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brentwood-scene-best-lawn-care-service-in-brentwood-tennessee greenpal-lawn-care-services-in-brentwood-TN-yard-cutting-service-in-brentwood-Tennessee

Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Brentwood, TN as of May, 2024


Cardoza Lawn Care in Brentwood, TN

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(overall rating 5/5.499 Reviews)

There's no denying it that Brentwood, TN has some of the most beautiful looking lawns and yards and all of the middle Tennessee area. Up-and-down Concord Road in Brentwood you will see magnificent looking homes and impeccable looking yards. And it's my pleasure to know that we had some small role in how those lawns look. Our lawn care service has been servicing the entire Williams again County area for over 10 years and we specialize in lawn maintenance for higher end homes in the Brentwood area. If you're looking for the cheapest lawn care service in Brentwood nearby me that's not our lawn mowing service. We take our time cutting your grass and manicure your yard so it is the best on the block in your neighborhood in Brentwood. And that's hard to do in Brentwood, and Oak Hill because so many people take so much pride in how their yard looks and invest heavily in their lawn care services. Our company runs nothing but top notch lawn mowers so you can rest assured that we will not show up to your yard with some Home Depot looking lawnmower that we bought off of Old Hickory Boulevard.

That's right we use professional grade lawnmower equipment that we sharpen the lawn cutting blades on at least once a week. Why does any of that matter? Because this means you get a perfect looking level cut on your yard every time we come out to perform your lawn care service. All of these statements I just made our backed up in the lawn care reviews that we have here on GreenPal. After you sign uo for free lawn care prices on GreenPal app you'll get a lawn care service price list for different lawn mowing companies that claim to service the Brentwood area. You'll want to read over each of their lawn care service reviews closely and especially our lawn mowing reviews so you can get a sense for the reliability, and affordability of our lawn mowing and lawn care services company. So no matter if you live over by the YMCA off of Maryland Farms Parkway or if you live on the other in the Brentwood closer to Nolensville we can service your yard on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a one time lawn cut we are not taking on any single cut customers right now and we are only at interested in developing long-term yard maintenance and lawn care service relationships with residents that live in the Brentwood area. With that being said you will not be let down by the quality of our lawn maintenance and yard cutting services. Thank you so much for considering us if you're ready to get started with the free lawn cutting price from us, click the orange button at the top of your screen and we will submit a customized lawn mowing quote to get started.

Also , if you want lawn cutting services in Brentwood TN we servicethere also provide cheap lawn mowing services in Antioch TN as well.


Ray's Lawn Care in Brentwood, TN

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(overall rating 5/5.69 Reviews)

Our lawn care service specializes in a more high touch level of lawnmowing service than the other lawn care companies in Williamson County and Brentwood don't necessarily offer all the time. When you hire us to come out and cut your grass I like to meet with you personally before we come mow the yard or at least at some point thereafter. There are just so many things and nuances with respect to yard maintenance that really need a face-to-face lawn maintenance consultation to figure out. If on the off chance that we cannot meet with you to discuss these lawn care service details we will just do our basic lawn mowing package when you hire us on GreenPal. Included in our lawn maintenance package is a basic clean mowing of your turf, and mulching up any grass clippings that are left over so you don't have any visible unsightly clumps of grass in your yard. We were also edge of your driveway, sidewalks, patio, and any other concrete curb lines that you have in your yard. After that we will blow off all the clippings from the paved surfaces to leave everything nice and neat. Now there are some other lawn maintenance services that we can offer for your yard along with the lawn cutting such as landscape bed maintenance, pulling weeds, and trimming of your shrubs. So if you want to add those lawn care services on to your yard maintenance in Brentwood with our company we will provide you a lawn care service price list after we get done cutting your lawn for the first time. So if you're looking for a reliable lawn cutting company in Brentwood or Oak Hill, TN we are your best bet because our rates are affordable and given our personal touch that we add to our lawn care services for your yard.

Should you live in Oak Hill, or Berryhill closer to Nashville we can service your yard there too no problem. While we specialize in for service yard maintenance for homes in the Brentwood Tennessee area we also service a wide foot print and Williamson County and also South Nashville so if you live in those areas no problem we can take care of your weekly or every two week lawn cuttings for your yard there as well. I guess you could say our service radius is near the Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks all the way down to Brentwood Middle School so if you live anywhere in that area we can provide you with reliable and affordable lawn care services and yard maintenance for your number one asset your landscaping, yard, and your home. So thank you so much for considering our yard maintenance company proudly serving the Brentwood, TN area nearby you we look forward to meeting you and offer you are free lawn care consultation have a great day. We also offer affordable lawn care services in Franklin TN and go over and do yard cutting services in Hermitage TN.


Pearson's Lawn Care Services in Brentwood, TN

Hired 179 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.173 Reviews)

If you live in Brentwood, Franklin, Oak Hill, or Berryhill Tennessee and are looking for a reliable lawn mowing guy to come every week or every two weeks to cut your yard that say no more you have found it. I tend to serve the more basic lawnmowing clientele throughout Williamson County. I am not a private gardener or horticultural specialist, I just do it good basic job of cutting grass. If you're looking for a good reliable yard cutting company that services the entire Brentwood, TN area then I am a good fit for you. My lawn care prices for homes throughout the Brentwood area usually start at around $40 per yard cut and go up to $60 per lawn cutting. Included in this lawn cutting price is mowing, blowing, trimming any grass around trees etc., edging your sidewalks and driveway, and just leaving the yard and property overall neat. Should you need any other lawn care services like shrub pruning or renovating your landscaping beds we can help out with that as well and I will provide you with a full lawn care price list after the 1st yard cutting. Like I was saying earlier if you were looking for a horticultural specialist or a private gardener for your yard then we are not the best fit for you as we are just your basic lawnmowing company. Now with that being said we do a darn find job of cutting grass. We have professional grade lawnmowers that we keep the lawn cutting blades sharp on. We run a 36 inch exmark walk behind lawnmower to get inside small fence gates as many yards are at the Brentwood area have fences and so we keep a small lawnmower to get inside of them. One thing that we do do that separates us from other lawn care services in the Brentwood and Berryhill areas is we take extra precaution for your pets. If you have a pet in your backyard we will send you a text message to come put them up before we enter to mow your yard. We do this as a special precaution because your pet is kind of like a member of your family and we don't want to be responsible for it getting loose. Other lawn mowing companies in Brentwood will do a rush job and may disregard your pets being in the backyard, but not us. So if you live anywhere off of Old Hickory Boulevard and Edmondson Pike and Concord Road we are in that area all of the time cutting grass. We may not be the cheapest lawn care service in Brentwood TN but we surely are not the most expensive. So if you're looking for a reliable lawn mowing company and yard cutting nearby then we are going to be a best fit. I look forward to building a lawn care services relationship with you, after you hire us on GreenPal I will reach out to meet you in person at your yard in Brentwood, so we can get a game plan going on your yard maintenance and if you want weekly or every two week lawn cuttings for this lawn care season Also, if you need lawn care services in other towns in middle TN, we cover lawn care services in Lebanon TN drive down I-40 and do lawn care in Mt Juliet TN.


Bush & Shrub Lawn Care Services in Brentwood, TN

Hired 287 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.293 Reviews)

Well if you live in Brentwood Tennessee you're no stranger to beautiful looking lawns. In my opinion Brentwood has the finest looking yards and landscapes throughout the entire middle Tennessee area. Whenever you ride up and down Concorde Road it is full of lush greenery and beautiful looking lawns. Now as a lawn care professional that is work I take pride in You might've seen some of the yards in Brentwood area nearby and noticed beautiful looking stripes and diamond patterns in the lawns. Well… that what I do in the yards I mow, that's right I do that kind of work. You might wonder how do lawn care services and yard maintenance professionals in Williamson County and Brentwood, TN create this type of work? Well that's a secret of the professionals, LOL. But the good news is if you hire me on GreenPal and I will mow your yard that way. I have been cutting grass with GreenPal in the Brentwood Tennessee area for three lawn mowing seasons now and I have built up some really good lawn care service reviews that you can read over after you receive my price for yard maintenance. When you sign up on GreenPal you'll get 3 or 4 or sometimes even five lawn cutting prices from different lawnmowing companies in the Brentwood Tennessee area. We will most likely be one of those lawnmowing options for you to consider. As you're looking over your lawn care services pricing list you might want to read the individual lawn mowing service bios that each lawn care service has such as mine right now. This gives you an idea for what kind of professional you will be dealing with. I have heard horror stories of lawn maintenance contractors that pop up in Brentwood every year trying to cut grass and end up scalping their customers yards. If you hire the cheapest lawn care service in brick Brentwood that you could find odds are it's going to end up costing you more money in the long term to fix your yard after they mess it up by cutting it too short. Nothing saddens m more in the lawn care business than seeing somebody's yard get destroyed by experience lawn care service.

With that being said we are a full-service landscape and lawn care maintenance company that specializes in fine residences in the Brentwood area so if you take pride how your lawn looks and want your yard to be the best looking yard that I can be in your neighborhood in Brentwood that you were at the right place we are the best fit lawn care service provider for you. We service the 37024 and 37027 zip codes for weekly lawn maintenance. If you click get my free birds at the top of your screen you'll get a customized lawn cutting and yard maintenance quote from us. Then just click hire me and after that I will reach out to you so we can discuss the specific individual needs at your yard will require. I look forward to building a lang term landscape maintenance and lawn care service relationship with you. Heads up, I also mow yards in Franklin TN and also go over to Davidsion County and offer Lawn services in Bellevue TN.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

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Alicia Lemay Lawn Mowing Service in Brentwood TN
“I was looking for a reliable lawn cutting company nearby me in Brentwood Tennessee. We recently bought a home off of Concord Road in Brentwood and I have been cutting my own yard my entire life and decided that I was done with yard maintenance for god. I'm kind of a techie so I was looking for a lawn care solution near by me that I can do from my mobile app. I tried a couple of other online lawn care service apps that serve the Brentwood area however it wasn't until I came across a GreenPal that I was satisfied with the actual lawn cutting service that came out and mowed my yard. They set me up with a reliable local lawn care service that takes care of everything for us including our yard, shrubs etc. I'll be using GreenPal for the rest of the lawn mowing season this year.”
Shannon McConnell Lawn Mow in Brentwood TN
“My son just started playing football at Brentwood High School and he usually mows our yard for us however I am going to have to hire a lawn care service this year. A friend from Grace Community Church in Brentwood recommend GreenPal because it saves the headache of having to call around and get lawn mowing estimates from lawn care services nearby me. I wasn't looking for the cheapest lawnmowing company in Brentwood but I was looking for a good yard maintenance deal, let's just say that. GreenPal delivered me five competitive lawn care prices right to my email inbox. I reviewed the price list for lawn mowing and yard cutting and hired the cheapest one. The lawn maintenance company I hired did as good a job as anything I've seen in our neighborhood for our yard. GreenPal really is a timesaver and a money saver to for yard maintenance.”
Virginia Lee Grass Cutting in Brentwood TN
“I just moved into the outskirts of Brentwood, TN. I'm not like one of these rich Brentwood folks that have private gardeners, I was just looking for a basic every two week long cutting from a local lawn mowing service nearby me. I thought that was going to be easy to do however every lawn care service that I called in Brentwood wanted to set me up on a full scope yard maintenance contract. I just don't have the budget to spend $300 a month on yard maintenance. So I was pleased when GreenPal introduced me to a lawn cutting service that was willing to come every 14 days to cut my grass. Now it's all set up nice and neat on my GreenPal lawn care app account and the mowings just happens every other week reliably, seamlessly, and a affordable. I am on my fifth lawn cutting now and things are going smooth for my yard maintenance.”
Brad Evans Lawn Cutting in Brentwood TN
“I have been using GreenPal for three lawn mowing seasons now they set me up with Cardoza Lawn Care for once a month in the winter and every week March through October. The thing I like about GreenPal is there's never any lawn care account reconciliation and wondering if you're getting charge for lawn cuttings that you actually never got, which was a problem with my previous lawn care service that I was using in Brentwood. The previous lawn mowing service was actually cheaper per cut, but I'm pretty sure I was getting billed for yard cuttings that I never actually received. GreenPal solved this problem because I now get a picture of every time the grass is mowed so there's never ever any wondering if you're getting gypped or not. I recommend you give it a shot and get your free lawn care prices to try it out.”

lawn-maintenance-in-brentwood-TN-lawn-service-in-BrentwoodHello and welcome to the online ordering page for lawn care services and yard maintenance businesses in Brentwood Tennessee. If you live in Brentwood and your grass is got to be a little bit tall you're in the right place. GreenPal is the easiest way in the world to find schedule and pay a reliable and affordable lawn maintenance company nearby in the Brentwood Tennessee, Oak Hill, and Berry Hills areas. Why is that? Because GreenPal has done the hard work for you on finding, prescreening and vetting dozens and dozens of lawn maintenance companies, lawn care services, and yard maintenance businesses that serve the Brentwood TN area. How do we know there any good at cutting grass? Because we do the hard work of taking a look at their lawnmowers, looking over other yards they have cut in the Brentwood Tennessee area locally nearby you and also personally met with them to ascertain their lawn care business professionalism. The city of Brentwood, TN is growing rapidly and has been for the last 20 years. This is great but a headache sometimes is finding reliable lawn maintenance companies to take care of your yard for you because all the lawn mowing business in Brentwood are busy serving their growing lawn care service client base. If you’re wondering… How do I find a cheap lawn mowing service nearby me in Brentwood?

Well..GreenPal eliminates this problem by enabling you to order lawn mowing services and lawn maintenance companies and get prices for lawn cutting from them without even having to make a phone call. How does it work? Well first you just get started by clicking the orange button that says “Hire My Lawn Service” and you will receive four or five lawn maintenance prices from local lawn pros nearby and a customized yard mowing quote from different lawn care services nearby in the Brentwood and Oak Hill Tennessee area. When you get your free lawn mowing prices read over the lawn care service reviews that each of the lawnmowing businesses have. This is you lawn mowing pricing list. Rest assured these are real reviews from real lawn care customers in the Brentwood area and what they've had to say about the quality of the lawn care service they delivered in their yard. After you read over the reviews and get a pulse for how reliable and reputable each individual local lawn care service is suggest comparing their lawn cutting prices in making informed hiring decision. There is no better way in the world to hire a lawn care service in Brentwood. GreenPal saves you time and money on your lawn maintenance and yard service budget. So if you live near Brentwood High School or over by old Franklin Pike no problem GreenPal has found the top 10 best lawn care services that operate their business in Brentwood TN so can order your yard maintenance at your fingertips right now. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out and we can help assist you along the way in hiring a reliable and affordable lawn mowing business in Brentwood, TN. Also if you need lawn mowing services in Franklin TN or looking for lawn maintenance services in Bellevue TN nearby me GreenPal also has reliable lawn care contractors in those areas of middle Tennessee as well.

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About Brentwood Tennessee

Brentwood is a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee; located in both Williamson County and Davidson County.

The first known residents of Brentwood were prehistoric Native Americans. Known as Mound Indians or Stone Box Indians, these Mississippian-period people built mounds with ceremonial buildings. Such early villages have been found in the Meadowlake subdivision, at the library site on Concord Road and at Primm Historic Park where the largest of the mounds is still visible today. By 1300 the groups had seemingly disappeared. No one knows if it was due to disease or to their choosing to leave because of threat of warfare.

When the early white settlers arrived in Brentwood in the late 1700s, the area had become a hunting ground for nomadic Native Americans coming up from Georgia and Alabama. This resulted in many conflicts. At least one massacre occurred in 1786 at the Southerland Mayfield family fort at Wilson Pike and Old Smyrna Road. Mayfield and two other men were killed and his son George was taken captive for ten years.

Concord Park is a 40-acre park at Concord Road and Knox Valley Drive. It is home to the Brentwood Library and near Lipscomb Elementary School. Concord Park features paved walking and biking trails. A trailhead for a portion of the Concord Park walking trail is located adjacent to the Brentwood Family YMCA. There are also soccer fields.

Crockett Park is Brentwood's 2nd largest park, at more than 170 acres. It features seven lit tennis courts, restroom/concessions buildings, eight lit ball fields, 11 multi-purpose fields, bikeway/jogging trails, a frisbee golf course, two historic homes, a community playground, picnic shelters, and the Eddy Arnold amphitheater. Recently, Crockett Park has added an indoor arena used for soccer, lacrosse, and flag football. It also serves as the home for Brentwood's yearly Fourth of July fireworks celebration. Source: Wikipedia Brentwood, TN

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