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Getting my lawn mowed by using GreenPal was a snap. Five lawn care services in Clarksville gave me quotes. Hiring one was a breeze.

We live in Woodland Estates near Dumbar Cave Rd, I was amazed when I was able to hire a lawn service that already did 4 in my neighborhood online.

My neighbors and I in Windgate West used the same lawn mowing company for years, but he disappered, GreenPal came to the yard rescue for all of us.

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Hello my fellow Clarksvillians Gary here.. your lawn mowing concierge. Let me guess the reason you are here is because your lawn is over 3 feet tall? Ha ha I'm just kidding probably not that tall but I am guessing that your grass does need to be cut and that's why you have come to the right place.

If you're not to familiar with GreenPal allow me to explain how our lawn mowing community works. What we do is all the hard work of interviewing and auditioning the best lawn care service providers in Montgomery county and the city of Clarksville, TN and then enable you to hire them for your yard maintenance with a few clicks of the mouse or taps on your smartphone.

If you're needing professional lawn care or just a basic one time lawn cutting the GreenPal community of lawn mowing services in the Clarksville area is set up and ready handle your cutting. GreenPal has qualified dozens of professional lawn mowing services in Clarksville Tennessee that really want your business. I imagine that you have tried calling around to other lawn cutter services in Clarksville and maybe have even left a few voicemails and none of them have called you back right? Well those days are over because now you can read reviews from the best lawn mowing service providers in Clarksville, Tennessee and order them for a yard cutting tomorrow. Maybe you need full lawn maintenance for your yard? No problem, these lawn services listed below can handle that too. Have any friends or family a little further south in Tennessee? We can help, GreenPal offers lawn mowing in Brentwood and Franklin as well as yard mowing services in Lebanon as well as Hendersonville lawn care.

Some of the lawn care professionals that run their business on the GreenPal app are retired military from the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell. The team at Greenpal takes pride in helping the veterans that served our country and that are stationed at Fort Campbell get their small business started in the lawn and landscaping industry you can say it's why we do what we do. Other lawn service providers that operate on GreenPal are school teachers for the City of Clarksville and one of our best Lawnmowing contractors in Clarksville is a teacher at Ridgeview middle school. Others are college students at Austin P State University and represent the Governors well with every lawn they cut yards and beautify laws all over Clarksville.

Clarksville is growing fast and with the fast growth of over 200,000 people the existing lawn mowing service providers in Montgomery county and Clarksville get busy so that's why we go and do the hard work of finding the yard cutting companies that have available slots on their routes that way you can order service from them and not have to do the hard work of all over Clarksville Tennessee to get your yard cut.

Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Clarksville and Adams as of May, 2017
Bourne Mowing
Hired 43 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 66 Reviews

Tad Bourne is not your typical lawn guy. Having been in this industry for over 19 years, his story is quite impressive

After serving 11 years as an army pilot he decided to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and earned his MBA in avaiation.

As an air craft servicer at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, his wife was working at a management company and her company was looking for someone to mow a few lawns. "So I found my first mower for $60 from a repot sale and started mowing a few yards a week," Bourne explains. "From there, it just took off and I had to quit my job."

We are glad you did Tad!

The Petal, Mississippi native has lived in Montgomery County TN since 1985 and has not looked back.

Bourne Mowing now has two crews, all John Deere commercial equipment, and now service over 150 total weekly commercial and residential properties in Clarksville, Tn and Oak Grove, Kentucky. He has 5 hardworking employees that help him keep all of his customers happy.

"Being competively priced, being dependable and reliable, and doing good work," Bourne says "is what has made us so successful." "We love what we do!"

Other than your regular lawn maintenance Tad and his team will also do your aeration, overseeding, weedcontrol, and shrub and bush trimming. No yard is too small or too big for Bourne.

When he is not keeping all the yards in Montgomery County looking great, him and his wife love to travel. They have recently been to Jackson Hole Wyoming and wife is from Montegut, La so they love to travel there as well. The University of Southern Mississippi alum also loves to travel back to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to catch a few football games.

Tad and his wife have two sons as well. His youngest son is following in his fathers' footsteps and is currently in the Army and his oldest son is musician.

If you are in the Clarksville, Tennessee area and have any landscaping needs, let the crew over at Bourne Mowing get you squared away.

Jsm Lawns
Hired 114 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 198 Reviews

I'm Justin with JSM Lawns. Just moved to Clarksville 4 years ago and absolutely love it here. Here at JSM Lawns we take pride in our work and expect to keep your lawn looking its best. Choose us for any of your Lawn & Garden needs. Thanks for using Greenpal!

Justin Morris has always been the outdoorsy type so lawn mowing has always been a perfect fit. He got his start over 6 years ago mowing foreclosed property and missed having the personal connection with homeowners. “I enjoy interacting and talking to people,” Justin said. “Mowing foreclosed property was very impersonal to me.” So in 2016, he officially started JSM Lawns and has had no problems growing his clientele to over 60 homeowners in his first official season.

The Memphis native moved from the Lakeland, Tennessee area 4 years ago and decided to set up roots in the Mt. Juliet. “We originally first moved to Bellevue but then my wife and I found our dream home in Mt. Juliet,” Morris says. “We love servicing the residents all over greater Nashville,” Justin says. “Everyone has welcomed us with open arms.” If you are needing lawn mowing in Brentwood and Franklin we service that area as well. I also cut grass in Lebanon, TN if you are friends or familly need their yard mowed there.

He mainly services neighborhoods in East Nashville such as Historic Edgefield, Lockeland Springs, Shelby Bottoms, and East End. Justin and his crew will also travel up Interstate 65 to Madison, Tennessee and also mow yards in Hendersonville. Occasionally, Justin will travel to cut lawns in Clarksville, Tennessee.

What sets his business apart and thriving is his maniacal attention to detail, clear communication, and his follow up with all of his customers. “I make sure to follow up with all customers, especially new ones, to make sure that everything is done to their expectations.” He goes on to add, “I want to make sure they get everything they want with my service and I want to keep everyone happy.”

JSM Lawns also will handle your low level tree trimming, mulching, bush and shrub trimming, and pressure washing.

When he is not out mowing, you can find him fishing at Percy Priest Lake or working out at any gym he can find. “Fishing is my hobby that helps me relax but lifting weights is something I absolutely have to do to reduce my stress,” Justin laughs. “Ill be driving around in between mows and see a gym and pull in and get a quick workout in. It’s therapeutic for me.”

Justin is married to Carey Ann and they have a pooch named Tucker. Carrie Ann is a hair stylist at Yellow House Salon in East Nashville. They enjoy eating out and love to frequent Bartaco in 12 South and The Standard in downtown Nashville.

If your lawn needs a little more attention to detail, let Justin with JSM Lawns be your go-to lawn guy. What areas do you mainly service?

Clarksville, Adams Tennessee

Property Services Lawn Care
Hired 142 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 41 Reviews

PSC is a Property Preservation Company. We secure and maintain Foreclosures for banks and investors.We are licensed, insured, certified mold specialist and bonded by state Tn to work on homes as well Lead base Renovators. We have several areas of expertise and lawn care and landscaping is one of them. Due to fact foreclosed properties need to have lawn maintain during duration of foreclosure, We have established an experienced bunch of lawn and landscaping experts on our staff. As far as bank payment goes its 30 to 45 days per lawn. The turn around on pay for GreenPal is very enticing. We have strict protocol we have to abide by working with bank owned properties and each one is QCd by the listing agent . We have been in business for 5 years and remain top vendors for our clients. I see no reason our relationship would not follow suit. I mow dozens of lawn care contracts in the Montgomery County area, I service lawns in Adams and Clarksville, TN so if you're looking for a lawn guy to mow every 2 weeks, I am your man. What areas do you mainly service?

We service all of middle Tennessee including offering lawn service in Lebanon, TN and also yard mowing in Brentwood, TN. Clarksville and Adams Tennessee and all of Montgomery County.

Etc Lawn Care Services Company
Hired 545 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 1003 Reviews

We are a local lawn care company who strives to complete quality, professional, and affordable service to all customers!

I'm originally from upstate New York in the Rochester area, I relocated to Tennessee in the fall of 2010, after my wife and I spent our honeymoon in Nashville and the Smoky Mountains.. We immediately fell in love with the area and the people. Something about the southern hospitality and the warmer weather convinced us to take the plunge and relocate here.

I had a small lawn mowing business back home. When I was a kid I just liked mowing the yard, and ironically my own yard required a commercial zero turn mower, so then, I realized I could cut some of the neighbors houses. Eventually, I got to about 7 or 10 homes to mow weekly in my neighborhood. Thats how I cut my teeth in the landscaping business, so I decided to do it full time.

When I settled down in Hendersonville, I had to start my business all over again. I started with a 48” walk behind mower and picked up 10 or so customers, and they started telling their friends about us, and my landscaping business just grew from there.

After we grew a small base of residential mowing customers we expanded into property preservation, maintaining bank owned properties and our reputation for good consistent landscape maintenance grew that way.

I've never really had to advertize, we have always grown our business just by word of mouth; after a certain point it snowballs. I have found that by doing reliable solid work around middle Tennessee that my business grows on its own.

Most of what we do is weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing for homeowners. During the spring and fall we will do a lot of landscape cleanups, mulch , trimming, fall cleanups, leaf removal etc. . Usually we will mow a customer until the end of October and then we will help them with leaf removal in November. We service a lot of mature homes in East Nashville and Old Hickory that really need fall leaf removal. In the off season during the winter months we will do Christmas light installs for high end homes lawn care services in Brentwood and Franklin , along with our leaf removal work

I really enjoy making things happen for our customers. I have an elderly client that will request us to do little things around the house, and they were super appreciative of everything we did for them and that's satisfying to me. I just really like helping people out, if someone's lawn is overgrown and out of shape, I just like making it right. Last week a client even offered to give me a tip. I really appreciated her generosity, but tips are not necessary, so I kindly declined.

As of right now we have grown our business to over 120 lawns a week. I have two 2 man crews that will try and do 10-15 lawns a day and then I go out by myself to mow and check up and making sure everything is running smooth. We have a pretty wide service area footprint in middle Tennessee for lawn service. We provide lawn care services in Hendersonville and Gallatin, White House, Portland, Mt Juliet, Madison, East Nashville, 12 south , West Nashville, Antioch, and Donelson. We service a pretty big area.

When I'm not mowing yards and making sure everything's running smooth with my landscaping business, I like to ride my my Harley, I like to take my kids camping , and recently I bought a boat. I really enjoy taking the family out to Old Hickory Lake. We have a boat slip there and and that's some of the best money I have spent for my family. Luckily my experience fixing lawn mowers has helped fix my boat when it's broken.

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