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After being stood up by 2 lawn care services in M'boro already I'm so glad I stumbled onto GreenPal for my yard mowing, it simplifies my life a little bit.

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Murfreesboro, Tennessee is one of the fastest growing counties in the country and TN and has been for the last 20 years. With growth comes more neighborhoods and more lawns that need to be mowed, and If you're one of the many fine residents of Rutherford county and you do not want to cut your grass anymore then you are at the right spot. At the last census the population of Rutherford county had grown to over 250,000 people and that's a lot of lawns that need cutting. Many establish lawn mowing companies is in Murfreesboro, TN are overbooked and that's where GreenPal comes in. We help you find the best lawn care professionals in your neighborhood in Murfreesboro that want to mow your yard on a weekly or every 2 week basis .

Meet GreenPal the easiest, fastest, and most cost effective way to order lawn mowing for your home in Murfreesboro or Smyrna, TN. Whether you live in Lascassas or on the other side of Rutherford county in the Blackman area or even in Christiana the team a Have any friends or family in other parts of middle Tennessee? Now problem, GreenPal offers instant lawn care service in Lebanon, TN and we are also live and offering lawn cutting in Hendersonvile and Gallatin TN. GreenPal has done the hard work in finding the best lawn care service professionals that service all of Rutherford county and the city of Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Murfreesboro is known for its honest hard-working people and its tightknit community and so when we personally interviewed hundreds of lawn care professionals in Rutherford County we kept that in mind to only deliver the best lawn cutting service available to you.

Check out below the five best lawn mowing services in Murfreesboro that are ready for you to order yard mowing at your fingertips on the website you were on now or the GreenPal mobile app in the App Store. These are the same guys and gals you see riding up and down Memorial Boulevard pulling lawn mowing trailers full of professional lawn cutting equipment. And the good news is now you do not have to leave them a voicemail you can order your lawn care service with a few click of a few buttons. GreenPal has recruited the best lawn mowing service companies in Rutherford and Williamson county, thats right , we also offer lawn care service in Brentwood and Franklin, TN.

Some of our lawn care professionals are college students at Middle Tennessee State University and are mowing lawns to pay for their tuition. Other lawn care companies that operate their lawn business on the GreenPal system are teachers in the Rutherford County school system and like to mow lawns in the summertime and weekends for the residents of Murfreesboro for supplemental income. We all know teachers don't get paid enough. GreenPal even has a few lawn care service providers that are also Rutherford County sheriff's making some extra income on the nights and weekends cutting grass. So support your local community and order lawn mowing now from a professional in your neighborhood in Murfreesboro

Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Murfreesboro and Smyrna as of May, 2017
Prime Lawn And Property
Hired 185 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 79 Reviews

Prime Lawn & Property was started in 2014 by Tyler Rowlison as a way to turn his love for being outside and working with his hands into a career. The Indiana native, who has now lived in Murfreesboro for over 20 years, also had some close friends in the business and wanted to try his hand at Entrepreneurship. "While finishing up my Accounting degree at Middle Tennessee State University last year, I just decided to go for it," Tyler explained.

Now one of the fastest growing lawn companies in the Murfreesboro area, Prime Lawn & Property has grown their customer base to over 50 weekly customers and already has some larger commercials accounts.

"We will leave every property better than when we arrived," Tyler says. "Our word of mouth is our best advertisement and we love when our customers recommend us to their neighbors and friends."

He also attributes being very interactive with his customers as another reason for their rapid growth. "We love talking to our customers, making sure they are happy with every service and making things look better, " Tyler boasts.

Prime Lawn & Property will service almost anywhere in the Murfreesboro area but mainly focus in the Riverview, Regenwood, and Siegel neighborhoods. They are wanting to expand into the Blackman area and also do some work around Tims Ford lake.

Other than your full lawn mowing services, Prime also offers pressure washing, gutter cleaning, bush trimming, stump grinding, mulch, tree work, and brush/trash removal.

When he is not out mowing and growing his business, you can find Tyler on Tims Ford lake either wakeboarding or skiing. "After working Monday through Saturday, I find my peace on the lake with friends," Tyler adds. "There is nothing more relaxing to me."

If you want a nicely defined edge on your lawn or tips on how to land that back-roll on a wakeboard, Tyler and his crew at Prime Lawn & Property are your go-to guys for any lawn care needs in Murfreesboro.

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

Prime Lawn and Property was established in 2014. I, Tyler Rowlison, have worked for other lawn and landscaping companies in previous years but always wanted a business of my own. How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

My crew and I are very detailed. We love to go the extra mile to make a yard look as close to perfect as possible! What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Communication is key. If you like something done a certain way please explain thoroughly. What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

I like the lawn care industry because I enjoy making things look great. I always tell my new employees that above everything we are here to make this lawn/property look better. What areas do you mainly service?

Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, Smyrna Tennessee

Southern Solutions Lawn Care
Hired 142 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 41 Reviews

Southern Solutions Lawn Care was started by good friends Brent Thompson & John Causley. They both worked corporate jobs and wanted to get out of the day to day grind. So they did what every young entrepreneurs do and pulled their money together, bought some lawn equipment, and went to work.

“We both worked our corporate jobs and mowed after work and on the weekends,” Brent laughs. “It was a 17 to 18 hour a day grind some days.”

All that hard work has paid off as they are looking to double their business this season.

Both now official residents of Murfreesboro, Tn, Brent is originally from Franklin, Tn and John has lived in Murfreesboro all of his life.

“We love Middle Tennessee,” Brent says “and we want to grow our business here.”

The areas that these pros service are the Blackman, Innsbrooke, and Walter Hill areas but they are looking to expand to other areas of Murfreesboro as well.

Other than your regular landscaping maintenance, they also offer hedge trimming, tree trimming, and mulching.

When asked what drew them to this industry, Brent explained that not having to have a huge investment up front was one of the deciding factors.

“We knew we wanted to be able to have control over our own growth and not have to invest all of our money was one of the reasons that we decided to start our own landscaping company.”

We are glad they did.

When they are not mowing, they are either knocking it out of the park in their local softball league or spending time with their families.

John is engaged and has a child on the way and Brent is married with 2 kids.

Next time you need your lawn needs squared away, let these two “Bash Brothers” get you squared away.

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

This is our first year for our business, yet we have multiple years of experience with lawn care both commercially and residential. How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

We take pride in every lawn we touch and treat our yards just like our own. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Customers should have high expectations for the appearance of their lawns after a lawn care provider has finished their yard. What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

We enjoy working hard and seeing a great finished product after completing each yard. What areas do you mainly service?

Murfreesboro and Christiana Tennessee and all of Rutherford County.

Grounds Guys of Murfreesboro
Hired 139 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 54 Reviews

Ben Beck started Ground Guys of Murfreesboro & Smyrna in October of 2012 after seeing a chance episode of Undercover Boss. The popular television program was doing an episode regarding the Dwyer Group who is the parent company of the nationwide franchise, The Ground Guys. Ben loved the idea of the business model and the brand so after 6 months of deliberating while departing from his current contract with FedEx Ground as an ISP he was awarded the franchise with the Ground Guys.

The Memphis, Tennessee native now calls Mount Juliet, Tn home and has tripled his business since his launch in October of 2012.

Ben and his team are based out of Smyrna, Tn and are mowing numerous residential properties and have accumulated large corporate accounts such as , Home Depot, Red Lobster, Thornton's, Target, Capital Banks and PetSmart

They will also service anything south of Interstate 40 including Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Berry Hill, Oakhill, Belle Meade, Green Hills, Smyrna, Antioch, South & lawn care in east Nashville.

Not only will Ben and his team handle all of your regular landscaping needs they also tackle your irrigation, hardscapes, pressure washing, winter servicing including salt spreading and snow removal, aerating, over seeding, low level tree trimming, and any outdoor lighting needs.

What sets Ben and his team apart from all of the other local landscaping companies is communication. "We answer our phones and let the customers know what we are doing and when we are doing it," Beck explains. "We are proactive and responsive with any delays and make sure the customer understands what problems we may have and what we are going to do about them."

When Ben is not out running his empire, he enjoys spending time with wife and his two boys. "Cold beers and YES Dears are my relaxation and doing what my wife says are what I love when I get home," Ben laughs.

Ben is also an avid sports fan and loves watching basketball especially his Memphis Grizzlies.

Whether your lawn is just needing a professional's touch or a full on makeover, let Ben and his team at Ground Guys of Murfreesboro & Smyrna get your lawn back into shape.

How many years have you been in landscaping business, and what inspired you to get started?

4 Years in business as s National Landscape Company. We strive to bring a new dynamic towards standard Landscape Services. How does your work stand out from other lawn service companies in the area?

Real time Visit Reports. True customer consults for desired needs. Building lasting relationships within the community and our clients. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

If your looking for quality and professionalism and structured business systems then please consider us for those results. Opportunity is our only endeavor to earn your business. We don't compete with cheap! What do you like most about the lawn care industry?

Setting a new paradigm of what perception landscapers have in our market. Professionalism and punctuality. What areas do you mainly service?

Irrigation,Lawn Care, Outdoor Lighting, Lawn Maintenace, and Exceptional Landscape Design/Services tailored towards each customer needs.

Beast Mowed Lawncare
Hired 22 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 12 Reviews

Beast Mowed Lawn Care was started in April of 2011 by Ryan Mefford. He knew he loved being outside so Ryan started out as a manager for a property preservation maintenance company and out of shear demand for lawns needing to be mowed, Beast Mowed Lawncare was born.

"I started just mowing foreclosed properties for the banks," Mefford explains, "then we just took off and started mowing those properties neighboring properties and so on and so forth." "I really kinda just fell into it and I love every day of it."

The Murfreesboro, Tennessee native attended Riverdale High School and has serviced all of Rutherford County but mainly the Murfreesboro & Smyrna areas.

Ryan and his crew have quickly grown to over 125 weekly homeowners and he also has many commercial customers as well including local restaurants and car dealerships.

When asked 'What has been the secret to your success' Mefford explains that, "I know all of my customers and they are my friends….we make it very personal. We also make scheduling and paying easy for them and provide quality work." He adds, "We are rarely ever more than 2 or 3 days behind so we always cut on time and if for some reason we cant make it on that day, we will let the homeowner know as soon as possible. Communication is key."

Other than your regular lawn maintenance, Beast Mowed will also handle your total landscape design including aerating, over seeding, privacy screens, plant install, and bush and hedge trimming.

When Ryan is not running the day-to-day operations of his lawn empire, you can find this grease monkey in the car garage. Him and his dad are currently restoring a 1964 Chevrolet Impala and love talking about anything classic car related.

Ryan also loves spending time with his wife,Tia, who is currently finishing up her Master's Degree. Ryan and Tia both love spoiling their 7 year old Great Dane, Apollo.

Whether your lawn is needing a simple mow or a total re-design, let Ryan and his crew get your lawn looking like a beast.

Karma Care Landscaping
Hired 143 times on GreenPal
Overall rating 5/5 from 60 Reviews

Karma is defined as the sum of a person's action in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Good karma is exactly what Robert McKenna and his crew at Karma Care Landscaping believe in.

For over 6 years now, they have paying "Attention to Detail and Committed to Excellence" and is the main driving force in why his business is booming. "We listen and talk to every customers specific request and feedback," McKenna explains. "Doing what you say and saying what you do. Doing good in all you say, in all you do, with everyone you encounter. What goes around comes around. It's full circle.. its Karma baby!"

The Green Bay,Wisconsin native, has lived in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for over 15 years now.

He got his start from working at various garden centers and larger landscaping companies but started making more money doing side jobs. "I always enjoyed being outside and loved seeing the instant gratification of someone's lawn looking freshly cut," Robert says.

Karma Care Landscaping is now servicing over 100 weekly homeowners and servicing multiple large corporate accounts as well.

They are primarily focused lawn care in Lebanon, Mount Juliet, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, La Vergne, Nashville, and Antioch.

Not only will they design, build, and maintain any and all of your landscaping dreams but they will also do your fertilization and chemical work.

When asked why he loves being in this industry, McKennas responded, "I think you have to have an eye for jobs and how to make things look better." Robert goes on to further explain, "I have always loved the service industry and love the intensity of the seasonal employment, it’s a rush to me."

Being from the Green Bay area, Robert is a huge Packers fan and is an official stakeholder and owner of the Green Bay Packers. His father actually works for the Packers and he often gets to catch a few games every year.

When Robert is not cheering on the Pack or running his landscaping empire, he loves spending time with his wife Julia, their 3 year old son Hayes, and 1 year old daughter Hanna.

If your lawn and garden are due some good karma, let the professionals at Karma Care Landscaping handle all of your lawn care needs.

Here is how GreenPal simplifies ordering lawn care in Murfreesboro, TN

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