire a decent lawn care service in Smyrna to come mow my yard every two weeks but after I left what seemed like 20 different voicemails for lawn mowing services all over Smyrna and LaVergne, I got two phone calls back in one lawn cutting quote for $55 to cut my grass. I felt like that was a little expensive mow the yard. So then I decided to do some research on Google and I found the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app. I signed up, got for prices for lawn care services nearby me, hird one to mow, and they cut the grass the next day. It was a simple as that.”
Russell Ortiz Lawn Maintenance in Smyrna TN
“I like to do things around the yard such as pulling the weeds from the beds, trimming my own shrubs, and doing my own mulch. But I had back surgery last year at StoneCrest Medical Center in Smyrna and I cannot cut my own grass anymore. I wasn't looking for just the same ole same ole lawn care service in Smyrna and LaVergne. I wanted a reliable lawn service that was going to do a thorough job cutting my grass every single week, and then come back in the winter months to clean up leaves and pick up sticks that fall from the trees etc. After interviewing a few different lawn care services in the Smyrna area that were nearby me I decided to use GreenPal to introduce me to the best fit lawnmowing company. I went this route because with GreenPal lawn care services compete over your yard maintenance. In the end I saved $500 per year hiring a lawn care service in Smyrna through GreenPal versus interviewing lawn cutting services myself.”
Kimberly Young Lawn Maintenance in Smyrna TN
“I live right outside of Smyrna off of Almaville Road kind of in the country, and it's hard to get yard maintenance businesses in Smyrna to come out here. I'm about 20 minutes off of I 24 and whenever you call a lawn service they make you feel like you're an hour away. Then on top of all that my usual lawn guy I was using wanted to charge me an extra $20 per lawn cutting just for the drive. I just thought that was outrageous to mow the yard. So I begin shopping for a new yard cutting company to take care of me and I was disappointed when hardly anybody would even call me back to to give me a price to cut my grass. I used my old lawn care service a couple cuts and then I discovered the GreenPal lawn mowing app in the Google play store. I admit I was skeptical when I signed up for lawn cutting quotes, but I got three yard mowing quotes from three different lawn care services that cut grass in the Smyrna area nearby me that really wanted my lawn mowing work. I hired one and now they are set up for bi-weekly lawn mowing. So it's a win-win.”

lawn-maintenance-in-smyrna-TN-lawn-service-in-SmyrnaHello and welcome to the online ordering page to find a reliable and affordable lawn care service in Smyrna Tennessee. If your lawn has gotten to be a little tall and you're needing a reliable grass cutting business in Smyrna you have arrived at the right place. Welcome to GreenPal, the easiest way to find schedule and pay for affordable lawn mowing in Rutherford County, Smyrna and La Vergne. GreenPal has done the hard work for you and found The 10 best lawn care services and yard maintenance businesses in the Smyrna and La Vergne TN area nearby. Now you probably were asking yourself how do we know these lawn mowing companies are any good? Well... we've done the hard work of interviewing each of them, we check out their lawnmower equipment and equipment maintenance practices, we talk to other lawn mowing customers that they have in the Smyrna Tennessee and LaVergne area, and after all of that we have them do an audition lawn cutting for a yard in Smyrna and we inspect how they did on the yard work. When we conduct our inspection of their work we look for things such as did they leave any grass clippings left over? How did they do on edging the driveway, sidewalks, patios, and street curbs of the yard? And did they blow off all of the grass clippings after they were done mowing? After we check for all of these things and they pass with a satisfactory score we set them up on the GreenPal system to operate their lawn care business in Smyrna, LaVergne and all of Rutherford county.

Why does any of this matter? Because now you can order lawn cutting for your yard in Smyrna without even making a phone call looking for a lawn care service nearby. I imagine before you got here you have tried calling around to different lawn care services throughout the Smyrna and La Vergne, TN area nearby to get a lawn cutting quote and let me guess nobody even returned your phone call right? That's because the city of Smyrna, TN is booming with growth and lawn care services and yard maintenance businesses in Smyrna and LaVergne are busy and can barely keep up with the workload. That's why we have set up the best lawn care services in Smyrna for you to order without even calling around. Many of our lawn care contractors are part time firemen at the Smyrna fire department and cut grass on the nights and weekends as a means to earn more income. We also have a couple of lawn care businesses that teach at Smyrna High School to cut grass on the weekends and during the summers. This means that you can order service from a small lawn care service owner operator however get the reliability and service from a big time lawn care service at a cheaper price. So where do you live off of Almaville Road or Sam Ridley Parkway GreenPal has found the best lawn care services in Smyrna that you can hire. thank you for your time if you're ready to get started for quotes go ahead and click the button at the top of your screen and we will be sending you lawn mowing prices shortly. Also, if you have any friends or family that need lawn care services in Hendersonville TN GreenPal has setup yard maintennace compnaies there and also grass cutting services in Lebanon TN.

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About Smyrna Tennessee

Smyrna is a town in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Smyrna's population was 39,974.

The town of Smyrna has its European-American roots in the early 19th century and began as an agrarian community. It was important during the Civil War because its railroad station lies between Nashville and Chattanooga. One of the major events of the war for the town involved the Confederate States hero Sam Davis, who, after being charged with spying, gave up his life instead of giving any information to the Union Army. He was captured November 20, 1863, and was hanged by Union forces on November 27 of that year. The Sam Davis Plantation, located on 160 acres of well-maintained farmland, is the town's most important historical site.

Smyrna was originally incorporated in 1869 but its charter was rescinded by the state several years later. In 1915, the town re-incorporated and adopted a commission-mayor form of government.

In 1941 during World War II, Sewart Air Force Base was established here and served as a B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 advanced training facility. During the 1950s and 1960s, the military personnel and dependents totaled more than 10,000 persons stationed at the base. The base was scheduled for closing in 1971. Most of the property was divided among the State of Tennessee, Rutherford County, and the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority. On its portion, the state opened and operates a Tennessee Army National Guard base and the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center. Much of the additional land was developed as the Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport Authority in 1990.

During the 1970s, many new industries moved to the area. The city began a period of growth stimulated by production of such companies as Better Built Aluminum, Cumberland Swan (currently known as Vi-Jon, Inc.), and Square D building plants. In the early 1980s, planning began to build a Nissan Motors manufacturing plant and, in 1983, the first vehicle was produced. Source: Wikipedia Smyrna, TN

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