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I live half way between Mt. Juliet and Lebanon off off Hwy 70. GreenPal took the pain out of finding and paying a lawn service that covers my area.

I flagged a lawn service down off Cumberland Dr in Lebanon, and he set me up on GreenPal because it's so much easier for us to schedule and keep up with payments.

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Welcome and thank you for stopping by to order lawn care in the Lebanon Tennessee area on the GreenPal system my name is Gary and it's my pleasure to help assist you find reliable yard mowing in Wilson County. In case you were not familiar with how GreenPal works it's pretty easy you just signup and get multiple quotes for your lawn cutting or yard maintenance needs from pre-vetted landscape maintenance service providers based in the Wilson County area will bid for your yard mowing pretty cool huh.

All of the lawn maintenance companies that will be bidding for your yard mowing are based out of Lebanon Tennessee. What we do is go out and find the good lawn care companies in Lebanon and Mt. Juliet by interviewing them, checking over their lawn mowing equipment and checking out their quality of their mowing for other residents of Lebanon, TN and then enabling you to hire them through the GreenPal mobile app and website.

Many of the service providers are native to Lebanon, TN a few of them graduated from Cumberland University on Cumberland Drive. I guess you could day a few of the lawn care services are Lebanon Bulldogs themselves. Three of the lawn care companies are operated by schoolteachers in the Lebanon Special School District and one is a teacher at Coles Ferry Elementary.

The city of Lebanon, TN is growing fast at the last census around 50,000 people and as such many landscape maintenance contractors in Lebanon are getting busy. I imagine you have probably already called around requesting quotes and can't even get a phone call right back right? Well that's where GreenPal can help you because the lawn care services that operate their lawn maintenance business on GreenPal will get a text message when you list your yard for lawn cutting quotes on the system . Then shortly after that you will receive an email and a text message with their lawn mowing proposal and you can read the reviews and compare the quotes and can browse over the other lawnmowing quotes that you receive.

All of the service providers have dozens and dozens of lawn care customers in Wilson County , Mt Juliet and Lebanon, TN. So it's no problem for them to pick up your lawn for you whether you live in the city of Lebanon or in the outskirts such as Carthage, Gladeville, Watertown or Rome. These lawn care services also cover the Mount Juliet area if you live in that part of middle Tennessee or need lawn care in Hendersonville, TN or lawn mowing in Murfreesboro, TN rest assured the GreenPal system is here to help you with your yard mowing needs. After the first lawn cutting goes well and you like the lawn mowing service that you received you can then set up on going lawn care services with that same yard cutting company in Lebanon nearby you so just click the orange button to get your free lawn care quotes and kick back and relax and take back your Saturdays! Have a great day.

Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Lebanon and Mt. Juliet as of Apr, 2017
C&P Lawn Care Services of Lebanon, TN
Hired 343 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 1003 Reviews

C&P Properties was started by Caroline McGill and Paul Wallace. They have been in the property preservation and lawn mowing business for over 4 years.

This eclectic duo came together out of sheer necessity and brought their skill sets to form one of Middle Tennessee's hottest landscaping companies.

"Paul knew the industry and had the equipment," Caroline explains, "but I had the trucks and the attention to detail." "We complement each other very well!"

Caroline was born in Florida and has lived everywhere in the United States before finally settling down in Antioch, Tn. She has been here for over 20 years now and considers herself a true Nashvillian.

Their crew of 4 services most of middle Tennessee but specialize in the Antioch, Smyrna, La Vergne, Lebanon areas. We will also mow yards in Murfreesboro, TN and will also cut yards in Franklin, TN for a commercial property management company in the Nashville area. Not only will they leave your lawn looking like the 18th green at Augusta but they are also a full property preservation company.

Their services include, tree trimming and removal, mold abatement, pressure washing, shrub pruning and trimming, minor roof repairs, and debris removal.

When asked what has led to their companies success, Caroline credits "being thorough, paying attention to detail and being completely honest with their customers." McGill says, "If your yard doesn’t need mowing, we will tell you."

This formula has earned them over 30 weekly customers and counting and high praises from them all.

When asked what drew Caroline to this business, she stated that she loved being outside. This gearhead loves tinkering with her 1987 Corvette, fishing at Percy Priest Lake in Nashville, and loves shooting her guns. "Bullets and my 6 pit bulls are my best friends," Caroline laughs.

Not only does Caroline take care of all of the companies paperwork but she also LOVES weed eating. "I am a wife/memaw by night and trimmer slinger by day!" she exclaims. "I love getting to a property and seeing that edge and looking at the finished job….It gives me a sense of accomplishment," I WANT YOUR YARD TO LOOK BETTER THAN YOUR NEIGHBORS!!! "Even ugly yards need love" McGill says.

When she is not weed eating, shooting, petting, or fishing, Caroling enjoys spending time with her husband and mother. Her daughter and two grandchildren live in Wyoming and she has been known to make the 22 hour drive on occasion just to visit.

If you find that your property is needing that extra attention to detail, let the meticulous pros at C&P Properties get you squared away.

JL Lawn Care Service in Lebanon, TN
Hired 17 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 16 Reviews

Having been in the landscaping industry before, JL Lawn Care was not Jeremy Leggett's first landscaping business.

"I began a small business a few years back but I wanted to help my wife raise our son," Leggett explains. "So I decided to walk away from the industry for a few years."

"Once my son was old enough, I decided I wanted to get back in the landscaping industry,"

The born and raised Tennessee native has been mowing lawns for over 10 years now. He currently lives in White House, but will service the Goodletsville, Portland, offering lawn care service in Hendersonville, TN, Lebanon and Nashville areas.

Not only will Jeremy service any and all of your regular landscaping needs but he will also do your over seeding, brush clearing, mulching, hedge and shrub pruning.

When asked what drew him to this industry Jeremy replied, "I am very meticulous when it comes to mowing." He states, "I will never leave a yard not looking as good as my own." Jeremy also says, "I offer a price that is very fair with quality that is extremely high." He also attributes that he loves the change of the day to day scenery as another perk of the business. He says, "I love the fact that I am not sitting idle and can be on the move."

His recipe for success has obviously worked as he is looking to double his clientele over the next few months. "Word of mouth has done wonders for me," Jeremy proudly states. "

So when Jeremy is not out mowing you can find him at the fire hall in Springfield, Tennessee. He is a full time fire fighter for Robertson county and also enjoys playing golf, fishing at Old Hickory Lake with his 5 year old son. His other vice is back country camping and frequents Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Frozen Head State Park in the Cumberland Tennessee Mountains with his wife.

Whether your lawn needs a little extra TLC or just needs to be groomed, let this fireman put out all of your lawn care needs

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

I've been professionally cutting grass for 4 years, I enjoy making other people's yards look as good as they possibly can. Completely trimmed and cut evenly. How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

I work very hard to never leave clumps of grass or rows of clippings visible. I always trim completely, and I blow off everything, even areas that don't have clipping caused by my mowing. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Ask for a reference...if a provider is worth hiring, he should easily be able to put you in touch with a couple customers. What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

The satisfaction of having happy customers that appreciate the little things. What areas do you mainly service?

White House Goodlettsville Hendersonville Portland, Lebanon, and sometimes we will perform custom lawn care in Murfreesboro, TN

LG Lawn Care in Lebanon
Hired 132 times on GreenPal
lawn-care-Mt. Juliet-tennessee
Overall rating 5/5 from 59 Reviews

Linda Gibbs has always loved working with people and had a knack for business management. After working in the corporate world as a business manager, she had the opportunity to manage a local lawn care company. After 3 years of learning and studying the business, she decided to venture out on her own and started LG Lawncare Solutions.

The Nashville native has now lived in Hendersonville, Tn for 8 years and has amassed 4 crews that help keep her homeowners happy. "We love serving the greater Nashville area and keeping our customers happy."

Linda and her crews service the Hendersonville, Lebanon Brentwood, Bellevue and East Nashville area. They have quickly gained the status of being one of Nashville's best landscaping companies with over 80 recurring homeowners. They also specialize in working with property managers to coordinate servicing multiple properties for home owners.

Not only will they perform your regular lawn maintenance, they will also do your leaf removal, aeration, seeding, mulching, shrub and bush trimming/removal, and planting.

When asked what separates LG Lawncare from all of the other guys, she immediately said "Customer Service." Linda went on to explain, "We have great relationships with all of our customers. We love getting to know them and making sure we know exactly what they want with their lawn. It's so gratifying to see the faces on my homeowners when we finish a project for them and they are beyond words." We have dozens of lawn mowing customers in Wilson county , we even go up to Sumner County offering lawn care in Gallatin, TN.

Having a customer service and management background, she really enjoys working with people and loves landscaping and seeing the vision of the homeowner's come to life. This is why she has been so success and help her business grow tremendously.

When she is not out running her lawn care empire, she loves spending time with her 3 grandkids and laying by the pool.

Whether your lawn needs a regular mow, edge, and blow or a full on makeover, let the Pros over at LG Lawncare get your lawn back into shape.

Seans Lawn of Mt. Juliet, TN
Hired 394 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 528 Reviews

I basically start mowing my parents lawn in highschool , I started very small mowing lawns for family and friends all over Mt.Juliet. I suppose Ive been serious in the business seriously now for two .

I was born and raised in Mt Juliet Tennessee , I went to Mt Juliet high graduated in 2004. I also have been serving in the Army reserves for 7 years. I report to a support facility in Smyrna, and after work on and on the weekends is when service my lawn mowing clients throughout middle Tennessee.

Right now I am mowing 25 lawns a week all over middle Tennessee, including all of Wilson County mowing lawns in lebanon, but also cutting grass in Hendersonvile and I will also do lawn care service in Franklin, TN as well. but I would like grow it to 40 or 50. My full time job with the US military keeps me busy doing the week. , I am fabricator, so lets say if a tank comes in for repairs, we can restore it to back new again, kind of like restoring an antique car.. I can weld anything and enjoy my work. At the military we service all of our fleet of equipment which has really helped me keep my own lawn maintenance equipment top notch shape. . You have to be trusted with a level of security to be working on this stuff.

I love to be able to grow my little lawn mowing fleet, my plans are to buy a separate truck for just lawn care. I am a mechanic by heart, so I like to tinker with cars. I buy cars and I fix them and sell them . So to some extend what I earn mowing lawns has fueled my mechanic and car restorations hobby.

When I asked Sean which was harder, his landscaping job or his military mechanic job. “The landscaping is harder but I enjoy it better, sometimes I work harder cutting lawns all over Davidson county than I do welding but I enjoy the landscaping work better."

I enjoy it better because every yard is different and I have an opportunity to make something beautiful. The lawn care business is pretty straight forward, I believe if someone pays for something , they want it done right. I try to treat each lawn as if it was my own.

I mowed a lawn last night in Madison, the customer's lawn had a hill that was a 35% grade. It was tough and challenging, but the customer loved how I was able to make the sloped lawn look nice. Ill never put myself in a position where I'll hurt myself; I will back off, however, I will do whatever it takes within reason to make someone happy.

To keep a customer and keep them happy, I find that scheduling and setting expectations is best way to earn a customer's appreciation and loyalty. I like to try to fit their needs into my existing route. For example: On Mondays’ I'll mow lawns all over Old Hickory, Tuesdays, I'm in Hunters Crossing and surrounding neighborhoods in Old Hickory, on Wednesdays I spend all day on Madison, and the Neelys Bend area, and then Thursday all over East Nashville. I try not to mow on Friday, but sometimes I will, and then Saturdays is when I bat cleanup. I will go all over Nashville on Saturday to take care of those last minute customer needs and requests. After the initial cut, Ill try to talk the customer and ask them for more appointments so I can fit them into my route so then I can make them happy mowing forward.

Overall, I like to service Old Hickory, Madison, Donelson, East Nashville, I prefer to stay on the east side of Briley Pkwy , however for a weekly customer I will go out to east Nashville and Madison and occasionally I will go to Brentwood and Franklin.

I have several pieces of equipment I have a leaf blower a weed eater a zero turn mower a push mower . I always clean up after I finish mowing and trimming.

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

I have been doing lawn care since I was a teenager. I do it now because I enjoy the look of a fresh cut yard. When I was younger I use to cut several property for family members, they would always get compliments on how good the yard looked How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

I have a very strong work ethnic . I pay close attention to details . What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Take a chance on someone cheaper then the professionals and see how it looks . I do the same quality work as the professionals but half the cost. What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

Well every yard is different . I enjoy a changing environment What areas do you mainly service?

Nashville , Madison ,Old Hickory

Isaacs Lawn Mowing Services in Lebanon, TN
Hired 95 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 21 Reviews

We have been in business for 6 years and pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction. We serve families in Mt. Juliet, Old Hickory, Hermitage, Doneson, Inglewood, and East Nashville. Please give us a chance to show you what we can do!

I began working at YRC fifteen years ago and quickly adjusted to working nights. As my children got older, I felt like it was time to add something else. I began the mowing business five years ago when my three children entered high school. I have always loved being outside, working in yard so I felt this might be a good way to start earning extra money to help send each of them to college. Little did I know that this would turn in to a wonderful small business that my two sons have a true passion for. The three of us work together and take great pride in our work. My younger son enjoys mowing while my older son has an interest in landscaping. Together, we have turned this into something that is profitable, but more importantly something we all enjoy. At the end of each job, we feel great pride in the fact that we were able to make each yard look like a masterpiece.

We live in Mount Juliet and started out small in our own town. We soon expanded our lawn care service to Old Hickory and Hermitage. My wife grew up in Donelson and I grew up in East Nashville so we decided we would try to add those areas as well. Our business has grown through word of mouth and we have done quite well. We recently heard about Greenpal and were fascinated with the concept. We immediately began researching to see if this company would be a good fit for us. The three of us decided that it was something that we most definitely wanted to be a part of.

Our services include: mowing, weedeating, blowing, trimming and shaping of shrubs, and hedges, mulching and weeding beds, shrub removal and planting. Our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction.

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

We started our business six years ago. How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

We take pride in everything we do. We want your home to be the best manicured one on the block. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Small businesses can offer a more detailed, personal experience than most big companies. What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

The best part of the lawn care industry is looking at a beautiful job when it has been completed. What areas do you mainly service?

We service Mt. Juliet, Old HIckory, Hermitage, Donelson, Inglewood, and East Nashville. We will also go and mow lawns in Franklin, TN and love to cut yards in Murfreesboro, TN.

Here is how GreenPal simplifies ordering lawn care in Lebanon, TN

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