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Green Team Services Lawn Services in Germantown, TN

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My name is Joseph Young, and I operate Green Team Services here in the Memphis area. I am available to help homeowners in Germantown, Tennessee. I provide a range of lawn care services for all kinds of properties. My lawn service team and I can assist you with just about anything. 

The lawn care services we provide at Green Team Services can really make a big difference. I started Green Team Services not long after coming back to the Memphis area after serving in the US Navy.

I started my lawn maintenance and lawn care company primarily as a means of having something to do with my time. After coming home from overseas, I was formally diagnosed with PTSD. I needed to find something useful to do with my life to manage my situation and to help me with moving forward in my life. That’s where my efforts at Green Team Services come into play.

I have been providing lawn care services and lawn mowing services in Germantown and other places in Memphis, Tennessee for years. My lawn service work support for lawn mowing, lawn service, and for trimming anything in your outdoor space.

I place a strong emphasis on detail when it comes to grass cutting or other lawn service work. I enjoy the way a well-done task makes me feel, especially when I have gotten everything cared for.

My lawn care services cover everything your yard needs. You can reach my team and me for help with everything from mowing grass to aerating your yard and even with planning a new drainage system. I always appreciate the hard work that all of us at Green Team Services provides for our clients. We offer lawn care services and lawn mowing services for everyone from Poplar Estates and Greentrees among other neighborhoods around the city.

We've happy to provide lawn mowing services or more extensive lawn service treatment relating to your landscape. I am also available for various home maintenance tasks if you need a little something extra surrounding the quality of your home too.

You can ask us for help with any trees at your property as well. The work is particularly useful if you are in the Farmington or Shady Creek area where the trees are plentiful.

We're also happy to share what we charge for lawn mowing services or lawn care services. We can discuss the best rates for lawn mowing services services where you are if you are on a fixed income. I am available to help those who have fixed incomes as well. We can figure out a plan that you can afford, although you might be surprised as to how affordable my services are.

Contact Green Team Services if you have a yard in Germantown TN that needs help. I am available to assist you with everything you need surrounding how well your place looks and what you might need to get out of the yard care process in general.


Cross Cuts Lawn Services in Germantown, TN

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Your home in Germantown Tennessee need specific lawn care services throughout the year. Our lawn service team at Cross Cuts is available to help you. Regardless of when in the year you need help. Our lawn care business serves all parts of Germantown and happy to work at any time of the year.

Our lawn service company can provide you with quality lawn care services for your yard during the spring season. We can assist you in removing any crabgrass or other unwanted growths around your place. We will also help you with removing any weeds that might have started growing during the winter season. The work we put in will ensure your yard is treated well without any good bits of grass being likely to be damaged or destroyed in the effort.

Our lawn service team also provides a full summer service. You can reach us during the summer months for help with everything from mowing the lawn to managing the drainage and irrigation features where you are. We’ll assist you in identifying any opportunities for allowing water to flow through. Seeing how hot the summer months can be in Germantown, it helps to see how our drainage solutions can work for you.

We also offer cleanup services in the fall. You can contact us for help with removing leaves and other bits of debris that can build up around your yard during the fall season. Our work will ensure that your yard looks clean and brilliant at any time of the year. Properties in Sweet Oaks and other places with loads of trees will particularly benefit from what we have to offer, what with it often being tough for people to clean up all those tree spaces that are hard to manage.

Our winter service can also assist you with everything from seeding your yard to removing any final weeds before they can settle in. The work ensures that your yard will look better and be prepared for the dormant period of the year.

You can reach us for a contract for services where we can come to your property and care for the place throughout the year as you see fit. Our team will identify all the unique and outstanding opportunities that may come about surrounding how your yard can be cared for and what might work where you are.

We also offer affordable rates for services. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when reaching us for help at Cross Cuts. We can provide you with a good deal for services, including a deal that entails exclusive savings for regular contract services. Our offers can even work for people with properties in Levee Oaks or Ridgeway among other parts of Germantown where the lawns surround some of the most beautiful golf courses in the area.

Contact Cross Cuts if you want help for anything your yard in Germantown TN might require. Our team is here to assist you with keeping your yard looking beautiful and useful throughout the year.


1st Choice Lawn Services in Germantown, TN

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Finding a good lawn care company to perform quality landscape and lawn maintenance services in Germantown, Tennessee doesn’t have to be as complicated as it already is. Contact 1st Choice the next time you need to find trained lawn care professionals that you can trust.

1st Choice will ensure that you have the best yard you could ask for. Much of what makes our lawn care services so useful is that we have a comprehensive approach to managing your yard that you can trust and appreciate.

You can ask us for help with getting your yard to look as appealing as what you’d find at the Germantown Country Club. Our work will ensure your yard is cared for right and that you’ll have the help you deserve for your yard in any situation. We love providing people around Germantown with the support they need when taking care of their places and making these spaces look appealing all year round.

We offer many lawn care services for your use that you can enjoy working with. Our lawn service team will start by helping you with essential lawn mowing services. We are one of the top lawn mowing providers in Germantown TN thanks to the thorough work we put in for managing yards. Our team is available to mow your yard to the proper height and with the best pattern possible. Our analysis of your yard will help us to figure out what might work the best where you are.

You can ask us for help with your tree and shrub care needs as well. Our team is available to help you with all the proper fertilization and trimming services that you may require. Our efforts will ensure that you have the control that you need over your property and that your plants and trees will grow the right way. Don’t forget about the quality weed removal service we have to offer for your property as well, what with our service being essential for seeing your yard is treated well.

Our team offers services for specific concerns that you might have as well. We will assist you with treating any problems you have surrounding grass growing in your flower beds or any pests that might have come about in your property. Our work will see that your yard is treated well and that you’ve got the help you need in any situation.

You can also talk with us at 1st Choice about anything you have surrounding the quality of your yard. We are available to help people with their yards in all parts of Germantown, including in Farmington and Dogwood Trails among other parts of the city.

Reach out to 1st Choice for your general work needs at any time of the year. Our work will help you see that you’ve got the support you need when you’re aiming to make more out of your property.


Empower Landscaping Lawn Services in Germantown, TN

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Places near Germantown Country Club are among the most beautiful things you’ll see in Germantown, Tennessee. The fairways look green and fresh, and the putting surfaces remain tidy even with all those people walking up and down these places. The driving range looks beautiful even after all those land on the surface.

Empower Landscaping can make your property look just as nice. Our lawn care staff is happy to help you whether you’re in the Germantown Trails area or another area further off from the golf course.

You might not have as much money as what the country club has, but our prices don't cost the same. Empower Landscaping will analyze the quality of your yard and provide you with a thorough landscaping and lawn service solution that fits your space. Our lawn service team will ensure you can utilize a high-quality lawn service without having to spend more than what you can afford.

Our lawn care services at Empower Landscaping include the basics such as lawn mowing and trimming. We will mow your lawn to the proper height while also using a mowing pattern that fits your needs well. We can also work with one of the various machines for the mowing process, including everything from larger pull mowers to smaller reel models.

You can also reach us at Empower when you need assistance with your landscape maintenance needs. Our team is open to help you with all the unique needs you have surrounding your bushes, trees, gardens, or anything else in your property. You can even reach us for help with your hardscape needs, as we offer power washing surfaces for paved spaces.

Our team is available throughout many parts of Germantown TN, including in some of the remote spots like Romano Way and Hunt Lake. Our team can work on new and old yards alike. You can also reach us for help with contract services where we can come to your property every few weeks depending on the needs you hold. Our work will ensure you’ve got the help you deserve where you are.

We also provide favorable rates for services. We will let you know what the specific charges for services are without worrying about how much money you might spend. We are very transparent over what we charge. You can customize the service plan that you request as well. We care about ensuring you’ve got the help you need for any purpose you hold.

You will appreciate the hard work that Empower Landscaping will put in towards taking care of your yard the right way. Talk with us today for help with giving your yard in the Germantown TN area a look it deserves. We are available to provide you with the support you require surrounding what might make your work outstanding and helpful for the needs you hold.

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Michael Bailey yard cutting in Germantown TN
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Germantown-TN grass-cutting-businesses-in-Germantown-TN lawn-care-services-in-Germantown-TN the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Germantown-TN local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Germantown-TN

I am glad that the lawn care staff at Green Team were able to help me. It has been tough for people to come to my property in the Dogwood Grove area, what with it being a little further from significant roads in Germantown, but Joseph and his team didn’t mind. They wanted to help me with the grass cutting process and wanted everything to look as beautiful as it could be. They worked wonders for my place and were very useful in trimming the edges around my foundation and patio too. Their weed removal service was also helpful for giving my yard a beautiful style.

Daniel Cooper lawn cut in Germantown TN
lawn-maintenance-in-Germantown-TN affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Germantown-TN affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Germantown-TN affordable-lawn-services-in-Germantown-TN local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Germantown-TN

The work that the people at Cross Cuts did for my yard in the Farming area was terrific. I needed someone to come to my yard while I was driving to and from my office in downtown Memphis, and the people at Cross Cuts were more than happy to help. They did well with reviewing my property and with trimming the bushes, removing weeds, and taking care of all the dirty work for my place. They also cleaned up before I got help, so it would not be tough for me to handle all that stuff for my space on my own.

Kelly Barnes lawn care in Germantown TN
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Germantown-TN affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Germantown-TN affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Germantown-TN affordable-lawn-services-in-Germantown-TN local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Germantown-TN

My home near Farmington Park has been dealing with weeds all around the place, but the team at 1st Choice found that it is not hard for me to keep my yard looking beautiful. The team at 1st Choice helped me with ensuring my yard would look more appealing. They reviewed the quality of my soil and found that the place has been dealing with some pH issues. The team helped with aerating my lawn and with applying a treatment to help with resolving the problems around my place. The people at 1st Choice were amiable and helped me identify the things that can work for my yard.

Bryon Blair grass cutting in Germantown TN
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Germantown-TN the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Germantown-TN local-lawn-care-services-in-Germantown-TN affordable-lawn-services-in-Germantown-TN grass-cutting-businesses-in-Germantown-TN

My diner off of Forest Hill Irene Road has been getting more business than ever since I hired Empower Landscaping to help me with my yard maintenance needs. The team has been doing well with cleaning out the weeds around my property and with trimming the grass around the business site and the nearby patio. They always come to my space before the place opens and clean up before they leave. The place looks much more professional, and now people are flocking to the spot because they’re so interested in what my site has to offer and how well the place looks.