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East Tennessee Lawns Lawn Services in Kingsport, TN

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East Tennessee Lawns is a full-treatment lawn care company providing affordable and dependable lawn care services for residents in Kingsport, Tennessee. Our company also provides lawn care services to residents and commercial property owners in Hawkins and Sullivan Counties, which includes the city of Johnson City and Bristol. We provide a wide window of lawn care, yard maintenance, hardscape, landscape maintenance, and lawn mowing services. Our level of commitment to providing quality lawn care services is what helps us stand out from our competitors. If you’re looking for a dependable lawn care company that won’t charge you an arm and leg and won’t compromise the level of lawn care you receive, East Tennessee Lawns is the company you should consider.

No two properties are the same. Your lawn care treatment shouldn’t be either. Other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers can promise the same lawn care services we do, but not everyone will provide customized lawn care solutions specific to the health and condition of your lawn or even consider the time of the season.

Certain lawn care treatments work better during certain time periods. Additionally, you have to ensure the lawn care equipment being used isn’t harming your grass, which will ring up your lawn care bill in the future.

At East Tennessee Lawns, we take all of these issues into consideration. You’ll see quickly that we deliver accurate and tailored lawn care solutions at economical prices. We strongly believe we stand out from our competitors because of this. Your lawn deserves more than just someone mowing it with a rusty old lawnmower.

We use state of the art lawn care equipment designed to handle just about any landscape project or lawn care need. Our top-rated lawn care services are constantly sought after. So much so, that we’ve begun hiring more trained lawn care technicians to join our team of hard-working lawn care experts. Our staff is trained to follow the leading landscaping industry standards. Hiring a lawn care company that doesn’t comply or follow these techniques is asking for trouble.

Thankfully we, and all lawn care companies on GreenPal, stay up to date on industry-leading practices. This has resulted in a growing number of clients using our lawn care services.

So, if you're looking for grass cutting, landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, or weekly lawn mowing services, East Tennessee Lawns will provide the service you need. We’ve provided lawn care services to hundreds of residents in Kingsport and the surrounding area. We’ve even serviced residents near J. Fred Johnson Stadium in Highland Park.

Regardless of the scope of your landscape maintenance project or the size of your yard, our lawn care services will solve your most pressing issues and fit your budget.

Check out our past work and decide if we are right for you. We believe we offer all the lawn care treatments you are after and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions.

Download the free GreenPal app and let us get started working on your property. We look forward to speaking and working with you. 


Elementary Construct Lawn Services in Kingsport, TN

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At Elementary Construct, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch lawn care services at a price you can afford. Our lawn care services are meant to help maintain the health of the vitality of your grass for the long run while also beautifying your lawn or yard to make it stand out from everyone else’s property. We provide an endless list of lawn care services that are intended for all-year care. Whether you need monthly yard maintenance, shrub control, enhance the appearance of your lawn, mulching, sodding, grass cutting, lawn mowing or some other landscape work, we are here to help.

For residents living in Kingsport, Tennessee and the surrounding cities like Johnson City, we also cover your area. We make sure to use cutting edge technology and commercial standard lawn care equipment to make sure your lawn is properly cared for. We will not just get the lawn cut, we’ll manicure it and make it the envy of your town.

No matter what lawn care services you’re looking to hire us for or lawn care issue that’s pressing on you, we are likely trained to handle it. If you have overgrown grass that you’re not sure what to do with, need branches that need to get cut, need to trim uneven bushes, remove leaves from your property, or any other lawn care treatment, we can do it.

No job is too big or small for Elementary Construct. We offer a list of lawn care services, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance services that are designed to meet your needs.

Our lawn care services have been highly reviewed in the region because we provide one of the best lawn care services around. We have a history of providing highly rated lawn care services and we can prove it.

Browse carefully through our list of services on our profile. See what lawn care services best fits your situation. A highly trained team is prepared to deliver the lawn care services you need. We’ll even come on a monthly or weekly basis for landscape maintenance and yard maintenance. Our certified lawn care technicians are experts in the industry. We don’t just hire amateurs, we hire and train lawn care professionals with a long history of providing lawn care services.

We can make your lawn look better than certain areas in Warriors Path State Park.

Our lawn care services include commercial yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, edging, overseeding, trimming grass and bushes, cutting grass, power washing, lawn mowing, weed management, and much more.

Our customers have loved our lawn care and yard maintenance services and we believe you will too. We are transparent about what we can do for you and our prices.

Get the free GreenPal app and take advantage of our prices and lawn care services. We can place a lawn care bid on your property or you can choose to hire us for any of the lawn care services we mentioned. We guarantee to leave a wonderful impression on you and transform your yard.


Zephyr Lawncare Lawn Services in Kingsport, TN

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Do you really lawn care services or weekly yard maintenance because you don’t want to deal with working on your lawn every other week? Do you have high grass that needs to get cut? Do you have grass that seems to be fading? Our company is made up of a team of eleven trained lawn care technicians. We have delivered quality landscape maintenance and lawn care services for residents of Kingsport, Tennessee. Our lawn care services range from mulching, aeration, sodding, irrigation, lawn mowing, planting, grass cutting, edging, and other yard maintenance services. Our trained experts have collectively provided services to many homeowners all around Sullivan and Hawkins County, along with surrounding cities near Kingsport like Johnson City.

We deliver a full list of lawn care services and yard maintenance for all types of property owners in Kingsport. We also service commercial property owners and business locations that want to make their surroundings more presentable and inviting. We even assist real estate companies prior to an open house. Providing landscaping services to a home can increase the value of that property and we can help do that for you.

Our growing list of customers receives quality, dependable, and affordable lawn care services on all occasions. Our lawn care services and yard maintenance services come in packages for those looking for frequent lawn care treatment for their yard or lawn. We can promise you’ll love our work and make sure to offer you a deal when hiring us for the long term.

Preview through our past work near places like Indian Highland Park. Read all of our positive reviews. Our results back up our claims.

Other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies don’t have the same level of proven work or can even prove the level of care we do on an everyday basis. You will find our history of work is filled with people praising our grass cutting, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, and lawn care services.

Our positive reputation and economical prices make us the best option for your lawn.

Not only will your property look amazing, but we’ll also make sure it stays that way. It’s not enough to just cut your lawn every two weeks. You need proper nourishment, treatment, and care for long term health.

Our complete services include pest removal, weed management, sodding, mulching, edging, and even power washing

Our top-level commercial yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, irrigation, aeration, dethatching, and lawn care services do not come close to being matched by other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies. With our trained employees, we have a combined decade of knowledge.

If you’re looking to hire us and live or work in Kingsport, book us today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The GreenPal app makes hiring lawn care companies so easy and we can interact through messages alone if you want to run errands or you’re simply feeling under the weather today. Our low prices won’t be offered outside of GreenPal, so you should consider downloading the free app and hire us today. 


Wildflower lawncare Lawn Services in Kingsport, TN

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Thank you for your interest in our local lawn care company Wildflower Lawncare. Our company offers lawn care services to residents in the city of Kingsport, Tennessee, as well as cities like Johnson City and other areas of Hawkins and Sullivan County. We provide landscape maintenance, lawn mowing services, yard maintenance, seasonal lawn care services, weed removal, sodding, mulching, gutter cleaning, grass cutting, core aeration, all at a very affordable price. Don’t let our lost prices fool you. We provide high-quality lawn care services and specialize in all several areas. Whether you need yard maintenance and lawn care services for commercial properties, homes, and even large fields, we are ready to serve you.

Wildflower lawn care has been serving residents in the area for many years and has built a strong reputation around our services and prices.

Whether you’re looking to hire us for one-time lawn care work or weekly lawn mowing services, we offer a wide range of services and prices. We can help you rebuild your yard’s condition. Essentially, we would give it a metaphorical facelift, which will make it look great and stay that way.

If you’re worried about the cost, we offer low priced packages for GreenPal app users. While your yard is important, our company won’t charge you more than the type of service you’re receiving. If your front lawn is the size of someone’s bedroom, it wouldn’t make sense to overcharge you for that. These things are factored in when we charge for our lawn care services.

Plus, all of our lawn mowing, grass cutting, yard maintenance, and lawn care services come with an additional free health assessment. We will check the condition of your lawn to make sure it is receiving the proper service.

Some of our customers by Borden Park hired us for a collection of lawn care services, yet there were underlining issues they were completely unaware of. These issues need to be recognized or you could be dealing with problems down the road.

Our priority is meeting every single one of your needs. We guarantee to deliver great quality lawn care services and will ensure the job is done to your liking. So, if you need lawn mowing services, yard maintenance, or other landscaping services, we can help you. Our trained staff goes through a specific training program to make sure they can provide the best lawn mowing service or lawn care service is being provided.

We can also work side by side with other contractors you’ve hired, like home builders if you’re doing work on your property. Browse through our profile and hire us if you’re ready to get started. We will answer all your questions and make sure you’re comfortable with us before you hire us.

Search through our profiles to see what we’ve done and the client base we’ve built. We have provided great services to all neighborhoods in Kingsport, Tennessee.

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Frank Royals lawn cut in Kingsport TN
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I can trust the team at East Tennessee Lawns to properly mow my yard and get the lawn without damaging it. I've hired them for yard maintenance and lawn mowing services when I first downloaded the GreenPal app a while back. I wasn't sure I was going to find a good lawn care company near me, especially living by J. Fred Johnson Stadium. The group at Tennessee Lawns has been nothing but great and professional. They work quickly and always provide the same level of lawn care services. I highly recommend them for all your lawn care needs. 

Lee Beaudoin lawn cut in Kingsport TN
affordable-lawn-services-in-Kingsport-TN lawn-maintenance-in-Kingsport-TN local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Kingsport-TN cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Kingsport-TN lawn-maintenance-in-Kingsport-TN

I work a late-night shift as a security officer near the Kingsport Public Library.  I sometimes work overtime and usually do not have time to mow my lawn, especially not late at night when neighbors are asleep. I decided to hire a lawn mowing provider after searching for lawn care companies near me. I asked the team at Elementary Construct to help me with my lawn mowing services and lawn care needs. Their lawn care services are pretty inexpensive but what I was most concern about was the quality of their work on my yard and lawn. They have eased my concerns by always informing me when they arrive at my house and when they're finished. They are great to work with and I'm glad I hired them.

Joyce Williams lawn cutting in Kingsport TN
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Kingsport-TN lawn-maintenance-in-Kingsport-TN affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Kingsport-TN local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Kingsport-TN affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Kingsport-TN

Everyone at Zephyr Lawncare were very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the condition of my yard and the lawn care services it required. I originally hired them for lawn mowing services, but after they measured the acidity level of my soil. Turns out the PH balance was too high. I needed more than just regular yard maintenance but the team at Zephyr Lawncare were great. They applied a specific lime treatment and asked them to provide other lawn care services for my property. I have no complaints so far for the lawn mowing services they've provided me. My property near Fort Henry Mall looks great now.

Stephanie Firth lawn maintenance in Kingsport TN
affordable-lawn-services-in-Kingsport-TN grass-cutting-businesses-in-Kingsport-TN affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Kingsport-TN affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Kingsport-TN local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Kingsport-TN

The people at Wildflower Lawncare really did make my yard somewhat close to Kingsport Pavilion Shopping Center look amazing. For the past few weeks, they have helped deal with fungus infection it had and promptly provided lawn care services to help it. Their overseeding and yard maintenance services improved the condition of my property, especially considering the way my yard looked beforehand. I have hired them for bi-weekly yard maintenance services to make sure my yard remains healthy all year long.