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Franklin-scene-best-lawn-care-service-in-Franklin-tennessee greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-Franklin-TN-yard-cutting-service-in-Franklin-Tennessee

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Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Franklin, TN as of Apr, 2024


Hearty Turf Lawn Care in Franklin, TN

Hired 177 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.199 Reviews)

Thank you for considering my landscape maintenance company in Franklin Tennessee if you hire me to mow your yard I promise you will not be let down. You may have seen some of my finer work up-and-down Cool Springs Parkway and Mallory Station Boulevard. You ever see those beautiful stripes in the yard up and down Franklin Highway? You're a wonder how that gets done? Well it's kind of a little secret among us lawn care service professionals but don't you worry if you hire me to cut your grass for your yard in Franklin I would be happy to do that for you. You might've seen some of my work in Yorktown or Westfield Estates in the Franklin Tennessee area and if you live in those parts of town I would be happy to pick up your weekly lawn care service for you. When you get my quote on the GreenPal landscape maintenance mobile app keep in mind it's for a basic grass cutting only. Included in that lawnmowing price is mowing the yard and mulching up any grass clippings, edging your street curbs, sidewalks, and driveway, and also trimming any grass around any details that you have in your yard.

Then after that I will blow off all the grass clippings to leave everything in the nice and neat appearance. You can also add on additional yard maintenance services if you like such as pulling or spraying the weeds out of your mulch and landscaping beds, and also pruning of your shrubs trimming them down into nice neat shapes and raking up and hauling off any debris associated with the bush trimming. Most the time sure shrub pruning for your standard yard in the Franklin, Tn area runs around $75 per trimming and most of my lawn maintenance clients get that done about three times per year so that's just food for thought. We are taking on weekly grass cutting customers, every two week lawnmowing clients, and also if you want the best of both worlds we can do every 10 days yard maintenance for you if you like it just depends on what your yard maintenance budget is and we can work with it. Most of my clients in the Franklin Tennessee area opt for an every week lawn care service and I am cutting grass in Franklin on Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week. Sometimes a homeowner will ask me to cut their grass cut on Friday afternoons every week so their yard looks good for the weekend, unfortunately that slot on my lawn maintenance schedule is booked up every week so I won't be able to accommodate a hard every Friday afternoon schedule however the good news is I can fit your grass cutting in on Wednesdays or Thursdays of every week no problem in Franklin. So thank you so much for considering me for your yard maintenance in Franklin this year if you hire me to cut your grass I will be there like clockwork on an ongoing basis for your yard maintenance and I will do it out of consistently affordable price for you. Have a great day I look forward to meeting you in your yard to develop a game plan on how we are going to make your yard one of the best looking yards in Williamson County this year.

Also , if you dont live in Williamson County and need local lawn care services in Murfreesboro TN we service all of Middle Tenn including offering affordable yard maintenance service in Brentwood, TN near me.


Spratts Lawn Care in Franklin, TN

Hired 147 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.149 Reviews)

My lawn maintenance customers in Williamson County, Franklin, and in Cool Springs are my bread-and-butter. Whenever I pick up a new lawn cutting customer on GreenPal that lives in Franklin I get excited because I just love mowing the beautiful lawns that you see throughout the Franklin Tennessee area. Out of all the places in middle Tennessee Franklin is by far my favorite place to cut grass. For starters the lawns are thicker, more beautiful, and my customers in Franklin have pride in ownership in their homes and what the yard looks like and they invest in their yard maintenance program such as I am a good fit for customers like that let me tell you.

So no matter if you're looking for a basic grass cutting business in Franklin, or a full-service landscape maintenance outfit that can improve the curb appeal of your home landscaping and gardens overtime i'm going to be one of the best fit lawn care services you can hire to maintain your yard and landscaping in the Franklin area. You may see me mowing yards over by Grassland Middle School, or over by Freedom Middle School, as have good cluster of lawn maintenance customers in those parts of town so if you live in that part of the Franklin area and so to pick up your grass cutting just about any day of the week is no problem for my lawn mowing service. Most of my lawnmowing customers in the Franklin Tennessee area have me come out to cut the grass on a weekly basis and I can accommodate Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of every week however sometimes if one of my normal customers is on a tight budget they will want to stretch it to every two weeks and I am fine with that as well, when you signed up on GreenPal you indicate what landscape maintenance schedule you and then it will auto populate that on my calendar after I get done cutting your grass for the first time. If you need any other landscape maintenance services such as mulch, light tree pruning, re-seeding of your turf, or anything else, I am happy to take care of that for you as well for your yard maintenance this year. So thank you so much for considering my full-service lawn care service to maintain your yard and landscaping for your home in Franklin, Tn. I look forward to adding your yard cutting to my portfolio satisfied lawn maintenance clientele that I have in Williamson County. God bless.

Also , if you are looking for affordable yard maintenance services in Brentood TN I also service northern Williamson county and also do cheap grass cutting services in Hermitage TN..


CAP Lawn Care Services in Franklin, TN

Hired 498 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.433 Reviews)

When it comes to reliable lawn maintenance and Williamson County and in the city of Franklin I appreciate the opportunity to earn your lawn maintenance business this grass cutting season. I started my lawnmowing company four years ago and since then have built my lawn care service virtually debt-free and on honesty and integrity with respect to landscape maintenance services throughout the middle Tennessee area and Franklin areas. You've probably seen some of my Top-notch lawnmowing work that I have done for other customers of mine in the Franklin area off of Moores Lane and if you live in that part of town I would love to take on your grass cutting this year just give me that shot. Most of my grass cuttings in the Franklin Tennessee area start out at $45 per lawnmowing and can go up from there. Included in that grass cutting price is mowing of all of your grass and turf in a nice neat fashion, I will double cut it if I have to do mulch up all of the grass clippings and to leave all of your turf and a nice uniform even appearance, however I will not bag and haul off and dispose of the clippings as that is just cost prohibitive as it takes about triple the time when I'm cutting your grass so I don't offer it however I will leave your yard in a nice manicured look which looks just as good as when you bag the grass clippings you can rest assured about that.

The other thing that I will do with that basic grass cutting price that you are going to get from me on your GreenPal lawn maintenance mobile app is I will provide a nice clean straight edge on your driveway and patios in your backyard, this leaves your yard in a nice and neat appearance and looks very crisp when I get done doing it. After I'm done cutting your grass blow off all of the grass and debris from any paved surfaces, curbs, and street curbs so everything is nice and clean after I'm done mowing your lawn. If you hire me in the fall I can also do fall leaf removal just keep in mind that's about double the cost of your regular lawn mowing however I have a vacuum attachment on my lawnmower I can suck up the leaves no problem if that's what you want done. On top of your basic grass cutting I can also do landscape landscape bed maintenance, and garden maintenance where we will pull the weeds from your mulched areas once a week when we come out to cut the grass. That usually runs about $20-$30 extra per grass cutting visit if you want that done with your yard maintenance that you are before I can easily be added onto your GreenPal account just asked me to furnish a quote for that after I'm done cutting your grass the first time. So whether you live over by The Park at Harlinsdale Farm or over by Aspen Grove Park in Franklin Tennessee I would love to be your one one-stop lawn maintenance solution for this lawnmowing season and many other yard cutting seasons to come.

Also , if you are not near Franklin , TN we also do affordable lawn mowing services in Smyrna TN and also I know on GreenPal there are some local yard maintenance services in Murfreesboro TN.


Mercury Greens Lawn Care Services in Franklin, TN

Hired 128 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.143 Reviews)

I take pride in offering folks in Franklin in Williamson County a reliable and affordable solution for their landscape maintenance. There are so many high dollar landscaping maintenance companies in Williamson County that you can swing a dead cat and hit five of them on Cool Springs Boulevard if you wanted to. The problem I've seen is that many of the full-service lawn maintenance and yard maintenance companies that cut grass throughout Franklin Tennessee tend to get a little overzealous about their lawn mowing services and want folks to sign a contract just to get the grass cut. I believe this is ridiculous and don't feel like it's a fair way to operate a lawnmowing business in Franklin so I offer just grass cutting if that's what you want, or I also offer a bunch of other yard work and lawn maintenance services if you want to get prices from my yard maintenance service for those as well. That's one reason why my lawnmowing business is such a good fit for the GreenPal yard maintenance website and mobile app.

With GreenPal you can hire me in Williamson County and Franklin for just every two week lawnmowing's and then can add additional yard services as they go like shrub pruning, mulch, grass re-seeding and renovation, it really just about anything else that you need done in your yard. However the good news is that you don't have to sign a full lawn maintenance contract just to go give me to mow your yard for you. Although Franklin has the most beautiful lawns in yards in the entire middle Tennessee area, there are still many middle-class families in Franklin that just want a basic reliable and affordable solution for yard maintenance and grass cutting. That's where my lawn maintenance company comes in and is a great fit for these clients that just want a solid solution for grass cutting. So if you're wanting your yard cut on a every seven day basis I can accommodate you Friday or Saturday of every week as that is when I am running my lawn maintenance route through the Franklin area. If you're looking for yard cutting on an every three weeks or monthly basis unfortunately I cannot accommodate that request because the grass in Franklin just grows too fast and beyond about 14 days it just gets too tough for me to do a good job. Let's face it Franklin, Tn is the preeminent community in the middle Tennessee area so I have a standard that I have to uphold when I do lawn maintenance for my customers in Williamson County. So if you're good with every seven day or every two week grass cuttings go ahead and hire me on the GreenPal lawnmowing mobile app when you get my price for yard maintenance and I will be happy to take over your lawn care services this year and make yardwork one less thing you have to worry about.

Also , if you are not near Franklin , TN we provide affordable landscape maintenance services in Murfreesboro TN and drive up and do local yard cutting services in Hendersonville TN.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Jo Alexander Lawn Care Service in Franklin TN
“The thing that annoys me about lawn care services in Franklin is that all of them want you to sign a full service landscape maintenance contract that includes mowing, mulch, fertilizing and a bunch of other yardwork. Just because I live on Franklin doesn't mean that I'm made of money. I was looking for just the basic grass cutting every 14 days but I just couldn't find any lawn care services near me in Williamson County that will take on my yard mowing on a biweekly basis. Luckily a friend from GracePointe Church recommend the GreenPal lawn care mobile app and it was just what I was looking for. I signed up for lawn maintenance prices and got hooked up with an affordable reliable yard maintenance company that is fine with cutting the grass every 14 days which is just what I need. GreenPal I owe you one.”
Frank Johnson Lawn Care Service in Franklin TN
“I own some rental property near downtown Franklin and I was looking for just a basic grass cutting company in Franklin , Tn to just mow the yard on them every 10 days. I called five different lawnmowing companies that I found online while googling lawn care service near me in Franklin Tennessee and I hired one of the lawn mowing businesses that responded to my voicemail but I just felt like the grass cutting price was not right. After doing some more researching online I found GreenPal and used it to get more competitive prices for the grass cutting for all three rentals that I have in the downtown Franklin area. Sure enough GreenPal found me a lawn care service that was cheaper then when I was paying the last lawn maintenance company and the cool thing is I get to manage all of them from one account and I don't have to worry about calling or leaving voicemails for the lawn care service anymore. It's pretty cool when I have referred to several of my colleagues.”
Francis Carney Grass Cut in Franklin TN
“I rent a home in Liberty Hills off of Mallory Lane in Franklin, and I usually cut my own grass however I've been taking on more hours at work and I started doing the math and by the time I mowed my own yard with the push mower I think I was making less than minimum wage. I did some quick googling and found the GreenPal website when I was looking for grass cutting companies near Cool Springs Tn. GreenPal seemed to be just what I was looking for however it did seem like he was a little too good to be true but I tried it out anyways. I was pleasantly surprised when I listed my home yard for grass cutting prices and got two competing offers within 45 minutes both of which were in my yard maintenance budget. I hired an affordable lawn care service for $30 per cut and just want ahead and set up lawnmowing for the rest of the lawn care season with the grass cutter right from my GreenPal mobile app it was magic.”
Joshua Theus Yard Mowing in Franklin TN
“GreenPal really does save you some time and money if you're looking for a reliable grass cutting company in Franklin. GreenPal is not your grass cutting company however it's kind a like a website that connects you up with lawnmowing businesses in the Williamson county are and in Franklin to compete over your grass cutting. I thought it was kind of cool after I set up my yard maintenance account on GreenPal that competing prices for lawn maintenance just kept coming into my email inbox. I got five lawnmowing quotes and all and hired the most expensive one out of the lawnmowing price list and it was still affordable. Check out GreenPal if you're looking for grass cutters in Franklin Tn at a fair price.”

lawn-maintenance-in-Franklin-TN-lawn-service-in-Franklin It's no secret that Franklin Tennessee has some of the best looking lawns in all of middle Tennessee and is home to some of the most affluent residents of the middle Tennessee area and most beautiful looking yards, gardens and landscapes. But just because you live in Franklin that does not mean you have to pay top dollar for landscape maintenance services or call around to get prices from lawn maintenance services in Williamson County. Franklin Tennessee is booming with growth. The Cool Springs area is leading the state of Tennessee in terms of economic activity and the result of that is many lawn care services in the Franklin area run their yard maintenance business behind and not taking on new clients. As you may very well have learned the hard way already this means that you can literally waste hours and hours calling around to different lawn care services nearby Franklin only to get voicemails and no return phone call for yard maintenance price request.

And if you do get a phone call back from a lawn maintenance company in Franklin odds are there going to want you to sign up for a landscape maintenance contract agreement that runs 12 months a year and that might be more than you were looking for, well those days are over welcome to GreenPal. GreenPal is the easiest way to get grass cutting prices, schedule, and pay a local lawn care service that mows yards in the Franklin Tn area at a low cost so you don't have to break your yard maintenance budget just on getting the grass cut. Whether you have a lawn care service already or just moved to the Franklin area and are looking for a grass cutting business nearby, GreenPal is by far the best way to get prices for your yard mowing, hire a new lawn care service, and get the yard cut on a weekly or every two week basis without having to pay top dollar for lawnmowing company that will actually called you back for grass cutting prices. Many GreenPal users that use the GreenPal lawn care service mobile app that live in the Franklin Tennessee area also get other yard work done from the lawn care services they hire such as shrub pruning, weed removal from their landscaping beds and so on, so the good news is now you don't have to work with multiple yard maintenance and landscape maintenance companies in the Franklin area because GreenPal has all of that is simplified for you. So whether you live over by Leipers Fork, the Cool Springs area, or near downtown Franklin or by Centennial High School, your days of calling around to different lawnmowing services in the Franklin, Tn area or over just click on the button to get started with your free yard maintenance prices and you can hire the best fit grass cutting business in Franklin for your yard maintenance this year. Also if you live in another part of middle TN, GreenPal also has some local grass cutting services in Clarksville, TN and also if you know of any body needing affordable lawn mowing businesses in Bellevue, TN let them know about GreenPal as its the easiest way to find the perfect grass cutter in middle TN.

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About Franklin Tennessee

Franklin is the county seat of Williamson County, Tennessee, located 21 miles south of Nashville

The city of Franklin was founded October 26, 1799, by Abram Maury, Jr. (1766–1825), a state senator who is buried with his family in Founders Pointe. Maury named the town after national founding father Benjamin Franklin, who was a close friend of Dr. Hugh Williamson, a member of the Continental Congress after whom Williamson County was named.

Ewen Cameron built the first European-American house in the town of Franklin. Cameron was born February 23, 1768, in Balgalkan, Ferintosh, Scotland. He emigrated to Virginia in 1785 and from there came to Tennessee. Cameron died February 28, 1846, having lived 48 years in the same log house. His second wife, Mary, and he are buried in the old City Cemetery. His descendants have lived in Franklin continuously since 1798, when his son Duncan was born.

Since the late 20th century, the city has grown rapidly in population, attracting many businesses. As of the census of 2010, 62,487 people (Williamson County's population was 193,595), 16,128 households, and 11,225 families resided in the city. The population density was 1,393.3 people per square miles. The 17,296 housing units averaged 575.9 per square mile.

Of the 16,128 households, 38.6% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 56.2% were married couples living together, 10.8% had a female householder with no husband present, and 30.4% were not families; 25.0% of all households were made up of individuals and 5.4% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.55 and the average family size was 3.09 Source: Wikipedia Franklin, TN

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